September 2015 is September 33 AD


What would life look and feel like after Yeshua left and the Holy Spirit (Ruach HaChodesh) was indwelling over 3000 after Shavuot, the 50th day of the Counting of the Omer.

What would life have been like for the disciples.  Would they go back into hiding or would they be so excited because every demon was cast out, miracle were abounding and enthusiasm was so high because men could go back to their own towns and countries with people being able to understand them.  The tongues that were given is that men could speak and the other person could understand what they were saying.

Wow…I’m thinking about that….and that is what it will be like.  It’s like a download of Hebrew for everyone.  We can understand the angels speaking and be able to speak it back to our friends.

What else…I’m thinking about…they are still meeting in synagogues and their confidence is running high.  They are also wanting to return home to their families and tell them about what happened with the Holy Spirit.  People had come from far distances and they were hearing about the resurrection of Jesus/Yeshua.  In fact, they had him 24/7 for 40 days.  He could not be stopped.  The grave could not hold him.  The three days that he was in the grave were very tense.  The disciples were perplexed as to what just happened.  To think that they allowed this to happen to their rabbi was beyond their comprehension, but it is what Yeshua had told them had to happen.  They were held back from helping him and even found some denying their rabbi.  Now, he had instructed them to stay in Jerusalem as He would return the Holy Spirit.  Yes, he returns in the form of the spirit.  They knew that many prophets had this special spirit, but they didn’t realize that it would show up in so many of them.  They knew it was God’s power that worked through them these next days, weeks and years.

What are you thinking?

I’m thinking day by day now.  How could they best honor The Fast of Tammuz.  They knew the spirit would help them destroy the idols in their lives.  They knew that the Temple had been destroyed on the Fast of Av.  They could use that time to call people to revive themselves.  They know the Jews wanted to do what was right before God, but some of the sects of Pharisees had made too high of fences in their oral teachings.  These are the fences that they would tear down as Yeshua had done.

Now, I’m walking myself into the month of Elul.  They would be reviewing the stories of David and his marriage to Abigail as it pictures Yeshua marrying Israel as His bride.  Ruth would be a story  that they would apply as the Good News was confirming that the Gentile would continue to be added to the flock.  It had never changed on how to bring the stranger into the fold as Ruth would become David’s grandmother in lineage with Jesse.

Yeshua’s disciples and the Jews knew The Lord’s Feasts.  Yeshua died in the winter/spring at Passover.  He was the lamb chosen from the foundation of the world.   Yet, they knew that they were the ones that a few in the clan had handed over to the Gentiles for him to be killed.  Throughout history the Jew would be looked down on.  Oh, why did He have to give them that burden.  They had to become like prickly pears so they could survive on the earth.  They were soft and sweet on the inside and yet they had to become prickly and hard to touch in order to survive.

Fountain with baby stalactites –

They would become pictured as a turtle even being displayed as such in Rome in a large water fountain in the ghetto.  This fountain from which they would get their water to drink would remind them that they would wander the world with only what they can carry on their backs.  History seemed slow to them.  Would the Messiah ever come?

Then as Father Abraham was born in 1948 before Christ came, IsraEL would become a nation in 1948 years after Christ came.  They were wanderers just like Abraham was a wanderer.  Abraham had many wells filled in before God let him settle down.  Abraham fought five kings to save Lot from their hands only to have Lot return to the city.

Today, in the Shemittah year of 2015 there is excitement among God’s children because they are realizing that these first children have been harmed.  In order to make it up to the Jews, many children have hearts burning like fire that can not be quenched for them.  They want to hear their Holocaust stories.  The Gentile children do NOT want to repeat the past.

So….what would 33 AD Elul look like?

This could be the year that Messiah makes final preparation for that final battle.  It would be the Sixth Shemittah cycle.  I have pondered and pondered  this because I just knew he would die in the 7th Shemittah cycle…but God is showing me something different today.  This is just a perhaps, but it does make sense to me.

So, now I present you with this fact.

September 33 AD and September 2015 line up day-for-day.  Has this happened in history?  I’m not sure; but I do know it is happening in our time-line of life right now.  And, this fall all the way into February line up and only spread 1 to 2 days.  It is incredible as you see it.  Go to and download the Hebrew calendar.

September 2015 aligns with September 33 AD and it keeps going……………………

So, what does it mean?  I know it means a great deal but God  is the one in charge of days.   Here is what we do know.

His return to this earth will occur during a 7-year Shemittah cycle.  He already has a 7-year plan laid out for wrath on this earth before His return.  This will be a final strong sifting before ALL is restored.  It is SEVEN years of sifting.  We have a living God who started a program, told us how it would operate and told us to be watchman as we could calculate the times and seasons, but not know the exact year of it.

They don’t really know what year Yeshua was born or when he died and they are guessing his stay on earth was around 30-33 years.  They put Yeshua being born in -3 or -4 BC.  That would put him dying in 27-30 AD.

I think he was around at least thirty-three years.  As a living God he can now reign from any realm.  He will orchestrate the war that goes on and actually bring saints back with Him on white horses.  There is a principle that kings reign for 40 years.  We also recognize that they can be removed early.  My thinking is that God was in Yeshua for 33 years directing lives back to Torah.  This seven years of Tribulation on the world will give Him another seven; thus a total of 40 years.  He will do the opposite of what He does with men.  Instead of retiring, He will finish up his 40 years and begin a fresh reign as King forever starting with the first 1000 years from Jerusalem.  Principle and pattern.

