The Oracle – Johnathan Cahn, the Jubilean Mysteries Unveiled.

What is an ‘oracle’? A teller of mystery.

God has appointed words that when the events of the words of the events spoken about come true!

Prophetic Jubilee – Every 50 years

1867 – Seeds were shaken to bring about WW I with Ottoman Empire.  British Empire were having a revival and they like Israel.  Israel rose up in Jubilee year 1917.

End of 1916  –  David Lloyd George and Allenby raised up…to give land back to Israel.  A stream of mysteries cause Israel to come out of the Ottoman Empire.

1917 Mystery – General Allenby drives German planes out of the skies (air) and allowed Jerusalem to be liberated without land destruction.  Where God speaks he will liberate Jerusalem with ‘birds flying’!!

Jerusalem is liberated.  Britain’s motto:  “I will spread my wings and keep my promise.”  Jerusalem was saved in the year of jubilee by birds (airplanes) flying.

On the day of liberation  – Jubilee – setting free – The Scripture matched the occurrence of being set free (jubilee) – 50th year.

Restoration keeps happening even into the days of Donald Trump.

Number Eight is ‘new beginning.  1917 is when new beginning comes.

Daniel’s 1335th Day – Blessed is he that can wait until the 1335th day.  The 1335 year appears in the Middle East on the Islamic calendar.  1917 is year 1335 on the Islamic calendar.  This ‘exact day and exact time’ – should blow us away.

Listen to this interview and then order this hardback book;  The Oracle.

Donald Trump continues to follow ancient appointed Scriptures.

God is on The Throne…in these prophetic times.

One thought on “The Oracle – Johnathan Cahn, the Jubilean Mysteries Unveiled.

  1. This is so interesting! God bless you Jonathan. I heard you on coast to coast the other night. I heard you mention David Lloyd George which peaked my interest, he is an ancestor in our family tree. I have the book the Harbinger and bought one for my daughter also. You are truly blessed….Cheryl p.s. I also watched you on the 700 club,Sid Roth, Jim baker and joni.


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