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Idaho and Israel’s BB Earthquakes

Idaho and Netanyahu Earthquakes

What Day Is It? Israel’s BB Netanyahu RETURNED!

That is always the question I seem to put forth when once again I am awed over The Yood of Elohim. (The hand of God).

I noted today that Idaho was having several earthquakes and so I investigated. What did I find? I found that this report will fit under the blog title of “Earthquakes” but it will also fit under, “What Day Is It?”

Why? Because as I looked at Idaho’s earthquake history I stood amazed at not only that they occurred almost entirely on the eve and day of the Sabbath but also on Sunday. They occur on Kislev 25, Day One of Chanukah. They occur in the month of Shevat close to the Four Horsemen of 24 Shevat described in Zechariah 1. In the Hebrew month of Cheshvan when the earth is opening up releasing Noach’s flood waters there are two in different years but the same exact day. Then in another year there is a quake just one week apart from the two. Noah was waiting in the ark for God’s next plan of action.

God shows men pictures, but if you’re on the wrong calendar you won’t fully see The Hand of God .

Okay….let’s look at this because there is more than just that small incredible summary. I have to start by saying that these revelations are pure miracles to me… Not only are they the Hand of God then, but they are being reported on the day of a miracle.

BB Netanyahu just became the Prime Minister of Israel against all odds of what the media was reporting. Prayer and fasting has been going on for a man that was portrayed as….well, let me give you the quote I just read by Joel Rosenberg.

It’s now 5:30 a.m in Israel. The sun will soon be rising here, and as it does Israelis – and the world – will be awakened to a miracle.”

With 95% of the actual voted counted, Netanyahu and his Likud Party have surged from 20 seats in the final newspaper polls to 29 actual seats in the next Knesset (Parliament). That’s a five-seat lead over Isaac Herzog, Tzipi Livni and their Zionist Union opposition party.”

The Israel media was completely wrong.”

The Newspaper poll was completely wrong.”

The exit polls were completely wrong.”

The Obama team efforts to unseat an American ally were a complete failure.”

A ‘crushing victory,” says the Times of Israel.”

A ‘sweeping victory,’ says the Jerusalem Post.”

A ‘shock election victory,’ says Ynet News.”

Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party is set to emerge as the election’s big winner.” says Haaretz.

This is the story that I wanted to write about today. I watched BB become frustrated with his cabinet and fire them. His cabinet wanted to divide the land of Israel. He struck with a hot iron and said, ‘No.’

He would run again and let the people speak their hearts and form a new coalition.. But when would be the next election? This all occurred at the time in IsraEL history that Esther had to go before her husband the king. She had not been summoned for thirty days and unless he extended his scepter to her she would be killed. BB Netanyahu was not summoned by President Obama, but the people called for him. He truly was portrayed to the world as Mordicai desiring to be lynched for not bowing to the king. After all, he was a Jew and only bowed to the living God, Adonai.

It would be right before the Third Blood Moon in the Tetrad series of 2014-2015 occurring directly on The Lord’s Feasts. This third blood moon occurs on Nisan 1. God is announcing the New Religious Year. It begins the journey of Jesus leaving the Galilee area and coming to Jerusalem to intentionally go to the stake. Jerusalem wanted their own choice for a king and it would be a Herod. Herod even killed his own son so he would remain king.

Israel is without a king and the choices were more than scary. This was a serious time of fasting for many. President Obama has rejected Israel in action. His words are worthless.

Who was in charge? Who heard the prayers of the Jews and Christians as they fasted and prayed for this election? Who heard the prayers of the Jews and Esther in Shushan? Who had drawn the kings favor to stop the annihilation of the Jews at Purim?

Yes, it is the same Elohim known as YHWH. It is this living God that showed up for Hadassah and Mordechai and now again for Israel today when the world wants to wipe them off the face of the earth.

But in the end, a result like this cannot be fully explained in human terms. This was a miracle. Unexpected. Unexplainable. Unbelievable. But true.” Rosenberg

Subject: Obama The Haman Lost. Yahweh Is Great. – Walid Shoebat

This can be said about both instances as BB Netanyahu stood before America’s Congress on The Fast of Esther, Adar 13 and proclaimed the God of the Bible. It would be on March 17, thirteen days later on Adar 26 that the world would have a new leader.

