Atomic #Bomb Trinity- loaded questions!

Patterns as the earth’s 120th begins October 2, 2016….6000 year old earth!

On the Hebrew Calendar today is Av 6, August 10, 2016. On Av 6 1945 it was three days before the dreadful day of the Hebrews losing The Temple several times on the same day, Av 9. In fact, so many bad things happened to them in history that it became none as The Fast of Av. The Ninth of Av became a day of fasting for the Hebrew. And, things got so bad between the ‘Worship of the golden calf and the losing of The Temple that this 21-day period is known as The Dire Straits. Tammuz Day 17 to Av 9 is 21 days.

(This is part of a pattern that showed up in the time of Jacob’s troubles while he lived in the house of Laben. He worked 7 years for two wives, had eleven children in the next 7 years and in the 3rd set of 7 years he was away from home attending to the breeding and care of the flocks. It will be in the 20th year that he is fed up with being mistreated and wants to go back to his father’s house.)
Tammuz 17 was the day of the worship of the Golden Calf and then the calf was melted down and the gold was put in the water for the people to drink. 3000 died at that judgment. In history this time period continues to be a time of distress and is respected by all Jews and those who want to share their burdens by having a humble spirit before The Creator. Fasting and prayer….not even getting married was implemented.
I write this note today, Av 6 because it is the 71st Anniversary (70 completed years) of the successful test of “Trinity” A-bomb at Alamogordo, New Mexico. It is also on this day, July 16 1945, that Stalin informed The Potsdam Conference demanding unconditional surrender by July 26 1945. TEN days! This demand was rejected and history shows us that two nuclear atomic bombs were thus dropped. The first on Av 27 (August 6) and Av 30 (August 9) 1945. No surrender and thus three days later another 60 – 80,000 souls perished by the second drop.
Ba'al idol-worship
Ba’al idol
We must remember history so we do NOT repeat it. The 1945 Dire Straits was then was also the beginning of CERN. This terrible nuclear waste of lives moved Europe to find scientists who would help them develope their own nuclear weapons. The European Council for Nuclear Research was born. The letters were transposed and eventually became CERN.  But what did CERN become after it’s many failures? They became a portal for evil. They worship the goddess Cernus and  as a collider spun faster and faster trying to find what and/or the release of energy that created us. Their film called, Symmetry, shows man blending in and becoming united with that on the other side of the thin veil that separates us.
In 2014 the Nobel Peace prize was awarded to the group for finding what they named Higgs Bosom. They saw something, an energy force, but did not know what it was. Thus their phrase; “Why is there something when there is nothing?”
They knew that the numbers one and two were invaluable. Somewhere between these two numbers held our universe together. They said that it was 10 to the 120th power. That number would have 26 zeros after it. That is how fragile our universe is. It is barely turned on.
Thus, with a veil that thin….they must think that with enough magnetic force it could be penetrated. The scriptures ways that the demons (bad angels) are held in the abyss. The Satanists are now trying to release these angels. Thus, this spring we witnessed the play put on at the Gothard tunnel opening ceremonies dedicated to dancing to release these beings. (I’m sure this tunnel is going to be home to the EU friends who have their own dwellings ready for them in case of world chaos.)
Weird? Yes, except for the fact that the German chancellor Angela Merkel, French president Francois Hollande and Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi found time to join Swiss president Johann Schneider-Ammann for a maiden voyage through the rail tunnel on Wednesday of the Gothard Tunnel this spring 2016. The ritual “is meant to ‘honor’ the workers who died constuction of the tunnel. Why is baby  Lucifer creepily flying above them?”   Go to TEDxCERN and watch “Breaking the Rules” Turbulence.
We need to understand that the Olympics is about men’s accomplishments and they still follow Greek gods parading their torch across the earth in dedication to Diana and Zeus. They chant their pledge to these gods. The Torah is the light to the world, not this Olympic torch.
