Hurricanes Harvey and Irma partner with 911, Herod and Virgo

September 11 2017 aligns with September 11, 3 BC.  Prophecy Watchers claim that it is when The Suffering Servant came to the earth.  They also claim that Islam knew this date and therefore chose it as America’s 911 sacrifice for it’s love of Jesus birth.  Herod is still killing us.

We also know September 11 as date of a defeat in an Islamic war thus making it an example of honor being restored.  Herod seemed to justify killing babies in 3 BC after as the promised Messiah was largely talk about as coming.  In fact, they were seeing the same sign in their constellations as we see exactly today on our 911.  The planets Venus, Mars, Mercury and Regulus come in and out of each other to make a truly BRIGHT happening over two years.

Jupiter is being birthed and the breaking of the virgin Virgo’s water is seen in our hurricanes…eleven so far this year….

Pharaoh and Herod Killed babies to stop a Messiah from coming.  They saw their own eclipses right along with Regulus in conjunction with the other planets.   America’s recent August 21 2017 eclipse was a dooms-day eclipse for sure.  Storm clouds saddened the eclipse chasers and they only saw a peak if the cloud moved away.  Missouri winds hit 42 mph at our house two hours before it.  We sat right directly under it.

Americans have now murdered right at 60 Million babies since 1973…a number that is astronomical and will only change from something astronomical being done to stop the slaughter.  Cain was banished for murdering his brother and Americans are now being banished with hurricanes, fire and soon to be earthquakes and probably a new volcano from Yellowstone.

September 11, 2017 brought hurricane Irma a Category 5 before lowering to a Cat 4 with 130 mph winds swirling over the entire state 400 miles wide and 500 miles in length.   “Thirteen million Florida residents – two-third of the state’s population are without electricity as sweltering heat returned across the peninsula in the storm’s wake, and officials warned it could take weeks for power to be fully restored.  About 110,000 people still remain in shelters statewide.”  I know for our entire state, especially the Keys, it’s going to be a long road.” Gov Rick Scott said.”

On Tuesday, September 12 2017, nine bridges still needed to be checked on the Lower Key islands.  Are these bridges symbolic of the nine stars that make up The Lion of Judah constellation?   Virgo poured out her birthing waters on their heads.  42 bridges that link the islands are still being checked as they are under water making access impossible.

Curfews are in place and when we talked to a relative of whom is on 100 percent oxygen 24/7 she had to buy a generator for a $1000 for this emergency.  A young man that is mentored found himself in jail for violating curfew and ask for $100.00 to get him out of jail.  It took over $500.00 and now he helps remove downed trees to pay it back.

People rescued from waters were 356 and they were told that the next time they should leave when they are told to leave.  Cell service is down, electricity if off for two weeks and there is no gas available to run the generators is the message we get from family there.

Seventy seven (77) dead from Irma and the count goes up because a nursing home did not remove their clients or get them hydrated.  Georgia lost 2 and South Carolina lost 2 at the onset. At least 35 people were killed in the Caribbean.  Death numbers will still comw in as  all of Florida still does not have power by September 19.  Even the airport in Atlanta Georgia closed it was the first time in their history to ever issue a tropical storm warning.

Our Creator set the constellations in the skies to bear witness and it was foretold to the world from the watchers.

Constellation Virgo is giving birth to the King of Kings, our Creator knew he had prepared his children to see it and also to witness the many hurricanes coming at them. Adom’s children only had Noah to listen to for 120 years.  Now we’ve closing out 120 years of Jubilees of men living on the earth.   6000 years is likened to the sixth year of a Shemittah cycle…but it’s one thousand times worse.  It’s going to twist men until they decide to rest in Him…in that Sabbath of Rest.

The patterns are so there if only we would quit playing house with the children and teach them WHO is the reality of their lives.    The reality is that The Creator will no longer let his earth be taken over by sin.  America has probably hit 60 million abortions in 2017 if the stats were available.  In 2016 they were at 59 million.  Black woman alone are targeted to kill 1867 a day.  This is a genocide my friends and no one wants to really talk about it.  If it is year 6000 from Adom….then it matches Noach getting on the ark at age 600 and getting off at 601.

