Is 27 AD the year Jesus died? Noach married 1229; Sons born 1231, 1233, 1234. Flood 100 years later 1333 – 1334. What happens next? Tetrad 2032-2033…

Daniel’s day of blessing is 1335.  Is the year of blessing 35?   It would be year one after the Shemittah year 34 AD.  Was Yeshua 33-34 when he died?  Noah got off the ark in 1334 and made it to 1335 after Adom.  These might be a good case for the year 34 AD….but there is more… Jubilees Chapters 5, 6 are worth the study if you want to look at Patterns of Return.

What did the calendar look like when Jesus/Yeshua was walking his final years, months and days on this earth?  Does it tie to us today?  What happens in years and days that align for men to see eye-to-eye with God’s Hebrew calendar?  

(Since this seems to be one of the ‘most read’ article at yhebrew I’m updating it with the latest thoughts.  Pesach 2018)

It seems to be a guess as to when The Suffering Servant was born and when he left.  Was there a 3.5-year ministry that could compare to a tribulation for the world as John reveals in the Book of Revelations?  The Suffering Servant is said to have been born before year zero….but it is only a guess.  And, did he die at age 30, 31, 32, 33 or 34?    Let’s step this up and think deeper…..  There are patterns in men’s lives that could unravel these mysteries.

Acts 6:11 “So they secretly persuaded some men to allege….”  Yes, men alleged many things against Stephen and they alleged much against The Suffering Servant.  But, sometimes in the ‘silence’ truth is born.  He stood there as a lamb going to the slaughter…not defending himself but admitting He was G-d….the great I AM.

Scripture reveals He is NOT yet one Jubilee (50) years of age.

John 8:57 “Why, you’re not yet fifty years old,” the Judeans replied, “and you have seen Avraham?”

Scripture reveals Yeshua claimed to be the great I AM…The living God.

John 8:58  Yeshua (Jesus) said to them, “Yes, indeed!”  Before Avraham came into being, I AM.”

If you believe John 8:58, you should continue to search for this man that claims to be “I AM.”  If you do NOT believe this Scripture, then you can pick up a stone to join the multitudes that also don’t believe it.  Carry it in your pocket to remind yourself of whom you are searching…it could take you a life’s journey…but we pray not.

John 8:59 “At this, they picked up stones to throw at him; but Yeshua was hidden and left the Temple grounds.”

I will use this pattern of Jesus hiding from you and left your temple as a gesture that may tell you why you don’t know Him.  If you knew Him, then you would know His ways.

Let’s go back to John 5:45 before we go forward into our investigation of when The Suffering Servant may have left the earth.  His leaving the earth will show us a pattern of when He returns to the earth.

John 5:41 “I don’t collect praise from men…..”

John 5:45 “But don’t think that it is I who will be your accuser before the Father.  Do you know who will accuse you?”

This is a hidden secret from our world.  It once filled up the earth and now has been made strange to the earth.  Even these words Christians today do NOT understand and are confused by them.

John 5:45b “Mosche, the very one you have counted on!”

The nominal Christian thinks this verse can’t apply to them today because they don’t know anything about Moses.  At the time that Yeshua (Jesus) spoke these words, he was referring to The Torah.  The word Mosche and The Torah were synonymous.  Let us now finish The Suffering Servant’s statement to them.

John 5:46 “For if you really believed Mosche, you would believe me; because it was about me that he wrote.”

Everything that The Torah spoke about represented Yeshua….absolutely everything.  In fact, Yeshua is known as The Living Torah…The Walking Torah.  So, the problem back then is the same problem Christians have today.  And this is why they can’t even understand the age of The Messiah nor anything about Him.  Christians today want to love Jesus, but they have been told lies that lose the puzzle pieces to His life.

John 5:47 “But if you don’t believe what he wrote, how are you going to believe what I say?”

Yeshua (Jesus) just told you what you must believe…Mosche (Moses).  He just told us that we must believe everything written down in The Torah because He is The living Torah.

If you want to find must first find Him in The Torah.  In The Torah is where you will learn about the Hebrews feast days.  Wrong…people call them the ‘Jew’s feasts’ but they are, ‘The Lord’s Feasts.’     In The Torah we learn about set-apart (holy) days.  It will only be through the eyes of Torah (instruction) that you will see The Messiach..The King of Kings that is coming via The Suffering Servant first of whom died for transgressions.

In order for something to be set apart (holy) there has to be a standard set that makes it holy.  My mother had a special recipe that she put in a special dish.  It was something that was ‘set-apart’ to her, and you knew it was special when she served it in that special dish.  Our Creator made some special people, some special events and some special timings that all fit together.  It is for His children to seek after those things if they desire to know their Creator more intimately.

If you want to continue with this reading…that is good.  Because this author’s goal is to show enough patterns through events, people, calendars, history etc. that we can see The Creator’s spirit running all throughout our universe and you are a very special part of it.  That is amazing!  You…yes YOU….He seeks you to find Him.  And I tell you in my own personal life of sixty-seven years…I do not believe I’m wrong about this.  He answers the prayers of those seeking His face.  He answers the prayers of those seeking His ways.  It is in seeking that The Creator sees the spirit of your heart….seeking after the righteous ways of life…and those secrets are in His Torah to us.

The Messiach can NOT be the Messiach if He is NOT consumed and totally filled up with his very own words, known as The Torah..which means “instructions.”

Let’s not put our Creator in a box but think deeply.  Every word, every pattern has a deeper meaning to it.  There are plain and also deeper meaning in all Scriptures.  It is for us to study and search out the ‘secrets’ waiting to be revealed to us.  The more we seek ‘the face of G-d’ the more He will reveal His face to us.  He is spirit and reveals himself in the spirit…to your spirit.

“For if you really believed Mosche, you would believe me; because it was about me that he wrote.”  In that day and today, the word Mosche meant Torah.  This is a very plain meaning of the text.  Next, Yeshua was also very clear in telling them that he had seen Avraham even before Avram came into being.  He is very clear in declaring himself, The Creator.

Did you put a stone in your pocket yet?  Or have you thrown it and walked away from this study?  Don’t go away.  Get a notebook and just write down ideas, concepts, patterns that might come together for you later.  It may take several years for one concept to reveal itself…. but if the concept is true…our Creator will give you more about it.  Read the articles on this blog…. they speak of God’s revelations and even how and when in the flesh He died….and also was the first man to self-rise.

So… let’s begin again…we’re throwing ideas out…to get our minds to think.  And we are going to use Torah concepts, Hebrew concepts and life concepts to pull together to come up with our own conclusions…and not just be led by…. a bible commentator.  We can check with our bibles and other historical facts to confirm what God is showing us.

Remember, these are only my thoughts…and many of them I keep to myself. Sometimes for years before our Creator brings forth what he finally wants released upon the earth.  Our world is explosive with knowledge and our Creator is on a perfect schedule.

I see this same concept being worked out with great writers of whom things are revealed to them just as the final publication is going forth.  It is because they give The Creator glory in all that is revealed through them.  It is not about us…it is about HIM!

