The Mystery of 36 – Adonai rebuilds the ruins

Masada by Dead Sea

Ezekiel 36:36 Then the nations around you that remain will know that I, Adonai, have rebuilt the ruins and replanted what was abandoned. I, Adonai, have spoken; and I will do it.’


June 7, 1967 Six-Day War, 6 Iyyar

6.6.67 – 5th Day of War – Egyptians surrender

Egyptians change mind – 6.6.67 IsraEL captures Jerusalem (36 hours later?)

June 7,1967 6th Day of 6-Day War, 6 Iyyar, 6.7.67

2010 BP Oil Spill- 36 Hours of Burning

2015 Lamb Chosen 10 Nissan * 36 4.5+ Earthquakes *

2015 Sabbath Kedoshim 6 Iyyar * 36 4.5+ Earthquakes * Nepal 5000 die

(2014, Nov 30, Kislev 8, 5000 buffalo slain offered to Gadheimai, goddess of power. 100 m from Nepal’s Kathmandu capitol)

Two Mounts * Mt Olive – Mt Everett

Yeshua, anointed lamb dies within view of Temple on Mt Olive, Capitol Jerusalem

6 Iyyar 2015 has 36 4.5+ earthquakes *

Solar Saros Cycle 136  September 32-36 AD

Died at 53rd Longitude and 32nd Parallel

Did God show Abraham land to the 36th Parallel?

Josephus writes that Adam had 56 children.  Did Abraham see to the 56 longitude?  (A Pattern?)

Millionaire Esau was given 360 animals by returning Jacob

Highway 436 leads to Israel’s Memorial to America’s 911

The two sets of 36 4.5+ earthquakes bookend, The Choosing of the sacrificial Lambs to the Sabbath  has two readings:   1. “Holy (set apart) and 2. ‘after the death’, Torah studies.  These bookend Passover time portraying destruction bringing life…FOUR weeks of turmoil cover Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day, Israel’s Memorial Day, and Israel’s Independence Day, which goes though the days of Passover and the Counting of the Omer; Day 1 to 23.  Day 1 is Nissan 10 to Day 23, 8 Iyyar…   Four weeks.

The Lamb was lifted up on the stake as represented by 9 (Tet) snake.  He was chosen and then set on the hill to be displayed naked before men in the holiest of cities on the earth.  Mt. Everett represented the hills of pride as they are the highest mountains for men to climb.  5000 residents and tourists/climbers died that day in 2015 and  after three days the shaking would not stop.  This older couples home was gone and then on the third day their little shak (cardboard and tin scrapes) was gone…no place for their head was to be found…they had to give up and said it was just best to die.

(IsraEL was first to arrive.)

Pattern of 36 – Gimel 3 (camel, lifted up) Holy Spirit – connecting to man, Vav, 6 (nail).

Holy Spirit connects you to the man who was nailed to the stake as a sign of the covenant.     Messiah’s says He will come back as Comforter securing man in Torah for life.

3 + 6 = 9 =  Tet – to surround, picture of snake

Yeshua Messiah was surrounded by strife to be lifted up, and now He would be looked upon as the healer as Mosche had them look upon the snake.  The snake that killed them now foreshadowed the bitterness that would save them.  Torah will convict of sin (sting of death) and then you live by Torah (God’s instruction) once convicted of your need for salvation.  It seems to be hard for man to admit he is a sinner.  Sin is falling short of the Adonai’s instructions (Torah).

That old serpent of sin was crushed, hung up and no longer could surround us in death.  The Holy Spirit (3) in Man (6) can now be surrounded (Tet, 9) but lives in safety because of Holy Spirit.

Patterns in detail

2010 Gulf Oil Spill –  IsraEL’s Independence Day HaAtzmaut, 23 Day Counting Omer, April 20, 2010.

2010 Gulf Oil Spill – April 21, rig burned 36 hours and sank.  Buried in water – mikvah/baptism

2015 4.5+ Earthquakes – 36 on Nissan 10, Day Lamb (Yeshua) is chosen, to be buried on Nissan 15.

2015 4.5+ Earthquakes – 36 on 6 Iyyar Sabbath Kedoshim, ‘After the death’ and ‘Holy’; two readings.  Two earthquakes at Nepal; 7.8, 6.6.

