Jewish Boy reveals HaShem’s War


September 11, 2015 was Elul 27…the Third Day of Creation.  Natan says that Elohim’s War began this day.  What happened of major consequence that very day?  The Grand Mosque in Mecca was defiled.  The Osama bin Laden Construction family was held responsible for the ‘Hand of G-d.’

Fifty lightening strikes, super cell winds pounded and a quake shook the Grand Mosque at the close of prayer… The  GROUND SHOOK and one single Osama crane fell killing 111.  Iran lost Muslim faithfuls and the response was that those that died went immediately to Allah.

On Yom Kippur, Tishrei 10, just twelve days later, Hajj had began where 1000 Muslims faithful to Allah would be trampled to their deaths.  And, it was while the Pope and Obama stood in agreement for Jerusalem that these souls fell.  The religious and political systems were in agreement as to who would reside over the most valuable piece of property on this earth….Jerusalem.

Read my full article on this day under the month of Elul.  The Super Cell Dust Storm was blamed on Iran and Iraq for not having vegetation growing in the soils to prevent dust….Who controls the heavens?

Yes….HaShem’s War has begun….and now verified by Natan…a 15-year old gone to heaven and back and as a secular young man gave testimony to years of study of the end times….

The name above all name’s war.