John 5:41-43 “I don’t collect praise from men, but I do know you people – I know that you have no love of God in you!!  I have come in my Father’s name, and you don’t accept me; if someone else comes in his own name, him you will accept.”

5:44  “How can you trust?  You’re busy collecting praise from each other, instead of seeking praise from God only.”

How many pastors keep seeking an ‘amen’ from their audience and how many stand at the exit door waiting to be told, “Well done..good and faithful…preacher….”  And back in the secular world we have ‘the mirror’ philosophy that if we smile at someone to make them happy, that that ‘happy’ will come back to the first happy person and now these two are One.  Yes, with a capital ‘O’ that Christians know as God….One God….The One God.  Now, we have lots of demi-gods propping themselves up to worship each other…just as Cain and Esau taught their generations…we have it still today…other god worship that has lead us to being self-made gods.

If The Suffering Servant stayed hidden thirty years he could have lived on this earth 33 years and then participate in the Shemittah cycle of Tribulation (7-year Tribulation).  This could give him 40 years of earthly duties.  We see a pattern of kings reigning forty years…some don’t make it that long but 40 is the pattern.  Yeshua could complete 40 years just as He left on Day 40 of the Counting of the Omer.  We are now 40 jubilees from His physical departure of the earth.   (40 x 50 years = 2000 years)

The Parsah Shemini (eight) is always the chosen Torah readings as Pesach (Passover) ends.  Eight is known as “The Eighth Day” which is ‘new beginnings’.  Just as Day 8 is really Day 1 on the Creation calendar.  There is a seven-day week pattern placed on the earth that is still kept by all nations.    Thus, the Eight Day is also Day One.

This ‘Eighth Day’ also refers to living into eternity with the New Heaven coming to the earth.  This happens after David’s promised son reigns on the earth for 1000 years.  This  millennial reign is very much excepted in the Christian world.  Thus, this study on the life of The Suffering Servant is key to understanding the mind of Elohim God as to when these next programs (the 7th and 8th day) might begin.

The reason we should look at 33 AD is because it EXACTLY, day-for-day, aligns with our September 2015 calendar, which held the final Tetrad Blood Moon.  That September held so many things that I think it is worthy to see if any discussion can be made for similarities to what we might begin to experience as Yeshua walked through or performed miracles in the similar setting of these years.

In the fall of 2017, I went to a conference that revealed to me the rabbis of Israel have now determined that 2016 was a year of Jubilee.  This is very important since God’s calendar is broken down into 7-day weeks, 7-year cycles (Shemittah year) and a Jubilee cycle that occurs every 50 years.  The jubilee calendar is likened to a menorah that has seven branches.  Each branch holds seven years, and the last year is the jubilee year…setting things free.  Even the middle candle is called the Shamsh candle meaning servant and is represented as The Messiach of whom lights the entire world.

2017 – Year 1 – What happened?  Donald Trump became president and Jerusalem was declared capitol of Isra’el.  HUGE  ..  BIG BIG statement to the nations!

2018 – Year 2 – What happens?   Isra’el is 70 years old….HUGE ..  BIG BIG Celebration…as Jacob had 70 children go down to Egypt and 70 Nations came up out of Egypt (the world).  Day 7 is Sabbath, rest, completion and Isra’el is being set free from her enemies as they (her enemies) bring their bootee to her.

September 33 AD  Aligns with September 2015

Dates of interest on these two calendars; both host the famous 9.11 on Friday.  Jonathan Cahn made us aware that this date (time period) if a time for markets to crash.   The Shemittah year closing has proven to be disastrous in past Shemittah years affected by the Day of Remission, 29 Elul.  It is the last day of the seven-year cycle.  It is the last day for anything to fall that is going to fall.  But things can fall after that day and is known as, a wave.

Banking closed in the Hebrew year 3733 (AA, after Adom) and will open in 3734, 1 Tishrei.    The last day of the year is September 13, 29 Elul, on both the 33 AD and 2015 AD calendars.

September 13, 29 Elul, 33 AD and 3733 AA was the last day of the Shemittah’s 6th cycle.  The Shemittah year began the next day…September 14, 33 AD, and 3734 AA, from Adam.

Yeshua/Jesus spent his last three years in the schools of Pharisees challenging them in how they added to The Torah.  He made enemies on all sides of these schools and now at the end of his time on earth He could finally reveal that He was the Living Word…The walking and talking Torah-man.

He stayed away from Jerusalem so as not to be slain out of due season, because He was the Passover Lamb scheduled for Nissan 15.  He could have gone to the cross in the 6th Shemittah cycle because pictures double and triple blessing as their harvests came in bountifully before the 7th year of resting the land.

Yeshua Jesus was more than a double and triple blessing to those that knew him.  And He was double trouble for those that hated His reformation of ‘back to the Torah’…tearing down their high walls that they had built around it.   He was also a double blessing for those who believed in resurrection as we see He brought at least 500 of the dead back with him when He resurrected.

We see our resurrection because we believe in His resurrection…. of whom it was told that a ‘man would die once’ and not again for the ‘sins of the world.’  He was the man that would die once.  He conquered death and ‘set the captives free.’    Deity opened up the ‘gates’ that held the souls of men.

Before Yeshua suffered and opened up the gates, persecution was very severe on the earth.  In fact, he told his disciples that they would be executed for their belief in ‘life eternal’ and His teachings.  He did not promise them a ‘rose garden’ but the ‘garden of Gethsemane’…on the Mount of Olives…the anointing mountain of oil.

His life gets more severe as he enters the Shemittah year of 34 AD.  September 14 was Tishri 1, 33 AD.  The Hebrew civil calendar begins at Tishri 1 and ends at Elul 29.   September and October begin the Hebrew calendar, whereas the Julian and Georgian calendars readjusted to a January start.  Thus, we will have the Hebrew year of 33 AD actually be in full swing for the Jews in the fall.  Our Gregorian calendar did start the new year in March but changed it to January a few hundred years ago.

As men hold to a Roman Pope Gregory’s calendar, we don’t feel the year of God’s activity until January.  Our world has tried to remove every aspect of the Jewish so that today we don’t even know what day it is on God’s calendar.  The Romans and Greeks of yesterday year still permeate our culture.  For 2000 years we have bowed down to Greek-Athens Olympics and their gods and Roman religious-type of thinking and writing.

In fact, on a Greek side-trail…why did our earth experience 51 4.5+ earthquakes on February 25, 2018, as the Olympics closed? And those quakes continued into their departure date of February 26 for 54 4.5+ earthquakes shaking our world.   On February 22 there were only 7 4.5+ quakes; February 23 hosted 13 4.5+ and the Sabbath February 24 only hosted 14 4.5+ quakes in the entire world.  The Sabbath Tetzaveh (You shall command) was studied and read throughout the world….and the next day our Creator commanded the earth to speak out…. Adar 10 held 51, Adar 11 held 54, Adar 12 held 35 and Adar 13…The Fast of Esther held 23 4.5+ earthquakes.