It also matched the Book of Jubilees stating that the deluge was in the year 1333 and they would have walked on dry land in the year 1334.  That means that what the Book of Daniel states about ‘if you make it to the 1335 day you’ll be blessed.’  There is blessing in that day…but what is the blessing?  America would not consider it a blessing and thus must go away.  Is that harsh?  I don’t think so!  What is harsh is stopping the earth from functioning in one of the first commands of The Creator.  Go forth and multiply on the earth.  But, men become celibate, gay, lesbian, marrying the same sex and also encourage each other in birth control and abortion.

If men will not produce, then they will be removed.  In Adom’s day they produced but they mated with angels and created strange beings that could no dwell with the Spirit of Elohim.  Today, men just won’t produce.

So, what is the blessing…..Noach made it to the year 1335 and they did agree to repopulate the earth.  They went forward with the same instructions and then a few more blessings…as the ground would no longer be cursed.  It would produce food easily for them.  The seed would reproduce….not like today where our seed has been genetically modified to be sterile…so we have to buy more seed and keep and industry alive.

The Blessing….if you can make it to the 1335th day Daniel says…you will be blessed…with children and food…blessed with everything you need to survive and be happy as you walk with The Creator.

The Shemittah year of 2014-2015 was a release….as was the year 2008-2009.  I’ll shorten up a past article and you can read what I wrote about those years.  But, what no one has quite understood is ‘What happens in a JUBILEE year?  It takes seven Shemittah cycles to reach a year of Jubilee.

I’m going to agree with Michael Rood that the year 17 AD was a jubilee year.  Our Messiach was walking the earth upholding the Torah and yet having to tear down some unnecessary fences…they were never told to tithe on herbs like cumin.  They were told to take a pinch from their dough and burn it up.  It was likened to an offering that they would give to the Levite priests.  The more things were added to that offering and soon they were not even taking care of their parents.  This is what Yeshua Jesus was talking about when he was correcting them about their offerings.  But, if church people don’t want to learn these concepts then they keep their people in the dark ages…just as they won’t let them see the birthing process of the King of Kings in the Constellation Virgo right now.

My fingers can’t type fast enough since these hurricanes have been confirming what other ‘watchers’ have been warning.  The answer to these problems could be very simple, but it hard to swallow one’s pride.   Many people are attached to their pastor…of whom does not want to admit being wrong.  It is very easy to just ‘keep on keeping on’ as we don’t want to lose our pastor or church members.    It takes a strong leader to admit that we just may have followed mislead leaders.  Pride is what goes before a fall.

When we live in God’s reality, we have to come to gripes with what we are to do.  If our world is to survive…it has to return to the ways of The Creator.  It is The Creator that determines what is to be holy (set apart).  Every day is made to be good, but not every day is set apart.  If all things were set-apart (holy) than nothing could ever be holy.  The Sabbath was set apart since the day of man’s creation.  It is an insult to reject it as we saw even The Creator set to rest on the seventh day.

The Creator was the first example of that special rest.  How is it that we can argue with G-d?  It’s not “What would Jesus do’, but it is ‘What did The Creator do?   What did Yeshua do?    It is an honor thing.  It is a honor your parent thing…  The Creator is our Abba (father).

It was not this author that said to cover your shame…”wear fig leaves Adom…cover your shame…Eve”.  That is just one of things that The Creator said to do to see if we wanted to be part of His program.  People that walk on a nude beach and don’t have a conscious about it…don’t seem to be on God’s plan.  That is their choice and they should enjoy themselves while they can because that is all there is Scripture says.  There will be no happy eternity for them….they don’t want to participate because they have no love for the one that created them….  Yeshua…the Son of God…spoke everything into being.

But, for God’s children to continue to not set aside the Sabbath…not to eat scavengers…not to honor parents/grandparents… won’t be tolerated by The Creator.  In the last Torah readings in the Book of Deuteronomy Moses is giving his last 30-day instruction to the children in the wilderness.  He is reviewing what they have been through the last forty years.  This book expounds on why their parents weren’t there to cross over with them.  It took 40 years to sift through the humanity and now it was time to cross over.  It has taken 40 Jubilees to sift through humanity again and now it is time to cross over….without fear we go in…not flying away…but being protected under His wings…The Torah.