Americans called their congressmen to show up. They had to show up when airports were closed. I was wondering how BB would make it in. Over five hundred in the American Congress, minus our President Obama and fifty other democrats, would give BB a standing ovation like no other president in the world had received. It was a God moment….not for BB, but for what He stood for. Tears swelled my eyes and my heart lifted as I thanked God for this and begged for His mercy on us.

We love IsraEL because God loves IsraEL. God’s solution is One land and One people One in Him. We support BB because he agrees to a Two-State DIS-SOLUTION.

There is but ONE land for the Hebrew and it is the land God chose. It is where many peoples can live, but it is a separate (set-apart) holy nation. It is like none other. Yes, God tells us the lands borders are much larger. It will take a step at a time and God will direct those steps. We should not fear God’s corrective measures. We are to be prepared and step into our faith that shows we trust in Him.

I have just itemized the earthquakes in the states of Virginia (known as the governments Virginians, lol) and Tennessee. They each had their theme on God’s calendar.

Now, my friends, let us look at The Hand of God again that drew my hand to write you about the quakes that happened in Idaho. They not only affected that land, but God stretched His hand to other states as well. We are to learn from these happenings as God orchestrates even the growth of a hair on a birds head. How much more does He care about His creatures that will spend eternity with Him.

I could put these in a Greek thinking numerical order, but instead I’m going to present them to you as God sees the world….through His cycles..

We are going to see the Sixth Shemittah cycle celebrated by either double and triple blessing or double and triple cursings. That is what the Sixth Shemittah year is about. The Hebrews rested their land in the Shemittah year of release, but in the year before (the 6th) God gave them double and triple blessings. They had food in storage to hold them for perhaps three years when the new crops could be harvested. They were also feeding the poor and the widows and the strangers at their gate with that Sixth Shemittah cycle of goods. Thus, you get to choose blessing or cursing depending on which side of Torah you observe. Are you just a NT believer or an ALL believer?

Myself, I love to see God’s hand move the earth because it’s like fulfilling prophecy as that is what He says He is going to do. If men do NOT respond then He will use His creation to speak out. What is His creation? Stars, sun, moon, meteors, earth, rivers, waters, nature…every man and animal. He created it all. He will find creative ways to take men’s peace away so we turn to His peace…in The Torah that protects us…once we come to Him through His son, Yeshua.

1884 was the 3rd cycle of the Shemittah 7-year cycle. November 8 1884 was 21 Cheshvan. Depending upon the location time it was Sunday coming out of the Sabbath rest. The number for man: Six shocks were felt in northern Idaho at Paris. It caused considerable damage to homes and people suffering nausea from the movement.

Three Shemittah cycles later, 21 years to almost the day, November 11, 1905. And yes, it is also the 3rd Shemittah cycle. This is also likened to the northern and southern tribes of Israel…because now three Shemittah cycles later southern Idaho gets hit at Shoshone, Idaho with parts of Utah and Oregon. (Wow..Shoshone sounds like Queen Esther’s Province of Shushan that Mordecai would become a Prince to rule over.)

These quakes are two days apart on the Gregorian calendar and 8 days apart on the Hebrew calendar. The first quake was 21 Cheshvan and the second 13 Cheshvan. One was on a Sunday and the other on the Sabbath….same timing…24 hours apart. (Messiah came in the second day and we are ready for that third day when He returns. We know the Eighth day represents the New Heaven and Earth that comes down.)

Every week the Hebrew calendar aligns itself with a Torah study of God’s word. These weeks were called, Lech Lecha meaning “Go Forth.” The scriptures read throughout the world would be Genesis Chapter 12 through Chapter 17. Read them and see what you think.

TWENTY-ONE Years to the day beginning with the 21st day of Cheshvan. The number two represents the house (Beit) with the son occupying it. One is Aleph (God) who is the Ox (strength) of the house. I love these numbers and had to throw this in. Two plus one equals three and is the letter Gimel which represents the Ruach HaChodesh (Holy Spirit) that is also in the house with the son and father. It is the unity of these three that give power to the human being (soul). You are a living soul. The question remains as to where your SPIRIT will reside for eternity.

But wait….what happens next? Cheshvan 21 comes into play again. Yes, it is now the THIRD Cheshvan quake and it occurs on the same day, 21 Cheshvan. The two Cheshvan 21 quakes are exactly to-the-day 58 years apart.

