60 Tornadoes Adar I – Purim on Good Friday

How many people will be born today on February 29, 2016.  Their birthday will not occur again for another four years.  I know a relative who has had 9 birthdays, but she is really 36 years old today.  She celebrates her birthday on whichever day she chooses the other years; February 28 or March 1.

This year, 2016,  the Hebrew calendar adds an extra thirty (30) days to it’s calendar to make adjustments for the earth and it’s moon rotation around the sun.

In this special year there will be two opportunities to celebrate the Fast of Esther, Purim and Shushan Purim.  It can be celebrated in Adar I or Adar II.  If people knew they would not be able to attend these festivals in the original month, which is called Adar II, they could celebrate them in either Adar.

We also see in the bible that people could celebrate a second Passover a month later if they missed the first celebration of Passover in the month of Nissan.  We see the apostle Paul even speaking of missing the first opportunity and still hoping to make it to the second.

Anti-Jewish authorities used this as an excuse to banishing the Jewish calendar.  Pope Julian’s calendar was later replaced by Pope Gregory’s calendar of which still prevails to this day.

Christians follow the ways of Constantine of 325 AD which executed people for having a Seder/Passover celebration.  Estar was set up and anything Jewish was banished as to stop any Jewish confusion in the remembrance of Messiah’s death and resurrection.

As you study this  you will find that Estar was the worship of Nimrod’s fertility goddess and has it’s own history of which I won’t go into at this writing.  But, it origin has nothing to do with the Resurrection that connects to Passover….

The first ten words spoken by G-d to Moses was Exodus 20:2 “I am ADONAI your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the abode of slavery.”  These are the first ten words that were written on the stone tablets.  They already knew how to behave and now Adonai would add to what they already knew to do.  Adonai had them leave Egypt so they could do what they already knew they should be doing.

Thus, the Ten Commandments movie has mislead people as to what was written on the stones.  There are certainly more than 10 instructions in order to live safely on the earth.

My purpose in this writing is to share about Adar and what just happened.  We had just gone to visit family in Arizona and I was not aware of all the tornadoes breaking out from Texas to Pennsylvania until my friend Joyce text me.  She knew it was a prophetic happening and I would want to know.  She also understands The Hand of God in His creation.

What was February 24 and 25 2016?

  1.   It was the extra month…Adar I.
  2. It was Adar 14 and Adar 15.  It was the first Purim and first Shushan Purim of 2016.

SIXTY tornadoes were reported across the United States.

FEBRUARY TORNADOES?  SIXTY!!!!   Unusual killing tornadoes!

So what’s this about.  I can only tell you its spiritual context.  The main Adar has an even more severe spiritual meaning surrounding it.  It’s going to be the Christian’s Good Friday.  It is a day that rips at my heart, too.  It’s a day of remembrance of the ‘suffering Messiah’.  I was raised Catholic and I know what Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter mean.  It is a somber time to think about what G-d did for mankind coming in human flesh and having that human flesh torn off his body and dying the worst possible death of suffering.  And even more important, is the fact that the Father could not look upon him and had to turn away……Yeshua was a forsaken man…..carrying the guilt of our iniquity upon Himself….as God…..Yes, God did that…came in human flesh.

So, what I’m going to say next, is very difficult but it has to be said.  The goats and the sheep are about to be separated.

We have to ask ourselves, “What did Jesus mean when He said, ‘Do this in remembrance of me.’

I grew up taking communion every day of the week as I attended Catholic grade school.  I almost became a nun, so I know Catholicism.

Now, as a mature student of God’s scriptures, I see that Jesus (Hebrew name is Yeshua) said to do these things to remember what He did for us.  He washed their feet, proclaiming to be servants first and foremost.  He had them make a covenant together by eating bread together and then He presented the four cups and what they meant then and in the future.

Moses was instructed to tell the Hebrews to always remember the story of their Exodus from the bondage of Egypt (the world).  The door posts were covered by the blood of a lamb that they chose to love for four days before they were instructed to put it’s blood on their doorposts.  Their children learned to love that lamb and now it’s life was to be taken because there is only life in the blood.  Humans can not give their life, so the blood of something so sweet and innocent was a representative of the Passover lamb to be chosen in the future which was God in the flesh, whom we have known as Yeshua or Jesus.

