Oklahoma ‘EL’ Tornadoes


I wrote this on June 19, 2014. On Monday, June 16, 2014 the Yod of Elohim was seen in TWIN EF5’s in Pilger, Nebraska. Two lives were lost. It was Sivan 18. The Hebrew and Gregorian calendars are only two days apart. April and May were day for day. 2014 is a year that man will see his calendar and God’s calendar align more than any other year. I believe this goes along with blessing and cursings.

This TWIN Super cell was so destructive that seventy-five percent of Pilger is gone! The people have no homes or community left. I am now going to write about other EF5 tornadoes for Oklahoma and neighboring states.

Since the main thrust of my research has been into God’s Yod in Earthquakes, I now wondered if His Yod was in these tornadoes. As usual, you have to determine if you’re going to give El Shaddai credit, Lucifer or ‘dumb luck.’

One year ago this was the headline by Bryan Painter and Silas Allen, revised June 4, 2013.

El Reno tornado is ‘super rare’ national record-breaker

Meteorologist doesn’t ‘event want to imagine’ what tornado would have done to densely populated areas.

In 108 years there have now been 14 F5/EF5 tornadoes recorded in Oklahoma according to the National Weather Service records. Since 1999, Oklahoma has had an F5 and three EF5s.”

If you’ve read my story, OKLAHOMA ‘EL’ EARTHQUAKES, Direct Hits on Elohim’s Appointments!, then you’ll see I ask the question why men put ‘El’ in their names. EL in Hebrew means the most powerful God. We could build on that but not at this time.

El Reno was named after Union General Jessee L. Reno, who died at the Battle of Antietam during the Civil War. The restored fort now houses a livestock experiment station and the Chisholm Trail Museum.

Is our Creator continuing His battle for our souls from this fort. It does carry His name, it is about battles and perhaps His creatures need to be freed from experiments. He is making a new museum about His power.

Anyway…that is just me expounded and it has nothing to do with the people who live there. These people may have incredible hearts for El Shaddai but that area is still going to be used for His witness against this world.   When you see the Yud of Elohim continue in an area, you might just want to get out of His path.

May 21 – 31 2014 was the week of SHAVUOT.

It is Sivan 2 – 12 in 2014

Shavuot is The Lord’s celebration of the Feast of Weeks.

He instructs His children to count seven Sabbaths and the next day they are to remember that day by bringing the FRUIT of their first harvest. It is the day that God gave the fruit of Yeshua’s dying and resurrecting as He came back in the form of the Ruach HaChodesh (Holy Spirit). Some have determined Sivan 6 is Shavuot. They want to have a date to put on their calendars. I find this interesting that our Creator has appeased ‘both camps’ by covering these remembrances over 10 days which then includes both Sivan 6 and Sunday after the seven Sabbath. El Shaddai’s Yod is all this just in that fact.

Now, let’s talk about today.  May 6, 2015, 17 Iyyar, 32 Day of the Counting of the Omer.  We best see why God wants us to be counting up to His giving of the Holy Spirit.  Do men know what Shavuot means to God?  I learned today after researching more in depth what Lag B’Omer means.  Go read my blog under, Counting the Omer.  P.S. Hitler died this day…and it was NO surprise to God.

Oklahoma is declared a State Emergency.  It began at Bridge Creek, 30 miles SW of Oklahoma City.  It began in the dark skies.  25 homes were destroyed.  A woman (43) hid in her shelter and drown from flooding waters.  Northern Texas, Nebraska, Kansas.   The next problem is that they don’t know if they should clean up because the next three days look the same.

TWELVE Oklahoma counties are declared a State of Emergency.

Moore who hosted damaging tornadoes two years is now had another Tornado Emergency.  If Oklahoma was more populated there would have been more damage.  I drive this route as a ‘snowbird’ to Arizona.  These skies can get pretty ugly.

The next thing is the unusual storm that is brewing on the Atlantic coast.  It will set a record too as one of the earliest storms.  It had another early bird named Andrea in 2007.  It was Sivan 1, the 6th year of the Shemittah cycle.  It was a Rosh Chodesh, new moon (dark out).  Today it is May 7, 18 Lag B’Omer, 33rd Day Counting Omer.  A 7.1 occurred in Papa New Guinea today with a high 29 4.5+ quakes around the world.

These storms are the handiwork of God.  I know you can’t believe it…but it’s true.  Christians are not Counting the Omer.  Why should they…it’s OT.  No, look at the skies and you will see The Hand of God moving on the Lord’s dates He calls to order.  No one shows up…….wooh lah…..disasters.  And we wonder why….

Thank you for giving us notice, Lord.  Now, help us to change so we are pleasing to you.

June 14 2014 Pilger
June 14 2014 Pilger

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