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Holocaust 1945 Shemittah Quakes

1945 Av 13 to Tishrei 2.

That Hebrew time period begins with The Days of Awe and then enters into “The King is in the Field.”   Do you know what the Days of Awe are?  Well, I didn’t either until about 2008.  Since then I’ve become addicted to finding out all I can about the Hebrew ‘ways of things’ and how it affects our world.   Because of these findings, website was built so you could be a student with me.

What I have seen on God’s calendar seems unexplainable at times.  I still stand amazed every day.  Those on the Hebrew calendar should be seeing ‘The Hand of God’ building their faith.  I feel I’ve missed a great deal be only observing the Gregorian calendar.

My son asks me, “How do you know God is speaking to you?”  God speaks to each of us in different ways.  People think it has to be audible.  For the mute who can’t speak, we’d call this in our ‘thoughts’.  For the visual Thomas, they want G-d to be more hands on in their life.   For what happened that brought about this article, I know it is what I’m suppose to bring forth   But, it will be for the person to confirm in their being ‘truth upon truth’; ‘line upon line’, as the bible says, that builds you to the “Awe moments” that cement who G-d is to you.

The earthquake website would not change from the earthquake parameters that popped up before my eyes.   I had just made a comment on Face Book about the Holocaust and it was highly on my mind.  I was actually doing a research to see if earthquakes were increasing in the 2015 Shemittah year.

Today….let me see if you might enjoy this finding,  or if you’re going to be confused about what I write and give up learning what I’ve seen and been awed about.


Do you know what AV, Elul or Tishrei are?  No?  Okay, they are months on the Hebrew calender.  Av is usually in July, Elul in Aug/Sept. and Tishrei is Sept/October.

Do you know what Av 9 is?  It is known as The Fast of Av.  Many bad things in history have occurred on this day in Jewish history.  It is one of the ‘fasts’ that the Jews oblige themselves to.

Do you know what Rosh Hoshanna is?

Do you know what The Feast of Trumpets is?

Do you know what Tishrei 1 is?

Do you know when the new Hebrew Civil year begins?

No?  Okay and okay and okay again.  You can study up on these things but I will tell you that Rosh Hoshanna is very special.  It was set up by God himself for us to remember. People say that these old things are not for us in this NEW age (which is really the oldest age now).   Perhaps this is just one reason that God is showing us these times through His witnesses, the earthquakes.

Do you know what month in the Hebrew months is known as, “The King is in the field?”

No?  Okay!  It is Elul.  We see the future King David and his 300+ men taking care of Nabel’s sheep and then leaves with Nabel’s wife as his bride.  Remember, men’s lives are all pictures of things that will occur again but perhaps a little differently.  We look forward to the ‘church’ being carried away as the bride.  But, who is the bride and when and how does it happen are questions always discussed.  If we study these stories we will see the future.

We see Mosche’s life divided into three sections of forty years as he is in the field of life and does spend forty years in the desert with the Hebrews teaching them the ways of God.  But, he does not get to cross over.  Why?

Mosche also has forty-day slots of time on Mt. Sinai with God several times.  We see kings reigning for time periods of forty years.  Yeshua (Jesus) had slots of forty segments with one being with the temptation by Satan before He started his ministry.

Elul is the month that is considered that men should come out into the field and meet their king.  King’s go out into the world to see their subject periodically so they know their sheep and they know him.  The month of Elul is a special time that we should draw near.  If we do NOT draw near, then God may draw near to us in ways we never expected.  Earthquakes are one of those things that we wouldn’t consider the verse, ‘count it all joy’.  But, we are to count everything a JOY from the Lord.  It is all under His control.

Let’s get into the dates of these earthquakes.

  1.  1944-1945 was a Shemittah year (the last year of a seven-year cycle).  It means to ‘let fall, release, set free’.  It usually has a financial realm to it, but not necessarily.  But in the end, most things do cost someone down the road something.
  2.  These Eight Earthquakes that showed up for no reason and would not leave the system, began AV 13 to TISHREI 2.  It looks like a six week period and they are dealing with all 6+ earthquakes and one 7.5.  Thus SEVEN quakes over 6+.  Six is the number for man and is represented in the Hebrew language as the letter ‘vav’.  It looks like a staff and it connected things.  They say that Mosche connected the Tabernacle Tent in the desert with stakes (vavs).   They are what anchored the tent to the ground.

  3.  When I match up to my historical calendar we find that some terrible things happening to Japan in order for them to STOP WWII.  They would not surrender from the first A-bomb and so a second was sent.  This A-bomb shows up here.  You’ll see other things as I point them out.