Three days before February 28, 2018; 13 Adar…Fast of Esther:

7.5 Papa New Guinea, 4.6 IRAN – 10 Adar February 25, 2018, Olympic closing; 51  4.5+

7.2 Mexico, 6.3, 6.0 PNG;  (3  6+) February 26, 2018, Olympics parties; 54 4.5+

Three days ahead of the Fast of Esther she was fasting along with all the Jews of the province of Shushan.   I was fasting as were other Believers who want to mourn with those that mourn to bring God’s protection back to the earth from the Hamans of our day.

The result of Esther’s fast brought the decree that the Jewish people could defend themselves and preemptively strike their enemies.  121 Provinces were affected and today they are still affected by King Asharus’ decree.  (This old ruling by a king stands today…so why wouldn’t God’s Torah?)

As we watched the opening of the Olympics, it was terrible to see the gods that they dedicated themselves to and offered them to us as well.  I vowed to not watch it any further, but we were not in our own home during those seventeen (17) days.   Out entire family did not like the demonic representation at the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2018 Winter N Korea Olympics.  If the world missed the opening that began The Sabbath, the closing ceremony confirmed the gods of darkness by Sunday night.  The message was that it is darkness that is sharp and quick to rise you up to success.  Whoa is us and we should fall on our faces in disgust!

The earthquakes confirmed the One true living God’s message as He commands the rocks to cry out.   Our Creator spoke through earthquakes and God’s children spoke as this winter Olympics was the ‘least watched’ in television history!

SEVENTEEN (17) Days was enough.   Intense training in 2017 for 17 days…. takes my thoughts to 17 AD as Yeshua was training in The Torah.

One – Aleph – Ox – Strength – Number 1 – God;

Seven – Zayin – weapon – rest – cut

17 – God’s weapon that bring rest, peace, fallow…to renew.

The Shemittah’s 7th year in its cycle is for everything to lie fallow.  It is a time for slaves to be set free, if they so desire.  He was chosen to set the slaves free and that is why it makes sense that He would be scheduled to die in the Shemittah’s 7th cycle.  The Sabbath reminds the created of their Creator….of which Yeshua Jesus is LORD over.  Why would God do away with something that He is Lord over?  Did he put the Gentile in charge of it?  No!  He knew they would throw it out as some generations did…. (Even Solomon stopped as his wives influenced him….as thus kingdom would be taken.)

33 AD 136 Saros Solar Cycle
33 AD 136 Saros Solar Cycle

September 2015

September 2015
September 2015

September 14 in both years changes to the next Hebrew year.  It is known as Rosh Hoshanna which is a 2-day event.  They are looking for the sliver of the moon, and it may take until Tishri 2 to see it in order to blow the shofar and to light the candles on the hills to indicate the New Year as begun.  It is a holy convocation (High Sabbath) of no work.   It is a day of blowing shofars and yelling if you don’t have a horn to blow.  The shofar is used to call on God for our needs.  God says that if we remember to blow the shofar and call on him, then He will come to our aid.  This day is known as The Day of the Great long blast….from God Himself.  Adonai has the last trumpet call announcing the groom.   Men look to this day as being caught away with God to the wedding banquet.  Thus, this day is also known as the Lord’s Feast of Trumpets.

The Feast of Trumpets 33 AD 3734 began the Shemittah year.  People are called to come see the future king and join the wedding banquet.

The Feast of Trumpets 2016 AD is the close of the Shemittah cycle 2015-2016.  The Hebrew years 5775-5776 closes the Shemittah year.  5777 began on October 3, 2016.   On January 1, 2017, the Gregorian Romans can now feel the Hebrew year 5777 as God acts in it.

It was an ‘awe’ moment in history as God placed King Cyrus (Donald Trump) on America’s soil of whom his son-in-law is Jewish.   This Jerrod Kirchner did keep President Trump focused on Jerusalem.

I love the number 5777 on the Hebrew calendar.  It is a strong triple sifting to bring that triple rest.  Actually, five is the letter ‘Hey’ and it means, the, behold.  God says that the fruit of a tree is His into the fifth year.  God instructs that fruit trees are not cut down in times of war.  Men are considered trees as we see them planted by waters to nourish and flourish in God’s word.  Will there be fruit as he sifts His people?

Five is also the number for ‘grace’.  Will God’s children accept the ‘grace’ offered in The Messiah?  We will talk about the 1335th day of Daniel that is the ‘Day of Blessing’.  Thirty-Five has grace written all through it.  That is why we must consider the year 35 AD….who made it to the year 35 AD?  Were they leaving Jerusalem and going to all the world to be a blessing….YES…YES…YES.  Check other posts that talks about it…and I am excited to start another article on it as this one has grown over 7000 words.  (Hang in as this will be worth reading!)

Three sevens is very serious.  Seven is the letter Zayin, meaning: and, to add, to secure.  Its picture language is an axe.  The grapes are cut and then trampled to get the best juices.  The grapes of wrath are a fall harvest.  The Spring has the barley and wheat.  We die to become new so we can have fruit and a fall harvest.  Are we ready for the grapes of wrath in the Fall?  Or are we Christians running to and fro on the earth trying to escape the wrath to come?

The ‘Appointment of Appointments’ is scheduled in the Fall.   Daniel 12:7 What does times, and a time and a half mean?  

When this tribulation is over there will be a great Jubilee.  People will be lifted out to the great Jubilee of the wedding banquet. We know the dead are raised but they come back for the battle with the King of Kings.  Yom Kippur, Tishri 10 is known as the Day of Atonement or Judgement.  I believe it is mo’ed mo’edim.  It is the ‘Appointment (mo’ed) of Appointments (mo’edim).  The ‘mem’ on the last mo’ed makes it plural, thus appointments.

In Daniel 12 the word for ‘time’ is shown as with the word Eth.  Ayin and Tav make up the two letters in the word for, time.  Ayin, Tav….  Daniel 12:1 has the word, ‘time’ three times in it.  Verse 4 has time once and verse 9 has it once.  They are all Ayin Tav for Eth (time).    But, when you get to Daniel 12:7, the time and time and half are not the same letters as used in the other Daniel verses.

Daniel 12:7  is not speaking of time personae, but it is speaking of an appointed time or festival.  This can be associated with the mistaken understanding when God is speaking about his appointed seasons.  Men have taken the Greek application and translated it as a season ie. fall, winter, spring, or summer.  It is also mo’edim in its correct reading.

Through Pastor Biltz of Elshaddai Ministries and other Hebrew scholars, we now know that God was referring to His Feast Days or festivals.  They are known as, The Lord’s Feasts.  We also understand that Adonai has put His feasts on the solar and lunar eclipses as signals for us to celebrate those feasts.

The Lord’s Feasts are like dress rehearsals for the coming wedding we are invited to.  If you don’t come to the dress rehearsal, then you don’t know how to act at the wedding. God’s feasts picture The Messiah Yeshua coming and they also show His next coming, as well.  He first came as The Suffering Servant and now He will return as King of Kings.

Arabic uses 50 per cent Hebrew characters and Aramaic uses 35 per cent Hebrew letters. Hebrew is not a lost language but an original language from the Gan of Eden….the angels speak it, and it is said that people who understand Hebrew are interpreting ‘tongues’ as some are speaking in Hebrew.

