HAPPY FEASTS OF TRUMPETS – Rosh Hashana – Hebrew New Year 5780

The Trumpets will sound in Israel as The Rosh (head) of the Hashanah (year) begins.

The sliver of the moon is looking to be seen….it is a two-day festival just in case there is a ‘false’ signal.   False calendars are everywhere as many try to determine the barley for Israel.  Israel alone can set the calendar…no foreigners…no haughty Gentiles!

Since we don’t know the day or the house of The Lord’s return we listen for HIS shofar these next two days.  Many will blow their shofars 99 times….and then all together they will sound the 100th sound.  Read Joshua and what the instructions were for SIX days…and then the walls fell down on the seventh day…but only after the shofars blew continually for seven times around the city on the 7th day.  Truly a day of hearing God.

There was no talking….only silence from the people….as the shofars blew on all previous six and seventh day.   No speaking but only hearing the sound of calling for God’s help.  Your walls will fall when you are silent and listen to His calling you!

This is a rehearsal that has occurred since the instructions came through Moses.   Join by making a ‘noise’ (clapping of hands) to The Lord…celebrating His return to the earth.

We know The Festival…but we just don’t know the year or the exact day.

Look up as your redemption is nigh…

HAPPY FEAST OF TRUMPETS MY FRIENDS.  We are commanded to meet together……..if you don’t know His Feasts….you do NOT know to meet….and you will never really KNOW Him.   You know about his saving blood but you don’t know how He wants celebrated…….

(it is NOT at Christmas….nor Eastar…..)

He doesn’t care what day you celebrate Him, but He does care if you MISS His Appointed times.

He set them according to His clock that align with eclipses so you will NOT be confused by even pastors who say it’s a silly omen.

The Lord’s Feasts are forever………no mistake about it……..forever.



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