CHILI Volcano harbinger – 152-Days Count to Yom Kippur

Chile Fire Lightening

– Chili Volcano 2015 –

April 22 ASH * April 23 FIRE

Anointing Fire

God Update:  May 12, 2015 – 38th Day Counting of Omer – 23 Iyyar – Biblical Holiday – Water from the rock at Rephidim.  Nepal 7.3 EARTHQUAKE.   Largest quake M 7.8 April 25, 2015, 6 Iyyar, Sabbath ‘after the death’ and ‘holy.’  5000+ perish.  Second strike after over 100 3+ aftershocks of the Gorkha quake.

22 Iyyar – May 11 2015, 37th Day Counting Omer – Biblical Holiday – SABBATH is commanded.

Where do I start….

Chili Volcano First Eruption:  April 23, 3 Iyyar is the 18 Day of the Counting of the Omer.  It was also IsraEL Memorial Day.

Chili Volcano Second Eruption: April 24, 4 Iyyar is the 19 Day of Counting the Omer.  It was IsraEL’s Independence Day, HaAtzmaut.

Second explosion with volcano’s fire and lightning in 2015’s Shemittah Year of RELEASE…same day as 2010 Gulf Fire started….same day God gave IsraEL Jerusalem 1967….

Israel’s Independence Day is 152 days to Yom Kippur, Tishrei 10.  It’s the Day of Judgment of Atonement!   Accompanied by fourth Blood Red Moon of 2014-2015 Tetrad.

This may be short and not so sweet. (I guess this was not short and it was not sweet, (2337 words.) Every day our world seems to be having stress like no other times.  I just listened to David Ruben who flew in from IsraEL to speak at El Shaddai Ministries to help us understand the ‘dire’ needs of IsraEL and America.  Since 2001 Americans have tried to educate themselves more about the world around them.  Now, in 2015, the trouble is at their door step.

But, besides all the whoas of the world, I want to share with you the ‘Hand of God’ in times.

I will soon publish on this blog the work I did in writing about the Macondo Oil Spill known as the Gulf Oil Spill of 2010.  That spill happened on Israel’s Independence Day. (5 years ago)   It was not officially declared sealed off until Yom Kippur Day 2.  That day on the Hebrew calendar is Tishrei 11.

2015 Israel’s Independence Day on the Gregorian calendar does matter this year. And, IsraEL’s Independence Day on the Hebrew calendar also matters this year.  Why does it matter? Because this day is about fire and disaster!  Let me show you what has just happened on God’s schedule.

Remember, He is in control of the hair on your head.  We can trust Him to be on schedule for events that He deems important for us to remember.

First, we must come to the conclusion that He loves those that follow Him.  They love His word the bible which includes the instructions (Torah) for His children.  In fact, the word torah means instruction.  There is The Torah which was given to Mosche to help them come into the land today known as Israel.  These instructions would help them to live ‘safely’ on the earth.  People today practice God’s instruction (torah) when they build a deck on their home.  God wants your home to be safe for others.

Second, God does not work on a time schedule that has a beginning and end…like we think in A-Z.  His time lines are circular and He impresses upon His children certain themes in certain seasons.

As I registered the first explosive volcano on April 22 this year it was also the Hebrew month of Iyyar (you pronounce it, E R) and the day was the 3rd.  Also connected to 3 Iyyar is the 18 Day of the Counting of the Omer.  It was also IsraEL Memorial Day.

Here is what I had on my calendar for April 22, 3 Iyyar, 18 Day Counting of Omer (barley)

FOURTEEN     4.5+ Earthquakes in the world that day

Solomon Islands     6.3 earthquake

Canada     5.1 Earthquake

Chile     4.9 Earthquake

Chili Volcano pic by Hemlock
Chili Volcano pic by Hemlock

CHILE     Volcano Eruption that sounded like an Atomic Bomb 14 miles away.  It shot ash up SIX miles high (40,000 ft.).  It even took the shape of an A-Bomb explosion.  The ash entered Argentina shutting down flights.

Volcano flights

Israel’s Memorial Day

Iran     1997     7.2 Earthquake

I believe this volcano set the pace for what God wanted to say…celebrating IsraEL.  But, now let’s watch what happens.

The next day is the Gregorian date for IsraEL’s Independence Day in 1948.   The day they were born in 1948 war began with the Arabs attacking.

It is April 24 and 5 Iyyar 2015.  Does God wake up the world?  YES!

