Syrian Turkey borders Part II

Noah study: Genesis 6:9-11:32

I’m gong to stick closer to my class notes from Beit Yeshua from the Pesach Study of Noah on October 17, 2015.  It was such a great study class that I hope many try to come.  It is open to invited guests.

Teacher Bryan opened his class with the question, “Why is the Syrian and Turkey border important?   This lead to the discussion about NATO,  The North Atlantic Treaty Organization.  These members have agreed to support each other if a nation comes against them.  But, are they?  NO………

What good is an organization if it doesn’t adhere to it’s rules?  Why be part of it?  That is why Germany is threatening to PULL OUT of NATO.  If NATO does not come to the aide of its members then it is dysfunctional.  What happens next is that countries build their own military and set their own standards for protection.  But, who keeps war going?  Russia….that is what they produce.  They have billionaires who earn BIG profits on war.  Communism becomes BIG business.

Russia invaded the Ukraine to no avail except for the world to realize that they had not better disarm or lower their amount of arsenals around the world.  Russia took what it wanted.  I remember Russia taking over Georgia as they sat at the Olympics and to no avail as Urkaine was next.  Russia 2015 was to help with ISIS but to no ones avail….the only one that might be freed, after four years of war machinery, is the Shiite, King Assad.  He has been hedged in and now Russia opened that hedge of restraint and America’s work against Assad and the 250,000 lives lost and millions that are displaced are being for naught???

Yes, why are the borders of Syria and Turkey important?  Russia violates Turkey’s air space.  In May, Turkey shot down a Russia plane (or drone) and now again last week.  Turkey shot down it’s second Russian plane (or drone) of which Russia denies as Russia claims that it has all of its planes accounted for.  The enemy’s tactic is to lie as it meets the greater result of continuing the deception.

What is next….besides the ‘Knife Intifida’ against Israelis all across that nation?

What did the 2014-2015 Bloody Moons signify?  Blood…bleeding bloodied hearts of Israelis being stabbed directly in the heart.    Teacher Bryan calls them what they are….”Bloody War Moons” with trouble for Israel.   I was in tears on September 28, a few weeks ago, as I starred at the final 2014-2015 blood moon from the Midwest United States.  I had been talking about these blood moon connecting to The Lord’s Feasts days since 2008.  On September 28 my heart knew it was the continuation of God’s judgment on children who no longer listen to His Torah.  It is a wicked generation that Adam raised and a wicked generation that followed in Noah’s line through Chem (Ham).

The years that I will speak of next have their Bloody moons on The Lord’s Feast days of Passover and Sukkot (Tabernacles).   There is NO doubt they are signals from God.  They are a pattern so men on earth can witness, ‘The Hand of God.’ ….The Yood of Elohim.

In 1492, with Columbus carrying Jews to other parts of the world, to 1949-50 Israel was still warring with Egypt and her brothers, to the 1967 Yom Kippur War and now the world is seething with wars at every corner and Palestinian Chairman Abbas leading the way for individuals to keep stabbing those invading their territories.  Whose territories?  My husband was born in 1948 when Israel became a nation.  It has been 67 years of Blood Moons in our very own life-time.  What is the cry over?  They say it is territory, but the mandate is the annihilation of the Jew from the face of the earth.  God has always told us that we are in a spiritual warfare.

The 1918 British Mandate was violated and less and less land was given to Israel as was promised.  Six million Jews and another 50 million people were removed from this earth through the pride of man and war mongers who keep war going on our earth.  It is a game of losing souls to hell.

When I’ve looked at the Genesis text these last two weeks I’m reminded of clans or families being established on the earth. In the Middle East we must realize that they think as families and clans.  It was the British mandates that gave them names such as Lawrence of Arabia helping to establish the Arabs as having power and then calling them the Arab United Emerites. Men set borders around people, but people travel and do not claim those borders.  The citizen of this world would be wise to understand what are the goals of these clans.

The Kurds are really without a country.  They are Hittites – they are seen in Turkistan, Gog, Magog, North Iraq and North Syria.

Hesamites follow Mohammad through elected leaders.  The British helped with setting up kings and princes for the Arab world because of oil.  Prince Fasil would reign by overthrowing his half brother when he was in the United States.  I write about this under the Kings section of this blog site.  This second King Fasil will be killed by a cousin named Fasil because he thought King Fasil was too liberal in his ways with the world.  Ben Ta Lal, who is now over Kuwait, is a cousin to King Abdullah, a Hesamite ruling Jordan.

The Anti-Christ is called an Assyrian (group of players).  This is a title for kings of Babylon.  Actually, America would rightfully hold this title right now because the United States is still in control of Iraq which is Babylon proper.  President Obama has  tanks and military bases holding down Iraq at the city of Babylon.

It is said that they will go through Jordan without a spoil.  Why will there not be a spoil?  Because they are cousins.  Or, the friend owns it …  and so you don’t take from a friend.  Specifically… King Abdullah and Ben Ta Lal are cousins.

Prophecy is before our eyes.

ISIS has brought Turkey into the game.  Turkey is Gog and that point is not disputed from biblical scholars.  And now, the United States is another military power of whom Turkey has allowed to access it’s borders to help rain terror on Assads rule.  This is an amazing thing for me to think about.  The United States is known as Satan and we are fighting wars that make us look like the ‘bad’ guy.  How did this happen Mr. Obama?  Or, Rothchild’s?  Or, Bilderbergers?  Oh MY…..Bloody Moons bringing blood because of man’s desire to conquer the earth….this is an old story….but now on a world-wide massive land scale as never before.