Six-Day War 1967, Cairo welcomed 6 Iyyar as one more day of war:  Was it 36 more hours…. closing on 7 Iyyar?  Did God puts hooks in Egypt’s nose for one more war game?  This was the day IsraEL RECAPTURED Jerusalem……God’s footstool.  Today, this update of December 2, 2015, it is said that the Arabs have claimed The Patriarch’s Memorial in Hebron as their site.  They were given charge over many things, so that the places of historical meaning would not be destroyed.  Now, the Cave of Mechpelah and Jerusalem are being ‘taken’ by words and human deeds…not title deeds because that is recorded in Genesis as being purchased for 400 shekels.  Even, then it would take Abraham 400 years to grow his family and bring them home to this spot.  It seems he paid one shekel of silver for every year he had not yet returned as a clan.  They were all buried there, but that was only the start of what God had promised through Isaac and now Jacob.

Oh yes, Esau had 400 soldiers with him prepared to make war with Jacob.  Esau door (Dahlet is door) to his kingdom would not be violated with Jacob walking in and taking over Abraham’s 7 million in assets.  Esau left bite marks in Jacobs neck and we see Jacob impressing the 360 animals on Jacob in exchange for the life of his family.  360 animals given to not be sifted by hateful Esau.  And in John’s revelation he brings three years and 6 months into our minds as the battle with Jacobs enemies continues to the end of days.  It will be 3.6 years that the two witnesses will have power to strike the earth as they seem fit to bring man to their senses that Adonai is a living God and active in his promises to Abraham through Jacob.

The memorial that God set up for 6 Iyyar Sabbath 2015 and 1967 War is to REST on the 7th day.  The Six-War will be remembered and embraced through this story.   It’s the Hand of God again in patterns with the principles being His.  His principle is that Jerusalem has always been His footstool on the earth.  Second principle is that the nations (seas/water) will be punished for coming against her.  The anointing can be black death or you can be anointed in Messiah Yeshua which is life.


The Mystery of 36 * The Mystery of 6 Iyyar * Mystery of Esau

2010 Iyyar 6, Israel’s Independence Day, April 20.    Iyyar 7 Gulf Oil Spill, Macondo rig burns 36 hrs and sinks.  I have a blog on this so check it out.  This oil spill begins on IsraEL’s Independence Day and ends 152 days later on Yom Kippur Day 2.  Incredible…the message it carries.

2015 Nissan 10 Jesus/Yeshua is chosen as the Jews lamb as he is paraded on a donkey into Jerusalem.  It is on this day that the Hebrews are all choosing their ‘perfect’ lamb to tie to their doorsteps to love on until they are told to kill it on Passover.  Choosing of the Lamb, March 30 2015  36 4.5+ earthquakes, 48-country tsunami alert

2015 Iyyar 6 Sabbath Kedoshim ‘after the death/holy’, April 25 2015 36 4.5+ earthquakes.

1967 – The Sinai was cut off from IsraEL forcing them to war.  The pre-empted  strike took out Cairo’s Air Force. Israel was hit on all fronts and all fronts responded with success over five days.  As the fruit of the trees is God’s to give in the fifth year, so too was God’s land given back.  Men represent trees and if they produce fruit they will not be cut down.   The enemy had called for a cease fire.  Then, surprisingly, they changed their mind.  Adonai put hooks in their nose to draw them to the Battle for Jerusalem.

On Iyyar 6, Jerusalem would now be returned to IsraEL.  That was the end of the Six-Day War with numerous miracles defining it.  God rested on 7 Iyyar,  June 6, 1967.  (See any patterns in these numbers?  Seven is what happens after severe sifting.)

Lie Repeated
Jerusalem is Adonai’s Footstool


Letter Gimel – 3  – High lifted up –  It is represented by the figure of the camel which lifts us up.  It is the third letter of the aleph-Bet and is representative of God as spirit, as man, and as Holy Spirit (Comforter).  Numerical value is 3.

Letter Vav – 6 – add, secure, hook.  It’s picture language is a tent peg.  It connects man to the tent of grace.  Numerical value is 6.  Six is considered the number for man.

Order of months:  Nissan, Iyyar

Nissan 10 is Choosing of THEE Lamb of God.  Jesus/Yeshua leave and returns to prepare for the Seder/Passover before He submits to the crucifixion.

Iyyar 6 is the 20th Day Counting of the Omer – 10 4.5+ quakes 2015 – Iyyar 6 ties to Iyyar 6 of the last day of The Six-Day War.  Iyyar 6 is the calm before the earthquake storm that loses over 5,000 people in Nepal.  It is the day God rested in 1967 but it is the day He struck the highest mountain to achieve to climb, Mt. Everest.  This moutain is the ‘Pride of Man’, located in India/China .. full of idol worship.

Iyyar 7 is 21st Day Counting Omer – 45 4.5+ quakes 2015 – Four is the door.  April is the fourth Gregorian month.