All men will stand before the judgment seat of Yeshua.  Since we are righteous because of His blood, our sins will not be seen.  But any good works not suitable to stand will burn up.  This Day of Judgment is represented in Yom Kippur.  There was a period of five days that wood is collected to construct The Tabernacle of God in the desert.  Now, it is Yeshua that builds the Temple, and we will dwell there with Him.  For where He is, there we will be as well.  And He dwells in our bodily temple in the form of the Holy Spirit.

On the Hebrew calendar we see The Lord’s Feasts and we see the Shemittah cycles.

The Shemittah’s 7th cycle is where everything that is to fall will fall or happily be released for those that love God.  It is not for the stranger but for a brother.

Could it be that Yeshua’s blood set the captives free in the Shemittah year 33-34 AD?  Or, is there a stronger case for the year 27 AD.  Both of these years are Shemittah years set to the format of freedom.

Once any of these years begin on the Civil calendar of Tishri 1, there are seven months to Nissan 1 which begins the ecclesiastical calendar.   No matter what year we discuss there are always seven months on either side of these months including that very month.

Tishri and Nissan are both Month One and Month Seven as Adam uses Tishri as a start and then Mosche is commanded to make Nissan a Month One.  Two Month 1- and two-month 7’s are both seven months apart.

In the year 33 AD on Tishri 1 it becomes the year 3734.  It is a Shemittah year…a year of release.  Now, it is the year before the year 3735….or year 35 AD.  Many disciples were still alive at this time and were blessed to make it to this point in order to go out into the world.  We should look at this calendar to get a feel for what Believers were encountering as the next Shemittah cycle of release came if 27 AD was the crucifixion year.  Persecution was heavy and Jerusalem was an even more crazy place as the resurrected were still walking the streets as Lazarus was.  ‘You just couldn’t kill those Jews.” they probably thought.  “They just come back to life.”

33 AD Oct. Tishrei/Cheshvan
33 AD Oct. Tishri/Cheshvan

Once again, this 33 AD October calendar matches the October 2015 Gregorian calendar to the date. ( A Shemittah year of release yoked with 2016.)

33 AD Nov Cheshvan Kislev
33 AD Nov Cheshvan Kislev

33 AD in November is a match to 2015 November.

God unveils his secrets to those that search them out.

Do the December and Kislev calendar match?  It is one day removed. Gregorian December has 31 days whereas the Hebrew calendar had 30 days.  Thus, December 1 is 19 Kislev.  The 33 AD calendar shows 20 Kislev.

Does January match?  It now looks like it is two days removed.  January added 31 days and its sister month of Tevet was 30 days in length.  We now have a two-day difference in the 34 AD and 2016 calendar.  God is showing us timelines that could be similar in our future.

33-34 AD and 2015-2016 calendars are definitely tracking each other, and they are both Shemittah years.  2014-2015 was the sixth year.   2015-2016 is the 7th year (Shemittah).

February 2016 held to the same two-day spread.  March 34 AD has only a one day spread on the month Adar I.

In 2016 had an extra 30 days added so we witnessed two Adars: Adar I and Adar II. Adding Adar I gives an extra 30 days every few years to catch up with the movement of the sun and moon.  Adar II is the main Adar to honor any Jewish activities…but it does give two opportunities to celebrate the Fast of Esther and Purim.

April 34 AD has a three-day spread.

There are two High Holy days at Passover/Pesach.  The first day and the last day are days of no normal work other than making food for Pesach.

34 AD March Adar Nissan
34 AD March Adar Nissan

We know Yeshua had an early Passover meal with His disciples.  Nissan 14 at dusk.  Zola Levitt, A Christian Love Story, “He was placed on the cross at 9:00 in the morning and taken down at 3:00.  Sundown in April in Israel is about 4:30 or 5:00, and thus the Lord was buried exactly on time to commemorate The Feast of Unleavened Bread.”

Leviticus 23:5-6 places the first two feasts on the Jewish year in the month of Nissan, Passover and Unleavened Bread.

Complete Jewish Bible, e-sword

Lev 23:2 “Tell the people of Isra’el: ‘The designated times of Adonai which you are to proclaim as holy convocations are my designated times.

Lev 23:3 ” ‘Work is to be done on six days; but the seventh day is a Shabbat of complete rest, a holy convocation; you are not to do any kind of work; it is a Shabbat for Adonai, even in your homes.

Lev 23:4 ” ‘These are the designated times of Adonai, the holy convocations you are to proclaim at their designated times.

Lev 23:5 ” ‘In the first month, on the fourteenth day of the month, between sundown and complete darkness, comes Pesach for Adonai.

Lev 23:6 On the fifteenth day of the same month is the festival of matzah; for seven days you are to eat matzah.

Lev 23:7 On the first day you are to have a holy convocation; don’t do any kind of ordinary work.

Lev 23:8 Bring an offering made by fire to Adonai for seven days. On the seventh day is a holy convocation; do not do any kind of ordinary work.’ “

These are other High Sabbath Days other than the normal Sabbath on the 7th day instructed from the time of Creation with Adom.

Yeshua was not crucified on the High Sabbath Days or on the Sabbath.   He was that lamb that died before any of the other lambs on Nissan 14.  The lambs were being brought through the sheep gate to be slaughtered as he died.  They were being prepared for the Nissan 15 Passover that began at dusk.    He died at 3:00 pm on Nissan 14 at the exact time the lambs were having their throats cut.  He was on schedule as being the first slain.

Nissan 14  at dusk his body was placed in a new tomb that was close by as Pesach (Nissan 15) was about to begin at dusk.   He was three complete days in the belly of the earth setting captives free.  Five hundred captives were seen as having raised from their graves with him.  It was Nissan 17 3:00 pm, any time after dusk that the quake opened the tomb and the angels rolled back the stone.

Nicodemus had prepared large amounts of ointments for his body and he and Joseph of Arimathea bought him into the tomb.  The tomb was closed but they were defiled and would have to attend a Seder the next month.  The date for second chances is always 15 Iyar.

He appeared as a gardener to Miriam, and she was told not to touch him.  She ran to tell the others as Yeshua then returned to the heavenlies Throne and verified his sacrifice to that altar.

He returns to walk with them on Nissan 18, and then later appears to them by walking through the wall in his new form when they are all together.  Why were they together?  There was still another Sabbath, and it was not on the 7th day.   This shows the importance of the Sabbath. Yeshua never fulfilled the law by removing it…as then He could not be The Messiach…because The Messiach could NOT violate it in one point.

Instead, He filled it up continuing to show how valuable it is.  His works completely endorsed the Torah…never violating it once.

Now let’s look at the year 27 AD….it also is a Shemittah year….in which all is set free.  This year holds more truth to the day of Yeshua’s death.  And it connects exactly to the year 2027.  This ‘crucifixion year’ would have Yeshua born a few years before the year zero and places him near the age of thirty when dying.  I like this year as it patterns well with Jacob’s family leaving Laban in year twenty and then seven more years of troubles with his sons…. of whom even murder all the men in Shechem.   Jacob then goes by the name of Isra’el so other clans don’t kill his family.