Here we go:  There are EIGHT Earthquakes.  All are 6+ with one reaching 7.5.

Av 13     July 23, 1945     6.7  Sumatra Islands, Indonesia

Av 22    Aug 01, 1945     6.3  Taiwan

Av 29     Aug 08, 1945     6.4  Andawan Island India

Elul 5     Aug 14, 1945     6.5  Japan

Elul 20    Aug 29, 1945     6.9  Vanutu

Elul 23    Sept 01, 1945    7.5  Southern Island New Zealand

Elul 27    Sept 05, 1945     6.6  New Britain Papua New Guinea

Tishrei 2  Sept 09, 1945     6.4  Vanutu

What are these about?

You may see things that I do not see.  But, here is what I see.

We can look at their Gregorian dates, Hebrew dates, size, locations, spacing and previous history on and around those dates.  It is also good to take the time-period as a whole .  We do NOT think Greek and put think things have to have an end and a beginning.  God does not operate that way.  He uses things as reminders and disciplines.

There is so much to discuss and so much history so in order to keep it simple, I’m using the calendar that I feel God has created this last several years as I’ve been writing the book, Yood of Elohim.

The Fast of Av is Av 9.  It is the last day three-week period known as, The Dire Straights.  That time period began with the worship of the Golden Calf in Tammuz.  Tammuz 17 was set a date to Fast in repentance of the Israelites actions in the desert and in fasting that we would never act that way again.

These particular earthquakes close at Rosh Hoshanna Day 2.  Tishrei 2, Feast of Trumpets Day 2.   Tishrei 1 – 10 are the days that the nations should resolve their differences before that Day of Judgment known as Yom Kippur (Tishrei 10).  Or, for those that love God, it is a Day of Atonement which we claim is through Yeshua’s blood on the stake.  It is a day I wear white in recognition of the white linen garment wore by the High Priest that was allowed to approach and go into the Holy of Holies.    The Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) has an incredible story with FIRE connecting it that I’ll share when appropriate.

This time period should be one of repentance from sin, getting to know our king and canceling any debt or bitterness between any king or person.  The King is in the field looking for His bride.  Are you in the appropriate attire?

These quakes are exactly 7 days apart and then their labor pains come quicker to four days apart.    Seven is a number that does mean rest, but what did it take to get to that rest?  Many are sifted and refined to a point of no return in order to finally release themselves to God.  It is interesting how God instructs men to rest and they argue about it.

The nations at our time in history have a glut of oil sitting in barges around the world.  It has been SEVENTY (70) YEARS since we struck up solid business with the foreign kings.   Who would have thought our waters could be literally burning right now because of the OIL surplus.  There is a story I will soon reveal, but in history the fire seem to start at the same time in our spills.  It is coming and I fear this Shemittah will see that Great Burn happen in this the 7th Shemittah as it closes out.  Back to the story…..

We have eight earthquakes of discipline when Japan just had TWO Atom bombs with around 240,000 people now missing from the face of the earth.   These two bombs on the Hebrew calendar were AV 27 and AV 30.  It was August 6 and again on August 9, 1945.

Past History on the Hebrew calendar:

Av 12:    1914 Britain was forced to go war with Germany.  Germany had declared war on Russia and Europe.  WWI began when Austria Archduke was assassinated.

    1920 Jews Join Olympics pledging to Zeus, wearing no loin clothes, pride of personal achievement.  Olympics halted for two years by Germany’s WWI.  1920 London has 17-day Olympics, 776 BC Olympics, 1896 modern Olympics (Jews not allowed and had their own Maccabee Olympics competing among themselves).   2011 Warsaw Poland Train kills 4, 250 on board.   2010 THREE Philippine Earthquakes 7.3, 7.5, 7.6.

AV 13     1959 10.0 Earthquake Montana.  Earth rotated for 11.5 hours and formed Hegen Lake 324,000 acre feet, drops 3 meters.   Hwy 287 split at four places forming a dam 1,500,000 sq kilo Seattle to Provo UT, 28 die, 11 M damage.

AV 14     1959  7.3 Quake at Yellowstone Nat. Park, 6.5 Wyoming largest on record.

1980 5.2 Kentucky’s largest

1994  Jewish Buenos killed, bombs kills 86, wounding 300.

2014  6.0 JAPAN, 4.5 Afghanistan, 5.0 Alaska, 5.0 Mexico, 5.6 Philippines

AV 15      Tu’BAv – Celebration, Trees are planted in Israel.  Tu’b means 15.  It is           known as Breaking of Ax–when annual cutting of firewood for Temple alter is concluded.

