Earth’s 121st Jubilee – No kids for 1 Jubilee – Part V


Adom and Chanoh will not have children for the first Jubilee (50 years) of their being created.  The jubilees of the earth will match Adom’s age.  In Jubilee two he is age 51-100.  He will be a pattern to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who all begin to have their first children within these ages.  Abraham is 100 when having Isaac,  Isaac has Jacob at age 60 and Jacob will have Benjamin at age 60-61.

Week 1 – Year 1-7

Week 2 – Year 8-14

Week 3 – Year 15-21

Week 4 – Year 22-28

Week 5 – Year 29-35

Week 6 – Year 36-42

Week 7 – Year 43-50

Let us look at them through a Menorah.  Each seven represents one week which is 7 years.  Each arm gives a special enlightenment to understanding the patterns of our Creator.  The middle candle and slightly elevated higher candle represents the Aleph Tav.   It represents Elohim.  It is called the shamash or service candle.  All of the candles are lite from this one.  It is very special just as we’ll see Abel born in it’s light which leads to The Seed…The Messiach.  This Seed will try to be cut off, but we will see a second Seed rise.


7       7       Cain        7       7        7

JUBILEE 2 – First born

Year 15-24 – Qayin

The first born Cain arrives as the first natural birth coming through a human womb.  It is in the third week that holds seven years.  Jubilee 4:1 “And in the third week of the second jubilee she gave birth to Qayin,”

The third week is likened to The Third Day of the Messiach’s coming.  It will be a hard birth.

Adom is 55-71 years of age.  Adom’s age falls in the ‘change-pattern’ for 60 and 61 and even the number 70 is there.  We don’t know what year Cain was born, but we have a seven-year range.  Since Adom and Chanoh were both born on the 6th day of the week, I’m going to suggest that Chanoh was pregnant in year 60 and birthed him in  the 61st year.  This also flows with what we’ve already discussed of Noah entering the ark at age 600 to give birth at 601 to a new earth. The Israelites also were numbered when they crossed into the ‘Promised Land’ and there were 601,750 men between ages 20 and 40.

Jubilee 2 – Second child

Year 22-28   Abel

One Week of 7 years later:


7       7       7         7       7       7

The slain son, Abel, is born in the 4th week of seven years. It is year 22-28.  Now, that is interesting…because I was just writing that I thought Yeshua Messiach probably died in year 27 AD as it would be a Shemittah year of release according to the Hillel calendar.  I believe we have a good confirmation that Abel represented The Messiach in the future.  “He was slain from the foundation of the earth” is seen in Abel and prophesied at the fall with Satan biting the woman’s heal and the woman (Israel) crushing his head.

Abel is the son with the perfect sacrifice of a sweet aroma of fat.  Humans are not able to give their own life as we are told not to murder.  Thus, we can give a perfect animal’s life.  The life is in the blood of every creature.  We are told not to eat blood.  You are literally having an animals blood transfused into your body.


Jubilee 2 – Third child, bride

Year 36-42  Awan

Six Weeks of 7 years in Jubilee 2:


7       7       7         7       Awan       7

Daughter Awan is born in the 6th week of seven years in the same jubilee as her brothers;  Jubilees 3:18.

Interesting:  Adom and chanoh born on 6th day of their week; Awan born in 6th week.  Six means: and, connect, to add.  It is the letter ‘vav’ represented by a shepherd’s staff or hook.  These three represent connecting to life.

The second Jubilee of the earth has been completed.  It is one-hundred years old with five humans tending it.  It is the year 200 – The Second day when sin has to be dealt with.

Abel  is our picture of the ‘Suffering Servant’ of whome also came in the second day.  He is likened also to Benjamin, the second son of Jacob, of whom his entire family is almost wiped off the history pages over sin with an adulterous woman.

Jubilee Three – Abel Slain

Year 101 – First Year, Week One

 Abel is slain.  We are told specifically what week it is.  In Week one (of 7 years) Abel is slain in the Third Jubilee – He is killed in the year 101.  Adom and Chanoh are 101 years of age.  The first murder happens in year one of seven years in that week.

Was Qayin jealous of a woman he wanted to be his bride?  Did she prefer Abel over Qayin.  Did Qayin let his jealousy reach into the heavens with a curse to Adonai for not giving two baby girls in all these years.  Why couldn’t Adonai let his mother have more children in their one hundred years on the earth.  Three children; two boys to fight over one girl.  He had turned to hate what God was about.  He was impatience and thought the festivals were silly.  He didn’t bring his best…but he did bring something…the ground was hard to produce food, but it just did not have the same sweet aroma as ‘fat’ did.