There is a very serious case for his death being on a Wednesday and this year 27 AD is perfect as well as it is a Shemittah year.

UB is Unleavened Bread.  The Gregorian date is to the upper left and the Hebrew date is darker on the right.  The line drawn with a number below it shows when the next day begins at dusk.  Darkness is always first and then comes the day light.

Yeshua 27 AD d.We know the disciples had an early Seder meal with him and then went to the Garden of Gethsemane…in the grove of Olive trees representing even his creation anointing Him.  Seventy-two hours later he can fulfill the many prophecies and pictures that tell of his three days in the belly of the earth.  He can rise up anything after 3:00 pm on Nissan 17.

The year 27 AD shows a Wednesday as being Nissan 14…the date of his death.  Nissan 17 shows his final day in the tomb being on The Sabbath….even though it is not, The High Sabbath.  All his followers are enjoying the rest of the Sabbath and will not go near the tomb until after the Sabbath.  It gets dark and so it will not be until Sunday morning that the women raise up early to head to the garden tomb.

This calendar shows the days perfectly even as they find him on the ‘Eighth Day’ risen.  Just as we too will rise up and dwell in that 8000th year of the earth.  Day One and Day Eight are the same…. Sunday.

What do you think the disciples were feeling when Yeshua left.  He told them to wait in Jerusalem as He would send The Comforter.  He completed 40 days from that First Fruit celebration on Sunday and left on the 41st Day of the Counting of the Omer.  It was 40 days after His Seder meal with them in which He made a promise to them.  Bread and wine were served representing what He was about to do.

The Fast of the Firstborn begins the first day of Pesach, Nissan 15.

First Fruits begins the day after The Sabbath.  The year 27 AD places First Fruits on Sunday.

The Counting of the Omer for fifty days begins with the Bikkuri (First Fruits) to Shavuot.

Unleavened Bread begins immediately as Pesach being, Nissan 15.  Leaven is removed from our lives in this representation of the Hebrews rushing to leave Egypt with no time to leaven their bread…. removing sin from our lives is key during Passover Week.

These rehearsals have been done all through history and should continue as they showed what was to come and did come.   We still tell the stories of the going down to Egypt and yet they came out.  Today, we don’t harm Egypt because they helped raised them into a multitude.  We tell the stories about leaving our Egypt because Yeshua Jesus is our path to Jerusalem….A City of Peace and Light for all nations.

God gave Himself as his First Fruit and then returned in the form of The Holy Spirit/Ruach Ha Chodesh.   The Holy Spirit indwells over 3000 on the 50th day of The Counting of the Omer.  This is the same exact day that the Hebrews were filled with the Spirit of Adonai at Mt Sinai with Mosche.

There is more information to submit on the year 27 AD… thus…to be continued.

The question that remains is what Shemittah cycle that 7-year cycle of Tribulation will begin.  God gives us many clues, but it is for the Father to send the son once again.  It is all tied to the Wedding and His children are the guests.  Israel is the Bride of which we get to join as the attendants.  Don’t get impatient with the groom’s return.

Daniel 12:10 “Many will purify, cleanse and refine themselves.; but the wicked will keep on acting wickedly, and none of the wicked will understand.  But those with discernment will understand.

Summary –

33 AD September 7th Shemittah year begins – Yeshua last months before dying in month of Nissan 34 AD

2015 AD September 7th Shemittah year ends –

2016 has been declared the Jubilee year by rabbis in Isra’el.

Daniel 12:11 says we will be blessed if we can survive to the 1335th day.   The 1290 day should be Yom Kippur, Tishri 10, Day of Judgment, Day of Atonement.

1335 days takes us to Cheshvan 25.

The bible tells us that on Cheshvan 10 – God closed the door to the ark.

The week (7 days) later, Cheshvan 17 – God breaks forth the waters upon the earth.

One year and one week (7 days) Cheshvan 27 – Noah get his animals off The Ark.  

Cheshvan 28 – Noah offers up ‘clean’ animals as sacrifice.

Cheshvan 25…  (As in the days of Noah…Noah is still in boat.  Animals gets off the ark Cheshvan 27)   

The next time it will be by fire.  God told them to flee to the mountains when they saw this terrible desolation…will these mountains protect them from the fire and smoke?  I think so!

Daniel 12:12 How blessed will be anyone who waits and arrives at the 1335 days…. Cheshvan 25.

That’s how I see it.  My next thoughts bring me to what He went through on the way to the stake and what that last 7-years of wrath * peace * serious wrath will be like.

He left in the Shemittah Year and is due back the next year?  The Jubilee?  Yes, September 2015, Feast of Trumpets, Yom Kippur and Feast of Tabernacles match day for day as to when Messiah Yeshua as walking to the stake.  Now He walks to prepare His throne and His subjects.

Are you ready for a Jewish King?

November 19. 2022, I’m adding information found in The Book of Jubilees.

Jubilee 4:33 “And in the twenty-fifth jubilee (1200-1250) Noach took to himself a woman, and her name was Emzara, the daughter of Rake’el, the daughter of his father’s brothers, in the first year in the fifth week (1229); and in the third year thereof she bore him Shem (1231), in the fifth year thereof she bore him Cham (1233), and in the first year of the sixth week (1234) she bore him Yapheth.”

Week One – Years 1 to 7

Week Two – Years 8 to 14

Week Three 0 Years 15 to 21

Week Four – Years 22 to 28

Week Five – Years 29 to 35

Week Six – Years 36 to 42

Week Seven – Years 43 to 50

When we consider the years of Noach’s marriage in 1229 we see confirmation in what some talk about today…as year 2029 seeing The Son.  His sons are born exactly one hundred years later as The Flood begins and holds the earth in baptism in years 1333 to 1334.  We should really consider the years 2029, 2031 and 1234 as Years of Labor Pains.  The Bride Emzara marries a man 84 years younger than herself.  She held him as a baby that looked like an angelic being.  She knew he was enlightened for good.  Could we see a Mid-tribulation marriage with three years remaining to reconstruct our earth?  Could year 2029 close with a World Leader announced as President Trump ends his reign (2025, 2026, 2027, 2028)? 

What will the year of the next Tetrad look like?  Here is its information.  It will be 18 years since the last Lunar Tetrad.  

April 15, 2032 Total Lunar   122 Saros Series   14 Iyyar (Second Passover / Hezekiah Passover) (Second Coming)

October 8, 2032  Total Lunar   127 Saros Series 13 Cheshvan   Sabbath Taanit Bh’B  (Ark doors closed 3 days)

April 14, 2033  Total Lunar   132 Saros Series    15 Nissan   PASSOVER

October 8, 2033  Total Lunar  137 Saros Series   15 Tishri    SUCCOT Day 1 – Sabbath

April 3, 2034   Penumbral Lunar 142 Saros Series   14 Nissan   Yeshua’s Death Burial / Seder / Passover

September 28, 2034  Partial Lunar   114 Saros Series   15 Tishri   Succot Day 1

2032-2033 Total Lunar Eclipses hold Four Blood Moons not seen since 2014-2015 hosted at Passover and Succot.

