Why Christmas nor Feast Tabernacles is NOT Jesus’ birthday. Cahn explains….


Jesus was born in the spring.  Johnathan Cahn…who wrote The Harbinger, lays out several reasons why…  Even confirmed in Dead Sea Scrolls.

The ‘mystery’ of Christmas revealed by looking at The Firstborn.

Lambs are only born in the spring.

This message should make all serious Christians ‘think’………

What are we teaching our children?  Parents and pastors will be held responsible for teaching falsehood.  ….

Johnathan lays the patterns of why Jesus (Yeshua) was born in the Spring.  After much research it truly makes sense and is what I plan on supporting and studying more on.

More study:

The Julian Calendar began with Julius Caesar  in 45 B.C.  Under this calendar March 25 (often known as Lady Day, Annunciation Day, or Feast of the Annunciation), and the last day of the year was March 24th.  March was considered the first month.   Wikipedia.

1582, Pope Gregory XIII (1502-85) was pope from 1572 to 1585 created a new reformed calendar known as Gregorian calendar.   Protestant countries adopted the calendar during the 18th century.  Wikipedia.

In order to make the calendar adjustments in 1582, ten days were eliminated from October.  Thus 4 October 1582 was followed by 15 October 1582.

So, when you listen to this…remember that evil tries to cover up truth.  March and April are at Nissan…that he speaks about.  Twice calendars have been adjusted and they chose to remove days at Passover and then Yom Kippur.

Let’s get on God’s calendar and then Christians won’t have to keep justifying celebrating Jesus on the Winter Equinox when all Jews know it’s the Spring Equinox that would make sense for Him to return.

Christians are NOT making the Jew jealous………when they turn the Jew away from what their traditions have been since Abraham…study to show yourself approved means…study.  Not just reading through the Bible in a year!

Hmmmm….. And He will say that I don’t know you……  Why will  He say that?  Because Christians move people away from The Traditions that God determined for the earth……..  The Lord’s Feasts…from which everything He does operates from.

Men follow popes……..  Men follow St. Nicholas because he was a good person…and added St. to his name after he was dead.

We are saints while we are alive….study and you will see……

Believers are not humbugs…against celebrating Jesus……but they MUST not participate in made up holidays and try to get God to honor them.  They aren’t about Him…….


The old flesh MUST be removed so we are NEW Creatures…..returning to the ways of our fathers……Abraham, Isaac, Ya’cov…..Noach…Adam….  None of them will be telling you about their wonderful Christmas holidays they had…….







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