What does 121st Jubilee since Adom feel like. Part I, 1947-2017

Acts 1:15 “During this period, when the group of believers numbered about 120, Kefa (Peter) stood up and addressed his fellow-believers.

I have been finding some very interesting connections to the number 120.  G-d began moving me toward this study when the discovery of the Higgs Bosom in 2015.  These scientists were awarded a Peace Prize when they found that there was something holding our universe together, even though they could not see it.  They said that our value or the number one and number two were indispensable.  The group from CERN operating out of Switzerland, explained that our universe is barely turned on.  It is like taking one to the 120th power which would be twenty-six zeros after it.

The number 120 also was used by Strong in his concordance to describe man.  Mankind, 120.

We know that God deemed man to live 120 years until the flood would carry them away.  Then God deemed man to live to the age of 120 years.

Mosche was 120 years old when he was taken.  Because of his sin of striking the rock instead of speaking to it, he was forbidden to enter into the promised land.  But, we do see him giving council at Sukkot along with Elijah to Yeshua.  The three others watching wanted to build them sukkot as it was getting dark.

I’ve blogged on this number before so I won’t go into depth with those explanations again.  But, what I need to add is the scripture that I found in Acts 1:15 during my readings for the 2016 Festival of Lights.

Acts 1:15 “During this period, when the group of believers numbered about 120, Kefa stood up and addressed his fellow-believers.

This number 120 is showing us a pattern of history.  It is a number about mankind and what happens when that number is reached.

Isaac is 60 years old when Jacob is born and then he lives another 120 years.  He dies at age 180.  120 years and yet it would be 48 more years until Jacob begins to have children. Jacob will be 60 or 61 when Benjamin is born.  (We are entering into our 6001st year since Adom. Noach was 601 when he entered new world.  The Hebrews crossed into the Promised Land with 601,750 men twenty years of age and older.)

There is a change.  There is a message of completion and yet a new program.

It is our Creator who deemed time into being.  He created time, space and matter.  Within that spectrum He can work with bringing His creation to Himself.  He took matter and created a space for matter to exist.  Then He took those two things, space and matter, and put them in a time-frame.  There is a pattern of time set upon man’s life so man can see ‘the hand of G-d.’

Adonai set the years and they are seen in the Shemittah and Jubilee years.

Adonai set a time period of 29-30 days called Rosh Chodesh to Rosh Chodesh.  It is a  new moon to a new moon.  The fifteenth day of a Rosh Chodesh (month) is always a full moon.  And, many times He will use these full moons to draw attention to days of celebration known as, The Lord’s Feasts.

Adonai set the week and they show us the Sabbath.

Adonai set the day in a 24-hour cycle using the sun and moon together to calculate it.  They are called, Day One, Day Two, Day Three, Day Four, Day Five, Day Six and Day Seven.  Men look forward to the Sabbath, Day Seven as they can now rest from their toiling.

The Sabbath is set apart.  Our Creator ‘set it apart’ which means ‘to be holy’.  Every day is not the same or everything would then be ‘common’.  There is nothing wrong with being common with the exception that it is not ‘holy’ or ‘set-apart’.  It is in being ‘set-apart’ that Adonai can be seen by men.

There is an-half-an-hour of silence in the heavens. So, what is that about?  In heaven’s time, one day is likened to a thousand years.  Thus, one hour would be 41.8 years of time and one-half-an-hour would be 20.6 years of time.  Or, 42 years and 21 years, respectively.

This 20 and 21 are once again seen as numbers in Adonai’s time clock.  It is the numbers that are important and not necessary, the Greek thinking, in that every pattern has to be an exact day, month or year.  They are just numbers that sit together that are designed to bring about something that is similar but different.

What are the numbers one and two in the Hebrew language.  One is known as The Aleph which has a picture language of an ox, head, leader.  It is known as the number representing G-d himself…as an ox is strong and leads.  Two is the letter Beit.  It is pictured by, a house.  It the number two and represents the Son.

It is these two letters that work together to bring the third letter, Gimel, which is also the number three.  The Gimel is likened to a ‘camel’ that is high and lifted up.  The Aleph and Beit can be sitting together in the Gimel (3).  These are powerful numbers in their numerical, picture and meaning.

The power and strength of the ox  brings the son to occupy the house that is lifted up by the Ruach HaChodesh (Holy Spirit).  All three of these Hebrew letters are necessary for our salvation.

Our earth has just completed 6000 years from the time of our first, Adom.  He was not perfect in his day (1000 years) and thus he was shorted 70 years and died at age 930 years.

Noach saved mankind so they could begin again.  He was a righteous man, but still none of us are perfect and he died 50 years short of his day (1000 years).  He died at age 950 years.