These hold ‘the Second Chance’ Passover, Sabbath with Ark Door closed as judgement has been falling for 3 days.  In 2033 Anniversary: The Year of Noach’s Flood 1333; Cham born 1233. (Jubilee 5:22-32) 

Seventeen is half of 34.  In 2017 President Trump ruled the earth in righteous anger like no other president before.  He was treated nasty and constantly threatened impeachment by left thinkers.  He is the 45th President.  He follows the pattern of being a ‘loving the people’ over himself…likened to President Grover Cleveland.  Both these men were tormented and rejected and skipped a term as president.  Grover Cleveland was our 22nd and 24 President.  Donald J Trump announces his Second run for Presidency in 2022 of whom will win in 2024.  They both have younger wives of whom the people admired.  Cleveland tried to stop the beginning of The Bankers and Trump tries to end The Bankers.  It is The Bankers that hated both of these presidents.  God told Kevin that he was to support President Trump in the 2016 elections because he would one of only two presidents that would ‘care about the people.’  Whenn he ask who the other president was he said, “Grover Cleveland.”  Thus, we have confirmation of patterns even in these presidents through numbers.  President Trump will be our 47th President.  Will America reach 50 presidents known as a jubilee.  Israel also just re-elected BB Netanyahu with 65 seats I believe.  In 2022 the House of Representatives swung to the Red in America.  The Senate is yet to be determined because of fraudulent voting in Arizona and perhaps Nevada.

2029 is a favored year by current rabbis.

If we look at the next Tetrad eclipse series, we will find 2033 and 2034 of interest.  These years will play into Noach’s children born and the years of great change…The Flood.  

The next Four Blood Moons known as a Tetrad will be in years: 

The Jubilee charts show 17 as a common number when the Jubilee (50th year) is calculated.  The year 34 AD   seven years earlier was also a Shemittah year of release.  The year 27 AD looks very promising as it puts our Lord’s birth before 0 AD.  And it places him around 30 years when dying as most think.

27 is a very key number of things happening even as we see Noach stepping into the new world and offering a sacrifice that day.  He stepped off ten days and one year after the flood began on Cheshvan 17….making it Cheshvan 27 and the 601st year of Noach’s life.  Forty days and forty nights of water places us at Kislev 27; showing us Day 2 of Chanukah which shows us the dedication of the Temple where the sacrifices once again began.

One hundred and fifty days from the flood beginning on Cheshvan 17 takes us to Nissan 17 which is the resurrection and The Feast of Unleavened Bread. This is the day that Noach sits 22.5 feet above the mountains of Ararat and is held there until month 10, which is Tammuz 1.  The veil of the Temple is ordered to be 22.5 feet in height again representing this veil to the new world.

We see the number 17 showing up in Joseph being sold into Egypt and then Jacob only has him for 17 years once they live in Egypt with Joseph as their head.  Thus, Jacob really has had a relationship with his son for 34 years.  Was Yeshua only the earth 34 years?  He certainly fits this profile if he dies in 34 AD or 27 AD….because no one really knows for sure when he was born…. or how old he was when he died.  But we have patterns to connect that help us determine these things.

These numbers 17, 27 and 34 are patterns to our future.  They roll around each other and continue to prove themselves in many forms.

The year 16 AD ends the 80th Jubilee of the earth.  Thus, the year 17 AD is the first year of the 81st Jubilee of the earth.  Eight always means new beginnings and here we have Yeshua Jesus on the earth probably sitting in the Temple at age 17 and 20.  They could be a Pharisee at age 30.  Yeshua was a Pharisee instructing Pharisees.   There were different sects of them, and he followed the school of Gamliel of whom Paul was kicking against and Yeshua corrected him through that experience.

To me it is amazing to connect the year 17 with Yeshua being on the earth in the 81st Jubilee of new beginnings.  Then we see him growing and being the Godman that splits the veil in year 27 AD perhaps.  His sacrifice that caused the world to go into darkness for three hours.  It was not a normal eclipse as total darkness in one stop never lasts that long.  This was a different type of eerie darkness.

A veil of darkness had to be removed as men looked upon this Suffering Servant on whom they would trust to return as King of Kings.  He said He would return coming in the clouds with witnesses.  He left with 500 witnesses raised from the dead and now there will be even more coming back with him to give witness to His power.

Noache’s cover of the ark was rolled back on Tishri 1 but he did not step into their renewed world until 56 days later on Cheshvan 27.  And, then it would only be the animals that left the ark permanently.  The 27th is a dark night with no moon showing.  The 17th is a full moon brightly showing.  These ten days are key to all the world seeing His coming.

The Shemittah year 27 AD certainly could have begun a seven-year tribulation for him ending in the Shemittah year 34 AD.  His turmoil with the world began in order to open that veil between the worlds.  Or he could have been 30 years old beginning his last three years of ministry on earth…closing at age 33-34 as seen through Noach’s eyes.

We are writing this in the 121st Jubilee of the earth.  The Gregorian year 2017.  It is also known as 17 since we remove the first two numbers and take them as a constant.    Any calendar reads 17 once the constant is removed.

In history we are at the beginning of a new Jubilee cycle.  A Jubilee consists of seven sets of seven years with the last year being known as the year of release…the 50th year.  2022-23 has been declared a jubilee (50) by many scholars.  If it is not, we will wait unti after the next seven years and they are declaring that a ‘for sure’ Jubilee year.

2029 – 2035 places itself in the Fifth cycle which means Breath of God as you breath out even say its name, Hei.  Spelled out you even write the name of God with the letter Hei.   To form Hei you leave an opening at it’s top so it can breath.  It’s a letter that shows life.  Hei…behold, God, grace.  then within that cycle you close with the year 35 showing blessing promised by Danie….if you can make it to that number/year.

Each year could feel like a 7-year tribulation.  Each set of seven years could have 3.5 years of peace peace and war war theme to it with a very strenuous time in the last half of it.  God likens this to labor pains.  2017 is year one of this next 50-year cycle.  2018 is year two, etc.

We could see men such as Donald Trump come on the scene of the world and try to bring that peace peace theme to the world.  But, since it is not God’s peace, it will NOT work.  The people of the earth must accept God’s torah (instruction) being brought back to the earth.  Could it take until the end of this next Jubilee for the Messiach’s return?  Will it take 12 four-year term presidents before our final Messiach comes to reign as the final King?  It is a fresh new Jubilee and yet men have not rehearsed enough to draw Him back to the earth….instead they are still honoring other gods and arguing that Torah is no longer valid for mankind.

Donald Trump is establishing the United States embassy in Jerusalem.  The ‘wars and rumors of wars’ continue over Jerusalem but we are not to fear as it is ‘The Hand of Yah’ doing this.  The false peace lasts for 3.5 years.  World governments may vote in men of false witness and Jerusalem is defiled again.  But, we look with hope to the patterns of righteousness and how God honors man for being faithful.