Chili Volcano lightenings
Chili Volcano ‘lightnings’

CHILI – Second Volcano Eruption with FIRE and lightnings.  This ‘fire, lightening and thundering remind me of the same ‘fire, lightening, thundering with the ground shaking when God spoke to the children of IsraEL in the desert.  They could not stand before the presence of God.  They said to Mosche, “You talk to Adonai and we will do whatever He says.”  These are the same descriptive occurrences described for us for the future…  We could call these ‘little’ harbingers of what is to come IF men do not return to Him/Torah.  IsraEL is to be treated with respect because it is ADONAI, YHVH, that established her on the earth to bring God’s Words to live by.  Torah shows men their sin and then it keeps them ‘safe’ by living it out.

What else happened that day?  The Shabbot began at dusk in IsraEL.  The people in Chili are fearful of breathing the ash and most have left their homes to escape the area until it cleared.  No one was hurt.

Volcano ash

Today in History:

1789     Gen. George Washington first inaugural address.  He credited the Great Author Invisible Hand for Provincial success.  Was George speaking of the author that spoke The Torah into being, YHVH?  Many believe America began and fell here.  (226 years ago)

1836     Alamo avenged in 18 minutes at San Jacinto battle as, ‘Remember The Alamo’ was shouted.  The Texas Mexico Revolution ended.  (179 years ago)

1967     Six Day War –  Egypt @ Sinai (48 years ago)

This day looks to be about setting up governments and war.  We have George Washington, Mexico and the Middle East with IsraEL.

2015     CANADA     6.2     NEW ZEALAND     6.1     CALIF.     5.5    Afghanistan 4.6

I’m almost to the interesting part of this story….in seeing The Hand of our Creator right now.  Hang in, please…..

What day did the Macondo Gulf Oil start?  ISRAEL’S INDEPENDENCE DAY.  Yes, fire and fire……   Co-incidence?  I don’t think so.

One more day….  What happens on the Sabbath…Saturday, April 25?  Nepal loses over 5000 people to multiple earthquakes that continue into the next week.

7.8, 6.6 on Saturday, Sabbath,

6.7 on Sunday with 26 4.5+ quakes just in their area.


WOW – I already knew that the Shemittah year is when God lets fall what He wants to have fall and He has return to him what He wants returned to Him.   Let’s look at what He wanted returned….in connection to IsraEL.

First, I want to share that the Torah bible study this week was entitled, “after the death’.  And, there were two studies because it it NOT a year that they add an extra month to keep up with the sun and moon.  What was the other study?  It was, ‘holy’.  Holy only means, “to be set apart’.

IsraEL’s Independence Day was certainly made holy….set apart in 2015.  Why?  It was set apart TWICE.  Two volcano eruptions…  Next up…Nepal on the Sabbath…and God is NOT done shaking the highest mountain on his earth…He told us…so why do we honor it?  We were told it would shake!

The Volcano of FIRE on Thursday and another mountain of ‘Pride’ was struck two days later on Saturday.   Mt Everest has been known as the highest and greatest challenge to humans.  That mountain took lives on the First Feast Day that the Lord God made…The Sabbath.

I am going to propose that God hears the cries of His children.  Jews around the world will be praying ‘The Amidah’ and other prayers that exhort God to save them from their enemies.  The Hebrew has a living God who responds to threats against His children.

Watch this…………

In history at this day and week….

1967     Cairo Egypt accepted that IsraEL had won the 5-Day War.  Then, they changed their mind….  They ‘invited’ more War.  This was the day God choose to give IsraEL Jerusalem.  It was Egypt’s decision to press IsraEL one more day.  It is known as, ‘The Six Day War’ and then they (God and Israel) rested on the Seventh Day (Sabbath).

Oh, the miracles of God that stand right before man and yet they continue to badger our Living Creator and His children.  They deny His Sabbaths and His festivals and His Torah (instructions).

What else is there to say?  Just this……..

God is NOT done.

There are 36 4.5+ earthquakes in the world this day.  Since I have been keeping record of 4.5+ quakes since March 2015, there is only one other day that this number just matched.  I will tell you after this thought……….

The second highest number per day was on Purim, March 5, 14 Adar, 2015 with 23 4.5+ earthquakes.  PURIM was the day chosen to annihilate all the Jews in the world by Haman from Persia (today’s Iran).  With fasting and prayer by the Hebrews, the gentile governors of all the lands helped them to purge any terrorist from their midst BEFORE the enemy could attack them.   They were identified and removed.  God gives the total of deaths at 75,800 over several years.

I think this is a good history lesson that we could apply today.

