Five President Die at Independence / Fast Tammuz

FIVE U.S. Presidents die at 4th of July

Fast of Tammuz Celebrations


Now known as:  DIRE STRAITS- 17 Tammuz  to The 9th AV

TWO die on 4th of July 1846 within 5 hours of each other

The last before the first!


July 4, 1826 * Sivan 29 5586

50th Jubilee of 4th of July 1776

est. on 17 Tammuz

JOHN ADAMS 2nd President – JULY 4, 1826

THOMAS JEFFERSON 3rd President- JULY 4, 1826

(5 years later 5th President dies)

JAMES MONROE 5th President – JULY 4, 1831, 23 TAMMUZ 5591

(5 years later 6th President dies)

JAMES MADISON 6th President – June 18, 1836 – 13 TAMMUZ 5596

(14 years later 12th President dies)

ZACHERY TAYLOR 12th President – Sick July 5, Died July 9, 1850, 29 TAMMUZ 5610

First, we must begin with the first president so we see HOPE!


Born Retired on 7Adar

Moses – Born Retired on 7 Adar

First President – Held Office: April 30, 1789 – March 4, 1797 – Eight Years

Begins holding office: April 30, 1789 – 4 Iyyar, 19th Day of the Counting Omer. On Hebrew calendar Jesus is teaching and it is 21 days before he resurrects to heaven on the 40th Day of the Counting of the Omer.

Leaves office:

March 4, 1797- 6 Adar on the Sabbath Teruma. The trumpet is blown calling him out. Since the day begins at dusk we could say Washington left office the day Moses left the earth on 7 Adar. Washington ended his time in office on 6 Adar, ONE day BEFORE he was born, 7 Adar. Again, since the day begins at dusk we could say he completed his life’s work on he day he was born. He again pictures Moses as Moses also is known to have completed his work on the day he was born as he finished given Israel their last instruction in Deuteronomy. Washington retires the day Mosche is retired.

Washington dies 21 months later on 16 Kislev which will be ONE day BEFORE Japan Bombs Pearl Harbor on 17 Kislev in 1941.

George Washington was born at Mt. Vernon February 11, 1732, 16 Adar I (extra month)

His birthday is readjusted because of the 1752 calendar change. Thus, they adjust his birthday to February 22, 1731 – 7 Adar. Again, we see George Washington be born and retiring on the same day and it was the same day Moses was born and retired as leader. AMAZING men to study as the Hand of God could only do this….

When one light went out God will send another.

What about Washington’s Death?

Died: December 14, 1799, 16 Kislev – Sabbath Vayetze ‘He went out’. Gen 28:10-32:3, Hosea 12-13, Matt 15-16. It was nine days until Chanukah, The Festival of Lights.

The Maccabees won the temple back 15 Kislev 168 BCE, cleaned it, and re-dedicated it 25 Kislev. A small amount of anointing oil was found in a jar and all the seven branched menorah stayed lite for eight days. It was a true miracle and so now at Chanukah they use an 9-branch Hannekiah to light in remembrance of that miracle. The bible shows Jesus, his family and disciples and Paul celebrating this festival. Thanksgiving 2013 was the last time Chanukah will be celebrated on Thanksgiving.

Washington’s light went out at Chanukah just as the Sabbath reading of Vayetze indicates, ‘He went out.’ In 140 days it is Pesach (Passover). The Messiah – Light of the World – will now die and reignite the world with His light, The Torah.)

He was one of the Original American Revolutionary. He didn’t want to be President and so two ruled and then just himself. He was for Central Government.

He can also to be compared to Corrie ten Boom who was born in an extra month and who died on their birthday. He finished his life course in 21 months after retiring.

Washington began with a bible-based government and even had a Jew as his doctor. He was against slavery. His life is amazing and so perhaps I may have to revisit his life at another time. But back to the other stories of President’s who didn’t have such a good ending.

Second President: 1797-1801 – 4 yrs

John Adams – 73 b. 1735 d.1826

Original American Revolutionary

Believed in Central Governments

Born: October 30, 1735, 25 Cheshvan

Died: July 4, 1826 29 Sivan Shemittah year

Dies on exact day Fifty Year (Jubilee) of Independence.

Died five hours after Thomas Jefferson

He died as the flood waters were bursting forth and then draining. The waters covered the earth for 1 year and 1 week, 27 Cheshvan. He was for slavery. Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were bitter enemies during most of their lives. But Adams made the first call and is said to have changed Thomas Jefferson’s thinking about slavery at the end of Jefferson’s life.

Third President: 1801-1809 – 8 years

Thomas Jefferson, 83 b. 1743 d. 1826

Believed in Federalism

Born: April 2, 1743 – 19 Nissan 5503 (Chol HaMoed 3 Pesach, Day 4 Omer, Sabbath Ex 33:12-34:26, Ezekiel 37:1-14.

Revised Birthday: April 13, 1743 – 30 Nisan 5503 (Rosh Chodesh Day 1, no moon) Day 15 Omer

Dies: July 4, 1826 – 29 Sivan – Yom Kippur katan (Day little judgment), Rosh Chodesh, (no moon), July 4 was 17 Tammuz in 1776. (Worship of golden calf now known as Fast of Tammuz.)

Dies on exact day Fifty Year (Jubilee) of Independence.

Died five hours before President John Adams (1797-1801)

THOMAS JEFFERSON at age 77 is still Influential!