The readings for my 2016 Chanukah known as the Feast of Dedication and Festival of Lights, showed me not only the number of believers in the group at that time were 120, but it describes the setting.  The setting aligns with the next setting; our next setting of His return

When there were 120 believers, Kefa (Peter) and the others walked back from the Mount of Olives to Jerusalem, about a Sabbath-walk distance.  What had they just seen?  They had just witnessed The Messiach ascend into the heavens.  Two witnesses/messengers/angels dressed in white said to them that were staring into the sky after him. Luke 1:11 “The men said, “You Galileans!  Why are you standing, staring into space?  This Yeshua (Jesus), who has been taken away from you into heaven, will come back to you in just the same way as you saw him go into heaven.”

He will return on The Mount of Olives a Shabbat-walk in Jerusalem.  This walk can be just a few blocks…it is not miles.  The Mount of Olives can be seen from The Temple Mount.

Acts 2 begins with ten days having elapsed and it is time for Pentecost known as Shavu’ot or The 50th Day of the Counting of the Omer.  We now have The Comfort (Ruach HaKodesh) arriving at 9:00 a.m. (Do we remember this time 53 days earlier?  It was when Yeshua Jesus hung on the cross at the same hour.)  The Pharisees were drunken with the world and now 53 days to the hour they are drunken with the Holy Spirit.

I got sidetracked, but return to following 120.

Our earth is 6000 years old.  That is 120 Jubilees.  There is 50 years in each Jubilee, thus making our earth from Adom 6000 years of age.  We are entering the 121st Jubilee.  It is time for the new beginning or next Jubilee.  I believe in my heart from my own studies that this next fifty years, which is one Jubilee, we will see Noach see his day of 1000 years completed with the return on the man that will once again revive the world; The Messiach.

Adom’s 70 years will be revived by The Second Adom reigning from Israel that is now 70 years old.  It is at the completion of 70 years, going into the 71st year that numbers are records as completed.

The Partition Plan for Palestine  Resolution 181 was passed by the United Nations on November 29, 1947, Kislev 16.  Thirty-three members for, 13 against and 10 abstained making 56 nations involved.  This resolution is 70 years on  November 29 2017, Kislev 11. November 29, 2018, Kislev 21, will complete the 70 years.

This Partition Plan for Palestine in 1947 has been implemented but never accepted by the Arabs, Jordanian or Palestinians.   Chanukah 1947 to Chanukah 2016…even to the 6001 year of the 121st Jubilee of the earth…the United Nations today denies Israel to yet build in the areas won by her in many wars since Resolution 181.

The Torah reading on the Shabbot, November 29, 1947, Kislev 11 was: Vayishlach (He Sent).  Genesis 37:1-40:23; Amos 2:6-3:8.

Genesis 37:1 “Ya’akov (Jacob) continued to live in the land where his father had lived as a foreigner, the land of Kena’an.

The scriptures continue to give the history of Ya’akov and we see the life of Joseph unfolded to learn the lessons of persecution as he is a picture of The Messiach that came and Israel that is still today and The Messiach that was and is and is to come….

One Hundred and Twenty – l eads to One Hundred and Twenty One.

Jacob left Laban’s house in the 20th year.  He was there for three Shemittah cycles minus one year.

Benjamin, the Son of my right hand, was born in Jacob’s 21st year of Laban…trying to flee his grip.

Israel is trying to flee the grip of his brothers and evil relatives…and real, Son of My right hand is being birthed right now.

In this next Jubilee of 50 years….many will bow the knee and follow the Hebrew and ask, “Why do you wear a tallite?”  “Why do you honor the Sabbath?”  Why do you ?????

And this will cause a conversation of sincerity of hearts.  This will draw all men to look into their hearts and find The REAL Second Adom…the REAL Benjamin, SON of my authority…the REAL Messiach that returns as a JEW…wearing a prayer shaw…a priestly garment…with LORD of LORD written on His robe.

Yes, 120 leads to 121.  Our earth is the right age and all indications lead to this being a new Jubilee that sets up the hearts first…to love what The Messiach did in dying for all men that violate the Torah…because that is what sin is…violating the ‘instructions’ of Yahweh.  If you love Him…return to Torah.  Even the Menorah speaks of Him who is, The Light of the World.

Happy Chanukah….Day Six.  This is the last day that the Hebrew and Pope Gregory calendars align again until 2019.  It’s been a very warring month…witnessing it eye-to-eye: Horrible weather, battling president elect Trump, harming relations with Russia, Turkey and Iran.

Now, it’s time for a new breathe….may each of these next seven of seven years bring us closer to our Messiah; 2017-2067.





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