Next…..  36 4.5+ earthquakes on Israel’s Independence Day and what other day in 2015?  Have you guessed it?  I stood amazed as I’ve learned that Nissan 10 is the day the Jews would choose the lamb to tie to their personal doorposts for four days.  Then that lamb was required to be slain and the blood put over the door and on each side of their doors to protect that house from the ‘death angel’ that would take the life of each ‘first born’ in Egypt.

I stand amazed that 36 4.5+ quakes occurred on Nissan 10 this year.  It was the day that The Lamb of God was chosen.  Jesus/Yeshua rode into the city on a ‘colt donkey’ that had never been ridden before.  Catholics call this day, ‘Palm Sunday’.  Hebrews know it as, 10 Nissan.  It was March 30, 2015.

Did the nations of the world remember this day?  They were alerted as God issued 36 4.5+ quakes that set off tsunami warnings in 48 nations.

The nations were alerted to take heed….their Creator was knocking at the door.

We will have 152 days until Yom Kippur, Tishrei 11.  That is the day the 2010 Gulf Oil officially closed it’s seal so the anointing black oil of the seas stopped.  What will our next 152 days look like?   What will happen between now and September 24, 2015?

I know what 10 Tishrei already looks like.  It is the Autumnal Equinox on September 23, 2015.  The sun and earth are on equal plains.  It sits between a partial solar eclipse and the Last Tetrad Lunar eclipse of the 2014-2015 cycle.

This is the Shemittah year.  The last day of this seven-year cycle is September 13, 2015.  29 Elul is the last day of the cycle known as, The Day of Remission.  T his day has had many calamities associated with it to get men’s attention to RETURN to our Living Creator.  What will happen in these ‘dire straits’ that are coming?

My concern for the world is what the MUSLIM is thinking right now.  They employ, ‘takiu’ (not sure of spelling).  It is justification for lying.  Therefore, a PEACE pact with them will never work as we saw with Yasar Arafat and the Oslo Accord with Bill Clinton as President.  He signed a ‘pact of peace’ and the next day declared jihad (Holy War).  A Holy War takes president over any agreement with the ‘world’.

Hang in with me at least through the days of, The Counting of the Omer.  But, I hope you will continue as the Muslim’s month of Ramadan begins on Tammuz 1, June 18, 2015 in a few months.  June 18 through July 16 will have some dire times as men pit themselves against ‘The People of the Book.’   Tammuz 17 is the worship of the, ‘Golden Calf.’  When God and Mosche heard it from the top of Mt. Sinai, Mosche was sent to discipline them.

Stand firm my friends.  The fires will start but it is God whom will shine brightly.

P.S.   April 27, 2015 Kish Iran had a 4.7 earthquake.  April 29, 2015 Gerash Iran 4.9 inland.  When I viewed the Kish location, the quake was in the water about 150 miles from a country that also desires to be anti-Jewry.  The ‘The Arab Emirates’ sit across a body of water from the border of Iran.  Iran and the Emirates share control of the waters.   The Arabs have built homes on this sand base and made it look like a palm tree from the air.   Dubia has captured the senses of men and boasts of the tallest building on the earth.  The Shi’ite (Iran) lifestyle is one of humbleness before their god, Allah.  The Sunni live as ‘gods’ before their god, Allah.

I can see why these brothers agitate each other.  The purest of religions versus the lusts of the world.  Hmm…  And, God says to enjoy yourselves while on earth because that will be it…..  Nothing more!

I’m attaching a few of the many photos on the web as promote their paradise.  This is what oil has done for them.  Any nation that builds towers is soon destroyed by pride.  America is witness to that…The Emirates are falling, too.

(update: CO2 and water is the new fuel.)

Hmm….Let’s watch where the next quakes hit….The warning signals should tell all Muslims to ‘cancel’ their jihad (holy war).  Not one more day or there will be NOTHING left of them as the ‘Living God Jehovah’ places His foot on this earth and shakes it far more than at Nepal this week.

P.P. S.  Do you know that if you have a passport that has ‘Israel’ stamped in it that you will NOT be allowed to enter their country? I’ve been to IsraEL and won’t be allowed in…truly I DON’T care to visit any country that is Anti-Jewry.

Men try to reach to the heavens….thumbing their noses at YHVH.  They pride themselves as gods.

From God’s viewpoint…men are in a fog!

Pictures are from the web under Dubai.

Dubai Clouds Dubai Glass Houses nasa Dubai Middle East Map Dubai Studentsofworld Dubai

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