2015 April 25, Nepal 7.8, 6.6; On Sabbath Kedoshim, ‘after the death/holy’ Lev 16:1-20:27; Amos 9:-15; Luke 14-17.  Check the article on this under, earthquakes….very interesting.  This story now adds to confirming God’s hand in His creation.

Instruction Scroll
Torah Scroll to keep men safe on the earth

Update August 11, AV 26 2015 – I was charged and knocked flat by calf tagged 36

Wow….I’m not sure what this is about but as I was charged by a 400-pound calf this day.   I looked up from the ground and saw his ear tag was 36.  He had just came from a sale barn and I’m sure wanted his mother.   My husband ran to pick me up off the ground before he returned to stomp on me.  I had been charged by this animal and flattened to the ground.  What hurt?….not my pride at all….they had told me he was charging even the four-wheeler.  My bum hit first and  then my head snapped as it hit the ground.   Did I sleep that night?  Did I sleep for the next week?  No, every move was an ache.    Yes,  I had been thrown down in manure…but it was dry manure.  I praised Adonai for His protection.

He finally decided to load into the borrowed red trailer and that is where we have left him over night with hay and water.   Our plan was to halter him, hog-tie lead him around showing him who is boss.  That did not happen as a pen was made for him and he was released the next day only to charge through the corner of his new pen to join his friends.

THIRTY-SIX…..I know my God protected this poor human being.  He left me to finish writing this blog ….should I get knocked out permanently.  lol

Update:  Elul 9, August 23 2015 – Solar 136 when Yeshua lived

The Mystery of 36 continues and has shown up in the Solar Saros series 136 that was occurring at the time Messiah Yeshua was on earth in 33 AD.  I write in depth about this in a post titled, September 2015 and September 33 AD align.  Read it next.   That would be the Solar series during his time on earth.  It makes sense that six is the number for man, three shows the Father, Son and Holy Spirit that worked in him and caused that 9 (letter Tet) that is surrounding and twisting.  One is the Aleph which held it all together…They total 10 which is the letter yud shown in the picture language has the strong hand.  Aleph is God and thus we see the strong hand of God on Yeshua’s life on the earth.

33 AD 136 Saros Solar Cycle
33 AD 136 Saros Solar Cycle

Now we see the Mystery of 36 unraveled.  We will only have twisting and being surrounded by evil unless we add God to our lives.  Thank you Adonai for joining with us in our stresses.

A friend suggested I read Ezekiel 36….  It is powerful.  Here is Ezekiel 36:36 with 35 and 38 surrounding it.  Yes.. it is God who does the sifting to build up.

Complete Jewish Bible, e-sword.

Eze 36:35 Then they will say, “The land that used to be desolate has become like Gan-`Eden, and the cities formerly ruined, abandoned and wasted have been fortified and are inhabited!”

Eze 36:36 Then the nations around you that remain will know that I, Adonai, have rebuilt the ruins and replanted what was abandoned. I, Adonai, have spoken; and I will do it.’

Eze 36:37 “Adonai Elohim says, ‘In addition, I will let the house of Isra’el pray to me to do this for them: to increase their numbers like sheep —
Eze 36:38 like flocks of sheep for sacrifices, like the flocks of sheep in Yerushalayim at its designated times, in this degree will the ruined cities be filled with flocks of people. Then they will know that I am Adonai.’ “

In 33 AD Yeshua prepared to die on that stake.  It was its designated time.  (Solar Saros Cycle 136)

In our generation we see Israel rising up in her land.  We can  help this flock to establish God’s Torah in the land, or we can be cursed and not help. Either way, it is God that will accomplish His will…..knock me down Adonai so I can RISE up to help!

Note: Ezekiel 36:37  It is a privilege to be allowed to pray to God to increase their numbers.  He will hear those prayers as it is His will.


update Simchat Torah – October 5, 2015 —

I was sent this picture of the only other 911 Memorial in the world….it is in Israel.  It reminded me of how I began this article.

Ezekiel 36:36 Then the nations around you that remain will know that I, Adonai, have rebuilt the ruins and replanted what was abandoned. I, Adonai, have spoken; and I will do it.’

Israel built a Memorial that you drive on Highway 436 to reach from Jerusalem.  They are the nation that remains that is rebuilding the ruins.  The four is the Dahlet represented by the symbol of a door.  They are the DOOR through which the nations are grafted….through Messiah Yeshua.  When I was trying to read the names on the memorial….I kept seeing Christians names…….our hearts are melded together into one spirit.

IMG_1962 IMG_1965 IMG_1969

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