Virgo will give birth and then she will be hidden for 1260 days in the wilderness.  God’s children will be chased down for their belief in The Torah….their belief in the Messiach Yeshua Jesus.  Yeshua is still in heaven as that is where the child was taken.  But, the woman has to hide as one-third of constellations are swept with Draco’s tail into outer space…and some will land on the earth causing great fires.  Great stress will last for 42 months…1260 days…3.5 years.  It is all the same amount of time.

Adom was set outside of the Garden of Eden for 7 days and three days and thirty days.  He was then put into the new land when his wife was 42 days of age.  That is a number that is represented in the 1260 days in Daniel…and the 3.5 years.  It’s different, but the same.  This is not Greek thinking, but Adonai’s Hebrew thinking that you want to wrap your mind around.

Adom had seven days…we will have seven years as told in the Scriptures.  The three days is when there is no moon and you have to wait to see it…it takes three days to finally see it and then a shofar can be blown when the sliver of the moon is seen.  The blowing or recognition of the sliver must be done at the Rosh Chodesh; and especially on Month One, Month Four, Month Seven and Month Ten.  If men will do this, they are told that they will not miss The Lord’s Feasts.  They will NOT The Lord’s Feasts occurring on men’s holidays…feasts.

This is most interesting….there are to be no other Christmas’ or Estars in our lives.  They are man-made traditions.  Our world it to get back to what is correct.  You have to decide to participate once you understand what Adonai is asking you.  Once you make a commitment to G-d you can not turn back.  If you do not obey The Creator’s instructions, he might mark you as he did Cain or he might take you early since you are of no service to Him any longer.  Men can cut their lives short but we also see where life is extended and men do turn back to Adonai.

Back to the subject of 2017.  On the Gregorian calendar man has adjusted the calendar a few times and even George Washington has two birthdays.  Is God in those calendar moves?  We can only know if we see His works happening on them.  So far, it looks good for us as The Tetrads were celebrated not only by eclipses but they landed on The Lord’s Feasts in 1950, 1967, and 2014-15.  We can trust that confirmation.  And, we now have the next confirmation through this Virgo Constellation being in the same structure as it was in 3 BCE… 2020  years ago.

I just saw that 2020 and it makes sense to me as 20 is when Jacob left Laban’s house.  There is not one detail that is not important in The Scriptures…they all point to the end so you…yes you…won’t be deceived…as the end of life as we know it changes.  It is not the is just a purification.  People want to fly away to glory, but I say…stay and fight for the truth to be told.  Get a bloody nose for a Pastor who verbally beats you up for your stand.  It’s just that they don’t know what they don’t know.  They are bound by the itching ears to hear what sounds only like ‘peace and safety’.

We are moving into the 21st Jubilee of the earth in the year 6001.  On the Hebrew calendar that is September 21, 2017…it begins the evening before in Israel.  The clock will change and shofars will be blow…and then there is another TEN days for man to really think about it once more.  It is a probation time for the world..the nations…to resolve their problems…to overcome their struggles with each other.  It is a time to bring ‘peace and safety’ to mankind.  It’s likened to what everyone wants from Christmas…just a little peace and quiet in our lives to worship our Savior…..But this time…it’s called Feast of Tabernacles….and it is celebrated with people getting married…the bride walking around the husband seven times as Israel did with Jericho.  She will help protect the walls around her husband so he does not succumb to the ways of the world.  And, he will lift her up in a chair to elevate her to Adonai in their lives.  She is a picture of The Bride of The Messiach.

I love writing about this…it’s so beautiful….and then a glass in put a napkin and  step on and you hear it crushed….as their love for each other can never be broken as that broken glass can never be glued back together.  It’s a beautiful picture as the walls of strength and commitment are seen in a marriage.