CERN (Council for European Research Nuclear) also is about men’s accomplishments and their desire to become as gods. This is NOT what The Creator had in mind. On Av 9 The Temple was removed twice from wrong hearts and finally the Father burnt his house down in 70 AD. God desires to dwell within the temple of man in the spirit and in his heart. He writes his Words on man’s heart and it is the Holy Spirit that convicts man of sin. If man is not following God’s instruction (torah) then the real truth, Spirit of God, is not within Him. Man will always do what is right in his own eyes, but man must do what is right in God’s eyes. When men do Torah correctly, The Temple will once again be holy – set apart to show man’s love heart to Adonai.
It is time to repent…return to torah…The ways of the ancient fathers which go back to Adom, Seth, Enoch, Noach, Shem, Abraham, King David and Jesus Christ (whose Hebrew name is Yeshua). These people lived by the foundation stones of the earth and Yeshua (known as the living Torah) is the cornerstone.
The 17 years of digging out this tunnel in Switzerland is connected to patterns in history. These patterns will show us the future ‘second’ coming. Yeshua was here in 17 AD, which began the 80th Jubilee of our earth. In 2017 the earth begins its 120th Jubilee (50 years). It will be 2000 years from the time of Christ, The Messiach.  The earth will be 6000 years since Adam…. 50 x 120 = 6000.  We will begin earth’s 6001 year in the fall of 2016.
January 2017 does not begin the Jubilee. It being on Tishrei 1, at dusk on Sunday, October 2, 2016. It is called the Day of Trumpets, Rosh Hoshannah, the first day of the Civil Calendar which changed to the year 5777 for the Hebrew. But, as we see it is also the 6000th year from Adam…. Yes, the year of SIX is completed and we are walking into the 6001st year since Adam. I have a fun story about that as well. But, this might be too much for some already. Just know that Noah was 601 when he got off the ark. And, there were 601,750 people who crossed the Jordan to take the land over a period of twenty years with Joshua and Caleb. Mosche had them kill all the Midianites and then Adonai took him. These 601,750 Israelites were ages 20 to 40. All of the elders died because they didn’t believe God could help them conquer the land. These 20 to 40 year-old Hebrews took 20 years but they did it. Jacob came out of Laben after twenty years. Yes, not the same, but similar patterns. We must stop thinking Greek and think Hebrew…circular. The same story but not the exact same story or element.
Adam in the Strong’s Concordance is #119 rudy, #120 mankind. Adam began the human race and now in the 120th Jubilee of our earth, the Messiach (known as the ‘second Adom’) should have his ‘Second’ coming. He came as the ‘suffering servant’ and now he will ‘reign as king.’
Noach lived to be 950 years, missing the last 50 years of living to 1000 years old. He was missing the last Jubilee (50 years) to making it to 1000  years old. My belief is that he is a picture of the Messiach returning in the last Jubilee of 50 years to finish setting up the earth’s final kingdom ruled by Himself.  Yes, The Messiach, Yeshua, will show up in that last Jubilee of the earth to set up His Kingdom on earth.

Fifty Years – One Jubilee

We know about the seven years of trouble in The Book of Revelation, so what else can we learn about Jacob’s life….his life and family show us the pattern of what will happen in our days…those final days of setting up The Kingship of the Son of David..The Messiach.   We even have his Jacob’s son,  Joseph, going down into Egypt at age 17…This 120th Jubilee of the earth begins in 2017….October 2, 2016 (Hebrew calendar)…  (Remember, Yeshua was on the earth in the year 17 AD, the year the 80th Jubilee began).  Eight represents – new beginnings.  Even Solomon began his reign at age 17 as did Alexander The Great.  It is a pattern that points to that final ruler, The Messiach, Yeshua!
Jacob really never had an influence on Joseph as during Joseph’s  first seven years of life Jacob went off to be a shepherd far away from his, now eleven, children.  (We see this pattern of eleven even in the disciples as Judas removes himself by hanging himself after betraying Yeshua.)   Jacob is portrayed as almost being crucified as he was ravaged by animals, experiences the hot scorching sun during the day and so cold at night in his third shemittah cycle with Laben.     He called his wives to come to him to see if they would leave their father’s Laban’s land.
Joseph was the last child born before Jacob’s wilderness experience. Jacob only gets to enjoy Joseph after Rachel (the idolatrous wife) dies. Joseph is now 7 years old when they leave and is the only  son of Rachel.  Joseph is his ONLY son by Rachel.  This son represents the ‘suffering servant’ son.   Jacob will now have the next TEN years with Joseph before Joseph’s troubles with his brothers land him in Egypt after rising from a cistern (grave).