No man is perfect as even Noach was shorted 50 years of a full life and Adom was shorted 70 years of being 1000 years of age when they died.   These numbers paradigm Israel’s lifeline and the times for governments to rise and fall.

Adom was originally put in the Gan of Eden to live in happiness.  It changed when man fell prey to deception.   So a perfect place did not stop deception.  Outside that land more and more deception occurred until God’s spirit could no longer dwell with mankind.    Noach’s flood shows us the type of judgment given for man no longer willing to call on the ways of Adonai.

In that first set of 700 years man had been deceived and had even given their daughters over to beings whose normal habitat was not of the earth.  This caused a spiritual DNA change in man and thus all the humans being created could no longer be considered able to enter into Adonai’s eternal kingdom that he has planned for mankind.


Noach was perfect in his generations.  Noach made sure his generations were in obedience to Adonai’s instructions.  They knew him as yud hei vav hei, YHWH.  Abraham’s family also knew Eloyhim as YHWH but also as El Shaddai…He that provided and brought them out of Egypt.  Today, we have another name for Eloyhim because The Seed promised to Adam arrived.  We now know Our Salvation as Yeshua.

The last generation will have many names for our Creator but the one name above all names will be revealed on His knee when He comes.  But the name that has been revealed as Our Salvation…actually means salvation.  That name is above all names and is Yeshua.

Adam’s ‘perfect generations’ recognized a Seed is coming.  But, did they know it would take them to be a ‘perfect generation’ to get to that Seed?

Noach’s perfect generation encouraged him to build the ark and actually helped them build it.  The ark stood as a witness between them and the world.  That ark of gopher wood would be lifted up in water…just as Mosche was placed in an ark lifted up the water.  Earlier Abraham believed and lifted up Isaac on the very spot it would happen 2000 years later.

All of these people knew the Living God as Elohim (God).  He was a powerful living God.  And then more (doors) gates opened around 4000 years from Adam.  It was The Seed that had been planted in the cave for three days that had the power to break the hold of spiritual death did set captives free.

The Temple veil was split just as Adam’s connection to the Gan of Eden was removed.  Noach sat up on a veil of water that then split to reveal the ‘new’ world.  As Yeshua’s name spread across the nations, B.C. would designate the calendar ‘Before Christ’.

As wonderful as the complement to Christ seems, it has also played a part in that BC must be the old way of thinking.   It gave the misconception that something was better in the New world….thus started the separation from the entire Bible to the words NT and OT.  New Testament was for today and OT was for the previous generations.

Thus, today we find it important to look at how did these OT people lived and were they just as ‘saved’ as the NT people of today.

What does it mean to be ‘perfect’ in your generation.

Enoch says he was 7th in his generation…and He was.  He was the seventh generation from Adam.  What we find though is that Cain and Abel are missing in that generation.  They are part of Adam’s genealogy, but not in the line of generations.  It is a ‘righteous’ man that makes it on the list.

Thus, Noach’s line which had Enoch, Methuselah and Lemek in it was called righteous men.  That was that line from Adam that survived The Flood in order to carry forward to The Seed promise 4000 years in the future.  And, we know that it will take another 4000 years to bring The Seed to Kingship over all that is.

Today, we are an impatient people as we rush here and rush there in life on our jet airplanes.  People want this rapture to come so they can ‘get on’ with the next program God has.  But it will not come until all of the patterns have completed themselves…. until every last Gentile Goeim has turned to the ways of God that are written on their hearts.

I was reminded today of this Scripture.  Deuteronomy 18:15 “ADONAI will raise up for you a prophet like me from among yourselves, from your own kinsmen.  You are to pay attention to him, just as when you were assembled at Horev and requested ADONAI your God, “Don’t let us hear the voice of ADONAI my God anymore or let me see this great fire every again; if I do, I will die!”

God agreed that they were right in that he would raise up a prophet like you from among their kinsmen and they should listen to everything that I order him.

This was The Seed told of from the beginning.  He would be known as The Word and if people don’t listen to him then they will account to God for it.

Peter had a vision that even he did not understand.  How could he now eat unclean food since from the beginning of time even with Noach who loaded on the ark 7 sets of clean animals and 1 set of unclean animals.  How could this all change he thought.  And Peter even told ADONAI that he not even eaten anything common…sacrificed to other gods and then brought into The Lord’s table.  He had not ever eaten anything unclean or common.

Peter’s confusion was cleared up when he was told that the ‘unclean’ animals in his vision were the Gentiles also known as dogs. Unworthy people that they could not even sit down at a table and fellowship with because they did not eat correctly…they ate pig and scavengers, and they worshipped Zeus and other Roman and Egyptians gods.  Peter was confused but THREE times the vision was confirmed….it was The Gentile that could not join the Hebraic way of worship.  Because now The Seed was going to multiply in a different way.  The set-apart people to Elohim would now also be included in being set-apart by the Godman that came in dark Hebrew flesh…. nothing handsome to look at.  This Yeshua called the Messiach truly had opened the doors to a perfect generation of people that could now all come under the roof of perfect worship.

Truly the old ways of looking forward to The Seed could still be told.  But since The Seed arose after three days in the earth now they would also look back to that resurrection known as Passover and celebrate it together.  It was a ‘new generation’ that could be a ‘perfect generation’ that would multiply all over the earth.   The Scripture that the Gentile was now grafted into the Jew meant The Torah.  It meant that salvation through The Hebrew Messiach was also available to what had been considered the foreigner…the stranger…The Gentile.

It has only been since 2008 that I have finally understood Peter’s vision.  It was not about food but about going to the ‘unclean’ Gentile/Goem.  They had been called unworthy to eat with because their eating habits brought danger to the commands of God on how to be set-apart to Him.   That blanket of unclean animals represented human beings…that were outside the ways of The Torah.  They would be brought back in by 100 of them chasing the tallit of one Jew.   Yeshua (Jesus) is The Master teacher, and He wears the Master’s tallit.  His garment is dripping in blood and because He gave His life for the one chasing Him, He will be his teacher….and the student will receive a new name…. because He begs to know his teacher’s name…he himself will receive a new name….Ya’cov received he name, Isra’el.

Today, we look at the land of Isra’el and expect it to be a world leader.  But she is young and struggling.  She made it to 70 years old and still she seems to be entering a drought and going back into Egypt….just as Ya’cov’s 70 children surrendered to go to Egypt.  But Egypt (the world) protected her, and she grew to great numbers…. even losing everyone twenty years and older because of their lack of faith.  Forty years in The Wilderness could be the 4,000 years after Yeshua’s resurrection.  He stood up before the world and taught them The Torah….there was not anything He didn’t teach that added to what had already been said in the instructions at Mt. Sinai.  If anything, he strengthened it because he said, “Even if your eyes lust after a woman, you have sinned.”

Men have always needed a visual in order to go on in hope.  The ‘invisible’ God known as Elohim came in visible flesh.  Men were saved because they righteously believed in The Seed to come.  Their faith put in action was counted as righteous for them.  Today, our faith in action comes because we believe in what others testify of at that apex of our history.

