King Abdulah dies 1.23.2015

Obama Clinton Same Birthday – AV 22

EKEV * Because * Consequence

posted August 7 2015 AV 22

The Breaking of Axis of World Leaders

As I open my calendar today I find that congratulations should be sent to President Barack Hussein Obama and former President Bill Clinton.  Both of these men were born on AV 22.  They should go out to dinner together and talk over why God allowed them to come into this world and become ‘eclipses.’  They could shine and bring justice or they can cause darkness to cover the earth.

The readings of the Torah will begin tonight as Shabbot begins at dusk.  Mr. Obama was born as the Shabbot started just as we are today.  I would say that it truly is appropriate to look at the Yud of Elohim on his life today.

What is the name of the study this week?  Ekev “Consequence or Because”.

Deut 7:12-11:25; Isaiah 49:14-51:3; Acts 6-7.

Deut 9:6b  “You are a stiff-necked people.  Remember how you made Adonai your God angry….”

If we would look at the Hebrew calendar we would see what God brings about.  These men could be ‘hybrid’ men.  A solar hybrid eclipse performs one of all its eclipses in one eclipse.  It is a partial, annular and total during it’s eclipse.  A hybrid eclipse will become an annular or total eclipse after preforming FORTY hybrid eclipses.  Forty years is how long God allows most kings to reign.

Or, they could be, ‘tetrad’ men.  A ‘Tetrad’ lunar eclipse is unusual as they consist of four Total lunar eclipses that occur consecutively.  There are only but a few that occur on The Lord’s Feast Days.  I am writing this as we are approaching the last of the four total lunar eclipses for the 2014-2015 Tetrad.  It will occur Tishrei 15, 2015, September 28.  It is occurring on the Feast of Tabernacles, which begins an 8-day celebration recognizing the King being with His who know Him.  He will tabernacle with those that desire to follow in his foot-steps…TORAH.  This last lunar eclipse is preceded by a partial solar on the The Day of Remission.   Elul 29 is September 13 2015.  The next day is Tishrei 1 , Rosh Hosanna, Feast of Trumpets.  Will the trumpet be blown to usher in the 7-year tribulation time period?    If so we will see a peace accord agreed upon in the 3rd Shemittah cycle.  That Peace Accord will be broken and then wrath breaks out even stronger on the earth.

Today I saw that Hilary and Bill’s daughter Chelsea is trying to take reigns of the house whereas she hid from the public during her father’s sex scandal with Ms. Monica during their ‘White House’ reign.  She was a young girl then but now she is 35 years old and married.    Now it is her mother Hilary who desires to be president of the United States.   Will Ms. Chelsea hold that office one day.  We see in history that people get comfortable with a family name such as the Adams family where we had a father and then a son, Andrew Adams.  We had two Bushes and now another Bush desires to run.

There is much to be said of a ‘family’ name.  There is even more to be said about being in the ‘family’ of God.  How do men with no real father in their lives turn out?  Do they trust God more or do they lean on their own understanding?

The Hebrew studies always begin with the first words being expressed in the beginning verses.  Genesis has the first words, “In the beginning.”  Thus a Jew knows the book of Genesis as, “In the beginning.”    The Parashah 46 reading begins in Deut 7:12, “Because you are listening.”

Oh, if we just could stop right here and listen…..  And ‘because’ you are listening there will be good consequence.

To what are they listening?  “to the rulings, keeping and obeying them, ADONAI your God will keep with you the covenant and mercy that he swore to your ancestors.  He will love you, bless you and increase your numbers; he will also bless the fruit of your body and the fruit of your ground – your grain, wine, olive oil and the young of your cattle and sheep – in the land he swore to your ancestors that he would give you. You will be blessed more than all other peoples.”  Deut 7:12-14a.

My entire life I have been raised to have a heart to listen to God.  Then I learned to love God because I desired to love Him for whom He was….my Savior.  The change came when I saw God as the Creator of the Universe and I knew I was but a ‘worm’ unworthy of God’s death through the Son.  Then I said, ‘Thank you’ and moved in the Spirit to learn all I could about this incredible God who came to earth in the form of a man to die ‘just for me.’  I also learned that He had come to verify what He had swore to the ancestors.  He didn’t swear it to Mathew, Mark Luke or John; but it was swore to Abraham and his clan.  I learned about being grated into that clan and I could either join their instructions from God as Ruth desired to do as she attached herself to the God of Naomi.  She didn’t want to return to her old ways of worship to a foreign gods, but she wanted the ‘real living deal.’  God blessed her desire as she was instructed to attach herself to Boaz, who was a relative who could redeem her.