Water brings destruction as seen in the rushing waters destroyed homes in Texas. Florida, Georgia and even the Carolina’s felt the ‘September 11 Effect’.  The Jubilee ends…with destruction on all sides for America and it’s islands.  It is the final release of fifty years of turmoil to bring Israel not just into her land, but all into Messiah.

He will bring in another 1000 years.  Yes, in heaven’s time one day is as a 1000 human years on earth.   Our Creator knows that it can be done because He is raising up a new remnant that will go out on the earth….with no other gods to follow…just the one named, Yeshua…meaning ‘Salvation.’

The year 2017 will change to 2018…just as the year 5777 changes to 5778.  Eight is that new beginning…and that new Jubilee of fifty years.  There is always TEN to sit in a time of probation to see things change.  That ten is broken into segments of Seven and Three.

It is three dark years…to finally see the sliver.  Then it is seven years broken again into segments of 3.5 years.  And, by the time of the last 3.5  there is so much pressure that something pure has to come out of it or be as doss in a fire.  Our earth is headed for that.

If men were jumping out of buildings just because of banking failures in 2014-2015…what much more fear will there be now in 2017.  The Lord’s War of 27 Elul 2015 has been pouring out.  The formation of Virgo has been there for two years.  Jupiter put itself in place nine months ago…a full term birth…and is now half out..spilling birthing waters on our earth.

This same Virgo Constellation occurred in 3 BCE and also held it’s pattern for two years. Babies were killed that had been born during that two years.  Moses had a duration of several years of babies being killed when he was born.  A Savior comes out of it each time.

The message is strong.  Is is possible that we can use this message to stop abortion in the world?  There has to be change.  Soon the old serpent, the dragon known as Satan, is going to push harder as he chases the woman into the wilderness.  The child is in heaven Revelation 12 states.

It is when we are the wilderness that we can find our Elohim and are teachable.   His plan for was goodness…and not hate and bitterness…and not of jealousy as we disagree on church doctrine.  Pastors and people are being removed…as churches stand empty still not wanting what is considered evil Torah worshipers to enter.  What is good has been called evil.  Any church is really a set apart group to God and is therefore a ‘cult’.  But, that cult still uses the word…they are a cult.  Hurt has separated brother and sister and father and mother.  Hurt all in the name of religion…because of certain point of view.

The Dragon Draco will swing his tail….and one-third of the stars will fall to earth…  Does that mean we have some very different beings showing up as they did in the days of Noach?  Noach has more meaning than we might think.

Yes, my heart has done nothing but thought of how else to tell this story…and now…more numbers make sense and yet I’ve been allowed to witness the hand of God in just a calf allowed to live as I ask for it’s to lift it’s head and it’s hoof as a gesture that it would live.

The Shemittah year of 2014-2015 was so busy with The Lunar Tetrad pulling at everyone’s strings to quickly learn about Blood Moons.  Today, we are looking again to the skies and this time it is with a constellation giving birth to the king of planets…Jupiter.  Who would have thought…yes not me…as I try to stay away from astrology and don’t even want people to know I’m a Leo.  But, today we will talk about Leo as he represents The Lion of Judah.

It is our Creator that says that if my people will NOT give witness to me than my creation will speak.  That statement seems to proven to be true as many Christian people turn up their noses as to what is happening in the heavens.  Our Creator set them in place from the foundation of the world.  Virgo and these planets seem to  have been set in this same pattern and thus on schedule to accomplish all that it declares.

I looked back at this blog and see where my writing have gone. It has been two years exactly of that 7th year that ended that Shemittah cycle. I’m going to still quote Johnathan Cahn’s book  as he opened our minds to 9/11.  It is today that we give honor to those that perished and still struggle with the loss of loved ones.  It has been 16 years since 2001 and next fall will be that 17th year.  It is a year that ends and begins.  It represents our Creator’s desire for our rest and comfort in Him.

Written in 2015

In Johnathan Cahn’s book, The Mystery of the Shemittah, he opens our minds to many thoughts.