Cheshvan 21 1884, 1942 58 year Anniversary to the day. Sunday, Sabbath, 1884-1942. 3rd cycle

Cheshvan 13 1905 21-year Anniversary, 3 Shemittah cycles (3×7) 1884-1905; 3rd Cycle

37-year Anniversary, 1942-1905 Sabbath, Sunday

November 9, 1884 Sunday – Third Shemittah Cycle

November 11, 1905 Sabbath – Third Shemittah Cycle

November 1, 1942 Sunday – Fifth Shemittah Cycle

Numbers for thought:

21 – 13 – 21

Two – 3rd Shemittah cycles

21 years apart

37 years apart

Numbers are very important to God. I believe God is showing His plan of salvation which is a purifying process through. We are drawn to God by the Holy Spirit. The only way to the father is through the His son, Yeshua. There is zero disconnect in the process God’s plan of salvation. Yeshua died at the hand of man very severely that he was humanly unrecognizable. The seven is a sifting so severe that it becomes pure. He did that for me and he did that for you!

So what is Cheshvan on God’s calendar. We find that Noah is called into the ark by God and God Himself closes the door on 10 Cheshvan. Ten is the letter ‘yod’ and represented by the ‘hand of strength’ of God. It fits that the Yod shuts the door on the tenth day.

Noach waits for seven days. Seven days of sifting and settling his family and animals. On 17 Cheshvan the heavens poor forth their waters and earthquakes open the floors of the earth releasing more water. Again, seventeen is fitting as one is the letter Aleph/God who has the strength to bring it about and to rest (7) after the severe sifting. Just a side note…it will be one year and ten days later that the ark rests and Noah can get out…27 Cheshvan. We see the son involved with that rest.

God is commemorating His unhappy course of action on mankind. Eight people were saved out of the entire world at that point in time. There are eight days between the the 21 Cheshvan and 13 Cheshvan earthquakes. Eight people were saved that would begin again, Of course, Nov 9 and November 1 are those same eight days on the Gregorian calendar.

We have talked about the numbers one, two and three ; but what about nine. For those of you that are curious here you are. Nine is the letter, Tet. Tet means the snake. This is a good image of a false accusation. Satan is the accuser and deceiver. It can mean to surround to protect or in bondage.

After the month of Cheshvan we have the month of Kislev. Kislev is the month for Chanukah. It is a month where God’s identity is restored back to the Temple lead by the Maccabees in 163 BCE. It is known as the Festival of Lights or Chanukah.

What happens in Idaho? Yes, on Kislev 25, Chanukah Day One, December 18, 1957 in the 6th Shemittah cycle a sharp shock was felt at Wallace. It damaged the Galena Silver Mine and frightened miners working 3,400 feet underground. It is the year of double blessing or cursing.

Where would American workers be on a Wednesday? Working! Where would Torah observing people be on Chanukah Day One? NOT working!

What else might God have been memorializing? He gave birth to George Washington in 1797 on Kislev 25. God gave a man of light to our world. Was he perfect? No, he owned slaves.

What else did God memorialize? It was the day of the First of the three large Madrid 1811-1812 earthquakes.

So, we have another anniversary quake. Madrid 1811 – Idaho 1957… 146 Years to the day.

Oklahoma in 1929 would also be celebrated with a 6.0 on Kislev 25 at El Reno. Today, that area is still shaking and I do predict a great Midwest shaking as America’s bible-belt moves away from God’s word.

Cheshvan, Kislev and now the next month is Tevet. I love this month as it is when Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation stating slaves do NOT have to fight those trying to free them. He signed it Tevet 10 known as The Fast of Tevet. Did he know it? I’m not sure, but our Creator knew it. I’ve written about this incredible miracle. No serious quake reported by the usgs.gov site.

I don’t see any quakes for Idaho in Tevet. Let’s check the next month, Shevat. It is also one of my favorites, as it points an exact date that the Four Horsemen are released on the earth that find peace and then they find artisans who will take peace from the earth. God hates men to not be seeking Him.

Yes, Shevat is going to declare God in Idaho’s midst. And to God’s glory it in the Winter of 1945 that saw the world’s holocaust being dismantled. America reluctantly joined after being bombed at Pearl Harbor in 1939. It would take SIX years to find an end. The Holocaust began in a Shemittah year and ended in a Shemittah year.