Can we just SIT DOWN and not participate?  It seems that is what has happened and now our countryside is filling with Syrian refugees…not women and children, but men who know how to fight better than any American citizen who sits and plays video games.  They shoot at things but do our husbands have real guns to protect their family…and can they shoot? Hmm.

There are TEN kings that rise up.

Arab Spring was designed to remove the Strong men.  Now the waters are raging which mean the ‘heathen’ are raging.  It is the Muslim whore against the impediment West.  (These are strong words teacher Bryan.)

“I will send fishers of men – a big net to clean them and sort them out.  The hunters are the Muslim Zombies.”

Our class gets pretty tense-rated but it is about TRUTH…so you can not be fooled with the gaiety of the world.  These troubles are things that I do NOT desire for my children or grandchildren.  It’s dusk now and our youngest son will be married 10 years tomorrow.  They have four children.  I wish I could listen to those that say….Well, that is what the bible teaches….and Christ is coming soon.  Yes, He is coming, but with vengeance and a sword.  This will not be pretty and no one is going to convince me of a catching away before it’s all said and done.  We have lost so much of the understanding of our bibles that Christians have their heads in the sand.

Off track…now back on…sorry…

Zephaniah 3:18 “I will gather those of yours who grieve over the appointed feasts and bear the burden of reproach (because they cannot keep them).

Amos 1:7 “I will send a fire on the wall of Gaza and it will consume its palaces.”

Zephaniah 2:4 ” For Gaza will be abandoned, Ashkelon will be desolate, the will evacuate Ashdod at noon, and Ekron will be uprooted.”…..  It continues to talk about the seacoast cities and their destruction….and by 2:7 at the close we see “ADONAI their God will remember them and restore their fortunes.  By Zephaniah 3:18, “I will gather those of yours who grieve over the appointed feasts and bear the burden of reproach (because they cannot keep them).  When the time comes, I will deal with all those that oppress you.”

This is my joy…to read such verses that show what man should be depressed about…..  We MUST listen to God’s heart…

Man should desire to keep the appointments set up by God.  He even put His appointed times on the scheduled Bloody Moons.  Men should weep that they can’t attend them because they can’t be gathered together to celebrate them.  But, is the church sorry about this?  NO….they don’t even know about them because it has been stolen from their hearts.  They consider it a work…and not a praise to God.

This Torah study ends with chapter 11 showing us the lineage of Terah, Abraham’s father.  I’m going to close now as my spirit was lifted up by Zephaniah.  But, I must share a last thought as I awoke last Shabbot. Terah bore Abraham when he, Terah, was SEVENTY years old.  The Nation of Israel has been prophesied to be born as a nation again.  This prophecy has happened in our time-line by God’s prophetic hand.  What are you going to do about it?  Next week is the Parashah  Lekh L’kha (Get yourself out) Genesis 12:1-17:27.  Read it now to be ready to really rest in it on the next Sabbath.

My husband and Israel are 67 years old as they were both born in 1948.    They will be SEVENTY years old in the 3rd cycle of this 2015-2022 Shemittah cycle.  In May 2018 Israel will be 70 years old.    Israel is ready to birth something just as Terah birthed Abraham.  He started as an Armenian and began the Hebrew nation.

Our Torah study closes with Abraham being 75 years old when he and his barren wife left the Ur (fire) of the Kasdim, Gen 11:31.  Terach lived 205 years and he died in Haran….a town named after his brother.  Nephew Lot had gone with them and seems to always having to be rescued by Abraham  in his life time.  He is pictured as the ‘church’ today.

These people are pictures of what we see today.  God desires for us to learn from their past behavior so we do not make the same mistakes.

Let me guess…. that as Abraham and Israel give birth it’s been a struggle against idolatry.  They both need to leave their old lives or they will be destroyed by the fire (Ur) in the Chaldean area.  Israel has until the mid Shemittah cycle, 2018 to be of full maturity to be born as the nation she should be.  She has to leave her idolatry, i.e. not have Tel Aviv or any other city be known as Number One is a gay life-style.  Her brother Shemites are purifying her to ‘come out’ of that sin right now.  Arabs also come from Shem.  They are all Shemitic people or of that family.

If Abraham left at age 75, then does Israel have eight more years?  IsraEL will be beginning a NEW Shemittah cycle in 2023 when she is another eight years older.  It will be the first year of the new cycle and that is when the Jubilee occurs…after the 7th Shemittah cycle.  That could be a Jubilee year of the Lord’s return if she is calling on His name by then.

We must remember that it is when Israel calls for the Messiah that He will come.  But, she must be ‘set-apart’ (holy) representing Him in all things.  She must want to attend The Lord’s appointments because her heart desires to do it and not because a king foots the bill for the party…as was the case with Josiah.  Josiah threw the biggest Passover Seder ever in history…but God saw that it was Josiah’s heart that was sincere and not that of the people.  So, they continued to be carried off to Babylon for seventy years.  Again, we have a return at the 70th year.

I close with you pondering these things as I will.  Seventy years….it takes a lot of sifting, pressing and purifying to get to that BIG rest…….  The Jubilee Year …  The Day of the Lord’s vengeance MUST happen before it…so it is truly a day that SETS men FREE….and it is Jubilant.

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