Rare Hybrids – Shemittah 2050 * Jerusalem Day

This posting is giving tribute to my new friend from Arizona, Elaine.  We met but a few times but click like young hens…lol.

She emailed me to check out the Tetrad eclipses coming up in 2033-34 and some other things.  I knew they were there and have written about them already but not posted them.  I’ll do that soon, Elaine.  But, this is what I want you to see.

Noah Hutchings had a radio program and he would say, “God is still on His throne and prayer changes things!  Tonight, I declare to you….God truly is on His throne.  Watch this….

Hybrid eclipses are very rare.  We will only have eight in my 100 years of living.  Isaac Newton saw zero Tetrads (four lunar eclipses directly in a row) but he had over twenty ‘hybrid’ solar eclipses to examine.  When Yeshua was here He peaked them all having twenty-five that 100-year span.  I’ve done a study that shows they appear when God places particular ‘hybrid’ men on the earth to make a difference for His kingdom.  Their eclipse is very short.  Once a ‘hybrid’ eclipses seventy times, it becomes a Total.  That is an interesting plan that we might consider for our own lives.

Now, let’s move our calendar out to May 20, 2050.  The Hebrew date will calculate to 28 Iyyar.  Sound familiar?  That is the date I love…..



What is ‘Jerusalem Day’?  It is when Israel recaptured Jerusalem in the 1967 Six-Day War.

Yes, the Arabs surrendered on Day 5 and then God put hooks in their nose and drew them back for one more day.  God was not done.  It was on the very last day….day SIX that Jerusalem was surrounded on all sides and yet it was won.  The Six Day War can not be studied in a college because all the strategies were of God.  The enemy surrendered to the few Israeli soldiers on the field as the Arabs said that they saw ‘big warrior angels’ among the few soldiers.  Their arms went heavy and they could not fight.

So………what is going to happen to Jerusalem?  Is the Pope going to place his Papal there?  Are the Arabs going to continue stopping the Jews from praying there?

Look at this my friends….God is CELEBRATING JERUSALEM….He said it was HIS footstool and He will protect it.

STAND AMAZED before I show more…..Selah….


This Hybrid is in Saros cycle 148.  When did IsraEL become a nation?    1948

STAND AMAZED….my friends.

Ready for more????????????  Watch this……..

Hybrid are very very rare and I’ve never seen them sit next to each other.  These occur one after the other.

Let’s back up to see the real story of this celebration.

I believe it could be a JUBILEE YEAR if the Jews have enough people returned to the temple –  God begins the 2049 – 2050 year with another Hybrid.

Tishrei 1 5810 is September 27, 2049.  It is called the Feast of Trumpets and the shofars are blown and the lights on the hills are lite once the new sliver of the moon is seen.  It is a two-day festival because, “we don’t know the day or hour of it.”  Once the moon is seen, the shofars are blown to bring in the New Civil Year where the King is welcomed and coronated.

These next ten days are known as the ‘Days of Awe.’  When the King arrives we are awed.  Nations are to resolve any problems they are having.  Ten days later we experience a wedding banquet put on by the king showing His atonement for His subjects.  Some will be not be allowed into the banquet as this day is also for judgment for those not knowing what to do.  They did not know their king.  They did not come to the coronation.  They have a lip service only and wanted to do things their way.  They were not at the dress rehearsals (feasts).  Some may get in and they are called, the least in the kingdom…and will be able to function in a least way.

Tishrei 15, the Feast of Tabernacles, is where those that love Yeshua come and dwell with him forever.  It’s all been prepared for those with prepared hearts for Him because of what He did on the stake in the Holy City.  This festival is eight days in length and then we find that the king asks the people to stay for one more day.  This day is called, Simchot Torah.  It means, rejoicing in the Torah.  God’s children will not be arguing about if the Old Testament or New Testament is for them as it will be written on their hearts and they will walk as Yeshua walks…in His instructions (torah).


I tell you this because we are about to see the 2049 Hybrid eclipse appear on schedule.

I was studying today about different views when the Jubilee was celebrated.  Some say it is that 7th year and some say the 7th year has to be completed and it begins in the first year.   But, in the Jubilee, everything is again set aside for the stranger to be fed and all things are to be set free.  Two years of this action could bring starvation.  I do not wish to argue this point, but only to say that the Jubilee could be the same year as the 7th year.  I don’t worry about it as we have lots of catching up to do and God will clarify things as it is needed.

Could this ‘Hybrid’ be the announcement for the Shemittah year 5810 and the second ‘Hybrid’ in May celebrates The City – Jerusalem Day?

I say this because, Daniel 12:12 states that if you an make it to the 1335th day, then you will be blessed.  If the 1290th day begins with Jerusalem Day and lands on the Appointment of Appointments, Yom Kippur….then the 1335th day is Cheshvan 25.  Where is Noah?  He is still in his ark, safe and sound.  We are to hide ourselves as in the days of Noah and then walk again to establish this earth in God’s instruction.

Look at a Hebrew calendar on the internet and go to the Shemittah year 2049 to November 25.  That day converts to 30 Cheshvan.  Noah has come out of the ark on Cheshvan 27 and offers a sacrifice on Cheshvan 28.  They are now settling the earth once again in it’s cleansed state.

2049 begins with a Hybrid eclipse on this powerful day.  The next solar eclipse is a ‘hybrid’ occurring on JERUSALEM DAY, 28 Iyyar, May 20, 2050.  This Shemittah year is likened to a CELEBRATION that shows us IsraEL is still there and Jerusalem is being celebrated.  God’s children are once again on this earth walking in Torah, His instructions.

Not only is the Jerusalem Day Saros 148 which celebrates Israel’s 102 years of being a nation, but the November 25 Saros cycle is 143.  1943 was beginning huge slaughters in the Holocaust; Shemittah years 1938 – 1945.  God will always remember our afflictions.  Perhaps many of these saints from the Holocaust are back and living on earth and He is celebrating them.

The one is Aleph for God.  Nine is tet, surrounding, snake…severing…  Four is Dahlet represented by a door.  Three is Gimel represented by a camel, lifted up..  It is God who surrounds us and opens the door of Yeshua that lifts us up.  The snake killed them in the desert because of their disobedience but it was then used to look upon as that is what Yeshua was going to do for them…and it healed them.

Numbers and letters are important to God and He speaks through them.

I’ve written many a story about the 153 Fish that were caught in the book of John as Yeshua was frying some fish in the fire on the shore.  Many believe these represent Yeshua’s followers that would ‘fry/suffer’ if they followed him.  He said that the world will hate you because of me.  He told them they would die for what they believed.  In fact, he told Peter that he would be carried away on a stake upside down to a place he did not want to go.

I say this, because the next solar eclipse that occurs on November 14, 2050 is a partial eclipse and it takes us into the next first cycle to begin again.  It is Saros Cycle 153.  Yes, my favorite number 153….and there it is again surfacing in our lives in 2050.

I want to leave you by encouraging you with the Aleph…who is our strong head and Abba Father.  He gives us the grace (five) as we cling to Him whom has been lifted up…through the Holy Spirit (3).  It’s all there….It’s all we need….

Let’s celebrate as we make it to the 1335th day of Daniel 12:12.

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