Pavlof U.S. Volcano spews 20,000 feet on Easter!

January 24  2016 had an Alaska 7. earthquake that brought my attention to the active volcano Shishaldin.  I put it’s events on the Hebrew calendar and found some very interesting dates that I have not yet posted.  I tracked it since 2004 watching it wake it and go quiet for several years and then wake up again.  It’s pattern will get posted later, but it definitely has a Zechariah Chpt 1 and 2 theme.  It’s the Four Horsemen that find peace on the earth and Adonai is upset because it is man’s peace and not His peace.  Thus artisans (creative thinkers) are sent out to take peace from the earth.  It is God’s temple that is being discussed and men were not concerned.

Shishaldrin’s past pattern showed up again in 2014.  It will last two years and was just given a GREEN on March 10, 2016 (30 Adar I on the Hebrew calendar).  It became quiet on the Rosh Chodesh (new moon/new month).  It began at the horsemen (Shevat 29) on a dark night known as Yom Kippur katan (Day of judgment little).  It was the 6th Shemittah cycle where you either get double blessing or double and triple cursing before the Shemittah year of release.

Shishaldrin finally let it’s wrath go in year one of the new cycle.  It closed out on the last day possible of the extra 30 days that is added to the Hebrew calendar this year.  We have two months of Adar and thus it had a special closing.  But, quickly to follow Shishaldrin on March 10 2016 was March 27, 2016 (EASTER) at 4:00 pm.  A RED alert was assigned to PAVLOF….sending ash 20,000 feet into the air disturbing air traffic.

Easter should be considered a great day and as many of my family tell me, any day is good to celebrate our Lord’s resurrection.  I do celebrate it everyday and I am very thankful for the grace of my salvation through His saving blood.  But, we can’t make a pagan holiday turn into something good when it starts out bad.  This will be for you to search out as I cover this on my blog.  You could search for ‘Hath God Said’ Partakers Publications to have a wonderful explanation about Christmas and Easter and how we’ve been duped down the wrong road.

So……by-passing all that conversation may not be what you want to hear, but this was just going to be a quick note about the latest volcano that exploded close to the United States and has people very concerned.  My two cents worth is that… I expected just as such because of the day it was.  Ishtar is all over our earth and people don’t mind making God accept the day of honor that they chose for him instead of the one that he said, “Do this is memory of Me!”  ….Seder…Passover…coming up April 22-29 2016.

Pavlof was a surprise and then it should not have been a surprise.  Here are the dates it has been active on the Hebrew calendar.  And, if people would study the Hebrew calendar they would see that it started at a special time….

5.31.2014 – Sivan 2 – Sabbath, Reading Naso and 46 Day Counting of Omer.  Jesus went back to the Father on Day 40.  Holy Spirit arrives to earth on Day 50 Counting Omer, known as Shavuot.

This volcano signaled a very special time period.

6.2.2014 – Sivan 4 – 48 Day Counting Omer…..WOW….RED alert…Spirit is coming…Day 50 …Pentecost…Moses got Torah at Mt Sinai (multitude there) and Ruach Ha Chodesh indwell many in Jerusalem…3,000.

6.3.2014 – Orange Alert – Sivan 5 – 49 Day Counting Omer…..  gets exciting now!

6.25.2014 – Yellow Alert – calming down – 27 Sivan…..

7.30.2014 – Green Alert –  Month: Av Day 3.   ALL IS CALM

UNTIL  November – Cheshvan is when the Noah’s flood begins…

Day 10 in ark

Day 17 – Waters break lose

Day 27 – One year later – They get out on dry land.

PAVLOF Volcano:

`11.12.2014  Cheshvan 19 – (waters are pouring forth on earth..below earthquakes and volcanoes going off). ORANGE

11.15.2014 Cheshvan 22 – RED Alert

11.16.2014 – Cheshvan 23 – ORANGE Alert

11.25.2014 – Next month is Kislev..Day 3…YELLOW

1.15.2015 – Month: Tevet 24, GREEN ….  (Month of Freedom for slaves)  Shemittah year began in Fall….calming down!

ONE YEAR LATER …..  BANG no WARNING:  RED  – 20,000 plume….but in 2014 Pavlof erupted over 40 times and had a plume of 45,000 ft.  It rested in 2015 and then BANG:  EASTER

EASTER  2016 – PAVLOF:  Last day of 30-day leap month:  30 Adar I.  March 27, 2016.

(I like the date 27 as that is when Noah got off the ark,  in Cheshvan one year and one week after being in the ark.)

March 27  2016 – RED

March 28 2016 – ORANGE

March 29 2016 – RED – 19 Adar II.

Yes, it was Purim LAST weekend.  The Fast of Esther was Wednesday or which many were fasting three days before as Esther and all the Jews in the province of Shushan did.  The Belgium…Brussells bombings were known about days before the two explosions….but they couldn’t stop them.  Did they think to fast and pray?  So at Esther we had horrible destruction in Europe……  Thursday was PURIM and Friday was PURIM Shushan….  PURIM is beautiful story but our world does not live in the lives of Abraham Isaac and Jacob…Thus they don’t see The Hand of God on our world.

God never changes.  He speaks through His creation.  His creation cries out when men don’t call on Him on the days He ask to be called on.  It’s about worship my friends…..correct worship brings blessing and wrong worship beings removal.

Bless you as you grow to understand our Creator.

hadassah  3.30.2016