His father died while he was at a boarding school at age fourteen.

The Missouri Compromise of 1820. It was a vote that could start the dismantling of slavery but we will see that John Adams influenced Thomas Jefferson. This same Compromise of having one non-slave holding state for one slave-holding state would now be given to Abraham Lincoln thirty years later known as the The Compromise of 1850.

Thomas Jefferson, age 77, made contact with friends and urged them to vote, “No” on the Missouri Compromise of 1820. Notice he dies six years later in the Shemittah year. Both Jefferson and Adams will die in the Shemittah year. And, they both die on a dark night with no moon, 29 Sivan. They actually both die on the 4th of July that was set up on the 17th of Tammuz, the worship of the Golden Calf. That, my friends, is my story that I want you to see. I will talk about 1776 at the end of this article. But, to die in the Shemittah year on what was The Fast of Tammuz is justice. These men decided slavery could be dealt with in the future. So, they chose ‘the golden calf’ over freedom for God’s children.

Jefferson actually started out well and then changed his stand completely at the end of his life. He died SIX years later on Yom Kippur katan (day of judgment little). Six, the number of man.

He gave lots away but was in debt $100,000. His cotton fields were wore out and as he tried rotating the crops, it cost him. He continued to grow cotton as the cotton gin machine was important to liquor.

At the time of his political career Jefferson stood against Federalism and left George Washington and John Adams who wanted more government. He returned to Monticello.

In their ‘golden years’ Adam initiated the contact January 1, 1812 (Tevet 16) with Jefferson and they resolved their issues. They wrote back and forth for fourteen years becoming friends. Perhaps it was Adams who influenced Jefferson to back away from his ‘pro abolition’ stance.

They died on the same day, the original Fast of Tammuz. Adam was the second President and Thomas Jefferson the fifth President. Thus, the last president died before the first president.

It is too bad Jefferson changed his mind about slavery. 136 slaves were sold from Jefferson’s estate. He also had several children with his slave girl, Sarah. She had at least six children. It was not uncommon for the slave owners to sexually abuse their slaves. Jefferson freed one or two slaves. He appreciated his cook and signed a contract setting him free at a certain time. This cook later returned looking to be paid a wage. After a few months this slave left and soon committed suicide at age 36.

Jefferson wrote a book on Jesus of Nazareth from a New Testament viewpoint.

Fifth President 1817 – 1825  8 years

James Monroe , 73 b. 1758 d. 1831

Born April 28, 1758 – Nisan 20 – Day of 153 Fish, John 21:11-25) Sabbath Shvii Shel Pesach, Day 6 Omer

Died July 4, 1831 – 23 Tammuz – Tuesday, Dire Straits, 7 days after Fast of Tammuz, 17 Tammuz—original 4th July 1776.

Would he be one of the fish that sacrificed himself for God’s ways, or would he try to escape the fire of righteousness?

Pinchas Torah reading was three days before as he died on Tuesday.

Eleazar’s son, Pinchas, stopped a plague that had killed 24,000 by thrusting a spear through a couple fornicating with each other to another god, in the Lord’s temple. We have a jealous God and he will NOT tolerate other gods in our lives.

The Monroe Doctrine expanded into the western hemisphere.

The Missouri Compromise of 1860. A law that for every slave holding state there would be a non-slave holding state. Monroe let slavery in. Eventually it became the southern states that would have slave-holdings and the north would not.

It would take Abraham Lincoln 1861 to stop his cruelty. In 1865 at Lincoln’s second inaugural address, his soul was perplexed as to why a war that had family member against family member would last so long and take so many souls. Both sides thought each had God on their side. He said that perhaps for every lash of a whip on a slaves back, one soul was lost. Man determined the number of lashes. The war soon ended after that speech.

6th President  1809 – 1817   18 years

James Madison, 85 b. 1751 d. 1836

Montpelier – Virginia

Born: March 5, 1751 – 19 Adar Shushan Purim Day 4 – Cast lot for freedom outside land

Revised: March 16, 1751 – 1 Nisan, Rosh HaChodesh (Head New Year), dark

Died: June 18, 1836 – 13 Tammuz – (4 days to Fast of Tammuz 17)

Produced Federalist papers and then left Washington and joined Tom Jefferson and formed Demo and Republican party. Had slaves but hated slavery.

12th President, 1849-1850 1 year

Zachary Taylor, 66 b. 1784 d. 1850

Barbour ville

Born: November 24, 1784 – 11 Kislev, Wednesday

Died July 9, 1850 – 29 Tammuz, Yom Kippur katan (day judgment little), Erev Rosh Chodesh, dark. Dire Straits!

Sick July 5 – while laying Washington Memorial cornerstone. 24 Tammuz

40-year American military leader, victories in Mexican-American War

26 slaves in 1800 with 10,000 acres.

Fought slavery but had slaves. He was going to attack any state that succeeded.

Ate lots of cherries, it was hot, ice milk, Cholera morbus? Sewage gastroenteritis, food poisoning, typhoid fever? suffered four days. Millard Fillmore sworn in the next day.

The Dire Straits begins with The Fast of Tammuz and ends at the Fast of Av 9. Three week horrific time period for the Hebrews and Jews even today.

Why did the designers of the Declaration of Independence choose The Fast of Tammuz?    More surprises to come…. 

Flag bird

Flag Blowing

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