In Qayin’s mind he was seven years older than Abel.  His goals were to build a world, not just tend to sheep.  He was fourteen years older than his sister Awan.

There was now going to be a time of silence.  Awan was the signal.  She was born in that sixth Week and probably that 42nd year.  One hour of time with Adonai would be 41.6 years.  This number 42 brings in ‘silence’ from the family.  We discussed Jacob being away from his family for one-half hour of time.  He left at twenty years and had the ‘son of my right hand’ in that 20.8 th year.  Adom and Chanoh were left in the Gan for 42-44 extra days before being removed at the Rosh Chodesh of the fourth month (Tevet).  This pattern is not exact but it is there.

Awan signals the first murder.  It will be 7 years of adoration of her and the next year, the 8th year Qayin is beyond his desires for the flesh and gets rid of Abel.  Adonai told him that sin lerked at his door and it truly had.

Third Jubilee – First year of first week is year 101.  The first human sacrifice brings 28 years of mourning.  Chanoh and Adom do not come together, wombs are closed.

THIRD Jubilee


M      7       7                 Seth     Azura     7

The first year of the first week of seven years we see murder.  This is the first year of the seven year period.  This is very specific so the next twenty-eight years are completed. (Remember the verse that says “and there was one-half hour of silence in the heavens”?  That is future to come but we also see it here in the ‘third jubilee’ in the number twenty and eight years of  mourning…20.8 years is one-half hour.

Amazing pattern to say the least!

Four weeks of 7 years of silence = 28 years of closed wombs.

Could this be the first four week of a Jubilee and then the ‘good guy’ shows up and births the bride.  This is the youngest bride as Qayin took the woman he wanted from the beginning.  This is a new bride for Seth…born seven years apart.  This could be a jubilee picture of 50 years on the earth again.  Each of these years feels like it’s own tribulation with even silence where we think God is no longer listening.  But, He shows up preparing the world for the Bride that will wear a Torah wedding gown.  He takes this bride .

Jubilee 4:11 “And in the fifth week of the fifth jubilee Sheth took Azura his sister to be his woman, and in the fourth year of the sixth week she bore him Enosh.  He began to call on the name of YAHUAH on the earth.”

FIFTH Jubilee


7       7       7        Sheth Azura marry       Enosh      7

Enosh is the line to Noah that developed through Sheth and Azura.  This line will lead to The Messiach.

Jubilee 4:7 “And Adom and his woman mourned for Hevel four weeks of years, and in the fourth year of the fifth week they became joyful, and Adom knew his woman again, and she bore him a son, and he called his name Sheth; for he said YAHUAH has raised up a second seed unto us on the earth instead of Hevel; for Qayin slew him.”

This tells us Abel was the first seed and now Sheth will be the offspring to bring The Seed, Yeshua Messiach.

Fourth Jubilee


7       7       7         7       7       Chanok

Jubilee 4:8-9 “And in the sixth week he begat his daughter Azura.  And Qayin took Awan his sister to be his woman and she bore him Chanok at the close of the fourth jubilee.”

Qayin and Awan have Chanok.

This is the male form of Chanoh, their mother.  Hei has the ‘breathe’ of God.  This is similar to Abram and Sara both had the ‘breathe’ of God added to their names when they trusted Adonai for the promise to come through them.

I appears that Chanok and Enosh are born

FIFTH Jubilee

Houses were built



7       7      Enosh Noam marry             Qeynan (3rd yr of 5th week)       7       7

Jubilee 4:13 “And in the seventh jubilee in the third week Enosh took Noam his sister to be his woman, and she bore him a son in the third year of the fifth week, and called his name Qeynan.”



Another book that was removed from our bibles was The Book of Enoch.  Enoch was one of the first to write down history and pass it to Noach to keep future records.  We are shocked to see that he was still being sought for advice from a cave at age 500.  He left at age 365 to become a historian you might say.  We won’t look to him as an example of the ‘rapture.’  There is not one man that we know of that did not die a normal death…but we do know of the ONE that rose from the dead on his own….The Suffering Servant, Yeshua.

There are four months that Enoch tells us to mark so we don’t make one of the Lord’s appointments an abomination, nor an abomination a festival of the Lords.