On Nissan 10, Yeshua’s disciples had chosen their lambs for their families that would be slain starting at 3:00 pm Nissan 14….as Passover began at dusk.  On Nissan 10 the Bible shows us Yeshua being chosen as palm branches are laid down and he is put on a donkey symbolizing his Kingship that they desired for him.  The human sacrifice had been chosen the same day the animal sacrifices were being chosen.

In four days, Yeshua had an early Seder with his disciples and by 3:00 p.m. he would be slain.  He died at 3:00 p.m. as the first lambs were then slain for that Passover.

It is the Seder Service that was to be remembered.  It was the coming out of Egypt and how it happened that was to be remembered.  It is our being washed in this blood of the one who showed us how to be servants first so we could be great in Torah so we could be GREAT in the Kingdom that was to come.  He taught us to remember…. leaving Egypt under miracles and not to forget….  He rose with a miracle and then healed more and raised more from the dead as he brought hundreds back with him in his resurrection….  How can the resurrection from the dead be denied with Lazarus being raised on Nissan 7 who also helped choose Yeshua as the lamb of the world?  Over 500 rose and we will rise too.

But, what about the two Adars in 2016.  God’s hand has moved on Purim and Shushan Purim 2016 in America.  We have a jealous G-d who will not share his children with idolatry….  He will not share His land….and America is dividing Israel as it is headed to be ‘booty’ for the Arab and Roman world.  The Pope will claim his place on the Jerusalem Mount and the final abomination will occur just as prophesied.

Zechariah chapters 1, 2 speak of the horsemen that have gone out on the earth to look to see whose peace is there.  Men are having their own peace and so artisans (those of creative thinking) then are instructed to remove man’s peace in order to bring God’s peace.

Shevat 24 is the date given so as to bring about what needs to happen in order for the construction of the temple.  We need to think physical (our temple) and the future physical temple on earth.

Shevat is the month before Adar.  Adar is about the annihilation of the Jews and because Esther convinces the king to give the Jews the right to defend themselves, the celebration of Purim is declared….Haman is defeated.  He and his ten sons are killed and then hung in the city streets for all to see.

Thus 13 Adar is known as The Fast of Esther.

14 Adar is Purim (celebration of the removal of the Haman’s in the Jews lives)

15 Adar – Shushan Purim (permission given also outside Shushan)

In 2016 – 60 Tornadoes in the United States…Feb 24, 25…14 Adar, 15 Adar.

Adar I 2016 – 60 Tornadoes in two days.

Now, Adar II 2016…..?????

What will Adar II 2016 look like?  It’s Good Friday and it’s Purim Shushan.  What does it look to our Creator to have one sect of religious people having Good Friday and the other having a colorful party celebrating the downfall of the Jews enemies?

Hmm!  Who started the tradition of Estar?

Who instructed Moses to have the children not to forget to remember their coming out of Egypt with miracles.

Who wrote those words on the stone tablets to carry around the desert for forty years and still place the stones in the Temples of David, Solomon and Herod’s Temple still standing at the time of Yeshua?

Who, but Yeshua himself, showed them how to do a Seder service in order to remember.  He took off his robe and was on his knees washing their feet, eating bread so as to be in covenant with each other about this occasion of freedom, and drank those cups with them and yet there is one cup left to drink with them?

I don’t think the apostle Paul celebrated Easter….in fact he told them that he hated their feasts and celebrations to the false gods.  It wasn’t The Lord’s Feasts, but the Gentiles Greek goddesses that he hated.  In the Spring virgins were impregnated under the asterof poles/trees and then those babies blood would be spilled and eggs dipped in their blood at Nimrod’s birthday, the Winter Equinox.

Yes, Easter and Christmas are Nimrod celebrations that Gentiles just seem not to be able to come away from it’s harlotry.

God is in control.  He controls the calendars and has allowed March 25, 2016.  It’s Good Friday on the Catholic calendar and it’s Shushan Purim on the Hebrew calendar.  One group will respectfully mourn and one group will celebrate Haman’s removal.  The Haman group will wait until April 22, 2016 for the real date that Yeshua died, Nissan 14.

