Do earthquakes happen when calendars align? Dec 2016 and April 2014 seem to be!

I always stand amazed at what Adonai reveals when we return to search for Him.  December 2016 is day-for-day with the Hebrew month of Kislev right now.  And it is rocking with earthquakes at Solomon Islands.  And what if I told you that when Solomon previously rock and rolled with earthquakes if occurred in 2014…. and the month were lined up then, too.  Yes, April 2014 was Nissan for day.  It was the month of Passover with the second Lunar Total Solar eclipse happening when the rare 8.3 occurred in Chile.

Chile started the rocking and then God also spoke through Solomon Islands rocking it for twenty-two days.  And  now, two years later in 2016, we are starting to rock the  same area as before and the months again see eye-to-eye…that no one should miss this.

If you are not searching out our Creator, you will miss His hand on the earth.  He is speaking in the earthquakes just as he said He would…but we fail to look deeply.

Hebrew and Gregorian calendar align day for day….and every eye will see the ‘Hand of God’.

Kirakira MaKira Solomon Islands:

December 8 2016 (75th Anniversary America declared war on Japan, 1941)

7.8 Earthquake 41.0 km depth; 17:38:4 (UTC)

11 Aftershocks over 5.0 on 12.8.16, Kislev 8; 5.6, 5.1, 5.0. 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, 5.2, 5.3, 5.5, 6.5, 5.4.

First day:  1 7.8; 1 6.5; 10 5.0+ = Twelve over 5.0.  

December 9  Kislev 9 2016 

Second day: Sixteen over 5.0.

One: 6.9 Earthquake, 19:10:05 UTC

Fifteen: 5.0, 5.3, 5.1, 5.1, 5.1, 5.0, 5.5, 5.2, 5.2, 5.0, 5.2, 5.4, 5.2, 6.9, 5.3, 5.5,


Everyone will have a different take on these earthquakes.  I for one look try to look at them through a Hebrew mindset.

Our first granddaughter is Kira.  She is now eighteen and in Bible college.  She was born on the Feast of Tabernacles, Tishrei 15.  Our Creator truly has set up residence in her heart.

Mah in Hebrew means, “what.”  Kirakira Makira is the location that is still moving with force in our earth.  I believe that even the name of the locations of earthquakes speak for our Creator of whom knew exactly when they would occur.  Everything has been set from the foundation of the world.  Our Kira Marie being born on Tishrei 15, Day One of The Lord’s Feast of Tabernacles, is no accident.

I also have a niece that died seven weeks after giving birth to a son.  She was thirty-eight years old when she passed in 2012.  My sister had two children and it is her daughter that left three children behind.  At the time of her passing of a blood clot to her lung, I knew she had been born on the Ascension of our Savior into the heavens. She knew it as The Ascension and I knew it as Day 40 of the Counting of the Omer.  It was ten days before Shavuot known as Pentecost; day 50 of the Counting of the Omer.  But, what I didn’t know is that she would pass on Yom Kippur, a Sabbath, Tishrei 10, and be buried on The Feast of Tabernacles.  She took Jesus very serious in her life and had peace with Him.  I do stand amazed at his hand on her life.

I detest horoscope readings and thus, by me mentioning these things, please don’t consider these patterns as such.   We all are born on a day and we will all die on a day.  It is for G-d to choose these days, and not we ourselves.  He is to be in charge of all life.

One more thing will become aware to me as I have our only red-headed granddaughter born in 2010 and she will arrive on the earth on Nissan 15…Pesach Day One (Ex 12:1-23, Lev 4-5, Deut 1:1-3).    It was Passover which shows us our redemption through The Suffering Servant, Yeshua Jesus.  (Yeshua is his Hebrew name.)

These are not just time periods to be remembered, but they are exact days G-d moved in their lives.  I have learned to respect God’s hand on my life and I’m thankful that even in my latter days upon the earth He has allowed me to see His deeper truths.

These days that stand out in my family are events that our Creator has reminded us to come again into The Temple.  In Zechariah 14  we find that the people of the earth are to go to where the LORD is and celebrate three times a year.  It is Pesach, Shavuot and The Feast of Tabernacles.  The church is known as a daughter and Bride.  My two granddaughters and niece will be memorialized in my minds every year at these times. I now know we have a Creator who encourages us to encourage other into the deeper things of Him.

Are these earthquakes giving memorial to Pearl Harbor which will be the beginning to the end of WWII and the Holocaust by 1945?  I declare to you that if man will NOT give memorial, our Creator will set things before us that causes us to remember to give memorial.

On Pearl Harbor Day, December 7 2016 a talk show discussed that if Pearl Harbor did not get an official (no work) day off, then our children would forget about it once the WWII veterans were deceased.  People remember when they get out of work.

Pearl Harbor Day – December 7 2016 – Indonesia quake devastates area killing 102; so far.  Mosques tumbled on worshipers.