Shevat 30 is February 13, 1945. Happy pre-Valentine’s Day Idaho. It was felt for over 6,000 square miles (man’s number). It was felt at Clayton and plaster fell at Weisner….is that German or Jewish?

Shevat 30 is Rosh Chodesh 1. It is the head of the new moon which means it is a very dark day with only a sliver showing. Wars are held during the darkness of night so the enemy cannot see you coming. God did the same bringing fright to the people in the dark.

1944-1945 was a Shemittah year. It was SIX days after the Four Horsemen were sent out as recorded in Zechariah 1. It was Rosh Chodesh.

What….yes another quake in Shevat…same dark moon. Shevat 2, January 27, 1963 that was again felt over 6,000 square miles. Both Shevat quakes covered 6,000 sq miles and with Clayton again as their center.

These Shevat quakes are 18 years apart. They ‘bookend’ the Four Horsemen. Shevat 2, Shevat 24, Shevat 30.

Large boulders rolled down the hill near Camp Livingston and aftershocks were felt for weeks which would have lead into the Four Horsemen, 24 Shevat. 1963 would carry two horseman. One on January 27 and the other on September 10.

September 10, 1963 was 21 Elul. The second quake sets the stage for the king that is coming in the next month of Tishrei. Elul is known as the month that, The King is in the Field. Mosche is up visiting with God on Mt. Sinai trying to persuade Him not to destroy the Israelites and I’m sure the mountain is shaking. This is the Israelites second chance with God leading them to the promised land. Mosche said that he would not go without God. God will now go down to meet his somber bride since He rejected them back in the month of Tammuz for the worship of the golden calf.

Can you imagine the noise from a camp of at least 1.2 million people? What happens when this 1.2+ million people party? That is the noise that Mosche and God heard in Tammuz. God will appear to this loud group through thunderings, lightning and earthquakes. His voice will be so loud that they can’t bear it and they ask Mosche to talk to God for them.

Another story that shows our Messiah’s second coming is that of David; as King Saul chases him. Young David is in the field caring for sheep before Nabel’s heart is waxed dead for not giving David any wages for tending his sheep. David leaves there with a bride, Abigail.

Mosche returns to the bride, Israel, with good news of atonement on Tishrei 10. The people desired that God would RETURN to them. They saw God’s hand of mercy directly on them. God also had a Mercy built into the ark to represent that He does issue mercy.

Do the people of Idaho know these stories of RETURN or are they just going to continue to let the stones fall on them?

The month of Adar is next….no, The Fast of Esther and Purim are not seen in Utah.

The month of Nissan is missing which holds the three glorious feasts of Passover and resurrection of our Messiah Yeshua, Jesus.

I showed you the two earthquakes in 1963 which closed out the Hebrew year in Elul. Now I’m going back to the Hebrew calendar’s month of order. The next month after Nissan is Iyyar. Ah Yes…on May 12, 1916 we have a most interesting day.

Iyyar 8 has TWO exact-day Anniversary Quakes. We saw TWO exact-day Anniversary Quakes on the Hebrew calendar for 21 Cheshvan plus the 13 Cheshvan quake.

Iyyar 8, May 12, 1916, this quake was felt for 50,000 square miles on the eve Shabbot began. Boise Idaho had people running into the streets with reclamation ditches damaged and the flow of natural gas was altered. It was felt at Loon Creek, 120 miles northeast in Oregon.

Were people home preparing for the Sabbath? It was also Day 24 of the Counting of the Omer. That means it was 24 days after the resurrection of God’s son, Yeshua (Jesus). He was teaching and doing miracles before leaving this earth on the 40th day known as, Shavuot.

This Iyyar quake was in the 6th Shemittah cycle which is the double and triple blessing or cursing God teaches. I’ll add these up at the end of this research.

The Sabbath and special rest days have been involved so far. My analysis of large earthquakes showed me they occur 13 percent more on the Sabbath day of rest. Why? There are many reasons. Would you like to be with your family during a devastating time? I would. Would you rather be free to run around and not be stuck in a building that comes crashing down on you? God is always protecting us! Also, He is reminding us of His original instructions to Adam and again to Mosche. Keep holy (set apart) the Sabbath.