Joseph and Benjamin (the Son of Right hand) are raised together as brothers. Benjamin is TEN years old  when Joseph is 17 and leaves in bondage to Egypt.  Benjamin will have TEN sons that arrive with him to Egypt to survive the famine of seven years.
Jacob arrives in Egypt at age 130 with 70 children and grandchildren.
Another interesting pattern to watch is the number 110. Jacob is mourned for 110 days and Joseph dies at age 110.
Joseph will spend 93 years in Egypt…just shy 7 years (one Shemittah week) of one hundred.   Jacob lives 93 years after birthing Joseph…he dies at age 147.
Jacob lost Joseph when Joseph was 17 years of age; and now Jacob gets to enjoy Joseph for  17 more years of his life before he dies.    Jacob gets to father Joseph for a total of 34 years as is the pattern of Yeshua being here in the year 17 AD and dying near the age of 34.
Location:  Jacob will lives in Goshen (outside Egypt) for 17 years and Joseph lives in Egypt proper the rest of his life….dying at age 110 with his father in the area for 17 years.
To be more specific about Jacob and Joseph so we can look into our future, Jacob was embalmed by the Egyptians for forty days.  Thus, 77 days were actually attributed to mourning.  Interestingly, Joseph is 77 when Jacob dies.  Seven is a servering number which mean to separate…set aside…rest…Shabbot…  77 — Shabbot, Shabbot…A man that followed Torah his entire life even representing it in mourning or ‘celebrating’ his life.
There has not been a single man on earth that lived longer than Methuselah; 969 yrs. Adom was shorted 70 years; dying at 930 years young. He was told that if he sinned he would die in the day that he sinned. One day is as a thousands years with the LORD.
I did not mean to write so much, but the patterns that I’ve been seeing are all true and God is quickening me to share them as He reveals them to me. We are so stuck in our church philosophies that we do not look at the patterns that show us the real end of the story.
It is NOT the Olympics, or searching to find some power beyond the nuclear….but it is as simple for a child to accept, that The Messiach returns to those that walk in His way.  We can NOT know Him unless we walk like He walks.
The Creator’s ways are contrary to man and thus The Creator’s ways set men apart from the world.
Man is to rest on the Sabbath…as Adom, Noach, Mosche, Christ, Paul, and now I do. It is an eternal covenant that was NOT to go away. Man decided to change the first day of the week to Sunday, and then it made sense to them to worship on the first day…and then they went further and called it, ‘The Day of the Lord.’   Hmm…  The Lord’s Day is when the last trumpet is to sound.  It is the Lord blowing it.
People who want to follow Torah, rest on the Shabbot.  In the New Testament Yeshua said that He was LORD over the Sabbath.
Thus, many believers attend a worship two days.  The worship on the Sabbath and again the next day; but they are belittled for giving two days to the LORD.  Thus many ‘Sabbath’ believers give up Sunday…SAD but okay…they quit getting confused and verbally ‘beat up.’
But, do it with your heart not murmuring.  The worship of the Golden Calf is what they had in Egypt and they could see Taurus in the sky at night; thus the shape of the calf…and it was a clean animal that was used to offer sacrifices.  Their hearts wanted both worlds.   They wanted Egypt’s old ways as it was rich in goods.  Our world is Egypt, full of so many riches that man thinks he deserves and he comes to desire them more than God’s Kingdom that is coming.
We have fifty years (2017-2067) in this 21st Century known as the 120th Jubilee of the earth to witness the setting up of a kingdom that will last for one-thousand years. Then those that agree with that style of reign and instruction will go into eternity. Eternity is eternity. If those born during that kingdom reign don’t like that type of rule, they will be given a chance to ‘opt out’ and not participate. If men think TORAH is old and ‘not for their day’ then they simply ‘opt out.’
It is too bad that men think of the Torah as “law” and something that is forced on them. To me it is a privilege to live in a country and be protected by its laws. The Torah was set up to show men their sin and then to protect them. It has nothing to do with their citizenship…they must apply…just as you apply for citizenship as an American.