An 8000-year program is laid out in our Bibles, and it is confirmed in other books of history…especially in The Book of Enoch written by Enoch given to Methuselah given to Noach and put on the ark.  Noach lived to 950 years old and therefore he knew Abraham’s father Terah.  Shem knew Abraham and actually schooled him before they left the Ur of Chaldean.

Abraham believed in The Living known as Elohim and also called Adonai.  A four hundred year promise was given to Abraham that he would walk on the land that he had stepped on during his life.  All of that land will be an inheritance to his children.

The Door or Gate Pattern opens history.  It shows us a people, a land and a Deliverer.  It was 400 years that his family would be held as slaves and then The Land would be given.  Forty years continually shows up during that 400-year promise.  Examples: Isaac, Ya’cov and Esau all seek wives at age 40.  Yeshua comes seeking a Wedding arriving at year 4000.  At year 8000 He is seen as The Bridegroom…having perfected his bride for 1000 years while seated as an heir to David’s throne…physically on a renewed earth.

So when we speak of kings reigning forty years as seen with King Sh’aul, King David, King Solomon and others this paradigm connects the past and future plans for God redeeming the earth….even seen in 40 days and nights of Noah’s rain and Yeshua Jesus’ temptation in desert.  All chords are connected to bring life….eternal life and glory to the one who orchestrated it all.

The Perfect Generation does God’s Torah.  His instruction (torah) strengthens as each generation becomes larger.  Printing presses have caused the words to declare that it will be in our hearts as books will be burned and He (it) will be our teacher until Yeshua’s spirit can stand with us again  because Yeshua is known as The Living Word.

Disobedience to Torah removes men from the earth or there is silence.  Adom was removed from the Gan on Tevet 1, Month Four.  He sinned on Cheshvan 17, Month Two.   Adom was left in the Gan of Eden for 42 days after he was sinned.  It was a time of separation from Elohim and just as 42 weeks is the term of a pregnancy…it is 42 days that he was birthed again we could say unto the ground from which he had been molded….a full term of separation so he could realize the fullness of his error.

Forty-two years is likened to one hour of silence in the heavens.  Thus, we see  42 as a number of silencing or completion.

There is ‘silence’ in the heavens for one-half hour.  If we calculate heaven’s time of 1 days being a 1000 years, one-half hour is 20.8 years.  Thus 20.8 is a pattern that shows up in God’s timing.   Just as we see Ya’cov leaving Laven at 20 years but it takes him time to get through all of his situations of leaving…which we might surmise it took at least 20.8 to get back.  It will be after this that Benjamin is born…still outside the place Ya’cov wanted to go.

God does close the portals of heaven where He will no longer hear man.  I just heard a rabbi say that God had just closed the portals to heaven.   The rabbi in his trance stated, “ask if there could please be one portal left open for the prayers of those that desired to pray…and it was granted.”

One portal left….the time is nigh for total silence.  What will 42 years of silence on the earth feel like?  Already, men believe themselves to be demi gods….we mirror each other they say…”so be a good reflection and we’ll be One.”

I want to close with why 2014-2015 is key to this study.  If the year 2000 does correlate back to year 0 then we could be feeling what went on during Yeshua’s lifetime now….or it could be similar to Abraham’s days of just getting his family raised in order to cross over into The Promised Land in his 400 years; which our time line is 4000 years from Yeshua.  Abraham was 2000 years from The Seed.  He was 40 Jubilees of time (50 yrs x 40) before Yeshua just as we are 40 Jubilees from Yeshua The Seed resurrected.

In 2015 we read about a young boy dying and returning to tell his story of heaven.  It was a very moving story that I personally believe.  He was 15 years old on Tishrei 15 (Feast Tabernacles Day 1) in 2015.  Besides revealing Yeshua as The Messiach and saying that The Jews works were not the way to salvation….he said that Yahweh had begun the war.  He said that it began on 27 Elul 2015.

Thus, 17 days before this young man died God’s War began…and I knew that that was the day the crane operated by The Osama BinLaden Construction Company fell at the Mecca Prayer Center killing 111 people.  It shook and fell from the ground shaking.

God’s mercy and patience is long but future generations should pay attention to the patterns of Yahweh.  All twenty years and older died in the desert because of unbelief that God could bring them into a new land.  Our Creator let those that would obey Torah walk into the new land lead by the two witnesses, Joshua and Caleb.  Do we see new Joshua’s and Caleb’s coming on the scene of life that will encourage the children to walk in belief in the words of Yeshua Jesus?

They knew him as Elohim, ADONAI, YHWH.  We now also know our Creator that came in the flesh by the powerful name, Yeshua!  It means SALVATION!

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  1. is interesting that you arrived at the year 27 A.D. for the death of Christ, which is the same year I arrived following the visions of Ven. Catherine Emmerich, knowing that she said that he was born Nov. 25, 3997 Annus Mundi, which according to her was around the 7 B.C, because people forgot 3 years and 36 days before starting year one A.D. Actually, Jesus was like 33 years and three months old when he died ( 34 years from his incarnation). In my view, following her revelations, I arrived to the incarnation (Feb 25) and birth of Christ (Nov 25), in the year 8 B.C. and that makes it the year 27 A.D for the year of his death (because there was no year cero A.D.). is little confusing, but so it is all this mystery. I hope it helps. Thanks.

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  2. Like many of us my brother you are close but not quite there. The beauty of Daniel 11’s playbook of how the last 7 years will play-out is the key. Please remember that the Holy Bible is made for the poor and needy who live under the overpass. All they need to do is WATCH out for a specific event and then COUNT. It is that simple. The Word gives them an established “no later than” period that they must holdout and WAIT on Him. No longer than 1,335 days following the 5th Seal Abomination of Desolation Event our Lord will gather to Him all that belong to Him at His Glorious Appearing. Having said all of that, I take particular attention to the first Prophecy found in Isa 7. It is the “within 65 years Ephraim (Israel) will be broken/shattered”. If-If June 1967 is the start of that countdown than Spring 32 AD is the 7th Bowl. The next Prophecy found in Isa 7 (and Isa 8 and Isa 32) I believe means that the length of the 5th Seal TEST on Israel will last a Year and Some Days or 13 months. If Israel fails that test and accepts gog the assyrian, the Time to Dawn Sackcloth will begin 13 months following the 5th Seal Abomination of Desolation Event. God Bless you my brother and I hope you will consider my youtube channel and my 76 files that are linked there. channel – Wait until the 7th Bowl

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    1. Isa 18 and Jer 50/51 point toward a spring Return of our Lord. Isa 18 says that Ethiopia’s time of Judgment will be at the point of their Grape growing season when the grape bud is still in the flower. (April I believe). Also Jer 50 & 51 show Baghdad (shinar, sheshach, chaldea) receiving their punishment during their Barley Harvest. There was one other cool future event that I forgot to bring up. August 2 2027 is a natural Total Solar Eclipse directly above Mecca. (interesting) I believe that event will be around the 3rd Seal. God Bless you and yours

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