With the Shemittah Cycle it’s strength builds upon each last Shemittah cycle. In the end we see God’s hand allowing the world to spiral down into a tightening that brings about total nullification or rest. Let us remember that a collapse to man is not a collapse to God. It is God allowing us to come to perhaps the end of ourselves so we trust Him. It is coming out of our BIG Gog (the materialism that the world provides) and seek His face for what He wants for us.

I want to quote Johnathan.

“9/11 thought it would bring a national revival with a massive return to God. It lasted three weeks. There was no revival. There was no repentance. And without repentance there could be no revival. In the years after 9/11 America’s moral and spiritual apostasy only increased in intensity, depth and speed.”

The Seed of Collapse. In the wake of 9/11 America attempted, as did ancient Israel, to defy the calamity, to beat back its affects, to rebuild, and to come back stronger than before.”

  1. Financial Realm Cut interest rates creating booms; credit, debt, mortgage market, housing, stock market.
  2. Churches make big money.

These booms would lead to the greatest financial collapse since the Great Depression.

Slashing of interest rates was 29 Elul – One Shemittah would set the stage for the next, and the seeds sown in one collapse would bring about the next.”

On 1 Cheshvan 2014 two more banking executives have taken their lives, or so it is said.  It is a sad day to think that we can not face our world and think it will not forgive us of our sins if we should ask. Yes, there is punishment for sin, but to take your life and also another life is beyond my comprehension. But then, I have learned to value life because it is a gift to be treasured, as it is created in God’s image.

Today, I read that over fifty bankers have taken their lives this year so far. It is month TEN counting from the month of Nissan. It is making the world suspicious of the banking industry as it is under investigation for being corrupt.   Are they removing current and past employees as the banking trials come closer. Are they removing WITNESSES? These are questions asked by reporters.

(2017 insert – As Hurricane Harvey was headlining the news Wells Fargo became a side story that huge fraud was done by it’s sales people to in order to meet their quotas.  They took current clients and used their profiles to create thousands of accounts.  Thus, banking is still a problem in America.)

It’s a banking holocaust and fits with this Shemittah cycle. When Torah is not applied to one’s life and business, man justifies crime against the Torah. Thou shalt not murder. Men are NOT allowed to take their own life nor another life. We are to love our neighbor as our self. But, when we don’t value our own life, we seem to justify taking others lives.

The financial collapse continues from the boom set in motion. Johnathan’s book is excellent in showing you the stock markets and when the crashes were the strongest. And, yes, they were at the times of the Shemittah’s Year of release. The slave was set free, the land was laid to rest. When a God tells you to follow those type of instructions, it can be difficult. The ancient world felt the pressure of not putting in a crop and when spring came the only food available is what had been stored from the abundance of the sixth Shemittah cycle.   And, if you were on the cursed end of the stick and did not receive double and triple blessing that year…you were really in trouble!

The last day of the Shemittah’s 7th cycle is 29 Elul. It is the last day of the Year of Nullification. It is perhaps the hardest day of all. But, the wave also comes as the new crops are planted and yet it takes time to harvest and so perhaps it’s that next winter and Spring that needs the most trust. Joseph in Egypt had seven years of famine but he obeyed and prepared for it for seven years before. This is a picture for us to learn of our future. There is a seven-year tribulation coming. Seven years ahead of it we should be storing/preparing our ways. It will be in that third year we will feel the stronger pains of it and be begging for relief. We will sell all of what we have to the kings of this world. Will we sell our souls and bow to false worship? I believe many already have and many will follow the easier road that looks to be holy. Christianity today does not have the appearance of being holy. It is not set apart and it has even agreed not to live by all of the ten-commandments. Look them up and see which one blatantly screams at you.

What are we seeing today? The headline I read today read something like, “If you want a job, don’t become a banker.” It is too dangerous and you may not live long.

JP Morgan has been found out and that will be an open armpit to smell this coming Shemittah year of 2014-2015. Even past JP Morgan bankers are dropping like flies. Are they jumping off buildings, bridges, chandeliers or are they being pushed, is what is being asked.

The 2001 Shemittah financial collapse brought the 2008 world financial collapse. These two Shemittahs mirror each other in their financial characters. Now, it will not only be the derivative manipulation, but it seems the gold manipulation is going to be worse in this Shemittah. Men will be found out and it will affect the world economy again but they are saying the word, “worse.”

