Revelations Red Dragon spewing fire. Totalitarian government has free no freedom of religion. China is the dragon that was, was not, and now is propped back up beginning with The Clinton dynasty. This brother against brother is becoming worldwide with fires burning set by its own people. Why? Because Israel wants The last piece of land that it first acquired; The Jordan Valley. When the United States laid out The Perfect Plan called The Deal of the Century, forty nations stood on her soul agreeing her to be a sound and good member nation. Then, those deemed not responsible enough to be a nation … Continue reading Revelations Red Dragon spewing fire.

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God’s Father’s Day

When God speaks we should listen. Land Grant return The Jordan to it’s owner. Continue reading God’s Father’s Day

The VISION of God Our world’s Planned-Demic began locking down our world when they rejected this plan. And the US had to close it’s borders as it heeded the world’s opinion and told Israel to, “slow down, they’re not ready.” Let us re-visit … Continue reading The VISION of God

COVID Patients 80 days long and counting

The Atlantic, “The symptoms of ME/CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) has been trivialized, its patients disbelieved; its researchers underfunded. The condition is especially underdiagnosed among black and brown communities, who are also disproportionately likely to be infected and killed by COVID-19. … Continue reading COVID Patients 80 days long and counting