Hybrids: President Eisenhower, Sir Isaac Newton

What Does Sir Isaac Newton, President Eisenhower and Yeshua Have In Common?

Five-Star General * DWIGHT D EISENHOWER * 34th President 1953-1961

Born Tishrei 30, 1890 * DIES: Nissan 9, 1969 (1.9.69)

Survives Heart Attack on Tishrei 10  (Yom Kippur)  1955

Five Star General World War II. Fought for freedom!

President Dwight Eisenhower follows President Harry S Truman as President of the United States.   Truman, from Independence Missouri, was the first leader in the world to recognize Israel as a nation. Eisenhower would remain a watchman for Israel and the world. We see Eisenhower as a man who was willing to put his life on the line for mankind.

He was was born on October 14, 1890 which was Tishrei 30.  It is the months for kings.   It was the end of the Hebrew month with a dark moon. He is not part of any of the Lord’s Feast in Tishrei but he is still born where King Messiah will set up his reign on the earth. President Eisenhower was a king on the earth that helped Israel to establish herself as a nation during a dark time.

President Eisenhower had a heart attack while president on Yom Kippur, Tishrei 10, September 26, 1955. He could have been judged that day and died, but God atoned for him and let him live six more years. He died March 28, 1969 on Nissan 9. He died the same day Sir Isaac Newton died.  They died the day that the lambs were chosen for the sacrificial offering.  They were befriended until Nisan 14 when they would be killed and the blood put on the doorposts so the first born would not die.  This was still done at the temple as an offering for any possible sin against God.  Today we look back on this day as Yeshua (Jesus) was headed to the stake as THAT perfect lamb offered for ALL the sins of the world.

Eisenhower was born with no moon to be a king for a dark time, Tishrei 30. He died on a day that Messiah Yeshua was doing his final miracles to prove He was their Messiah King that was coming.    Yeshua would die as The Suffering Servant on Nisan 14/15 and rise on Nisan 17 to lead the charge once again in Tishrei as King of Kings.

President Dwight Eisenhower and Sir Isaac Newton died on the same day, Nisan 9. They were both men of Supreme honor. They were lifted up by God to lead the world to freedom as Yeshua did, and will once again.

Nisan is known as the first month that begins the ecclesiastical year.  But, Tishrei also can be known as the first month as far as the Hebrew Civil calendar is concerned.   Nisan is seven months from Tishrei.  Tishrei is seven months from Nisan.  Nisan shows us the death and resurrection of King Messiah and Tishrei shows us the reign of King Messiah at His second coming.  Seven is the number for bringing something to it’s culmination.

Eisenhower dies in the year 1969.  What day was it?  1.9.69.  Nisan 9, 1969.  I just noticed that the month and day and year spell out the year he died, 1969.  Oh I know…is that a stretch?..maybe so!  But, our Creator knew this king and picture He was showing the world.  We missed it because of NOT being on the Hebrew calendar.

Eisenhower was a king who died the day King Messiah Yeshua was being chosen by the people Nisan 9/10.  The tenth day begins at dusk on the evening of Nisan 9.

What is the numeric meaning of these numbers?

1 is Aleph and is represented by the picture language of an ox.  strong leader, king.  ִַ  א

9  is Zayin and represented as a weapon.    ז

6 is Vav and represented as a: tent stake, and… that anchors something.    Six is the number for man.  ו

9 Zayin – weapon   ז

These strong leaders came to be weapons to connect man to weapons of warfare.

Isaac Newton would give men more insight into the bible than even his incredible knowledge of the sciences.   He was a depressed man after his mother died.  His friends challenged him to research ‘the end times’ as people had many questions.  These friends knew Isaac would enjoy the study time.  He took seven years (an entire Shemittah cycle) devoting it to the Book of Daniel and the battles in the Bible.  He wrote two books that Shemittah cycle.

King Messiah Yeshua, Eisenhower and Isaac Newton were sent for human survival spiritually, physically and wisdom.

Nisan 9 – A wonderful day to remember.

March 29, 2015 was Sunday, Nissan 9, 2015.   I will be discussing that very soon.  I was experiencing the Hand of God that day as I leaving the state that I just love for it’s beauty but not it’s earth shaking moments and earth shaking ground.  We crossed the border into Arizona and did something I have never done before in my life.  (At age 64 I take greater risks. lol)

Hold that thought….I’ll be back to share about a Jewish girl I met at a truck stop….another Divine appointment of a person who is truly a ‘wandering Jew.’

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