It is the year of Release of debt and God WILL set his people free from bondage. The lessons learned was to be out of debt, but man is encouraged to ‘get on with your life and investments and buy the bankers overpriced derivatives. In the end the little guy takes the hit again.

At the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015, we see the barrel of oil dropping drastically.  I will write about this in Kislev when it occurred.  But by January 27, the updating of this article, gas in Chandler, Arizona is $1.67.  King Abdula has died and the barrel of oil went up a few dollars….but it is still down as the next King confirms their commitment to putting a glut of oil on the market.  Barges are sitting around the world.  I wonder what will happen if they all become afire?  Hmm….Our waters may burn with oil…all in the hopes of the Middle East trying to ruin American oil producers.

Updated 9.11.2017.

It’s been two full year since I wrote this article.  Gold is still amuck and gas jumped to $2.67 gal when Hurricane Harvey hit.   A chemical plant in Texas still may have more explosions and Harvey is called THEE worst natural disaster the United States has encountered.  Houston is the fourth largest city in America and  it is totally shut down…plus other Texas cities.

Connect these…

Total Eclipse August 21 2017 – 70 miles wide crossing West to East in America.  Touching seven states with cities by the name of Salem in their path….Peace..Comfort…Hmm…let’s look at what a dark day brought.  (This eclipse occurs on 29 AV the exact day that Moses chisels Torah instructions on the new stone tablet).  He is then headed back up Mt. Sinai for 40 days seeking atonement for those in the wilderness.

August 25 2017 Friday evening Harvey is arriving.  It is called Erev Shabbot…the evening before the Sabbath.  Harvey hits Texas all day with the Torah reading called, Shoftim ‘judges’.

Harvey August 25 – 30  –  SEVEN DAYS

August 30 – Midwest Tornadoes kill 15.

September 3 – North Korea explosion 6.4; Idaho Springs 5.3 earthquake.  New surface found for second tunnel coming from future volcano.   They try to drill to release the pressure…but find glass inside.

September 1 – Irma and Jason are forming as Harvey was dissipating.  A-J makes eleven hurricanes.  Will we soon see twelve to make the stars showing in Leo / Lion of Judah?

September 8 – 17 Elul – Irma hitting Dominican Republic swallowing islands and Cuba.  The news interview Harvey and Irma that have been married for 75 years…they never have heard of twin hurricanes much less named after them.  Mr. Harvey is 104 years old and looked well.  This couple is from the northern United States and have never experienced a hurricane.  They are a curiosity at this time because their names are Harvey and Irma… happily married for 75 years.

September 9 – 18 Elul – Irma has determined to come in from the west and will spread across Florida 400 miles wide and 500 miles in length.  The Category 5 lowered to Cat 4 before hitting and then turned into a tropical storm when on that much land.  Atlanta Georgia has never ever had a tropical storm warning…shut down airports and curfew for all.  North Carolina was being hit as well on Monday, September 11 2017…20 Elul.

The day that Nathan spoke about as being the day that God began his war matched with 111 people dying in a mosque near Mecca when the Osama Bin’laden Construction company’s crane fell.  It was 27 Elul, September 11 2015, Friday as prayer began that 50 lightening strikes were recorded with the earth shaking.  It would be a week later that Hajj began and 1100 people would die because of human’s piling up because a barrier had not been replaced after a car parade had gone through.  This left Iran seeking it’s dead with no recourse and threatening war between Shiite and Sunni.  They want to do their own Hajj…but need that black stone…hmm…

So, Nathan left the public views per his parents request.   He was a young 15-year old boy but now he is 17.  He is the age to be believed about his experience.  It is not what the rabbi’s wear on their head and hands that matters, he said.  But, it is what is in their hearts that will count with The Creator.  I loved his story and hold it to be true.

So how long is God’s war?  If it’s been two years…and that message was given to him on The Feast of Tabernacles Day 1.  It was the end of a Shemittah cycle and now it is the end of a Jubilee…in the year 2017.  I want to suggest that the year 2027 has something big going to happen.