The next 8 Iyyar quake is closer to our time-line and occurs April 26, 1969. This one is in that 3rd Shemittah cycle that Idaho likes.  We’ll count those up later. It is Day 23 of the Counting of the Omer. They have the Torah reading known as Acharei Mot-Kedoshim, ‘After the death/Holy’.

Interestingly, Yeshua just died and set himself apart as holy by resurrecting from the dead 23 days before.

The rabbis named this one correctly;  they did it according to: Leviticus 16:1-20:27, Amos 9:7-15. Read it for more insight on God’s thoughts for this week.

This magnitude 4.9 shock cracked foundation at Ketchum and Warm Springs. It was felt over 9,000 square miles.

I’m still curious as to what the next quake is about. The Fast of Tammuz is the 17th of Tammuz. It is about being sorry for their brothers who designed the ‘golden calf’ at Mt Sinai and every year ask God to change that day into something good. God does do that, but this day is still known as a fast that the Hebrews put on themselves to remember their ‘Just-ful’ God. It reminds them NOT to have any ‘Idolatry’ in their lives.

The next month of Sivan did not host any quakes and so we can talk about the 21 Tammuz quake now.

It was July 12, 1944. The Holocaust was still underway and the killings were hot and heavy with trains rolling into the death camps. This quake was once again in the Sixth Shemittah cycle of double and triple cursing or blessing.

This quake was a 7.0 covering 70,000 square miles….God’s perfect number of severing that brings completion and rest. The Israelites were out of their land for seventy years because they did NOT obey the Shemittah 7-year rest of the land.  Hadassah and Mordecai did not return from Babylon and end up in Shushan for the story of Esther. God’s name is never mentioned in The Book of Esther, but His Yood is all over it….as a true miracle….so it was allowed in the Bible.

The 1944 Holocaust quake will cover Central Idaho, parts of WA, OR, MT. The Seafoam Ranger Station was feared it would collapse. People swayed and could not stand. Lime Creek Canyon walls collapsed. 100 yards long cracks in Duffield Canyon with rocks rising a foot into the air that looked like explosions up the hill.

The story of Balak is being told at the week of this quake. The Israelites are roaming in the desert for forty years and have put fear in the kings whose borders they touch.   Balak requested the prophet Balaam put a curse on the Israelites from several hilly locations. Balaam could only speak the words of God even though he was not a believer in God or did he care about the Hebrew people. He could not curse the Israelites because God would not allow it.

The profit Balaam does suggest that the enemy (Balak/Moabites) intermarry with the Hebrews as a way to get rid of them. It is called assimilation rather than annihilation. Haman and Esther’s story was about annihilation as today’s Persia (Iran) and many other peoples of the world today are of that same character. This is NOT a new idea, but an old idea from Satan.

The Two-State Solution is the Prophet Balaam’s theory of assimilation. I like the headline I read today, “Two-State Dis-solution.”

Tammuz 21 is a few days after Mosche came back from seeing God on Tammuz 17. Mosche broke the Ten Words of God. The gold from the calf was removed and crushed into powder and put in the water. Many died from drinking the water for their disobedience.

We next come to a time known as The Dire Straits. I’ve written other articles on this.  To keep it simple it begins with The Worship of the Golden Calf, Tammuz 17 – The Fast of Av or 9th of Av. It is a time-period of days that seems to fall apart of the Jewish people. Even after this twenty-one day period they are still careful about even dating or getting married. Thus Tammuz 21 is closing out this ‘fasting’ time period. Hmm….there we have the 21 again in Idaho’s story-line.

The month of AV sits between July and August. It is 14 Av that is the August 7, 1960 quake that is felt over 900 sq miles. Soda Springs had cracked plaster and foundations. The month of AV is seen as month of repentance.  This shows 14 Av as a time of judgment.

This day a great man in America’s eyes was born. Henry Ford was born 14 Av 1863. It is his 97th birthday. He sold 15 Million Model A. He was a stubborn-hearted man that loved his only son. He tried to motivate his son through what I call, ‘negative motivation.’ His auto industry was failing and his son brought out the Model T of which Ford took credit.

Henry Ford hated the Jews. He was taken to court for his slander of the Jew. He owned printing companies who delivered newspapers all across America in favor of Nazism. He was awarded the third highest Reich medal possible. His money supported the War that destroyed 50 million people.