AV 22      1945 6.3 Taiwan (7 days after AV 13 6.7 to Sumatra Islands)

1974 Nixon Resigns

1993  7.8 Guam, largest

1945  6.3 Taiwan – Seven days earlier 1945 6.7 Sumatra Islands

1945 Hiroshima B-29 A-bomb Little Boy dropped killing 90-166,000, 6 August, 1945.  (70th Hebrew Anniv)

1961 Obama born

2014 6.2, 5.8, 5.7 Iran

AV 23     1914  Panama Canal Opens

1982 S&P Loss 27%, Dow Jones Loss..double dip recession.

2012 6.3, 6.4 Iran on Shabbot

AV 27      1945 Hiroshima B-29 A-bomb.  Enola Gay drops Little Boy Killing 90-166,000.

1949 Canada 8.1, Tetrad eclipse cycle

1969 Russia 8.2

2005  Gaza razed.  Gush Katif no longer exists.  Hamas controlled bombing Israel continually.  10-year Anniversary 2015 is not a celebration.

2013 Rouhani President of Iran

AV 29     1945  6.4 Andawan Island India

1966 Syria attacks Galilee boat

1967 Kartoum Conference, Israel offers to return all the land won in Six-Day War and it is refused….no peace!  (Chieftains reject land and Israelites)

Mosche chisels new set of stone tablets at Mt. Sinai.  Will God accept their new hearts?  Forty days (Tishrei 10) they will find out.

AV 30     1945 Nagasaki A-bomb dropped since AV 27 A-bomb Killing  60-80,000  and more with fallout.  The People’s War ended 6 Elul, August 15, 1945.

1961 Berlin Wall goes up on Shabbot.  1961-1989

1987 S&P Peak 336 this day, drops 33% by 12.87.  It takes two years to regain. Shemittah year.

2010 7.3 Vanuatu

1138 AD Syria Quake kills 230,000.

Elul 5      1945 6.5 JAPAN

1939  September 1 Nazi tanks begin invasion

1999 7.6 Izmit Marmar 17,000 lost in sea of Marmar 8.17.99.

Elul 6     1945 Japan Surrenders

2013 Laszio Csatany dies, 98. Holocaust Number One wanted Nazi Budapest Hungary

Elul 20    1923 7.9 Tokyo

1945 6.9 Vanutu

1951 6.5 Turkey

2003 Desert Storm 2 – ends Iraq 70 year reign

Elul 23     1945 7.5 New Zealand, south island

1993  PLO recognized by Israel

2001  Twin Towers Hit

2005  Hurricane Rita 12 Billion

Elul 27     1945  6.6 Papua New Guinea

1993 Oslo Accord – PLO declares principles

Elul 29 – DAY OF REMISSION if in Shemittah year.

1945 Last Day of Ramadan – Day of Remission, 7th Shemittah ends today

1959 Total Solar eShabbot, eve of Rosh Hoshanna –  Day of Remission, 7th Shemittah 1959 cycle ends

1987 6.0, 6.1 Antarctic Ridge – Day of Remission 7th Shemittah 1987 ends

2001 6.0 Indonesia – Day of Remission 7th Shemittah 2001 cycle ends

2001 NY Stock Exchange Collapse resulting from 9.ll.01, 7th Shemittah ends

2007 8.3 Japan (last day of 6th Shemittah cycle)

2007 8.5 Sumatra     ”          “

2007 7.0 New Zealand     ”     “

2008 Ramadan Ends (Muslims believe Allah will grant their prayers this day) 7th Shemittah cycle ends this day 2008.

2008 Wall Street Crash – 7th Shemittah 2008 cycle ends 

2014  Blood Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse, 2 of 4 eclipse,  2014-2015 Tetrad

2015 Solar Partial Eclipse, 7th Shemittah cycle ends this day, Sept. 13, 2015

Tishrei 1    Rosh Hoshanna, Feast of Trumpets, First Day of Civil Calendar

1918  8.2 RUSSIA, Sabbath

1950 Total Solar

2007  Britain’s Fifth largest bank, Northern Rock, collapses. First bank to collapse.  First day of 7th Shemittah Year.

2014  6.2 Alaska – First day of 7th Shemittah cycle.

2014  6.0 Solomon Islands     ”          “

2014  Moore OK, Beheading     ”        “

Tishrei 2   1945  6.4 Vanutu – Year one of Shemittah cycle – Last of eight 6+ earthquakes from Fast of Av to Feast Trumpets Day 2.