The year 27 AD was a Shemittah year when The Messiach was on the earth.  It places him at 30 years of age…but he could have been 34 as well.  It will be ten years from 2017.  Our Messiah was born on this earth with children being killed and the landscape looked like a forest for the crucifixion that were going on by the Romans…Caesar.

If the Suffering Servant was born around 3 BCE then he would be 20 years of age when there was a ‘Hybrid’ eclipse in 17 AD.  I like that age because it is when Jacob left Laban’s house…after spending twenty years with him and being mistreated.

The Suffering Servant was a ‘hybrid’  man.  He came at a time when there were twenty-five ‘hybrid’ eclipses in that 100-year period.  In this writer’s lifetime there will only be 8 ‘Hybrid’ eclipses.  When Abraham and his sons walked the earth there were 23 ‘Hybrid’ eclipses.  When Isaac Newton (of whom is a picture of Joseph and Yeshua as well) was on the earth and a few of his intellects there were twenty-three ‘Hybrid’ eclipses in that 100-year span.  These patterns tell me that there are special things going on in the heavens that we just may learn more about if we investigate.  Special men…special ‘hybrid’ eclipse.

17 AD  ended the 80th Jubilee of the earth.  18 AD would have begun the 81st Jubilee of the earth just as the year 6001 begins the 121st Jubilee of the earth.  It has now been 40 Jubilees.  It’s a completed series ready for another set.

Seventeen is a full moon where there is full moon light.  Twenty-seven is a dark night with no moon…waiting three days to see any light at all.

In 17 AD the Suffering Servant came to save the world with the ‘light’ of Torah.  He left after being executed for his thoughts of change and he did NOT deny he was the Son of God.  He came for two reasons….  To tear down the fences around Torah and to become Esau…bearing all the bad on himself…the world would hate him as God hated Esau.

In 27 AD is was a dark year…and no one knew him…and then no one could recognize him for his dis-figuration from the crucifixion.

2017 – It closes out a 50-year time period that truly no one can say that they have not heard about the ‘light’ that is coming to the world.  In fact, the world awaits The Messiach.  They have all heard of Jesus…but they have not all heard about the name that means, Salvation…Yeshua!

In TEN years it will be 2027…the time of probation needed to change the world’s course and purify it.  As He was  purified so will our earth.  We may not recognize our world when it’s over.  But our world will resurrect as only light can now come out of darkness.  Darkness will not remain as the world transitions into a Torah-loving world.

Darkness is done away and Satan is cast into darkness and held in chains.  The Messiah will rule from Jerusalem.  Mankind will go to Jerusalem as seen in the last chapter of Zechariah.  It is a book telling of the future.    We will go to learn from His teachings three times a year.  If men do not go, their land will receive no rain and become a curse likened to Egypt.  Thus, we still see Torah applied that shows us blessing and cursing for obedience to The Torah.

There will be no more arguing whose book is correct because they will all be burnt up.  He will burn the trust into our hearts by Him alone teaching us.

I find this a wonderful beginning that was purposed from the beginning and even shown in the heavens.  I believe I will be protected during this as I’m part of The Bride that is hidden in the wilderness.  I will find solace as the earth is cleansed of evil.  It will be with an iron sword that He comes to rule.  That sword is His very own words from His mouth.  He will be speaking Torah because he must.  The Messiach can NOT violate it in one point…thus all the Jews and those grafted in that belief will reign another 1000 years as bodies are transformed and yet some will once again be born to accomplish the Torah that says…be fruitful and multiply.

Our Creator has great plans for more and more people.  There is room for everyone…. September 11….  Elul 27…. are days to remember…  3000 died in New York, 3000 perished in the desert but 3000 were saved at Pentecost known as Shavuot.  God has His patterns and perfect timing for each of us.  We all must die physically so why worry.  There is a greater worry if you miss the eternal part of this plan…because that is how you will live out your life FOREVER….  Don’t you want to be given the best projects and not the least?  I do….I want to serve my King to my utmost…because He is my Utmost Highest.

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