His son died before him and he was heart broken. It is his grandson that says his father repented of these deeds. But, But, But,…… It is God himself who keeps 14 AV before our eyes. Men are born and men die. Men choose to be great in the Lord or die in their greed for the honor of men.

One more…30 AV.

What day is it? August 30 is Av 30. It is a rare thing to have the Gregorian and Hebrew calendar align.

This earthquake on August 30, 1962 is going to have some history connected to it, as well. Exactly one year earlier in 1961 The Berlin Wall goes UP. It is a sad day for the world. God celebrates it as America did NOT stop the wall. It would be President Reagan that tells Gorbachev to ‘tear it down.’ It took 28 years to remove the wall, 1961 – 1989.

It would also be 30 AV that the second a-bomb would be dropped on Japan. Japan’s leaders would not relent after Big Boy was sent and it took the second dropping at Nagasaki to end World War II. That bomb killed 60 – 80,000 individuals….how horrific. And now, Israeli has these threats from her enemies today. We have now learned our lessons.

August 30, 1962, again in the 3rd Shemittah cycle, on the Rosh Chodesh (a dark night/no moon) on a Thursday. Cache Valley area of Utah had an intense VII earthquake. Two large areas covering four acres, five feet thick, slid 300 yards downhill to Fairview, Idaho, opening new springs. The Franklin school and homes had cracks and plaster falling. Preston had damage from this 5.7 quake felt over 65,000 square miles in FIVE states and caused $1 million in damage.

Timely Evidence:

November 9, 1884     21 Cheshvan     Sunday        3rd Shemittah Cycle

November 11, 1905   13 Cheshvan     Sabbath        3rd Shemittah Cycle

November 1, 1942      21 Cheshvan     Sunday        5th Shemittah Cycle Rosh Chodesh                                                                                       60,000 sq mile

December 18, 1957    25 Kislev                            6th Shemittah Cycle Chanukah Day 1

February 13, 1945      30 Shevat                           Shemittah Year Rosh Chodesh 1                                                                                        60,000 sq mile Clayton

January 27, 1963         2 Shevat                         4th Shemittah Cycle 6,000 sq mile                                                                                        Clayton

May 12, 1916               8 Iyyar     Eve Sabbath begins     6th Shemittah Cycle, 24 Omer                                                                                             50,000 sq m

April 26, 1969              8 Iyyar       Sabbath            3rd Shemittah Cycle 23 Omer,                                                                                                     9,000 sq mile

July 12, 1944             21 Tammuz                          6th Cycle – 70,000 sq mile (Fast                                                                                          Tammuz 17)

August 17, 1959        13 AV                                   Shemittah Year 7.1 MT aftermath –                                                                                    Lake Henry

August 7, 1960          14 AV                                   1st Shemittah Cycle Wave 900 sqm

August 30, 1962        30 AV       Thursday              3rd Cycle Rosh Chodesh 65,000 sqm

Sept 10, 1963            21 Elul                                 4th Shemittah Cycle 4.1 magnitude

Thirteen Idaho Earthquakes that produced damaged: 1884 – 1969

Cheshvan –  3 quakes –  Dates:  21   13   21

Kislev  –   1 quake – 25

Shevat –  2 quakes –   2     30

Iyyar  –   2 quakes –  8     8

Tammuz  –  1 quake –    21

AV – 3 quakes –   13   14   30

Elul – 1 quake – 21


8 –    2

13 –    2

21 –    4

30 –    2

Eve that begins Sabbath –   1

Sabbath –  2

Sunday –   2

Shemittah Cycles:

Shemittah Year 2     1945     1959

Year 1     1     1960

Year 2     0

Year 3     4     1884 1905 1969 1962

Year 4     2     1963 1963

Year 5     1     1942

Year 6     3     1916 1944 1957

Anniversary Quakes:

Hebrew Months

21 Cheshvan     1884 1942     58-Year Anniversary

8 Iyyar             1916 1969     53-Year Anniversary

13 AV               1959

14 AV              1960                1-Year Anniversary

Gregorian Months

November 9, 1884

November 11, 1905                21 Year 2-Day Anniversary

November 1, 1942

According to this usgs.gov report, Idaho has not had a shaking experience large enough to report for 46 years.  It looks to me they are about due.

What month would you predict?

What day?

Hmm!  They certainly do show patterns!

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