1948  7.5  Iran/USSR – Derailed trains

1948   7.3  Russia/Iran

1973  Ramadan Begins

2000  6.4 Tanzania – First day of 7th Shemittah cycle

2013  6.0, 6.6

Av 12 begins with Germany forcing Britain into war. Germany declared war on Russia and Europe. Since we are not thinking “Greek” and pin-pointing these events to a certain tail on a certain donkey, as we look in general what is happening in this part of history we examine the ‘Y’ of the coming holocaust of 1938-1945. Yes, it will be an exact Shemittah cycle.

We see a time period when God desired for the Jews to remain holy, ‘set apart’, from the world.   They desired to be part of the world as we see them finally being accepted into the Olympics in 1920, it will only increase their further downfall.   God shortened the Olympics to only two years with Germany having the nations in an uproar with WW I.

Pledging allegiance to Zeus was done by Antiochus Epiphanies in 167 BC and Zeus is identified as an ‘Abomination of Desolation.’ He was a god set up the Holy Temple. The Maccabees would remove the statue that could NOT speak or do anything when they cleansed it at Chanukah known as the Festival of Lights in the month of Kislev around December.

The Jews would have to remove their loin clothes as they ran naked and yet they bandaged their circumcision to avoid embarrassment. This denied the God who brought them to this point in history. They are a race of people that has always had a remnant and even their original Hebrew language can be found in tact. Each letter has a number and picture associated with it so it confirms itself again and again.

Our first quake that God showed us today in 1945 occurred on Av 13. Time zones and calendar day differences lend me to look at days before and after these quakes to see what was happening in history that can give us a larger picture of God’s message to us.

Av 13 – Interestingly, we are looking at the year 1959 that is also the 7th Shemittah cycle ready to close out. Montana hosted a 10.0 that formed Hegen Lake of 324,000 acres. It built a dam from Seattle to Provo, Utah.

I have been quite concerned for America as it is Oklahoma that has been having constant quaking and rumblings these last several years. I try not to drive through there in case the bridges are showing their wear. They have heard loud noises in the last months and do not know what to contribute it to.  Connecticut has had a few quakes in the last several weeks and as I read through their history, there is a town that means rumblings.  It is prone to earthquakes.

Could it be that God is showing us today these past events that were hosted in the United States and at the close of the 7th Shemittah cycle?  Perhaps we are ready for some pressure release this summer or sooner.  This coming Av, Elul and Tishrei should be closely watched….for the Hand of God.

This picture today is about the Jewish nation who in these last weeks have been slaughtered in their streets and even in Europe. France synagogues were closed two Shabbots ago because of terrorist attacks on the Jews. This has not happened since this time of the Holocaust at WWII.  And yes, it closed out the 7th Shemittah cycle with the release of the ‘enemy.’  Wow…I like that…and we DO know who the victor is!

January 26 was Holocaust Remembrance Day and now we are reminded again of the holocaust at these 1945 quakes talking to us today. It is also Roe vs Wade and we still continue the holocaust of innocent children to the tune of 500,000 babies a year. One million children in the last two years.

Pin the tail on this donkey. If women want to believe that the child within them is just a glob of matter easily to be disposed of, could it be that they are being blinded to have their breasts removed by the false premise that there is a gene that could give them cancer? Would it serve us right?

There is a book called Epigenics that will prove disease is not genetic. I may have DNA strands that make me look like my mother, but I will die like my mother as I do not eat or smoke like my mother did. I truly loved my mother but I won’t die like her.

AV 14 shows Jews being killed by bombs in 1994 and more earthquakes destroying the United States at Yellowstone and Kentucky.   JAPAN and Afghanistan are showing up in our current 2014 earthquakes. Japan has it’s own story and God keeps reminding them of their wrong decisions about world power. They were forced to sign a pact of war against Germany in WWII since they were part of the problem in WW I.

These 1945 quakes are occurring at the time of the two atomic bombs being dropped on Japan. It took double strikes to get them to surrender. It was a year ago that there was still pride by a leader who gave credit to the ’cause’ of their soldiers at a Memorial Day remembrance. There is NO pride from the enemies side that can be given credit to destruction.

Even in this report we see that one of the last Nazi commandos died. The United States did NOT do enough to rid the world of these people and hide them in countries like Argentina.  Thus, we still have communism and fascist thoughts that have been prevailing from this evil.

Tish is 9 and Tu B is 15. Thus on the 15th of Av it is a day to plant a tree in Israel. It was given to the Jews because it was a barren and wretched place with some swamps even. It will be through Tu’BAv that many trees will be planted throughout the land to fulfill the scriptures that the land will produce…and it is!

Notice the spacing of these 1945 earthquakes…7, 8, 7 days. All showing the Shemittah year, week, purification, sifting, falling and release of the system God has in place.