Yesterday, December 8, 2016 W of Ferndale, California (Disney) hosted a 6.8 earthquake lowered to 6.5 magnitude at 40.4 degrees latitude N and 126.2 degrees longitude W.  Forty always shows completion in my mind.  It occurred at 40 degrees and was at 14:49:46 UTC.  It was 102 miles west in the waters and shallow depth.  They felt it 260 miles away in the water.


Yesterday, December 8 2016 Kirakira MaKira Solomon Island hosted our largest earthquake for the year at 7.8.  As I type this on December 9, 2016 it is still shaking. This is the usgs description of it’s location.

Of course, I see more than the normal person because I see The Hand of God through numbers as well.  The Hebrew language also substantiates itself through pictorial as well.   Each letter has a number and picture associated with it so there is no misunderstanding of the word.


‘mah’ means ‘what’ in Hebrew.  What is our Creator expressing through these Solomon Island earthquakes.

Let me start the list and you can add to it…

  1.  We learn that Solomon went away from the Torah and therefore lost the kingdom through his grandchildren.  (If you ask a ‘versed’ Jew they would say that Solomon is a definite picture of an ‘anti-christ’ as he violated Torah throughout his life…just in a few simple facts of marrying many woman and collecting chariots and horses which caused him to trust his wisdom for securing safety and not depending upon Yahweh.  He perverts the wisdom he was offered and ended poorly.  He did not even begin well as it took him seventeen years to build his own house instead of The Temple.
  2. I believe our Creator is drawing my “Kira’ to seek more of the Hebrew side of her Creator.  All of us should avoid ‘Solomon’s wisdom’ and seek the spiritual wisdom in God’s Word.
  3. Twelve 5.0+ earthquakes the first day reminds us of The Twelve Tribes that spread our on the earth that were set apart to draw men to G-d’s Torah.  He is the Living Word (Torah) and will NOT violate it in one point.  The twelve apostles were men like you and me…they preached The Torah and the Good News of Yeshua Jesus.  Therefore, if we are to be like Him, we should be trying to do the parts that apply to us.  This is our worship on this earth because we first love Him.
  4. We are leaving the 120th Jubilee of earth coming into the 121st Jubilee.  One Hundred and Twenty is also Strong’s number #120 for ‘mankind.’  You may think that this is a ‘stretch’ by I do not.  Our Creator is intentional in every detail and about every hair on your head.  So, for me to read that this earthquake is typical to be 120 x 55 km (length x width) is not a surprise.  Even in the measurement of this earthquake, it is pointing to what our Creator wants to confirm with man (120).  Five represents ‘grace’ in the letter, Hei.  It means to, behold.  Every word in the Hebrew has an action to  it.  Grace means to behold what God is doing.  It’s picture is a ‘tent’.  Grace is a covering in action.
  5. 120 x 55 –  Mankind is to behold, behold…the grace…the tent…that men are to draw to.
  6. These KiraKira Mahkira earthquakes began the day that America declared war on Japan in 1941 after Japan cowardly struck without any knowledge of war status with the United States.  Two days later, the United States also declares war with Germany…and these earthquakes at Solomon Island keep coming during these next two days.  Kislev is a true ‘war’ month.
  7. 100 km northwest of where the Australia:Pacific plate boundary transition had already given way to two other large earthquakes just two years ago in 2014.
  8. The dates were in April which tells me they were at Passover.  Let’s check their dates!  I can tell you right now I was sitting in Arizona when they went off.   It was April Fool’s day….April 1 and it was  Nissan 1 on the Hebrew calendar.  I remember it as if it were yesterday as I was watching for the next 8+ earthquake.  It was an 8.3 issued to Chili that shook for several months later.  But, the Solomon earthquakes would come at Passover..for twenty two days…  April 2014 was about Chile first and then KiraKira Solomon Islands.  It was a BIG month for earthquakes… setting records for what started as a quiet year in 2014 as noted by the usgs.
  9. This Kirakira Makira Solomon 2016 reports 53 earthquake of magnitude of 6.5+ have occurred in the preceding century in this same area.   I
  10. My 2014 search just showed 33 earthquakes over 5.0 in the month April.  Kirakira Makira hosted these between April 2 – 24 2014.  There were three over 6.0 and two over 7.4.  That was an intense 22 days.
  11. Remembering that the Gregorian and Hebrew days were identical date-for-date in Nissan/April 2014 and Kislev/December 2016, let’s look at days of significance to see if there are any patterns to pick up.

The month of Kislev has a ‘war’ theme in my thinking.  We see large earthquakes occurring on the Hebrew and Gregorian memorializing Pearl Harbor, the closing of WWI and even Chanukah.  This is a time period of battling for the ‘homeland.’  In the case of Chanukah, it was a life and death battle for The Temple.  Today, we don’t fight for it and we don’t fight for it’s homeland.  This is the greatest abomination on the earth in m opinion.  We can’t even rum for the hills when we see it, because it’s already been done away with in our minds.  Men live in the New Testament and don’t want to entertain the patterns that show themselves in the OT.