Boaz was a ‘hybrid’ man of his day.  He would be honored and Ruth would be honored for following the instructions of God.  This is the line through which the Messiah Yeshua would be born.

It upset God that man wanted other kings to rule other than His rule.  He allowed men to choose their leaders.  America choose the Clinton family and America was allowed two sessions of our current Mr. Obama.   These men still have time to prove themselves to be called, ‘Hybrids.’  But, from what they have done to Abraham’s children through Jacob (name changed to Israel), it does not look like they will fit the ‘hybrid’ description.  I am thinking that they will be known as “tetrads.’ There is only darkness that spewed from them as Clinton was the one shaking PLO Arafat’s hand signaling the ” 1997 Oslo Peace Accords” of which Yasar Arafat never held true.  It gave away IsraEL’s land to the PLO and still today they argue over a two-state solution.

Israel is an unusual land set apart on the earth to be Holy unto the Lord.  It is not like other lands.  It can NOT have two states, but it can have many people living in it.   The people of IsraEL do not own any land; God owns it.  There are two banks that make contracts of lease to people.  When the contract is done, the land goes back to the bank holding for other lease holders to step forward.  God tells us that Jerusalem is His footstool.  Of all the earth, it is the spot that is His.  He chose to give Jacob’s family specific instructions on how to live in this land.

Today, two men were born on the same Hebrew day Av 22.  AV is AB as well.  Av is father and AB is Abba, father.  The two is represented in the second letter of the Hebrew aleph-beit known as Beit.  It represents the house (Beit).  We have the Father is in his house in Av.  Two houses are present representing strength.

These two U.S. presidents both have tried to tear down the House of God.  They could have chosen to build it up, but instead they decided to divide and conquer it.

Watch this………..  Shemittah Year 1945

August 6, 2015, yesterday, on the Civil calendar was the 70th Anniversary of Hiroshima bomb that killed 90-130,000,  It will be August 15 1945 that the final bomb was dropped on Nagasaki Japan because the first was not enough deterrent to stop WWII, (my future birthday in 1950)

Bill Clinton is born the next day, the very next year in 1946, Av 22.  He was born to stop destruction as I was.  Obama was born to stop destruction, but since he is Muslim at heart, his goals are not the same as the Judeo Christian belief of bringing in the Messiah.  His goal is to bring in the Mahadim aka Maudee.

Two men born on the same day and both about destruction.  Obama was born as the Sabbath begins and whose mother was a Jew.  He should have a heart of the Jew but his actions instead claim him to be all things to all people.  He can wear a cappa and yet prays three times a day as a Muslim.  As a Senator he is recorded as mocking God’s words of the bible.  He does not follow the instructions and follows those of Allah.

Both men born with the Father’s hand on them to build His house (Beit).  Both men have not supported God evidenced in their callous two-state agendas for IsraEL.  Mr. Clinton will be born one year to-the-day of the Taiwan 6.3 quake.  He is born in 1946.  This quake was a warning of the atomic bomb to be dropped on Japan in 1945 five days later.  This time period seems to show very evil times upon our earth.  Men were set in high places and did nothing.  And, in reality, have issued their own holocaust of removing IsraEL from God’s land.  The Clinton’s Chelsea even married a Jew, but that has not deterred Secretary and now Senator Hillary from her vengeance against God’s land known as, IsraEL.

Shemittah Year –  Holocaust and WWII ends 1945


AV 22 – Taiwan 6.3 earthquake on August 1 1945.

AV 27 – First atomic bomb released on Hiroshima Japan, August 6 1945

AV 30 – Second atomic bomb to Nagasaki Japan, August 9, 1945

Elul 6 – The People’s Republic surrendered, August 15, 1945

Mr. Clinton b. AV 22 1946

Author, hadassah miriam b. ELUL 6 1950

Mr. Obama b. AV 22 1961

None of these people can remember what the world was like when the holocaust was happening.  They were not here to see the solidarity of Americans that worked side by side to defeat an enemy that was seen.  Others witnessed the war planes, submarines, decoding machines, trains carrying Jews, smoke filling the air with cremated bodies floating through the air that they even breathed, death marches lead by Japan and much much more.  Americans bought war bonds to support the effort to STOP the death camps.  They saw the war planes and submarines coming to the shore line.  They heard Winston Churchill telling that our soil would be next.  They were excited to touch the beaches of Normandy and to their dismay they were just kids with guns with no experience on what this enemy looked like.

The war is different today as land is given away to appease the enemy.  The foxes get in their holes and cry ‘wolf’ that the enemy is near and so the people run into their chicken coops knowing Mother Goose will save them.  Their golden eggs are eaten up by inflation and their work is still not done on the earth.  The borders have been breached and it’s okay because their Denver foxholes are supplied.  It again will be the survival of the fittest, just like Nimrod Hitler portrayed.  His books are still read and the enemy that takes souls is still prowling around.

