CERN into 2017

Today is Elul 11, August 26, 2015.  It was on ELUL 11, September 9 1954 CERN was born.  September 11 2001 would be a day that woke up America to realize there truly was a war coming to their land.  Is CERN another enemy?  Wars are different today but God still operates through them.  We tend to forget that we do not fight against flesh and blood, but against the forces of darkness.

This year on Yom Kippur, 10 Tishrei, The Day of Judgment/Atonement, September 23, 2015 The Autumn Equinox, CERN is suppose to shut off…expecting to reach it’s critical mass of smashing particles that will open a dark hole…hoping to release ‘anti matter’.  Is this matter formless as in ‘spirits’?   Some believe so.

Today, October 6, 2015 I close out the month of Tishrei feasts with Simchat Torah on Tishrei 23.     It is the day God ask us to stay one more day to Rejoice in the Torah.  Yesterday was a High Convocation of which God demands us to be happy….don’t work…be happy!  These feasts have their pattern of witnessing God in what He wants us to learn about Him.

My mind truly has rested this last week as I drove back and forth to Lake Paradise and totally fell into worship with people who love Yeshua (Jesus) as their savior and also desire to live as He did.  Jesus/Yeshua attended these feasts and they even lost him going home as there were over a million celebrating Adonai.

I was born in 1950…and so, in my ENTIRE life time man has sought to see the invisible side of life through energy.  They began with ZEUS before Christ and they continue with ZEUS in their lives to this day.  gods who can do them no good, God declares.

1952 – 2015

My refreshment of seeing individuals filled with the spirit this last week does not compare to the 63 years that CERN has dedicated to finding anti-matter,,,,something with  spirit they can not see.  Anti matter has to hold onto matter in order to be analyzed or worked with.  What is a quark?  What is it that man is willing to mess with that could lead to annihilation of a civilized world.  It will be God that allows man to come to His end…because of the hardness of His heart which turns Him away from God.  Men so want to be ‘as gods’ that they forget ‘who IS God’.  If God wanted them to understand the proton to it’s deepest level than He would show them.  They are barking up the wrong tree of knowledge.  Is it a forbidden fruit?  Why the name Zeus?  Why is the god, Cernnaus and Shiva idolized in this project?  It is because they are influenced by dark forces as they look into the dark.

Here are some headlines that you can see what is up next for CERN fans….coming right to your neighborhood next!

CERN has been a Concern for many.  I have already spent time in other articles about their history.  They began in 1952 and now have collected what has become billions of dollars to find something that God already knows about.  CERN was a failure many times over the years and yet they keep claiming some type of success by learning .1% that there is a difference in how a proton acts.   WOW….billions of dollars later, book, music and video sales, and shaking the interior of our earth perhaps causing trumpets sounds to come up through silos scaring people and people fearing the of release of demons who are ready to inhabit empty vessels.  They seek to find or open black holes.  In 2017… more money will be collected from the nations so the search can continue……and the big AD turned back on.

These are statements which came through the CERN website as of September 25, 2015.

“After 15 years of measurement and another eight years of scrutinizing and calculations, the H1 and ZEUS collaborations have published the most precise results to date about the innermost structure and behavior of the proton. The two collaborations, which took data at DESY’s electron–proton collider, HERA, from 1992 to 2007, have combined nearly 3000 measurements of inclusive deep-inelastic cross-sections (H1, ZEUS 2015). With its completion, the paper secures the legacy of the HERA data.”

The Hunt continues means they didn’t find it….

Neutrinos: after the Nobel Prize, the hunt continues – 

6 Oct 2015 — The 2015 Nobel Prize for physics rewards the long quest for understanding of the elusive neutrino

Nasa will now look 

CALET docks on  the International Space Station

27 Aug 2015 — The CALorimetric Electron Telescope reached the ISS on 24 August. It will perform long-exposure observations of high-energy cosmic radiation

Highest intensities needed —  a pinhead of it is hard to contain and they want more chaos to draw it.

LCH progresses toward higher intensities

24 Aug 2015 — The LHC Operations team is tackling the challenges of a demanding beam regime with a series of rigorous tests

Is this named after New Ager, Alice Crowley…I think so…  I believe they already knew this…

ALICE precisely compares light nuclei and antinucei

17 Aug 2015 — The comparison, published today in Nature Physics, confirms a fundamental symmetry of nature to an unprecedented precision for light nuclei

Could protect?  Not sure?

A Superconducting shield for astronauts

5 Aug 2015 — Magnetic shielding technology developed at CERN could protect astronauts from cosmic radiation in space

Another foolish nation to draw money from…when you are part of something…it’s hard to blame when trouble hits the fan.

Pakistan becomes Associate Member State of CERN

31 Jul 2015 — Official notification that Pakistan has ratified the Association Agreement arrived at CERN this morning

Why are we chasing the dark side of anything….matter…dark energy…..  We are told only to chase The Light of the World.  What dark religious ploy is this; to lose more souls to dark gods?

CAST explores the dark side of the universe

18 Sep 2015 — The astroparticle experiment tracks the Sun morning and evening to search for particles of dark matter and dark energy

So………they have proven on a larger scale what they thought years ago.  I’ve read their findings almost word for word and still do NOT see where they are excited about doing what they had hoped for.  They rammed particles in reverse for a long duration colliding them into each other.  The protons destabilized at certain points and not much of it can be harnessed. Their last experiment with the collider saw more things attach but not contained from what I can tell.

They did learn more about magnets.

But, in order to keep their funding coming in….These are the ‘somewhat’ encouraging footnotes.

A Nobel Price is won…but what is next because there is nothing still.

Me…I hope they didn’t open up some black holes and God has still decided to let man live a little longer so men will draw to the Creator instead of trying to be the Creator. 'Hand of יהוה, Yahweh, YHWH'

UN ‘Year of the Light 2015’

ELUL 11 1954 CERN was born –  Hebrew Month 11 on 11th Day 

Cernnaus ‘god of Death’

Who is the Light of our world?   Yes, Jesus, Yeshua the Messiah, is the Light of the world.

I submit to you that this, “Year of Light 2015′ may be revealing holograms around the world on Tishrei 1. What is Tishrei 1? It is Rosh Hosanna, the head of the new Hebrew civil calendar. It is when the trumpets are being blown announcing the coming of the King. It never ceases to amaze me the date that they choose to assume God’s glory.

Christians and Jews look for the return of The Messiah. Tishrei 1 is also know as the ‘Coronation of the King.’ He is not installed into position, but announced. This is the day that I believe the world will see holograms spread across…

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