The month of Nissan has the theme of ‘The Suffering Servant.’  The living Messiach died for the penalty of sin which is spiritual death.   Nissan shows Yeshua Jesus finally ready to reveal himself by raising a human from the dead.  Lazarus will rise on Nissan 7 with a party given at his house… anointing Messiach…and then they place him on a donkey of honor announcing their king on Nissan 10.  This was not the proper time for kingship and thus we then see the days that led to the early Pesach meal and leads to the death and burial of The Suffering Servant Yeshua Jesus.

Let us compare the Nissan earthquakes first since we are just now embracing the Kislev 2016 earthquakes from the island of Solomon.  Since The Messiach to reign comes from the loins of King David, we know Solomon was the son chosen for The Seed to come, we can view these earthquakes as likened to a symbol of  atonement and/or judgment.   If you look for your King to come in the near future, you will hear a message of warning to call others into the kingdom now.  Earthquakes are not just predicted, but some are set apart (holy) to announce his coming with a theme….such as Passover and Chanukah and a Holocaust to be remembered.  These are not accidents, but intentional time period….and these happen on the same day of the month…so no man can say he didn’t see them…..

Nissan 1, April 1 2014 gives us an earthquake set above many others.  It took several years to come in the eight plus magnitudes are very rare and do not happen each year.   Perhaps in the next article I will lay out to you a pattern in 2007 that shows the Shemittah cycle.  But, for now…hold fast to seeing Nissan 2014.  I know it patterns His death and burial as I’ve wrote about this in 2014…look under earthquakes to find that blog.

Nissan 2 – April 2 2014 – Rosh Chodesh – New Month, 5.0 Lata Islands Solomon

Nissan 4 – April 4  2014 – 6.0 Kirakira Solomon Islands

Nissan 12 – April 12 2014 – 7.2 Kirakira Solomon Islands – Five 5.0+ magnitude this day (55555)  Yeshua Jesus preparing disciples for his departure…He was chosen as king on Nissan 10 and shows he was the Jews chosen lamb for slaughter in three to four days… Nissan 13-14.

Nissan 13 – April 13 2014 – 10 5.0+ (5555555555), 1 6.6+, 1 7.4.

Nissan 14 – April 14 2014 – 7 5.0+ (5555555).  (Erev Passover…being beaten (letter zayin (7)/weapon to pierce, to cut, to sever)

Nissan 15 – April 15 2014 – 1 quake at Kirakira Solomon, 5.3.  (Five is Hei, behold, grace; Three is Gimel, camel, lifted up).   The Suffering Servant is in Sho’el three days setting captives free.  He will return on Nissan 17 with over 500 resurrected with him.

Nissan 18 – April 18 2014 – Two quakes at Lata Solomon Islands: 6.1, 5.1.  The Suffering Servant has risen, laid his blood on the heavenly altar and has returned now meeting with His disciples.  They now can have hope in his Second Coming in two days (2000 years.)

Nissan 20- April 20 2014 – One 5.0 quake at Kirakira Solomon Islands.  It is Pesach Day Six; Day 5 Counting of Omer.  A Sabbath (no work) is called at the evening of this day as the Passover Day Seven begins.  A Sabbath rest is called on the first and last day of Pesach; the first and seventh day, which is Nissan 15 and Nissan 21.

Nissan 24 – April 24 2014 – 1 5.0 earthquake at Lata Solomon Islands.  Passover is done and the people have gone home.  Nissan 24 is the day Daniel has his vision by the river Tigris.  And, Messiah appears again to disciples and Thomas.

This concludes the earthquakes over 5.0+ in the month of Nissan 2014.  The Tetrad of 2014-2015 was held in this month.  The first one began in the fall at The Feast of Tabernacles and the second Total Lunar Eclipse occurred on Nissan 15, April 15, 2014.

These lunar eclipse signaled The Lord’s Feasts for all to come.  They also signal war involving the land of Israel.

We are to begin now…and not wait for a Temple to be built..  We come in our hearts and where we are we build sukkot and camp in the wilderness together under The Creator”s stars…safe from earthquakes that will be exploding at these times.  If we are instructed to come and sleep in tents, there must be a reason for they keep us safe from rubble falling on us.


This has been a long study and we will have to see it finished at the end of this month…December 2016.  We will compare The War Month of Kislev to the Passover Lamb Month of Nissan.

Stay alert my friends in the world.  2017 started on October 3 2016 on the Hebrew calendar.  Now most people will start 2017 in January when we have a new president entering the White House.  He was not raised as a Christian and yet he sees our world through the eyes of a Creator who holds everything in His hand.  I am thankful and yet pray for him to see who holds his hand….all that will shake will be shaken…but we know who our Creator is and believe me we must have that Torah foundation to be able to stand through this next Shemittah cycle and into this next Jubilee of 50 years.




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