The April 22 Haman group will start on April 15, Nisan 7, recognizing Yeshua raising Lazarus from the dead.   They now believe him when he tells them his temple will rise again.

April 18, the Passover People will lay claim to choosing Yeshua as their King of Kings.  It will be Nisan 10.

April 22, Pesach , the Sabbath begins at evening just as Messiah is also laid in the grave before the Sabbath begins.  It’s Nissan 14.

April 23, Sabbath Chol HaMo’ed Pesach.  Reading: Exodus 33:12-34:26, Ezekiel 37:1-14.  It’s 15 Nissan.

April 24, First Fruits (Sunday).  He will be the first fruit out of the ground.

April 25 is Nissan 17….On a normal Hebrew dating….it’s the third day….Yeshua defeats the grave and Resurrects…returns to present his blood on the heavenly altar and returns to earth to start his ministry with people of the earth for forty days.

Yes, you will have to decide if this Jewish ‘thinking’ is for you!

I’ve decided not to follow after men who make up the rules, but I will follow our Creator who continues teaching us with pattern after pattern so we don’t miss out on His blessings.

What has G-d confirmed in me lately?  It’s the story of Noah and the dates on which the flood operated.  Let’s see if you can see the Passover Pattern.

Cheshvan 10 (think the month of November) door closes on ark.

Cheshvan 17 – 7-day wait….Flood waters released.

40 days later – Kislev 27 – Future Chanukah (Kislev 25-Tevet 2)

150 days later – Nissan 17 – Resurrection of Noah 22.5′ above Mt. Ararat.

Nissan 17 is RESURRECTION DAY of Yeshua–(Unleavened Bread)

WOW—-Noah’s experience looks to the cross….

And, the other days flow perfectly as Noah is held above Mt. Ararat for another 73 days until Tammuz 1.   It’s a month of the worship of the Gold Calf where judgment falls.

The Holy Spirit held power over the waters for 222 days; Cheshvan 17 to Tammuz 1.  The two is the letter Beit represented by a house.  It’s also recognized as the Son.  So we have Noah in the Ark..house house house/temple of the Son Son Son.  And he is 22.5′ above Ararat which is the exact length of the veil (22.5′) that was to cover the temple door in the front and in the back.

Noah is a picture of the door to life.  He did not leave the earth, but he was baptized….the others were taken away…and Noah entered in and was protected just as the Torah protects as we enter into it because we first love G-d and then we are obedient to build our temple according to His instructions.

I’ve been very excited to see such confirmations of God’s plan of survival.  I don’t fear mans calendar as I do not have to submit to it’s ways, because I know it’s God’s calendar that keeps me safe.

We first must jump out of the ship we are in because we are repentant.  We now can climb into Noah’s ark and be protected through the tumultuous times coming.

Adar is going to continue to be a challenging month in the future.  I may write on that soon as it connects to the days in the Book of Daniel.  But, know that God’s hand is consistent.  Adar is a month of correction and His miracles will be seen.  This year we have TWO Adars….  twice the time to repent before we choose the lamb that was slain from the foundation of the earth.  Did the Jews kills him?  Or, was it God’s plan to use this people group to bring The Good News to the world to whom God said could be grafted in.  The Gentile is grafted into The People of the Book….

No wonder the Christian can not effectively witness to the Jew.  The Hebrew can never respect a Greek calendar.  So,  both continue to see through the glass darkly.  Who will be the first to see clearly and properly talk to the other?

Good Friday or PURIM Shushan…. (Haman’s annihilation celebrated throughout the Hebrew world.)

March 25 – You just can’t have it both ways!  The Goats and the Sheep will separate.

It is the shepherds that are held responsible for not properly caring for the sheep.

“I will say that I never knew you!”

There were ‘eight’ people in the ark.  Seven clean and one unclean…. Genesis 7:2… Just as there were 7 couples of each clean and only 1 couple of unclean of every animal.

Ham defiled his father when the rich grape wine overtook Noah.  Noah placed a curse on Ham.  Ham had brought the iniquity of the old world into the new world.

Are you going to be a clean or an unclean offering this Passover?

Will you be a goat or a sheep?  The sheep know the Torah (instruction) of his master.