AV 22,,,,,yes AV 22….  Will this day turn into good?  God allowed Mr Clinton and Mr. Obama to work side-by-side.   Clinton desired to laugh away the sex scandal at the White House that showed the character of man on the earth.  Today, if you choose not to cater a gay wedding, then you WILL lose your reputation in the world’s eyes.  You will lose your business from the lawsuits that are begging to happen to give the Obama legislation of marriage between one man and one man and one woman and one woman and many woman and many men, etc…..animals can probably be wed soon….after all….they will be in heaven too….therefore they must have a soul….  NOT….

Man left to his own thinking will lead to the curse of Deuteronomy 7-11 and Isaiah 49-51:3.  Because you are listening the consequence is LIFE.  Because you will NOT listen and follow my instructions (TORAH) you curse yourselves.

Joshua said that there are two choices, life or death.  Joshua 24:15 states that Joshua and his family choose life.  They choose to follow Torah (God’s instructions).  Today the church has no ‘instruction’.  It began with Satan’s helpers, The family of Constantine, of whom brought on the Nicaea Creed… Constantine killed his rivals (relatives) so he was the only one left to vote it in (well, he and his mother).

It didn’t take but a few hundred years for man to reject the ways of the Hebrews (Jews/People of the Book) and throw out the Passover with its Seder….do this in remembrance of me.  They called it communion.  They changed it’s name to Eastar.  Christmas will be founded following the Catholic mass…the universal mass for all.  We are told that freedom of religion is why America was born.  But the truth be known that the foundation was based in occultism with free masons having a great influence.

The governments of this world are steeped in masonry and it’s a perfect satanic plan of feeling righteous.

Should I say Happy Birthday?  Should I be happy with their lives and how they have set IsraEL to destruction.  These two men were born to STOP this mess.  These two men not only did NOT stop the accords, but they bought Israel into a false peace.  I believe these two men may personally live to witness the destruction they brought upon our earth.  They could have been game-changers, but they pushed it forward for the agenda of the world governments.  These governments do NOT follow the torah of the living God.  They follow their own torah (instruction).

I just want to close this with showing you what God allowed in history…look at the time period which is now.  When we put God in a box, he just seems to jump out and have deeper surprises else where.  Let’s just let God be God and you should just stand in ‘awe’.  A good title….

Awed in AV

AV 22 –  The Day of the Breaking of the Axe

Is God Breaking up the Axis of world leaders?

Friday, July 31 2015 Shemittah year, AV 15, Erev Shabbot Va’ etchanan ‘I pleaded’ readings.    Iran had a meteor broken into four pieces before impact which caused temperatures to soar to 168-178 degrees.  Refugees suffering already from lack of water and heat.  This information is forthcoming but has been confirmed through sightings.

AV 23 – 2012  IRAN 6.3, 6.4 earthquakes On Shabt Ekev

AV 21 – 2014 IRAN 6.3 earthquake 7 4.5+

AV 22 – 2014 IRAN 5.8, 5.7.   7 4.5+ quakes

AV 22 – 2015 IRAN meteor broke into 4 pieces spiking to 168-178 degrees, July 31 2015.

AV 22 –  The day of the ‘breaking’ of the Ax when the cutting of the temple wood was done.

AV 21 – 1974 – Nixon resigns, Jimmy Carter becomes Pres. AV 21

Nixon was a semi-hybrid for the fact that he responded with a ‘Yes’ to PM Madeline Al bright for defense equipment for Israel. Then, from the Watergate Scandal, God removed him.

Why were these two men born in the month of AV…the month the FATHER is disciplining for the Hebrew and Jew and also the world.  The father Abba shows his love through mercy.  But mercy without justice has no grace.  God’s grace hangs on justice.  Grace is pictured as a tent stretched out over us with the poles anchoring us to our foundation.  Those poles are represented in the Vav….Yeshua is the rod that connects us to God our foundation.  It is Yeshua who is the Living and Written Word.  He is God’s instruction to us through whom we live safely on the earth.  If we do NOT live according to that TORAH (instruction) we will perish like all grasses of the earth perish.  But, our life is safe when we follow God’s instruction book.  Some of the instructions are only for the land of IsraEl and some only for woman, some only for men, some only for animals.  But instruction is instruction.  It is not God who judges us, but the TORAH already judges us.  It judged us to convict us that we need our Messiah Savior and then it guides us for a ‘safe’ life on God’s earth living by the Words that came out of Messiah mouth which He told us is what the prophets and Mosche said.

He never removed the instructions….we did.

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