AV 22 shows earthquakes and a big earthquake called, Nixon resigning. I believe God put him in office for a purpose and it was to help Israel from the miserable unpredicted attack on IsraEL on Yom Kippur. It will be Tishrei 10 that knocks Israel off it’s feet and they can’t get up for about two weeks. It will be Nixon calling Margaret Thatcher and they agreed to come to the aide of Israel.  God knew he had a mother who told him about the Nation of Israel. For his moment in time, he was there as was Harry S Truman.

Amazingly, on this same day in 1961 Obama was born. Obama will come to reign during an entire Shemittah cycle and will close out 2015 proving he has hated Israel. He is a Muslim and adheres to the ways of Allah. He swore in on the Koran and he will leave loving that book.

We are reminded of what Muslims believe just by seeing the first beheading on America’s soil in 2014 at this time.

The Berlin Wall will go and it will Reagan who gets it down. On AV 30 we see the Nagasaki bomb dropped with many people killed on my birthday, but before I was born.
The Shemittah year 1987 peaked on this day but will lose itself within a few short months and take two years to come back. It is what the Day of Remission is all about.

These earthquakes are showing us the future as we next walk into Elul where the King is in the Field. Are the sheep searching for him? Were the kids of Mosche holding their breathe as Mosche was on the mountain with God one more FORTY days and nights? Do we hold our breathe and pray for forgiveness of whom we have offended during the month of Elul so if we blow the shofar for help our Creator will listen? Will we hear his trumpet call on Tishrei 1. All is released and forgiven.

On Elul 5 the Nazi tanks rolled and began the invasion but it would still be 6 Elul God chose for the enemy to STOP. … Could we have known? God knew! He knew that Holocaust Number One would die on the day Japan surrendered to end WWII.  It was 6 Elul, the day and number of man.

It was finished as the King came onto the field and calls His own to Himself. He looked at the scared from the battle…those who burned in the ovens. He knew their similar end as they burned in a different type of burn…it was a flash for some in Japan.
Is it hard to talk about…Yes! But, what is harder is that after SEVENTY years we have not gotten past ourselves. We give American lives for oil in Desert Storm. Babylon did not complete it’s SEVENTIETH year as a nation. Seventy years of sifting people in Iraq for palaces of kings.  The palaces still flourish as we read about the last King Abdullah dying this last week in Shevat as I write.

The Palestinian Authority was recognized by Israel finally after threats from the world. Today, in 2015 it’s open sport to kill a Jew. The Palestinian children and people are openly taught how to kill in public places. Muslims around the world gladly give their life for the killing of a single Jew.

Elul 23 brings us to another ending of the 7th Shemittah cycle. The Twin Towers in NY had people saying, “Who did this?” “Who are these people.” We were told by President Bush that they are ‘peaceful’ people. It is time to describe the word peace. To the Muslim, the end justifies the means. You can lie because you know that your peace means something other than what is thought. Peace in Allah is not Peace in Christ or Messiah. Whose peace are we talking about?

We forced the PLO on Israel and we forced ourselves to make ‘deals’ for oil. Hurricane Rita shows up even hurting President Bush’s personal resident. The Bushes produced the worst thing ever for Israel, The Road Map for Peace.’ God’s Road map is one of Remission.  He will release His land so Messiah can return and reign as was promised to King David.  Men don’t want to learn about the OT because it seems to be full or killings and purging.  Christians want peace without war!  God says there is only peace by a strong arm.   No. No. NO…  we must have the wrong God…they say.

I’m up to that day…The Day of Remission – Elul 29. I never knew what this day was until I read, ‘The Mystery of the Shemittah’ by Johnathan Cahn. It is a special day. It only happens one time in seven years.  But, it has a wave ahead of it and after it.

The example will be real in that observant Israel is to lay the ground fallow in the 7th year. If you do that you hope that you can store extra in the years before to prepare for the year of rest. This is likened to the years of famine in Egypt with Joseph. This 2014-2015 is the year the land of Israel should be laid fallow. It is the year of release and captives are set free. After that 7th year, is there a crop ready to harvest? No! Now the farmer must find the seed to plant again. Thus, things are still lean until that crop matures and can be harvested.

That is the pattern that Johnathan has seen in the financial realm and shows that in his book. Do we see it in other realms. That is what I’d like to view in the earthquakes and what people blame on ‘mother nature’ of whom I give CREDIT to God Himself as Adonai.

It is El Shaddai who gave the promises to Abraham but Abraham didn’t get to see it fulfilled. It would be by the strong Hand of Adonai as seen through the hands of Mosche that would bring the Israelites into the land. These are the hands that we need to realize are working today for us, The Children of the King whom we see in the fields of the earth during these times.

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