Now, in what Shemittah year He will begin his last seven-earthly years with men of flesh is another question.  I’m going to step out and suggest that it could be the Fall of 2015.  All indications in our world point to the world looking for a redeemer with signs and wonders.  Tishrei 1 even shows Islam hosting “light’ shows in 64 cities in India.  This non-Christian nation will be fooled as a major new god is presented through holograms. CERN will shut down on Yom Kippur, Tishrei 10, September 22-23, 2015.  CERN expects to open up a black hole to release whatever is in it.  They don’t expect to go in, but they  expect anti-matter to come out.  That, my friends, is too much ‘unknown’ to be tampering with.  There are more signs, but back to the subject matter.

The year 33 was the Sixth Shemittah year.  It began on Tishrei 1, September 14 33.

The year 2015 is the First Shemittah year.  It begins on Tishrei 1, September 14, 2015.

Do you see that they are date for date?

The year 2015 is the First year of the Shemittah year that could begin the year of Jubilee.  The Jubilee year should begin after the completion of the Shemittah year (7).  But, this is God’s box and He can jump out of it at any time.

The only difference between 33 AD and  2015 AD is their cycles.

33 AD is in the Sixth Shemittah cycle which is represented by double and triple blessing or cursing.

2015 AD is ending it Seventh Shemittah cycle which has everything that is to be released will be released.  You can also use the word, fall.  The last day of fall is 29 Elul with stock markets plummeting every 7 years at this time.  China just devalued it’s money and the stock market has fallen 1000 points in one week.  That is an average of 200 points a  day.  The cycle is proving itself right on target.

The year 2015 First Shemittah year begins Tishrei 1, September 14, 2015.  The last day for finances for Jews will be September 11.  Yes, I just typed 9.ll.   Their markets close on Friday, September 11.  The same day as what happened in 2001 when the US Twin Towers were hit in New York.  What is key here is that this same calendar occured the year Yeshua was heading to the stake.

Could this sixth Shemittah cycle represent the severity of the world curses that he bore on himself?  When we think of the 7-years of Wrath to come on the world, can we connect to the wrath He bore?    He would altar the money markets before that.  He would proclaim how the Torah had been violated by the highest pastors in the world.  He would have to hide and stay outside the city until it was the ordained time for his execution so the TRUTH could be revealed of who He really was. This list could go on and on.  And, I think it should because this list involves us.

We are, my friends, entering not into what would be happening after he left and came as the Holy Spirit; but we are about to enter the exact calendar of what life was like for Him on his final months to Jerusalem.  Elul shows Yeshua entering into the desert right now and being confronted with Satan.  He battled for us then to go to the cross and He is going to battle with this spiritual force for us once again as this 7-years of wrath begins to hit the earth.  It’s the spiritual realm brought forth into this physical world in all it’s force like never seen on the earth before.

If it does not begin now, it will intensify in this next 7-year Shemittah cycle to one day begin a Shemittah cycle that can contain it.

We know that the light that is in us is greater than Satan who is in the world.  We MUST stop the Tomorrowland Theme that is running rampant in our world and across the internet.  We MUST stop the destruction and trampling of Jerusalem, Yeshua’s footstool.  We MUST join forces with believers who desire to RETURN to Torah.

We are having the same battles as Yeshua did as He said we would.  He said that the world would hate you because they first hated Him.  He would die and they would die.  Christians and Jews are being beheaded while false religions kills 5000 buffalo as an offering to other gods.  The Church has gone to sleep in thinking that Torah is NO more.

Are they glad that they can now go KILL?  Is that a hard command to stop?  Are Christians glad that they can now LIE?  Is that the command they don’t like?  Is it too hard to love their neighbor  or parents?  Yes, even that one is too difficult as Mothers and Father’s Days cards aren’t mailed out.  Wow….

What should we do about this?  Join the battle for Torah, ladies and gentlemen.  Soon more than 13 states in America will be on fire.  The smoke will put out the internet services…much less the planned Electro-magnetic disturbances planned. Do you have a bible?  Then read all of it…not dividing it into sections.  It’s complete as it is.  Ask Isaac Newton, Corrie tenBoom or Leo Tolstoy.  They never heard of such a thing as an early rapture.  It’s a 175-year old concept originating from a single Catholic woman.  Christians are not ready for the fight because they are too ready to leave.  They are Torahless…lawless.  They think they are light to the world they hang on two commands.  Guess what the first of the verse says….All the rest hang on these two.  Hmm…what is hanging?  All the rest of God’s instructions.

God needs fighters.   Yeshua took ten (a qorum) of followers.  They lived and studied together.  They lived their lives according to Torah.  Life is learned by example.

The Bible is written by Jews to Jews.  Don’t take it out of context or out of it’s location.  Live like a Jew and you’ll learn what life will be like in the future.  Or, be left behind to go through a tougher training session.  Remember, God is talking to people are suppose to RETURN to Him.  If He has your heart then live like it.  Know your instructor and do what He did.  Yeshua’s entire messages were taught at the feasts.  Know the settings so you know what the lessons are.

As In The Days of……..

The theme of ‘So as in the days’ is a theme sticking in my head for weeks now since God showed me this calendar.  It will be As In The Days Before The Cross that we will witness and then we will witness the destruction so it can come to a final that Eighth Day.

What was Jesus doing?  Go do it!


Lavender picture credit to Dan Cathcart trip to Israel July 2015.

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