The months are:  Tishrei, Tevet, Nissan, Tammuz.

We are going to call them, ‘marker’ months.  Because if we don’t mark them…we are going to be off by ten days and the Lord’s Festivals will be on the wrong day.

Month One will later be called the Babylonian name, Tishrei.  It will be the first month in these scriptures because Mosche has not yet appeared in history.  At the coming out of Egypt known as Passover, Adonai declared that month to be a first month as well.  This month will have a Babylonia name of Nissan.  It will be very special as it looks forward to the pattern of salvation.  This will be the month that the stake (cross) is used for the The Suffering Servant to purposely die for the sins of mankind.  The lambs were slain in Egypt and that visual story is told every year looking to the execution stake around 27 AD for Yeshua (means: my  salvation).

When we read scripture at Mosche and after, Nissan acts as Month One.

When reading scripture before Mosche, Tishrei acts as Month One.

When either of them are Month One they will also be Month Seven.  Each month will have two time slots.  This is not hard, but they are important to understand so you know what festival is being spoken of.  We also want to make sure that we realize it is the Gentile and pagan festivals that Adonai gets upset with…never His own feasts (mo’ed, appointments).  But, we do see that our Creator gets upset when we do His festival without a sincere heart.  Then, He just wishes you wouldn’t do them.   People have misunderstood this and think they are done away with.  They are NOT…and these patterns prove it.  Even the earthquakes today occur more frequently on them and especially on the Sabbath…when His children are all praying around the earth.  He listens and brings the earth’s birthing pangs closer to bring the final end of man’s peace…bringing in His peace.

Tishrei is the month one from where we start our count.

Tishrei – Month One

Cheshvan – Month Two

Kislev – Month Three

Tevet – Month Four

Jubilee 3:33 “And on the New Moon of the fourth month, Adam and his woman were sent forth from the Garden of Eden, and they dwelt in the land of Elda in the land of their creation.”

The New Moon of Tevet – Rosh Chodesh they are removed…a three day window span.

Thus, from Cheshvan 17 we have six week (42 days).

This six weeks of 7 days is representative of Adonai closing their door for them to think about what is about to happen to them.  Perhaps they are saying good-bye to all of their animals friends.  It was a time of remorse and reflection and yet silence from The Creator.  In Adom and Chanoh’s six weeks, it truly had to be a time of regret for what they did…now they had to leave this incredible garden…and cover their shame.

Jubilee 3:28 “And on the day on which Adom went forth from the Garden, he offered as a sweet savor an offering, frankincense, galbanum, and stacte and spices in the morning with the rising of the sun from the day he covered his shame.”

29 “And on that day was closed the mouth of all beasts, and of cattle, and of birds, and of whatsoever walks, and of whatsoever moves, so that they could no longer speak; for they had all spoken one with another with one lip and with one tongue.”

A full six weeks and then removal…with coats being issued which notes a definite weather change for them.  It would no longer be perfect.   And they would no longer talk with animals of whom could deceive them.  The animals are silenced.  My question is, “Will the  animals ever speak again?  We know that Balaam’s donkey spoke.

We got to touch on Daniel’s 1260th and 1290th day and the 1335th blessed day and 75 days.

In Part VI we will start defining the years Adom’s children are born and what patterns are found in them.  They will not have children for one Jubilee.  Then in the 3rd week of seven years, Cain is born.  It will be in the 4th week of seven years that Abel is born.  And, then their daughter Awan is born in the 6th week of seven years in the Jubilee.  (Jubilees 3:18….)  The second Jubilee of the earth has been completed.  In year 100 in the first week (7 years), in the first year…Abel is slain.

Did they also fight over Awan besides the wrong type of offering being given?  We’ll look at this because I think it’s interesting that Adom is shorted 70 years from being 1000 years old.  Noach is shorted 50 years (1 Jubilee) from being perfect in his years..1000 years old…because they both sinned in their day.  As all men sin and come short of the glory…so no one has made it to 1000 years old.  YET……. perhaps in 1000-year reign?

I was telling my eight-year old grandson, Caleb, about this story and just realized that Yeshua Jesus was also slain in the first week of the Jubilee he arrived in.  In 17 AD the earth completed it’s 80th Jubilee and Yeshua would have died just after that.  I’ll give you more specifics on that in

Jubilee 121 – Part VI next



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