The Creator’s application is written in ‘blood.’ The Messiach’s blood on the stake at the Mount of Olives is what even Mosche saw afar off in the future…and now we look back to it. Same thing…same pattern!
The thing we must remember is that it came to the Hebrew people first and they were to share it with the gentiles/goiem. We know that the message of the Torah is to the Jew first and then to the Gentile. The Gentile is grafted into the tree that has its root in Jessie; The Messiach’s lineage.    The Jews problem was and still is that when they shared The Torah they were always persecuted.  It is when the Gentile becomes haughty that they will be loped off.  their time is up when they will no longer listen. “The time of the Gentiles has come in.”  Those will hear…hear and return in repentance and OBEY what the world calls evil…The Torah.
The message that was to be carried to all the world at Pentecost:  The Gentile could join in with the Torah to live as the Jews lived…being kept safe by it on the earth.  The Torah and The Messiach were synonymous.  The Jew knew that if The Messiach violated The Torah in one point, he could not be The Messiach.  Thus, by believing in the resurrection of Yeshua was also believing in the instructions; The Torah.
By doing away with The Torah, ”the church’ is really saying they are doing away with The Messiach. They will not allow Him to return…because they just don’t understand going back to that ‘law’….because the word, ‘grace’, is thought to be a new idea.
Man has always been in God’s grace as ADONAI continually turns his head and begins again with man. The flood is a great example of mercy and grace (unmerited benefit).  The flood children opted out to participate in Adonai’s grace even though his mercy was extended to each of them.  Enoch preached to them and all down their family line to Noach preached to them about The Torah.    Eight accepted Adonai’s instruction and mercy was shown and they built an ark…grace in action…a covering to protect them….a tent held together with pegs (the letter, vav, 6, man) is another picture of grace.  In fact, Yeshua is the man (6) held on the stake (cross) by the pegs (vav, 6).  He is the first man-God that was able to do it…save the world…  601… Six and first.  First is Aleph representing the Ox or God.  Man and God came together to save the world.  Noach’s age was 601 when they began a new world….amazing patterns!
God has circular patterns for us to learn from as Jacob worked for Laben 20 years and then came out…in the third Shemittah cycle of living in that foreign land. In that 21st year (pattern to our 21st century) Jacob had Benjamin (the Son of His right hand)…and now the real ‘The Son of God’s right hand’ is coming again to us.
Read the story of Jacob and you’ll see the pattern of circumcision represented at Shechem.  We must not act like circumcized people, but actually have real circumcisions of the heart. We see the idolatrous woman, Rachel, of whom dies in childbirth. We must die to idols in our lives or the new birth will NOT happen in us.
Yes, today,Av 6, is the anniversary of the successful testing of an atomic bomb in New Mexico. What if this bomb would have failed? WWII would have gone on longer because The Emperor was Japan’s god. It was The Emperor himself that stopped the war. After the second atomic bomb dropped, he said more lives were not worth his one….(even though he too thought he was a god.)
The demand is to RETURN to TORAH. It is not the TORAH that saves a person, but when you LOVE The Messiach, you will do as he does: The Torah!
What has become Taboo in your life?  Who or what caused it?  The Bible challenges our thinking and is full of ‘loaded questions’. Seriously, it’s your life….walk it out in Torah….but, only if you LOVE The Messiach; otherwise…it’s just a WORK…not able to save you from the penalty of sin….spiritual death!  God’s instructions are NOT Taboo!
Challenge:  Study the life of Jacob so you can see his fifty years beginning with Laben.   He is a great pattern to see our future.
More fun stuff:
Jacob births Judah (father of the Jews) in his Jubilee year (age 50).
Joseph births Manassah (gentile) in his Jubilee year, age 50.
Some would look at these as representing the Jew and Gentile…hmm…both being birthed in the 50th Jubilee…makes sense to this author……..
He will return when they  (Jews) say from Jerusalem:   “Blessed is He that comes in the Name of ADONAI.”
It is the Gentile that should be chasing the Jew to learn about The Torah….then it happens….prophecy is fulfilled…right before our eyes…and we participate in chasing them for what they know….so we can participate in their way of worship…not our way!
The Jew first means….The Torah first!