World Series Revealed #Cain #Noah #Colon

The World Series Patterns – Anything and Everything

What did Hurricane Patricia  have to do with anything….and just EVERYTHING!

What does Noah’s Flood have to do with anything…and just EVERYTHING

What does the Bible Sabbath reading have to do with anything…and just EVERYTHING

What did three player’s parents dying have to do with anything….and just EVERYTHING

What did Noah’s pitching and Cane’s scoring have to do with anything….and just EVERYTHING

What do patterns have to do with anything…and just EVERYTHING

Honoring Parents – Exodus 20:12, Leviticus 19:3, Matthew 15:4

When we see people disrespecting their parents, do we surmise that they have put themselves under a curse?

Are we living in the ‘end of days’ so we see the pattern of the beginning of days?  What are these patterns that show up?

What is this pattern seen in The World Series as they are in a huge ark and seen portrayed as Noah even being rained out the EXACT day God closed the door on Noah.  Noah was tucked away in safety.  Were there 800,000 people screaming to be let in once the turmoil started seven days later.

What is the Six-day pattern of Creation and the Six-days of sports to see who are the TOP Cains of the world known as, The World Series?

Is this World Series a team put together by God to speak to a fallen world?  Even the name, The Royals, says that there is something special about them.  We are to lay our crowns at God’s feet.  On Tuesday,November 3, election day, we saw The Royals being given their crowns.  The world crowned them….on Cheshvan 21.  Noah’s flood waters just began on Cheshvan 17 according to Genesis.  Noah’s family revered him by helping to build a boat that took 100 years to build.

As in the days of Noah….Lot….Jonah…..

Noah….no respect left on the earth so Adam’s race was prematurely removed.

Lot….no respect for Uncle Abraham as he went back to his old lifestyle after Sodom.

Jonah…no respect…ran from God…so Ninevah would not turn to God.

In our Last Days…we see the account of Noah in The World Series….but we find hope in the death of parents in the players.  We find respect as children and parents cheer together in the Ball Park Ark.

If you took a survey on respect, I think we could say that children today do NOT really respect their parents. Children believe, “I can do this better.” “I’ll never be like my parents.”     Or, do we have children that give honor to their parents? Personally, I grew up wanting to be like my Mom and Dad.  They were hard working people that loved us even thought it  might not have been said in words.

This was a surprising find for me today.  As I’ve been writing about the negativity of sports and it’s idol worship, I realized it is just as important to bring out the possibility of God using The World Series as a teaching tool.   I see patterns that must be talked about so we see the many attributes of our Creator.  This attribute of revealing the beginning at the end is still amazing to me.  The ‘Hand of God’ was on The World Series!

God is seen through his creation….YOU!

Yes, God is seen through you. He is seen when you obey His instruction manual. We are going to see a pattern unfold right before our very eyes. It seems the goal of The Royal owners was to have a team that would edify Godly principles.  These Royals have been through many tough situations that made them who they have become.

How did they become great?  It was not praying to Zeus and Diana who lead the Olympic torch bearing across our world. Their success started because they choose to honor their parents. As I read about the sorrow in their hearts over the loss of a mother and three fathers, it drove these men to think bigger than themselves. They rose above who they were and decided to represent who brought them into this world. They would do the best to their human strength because of the parent who believed in them.

I’ll list their names but I don’t know their entire story. They know their story. They know who encouraged them or who didn’t encourage them. These men made the decision to honor their parents. Revering is another word for honor. If a parent would tell you to murder someone or do something against God’s instruction, then we honor our Most High Adonai.  Man can not go against God’s instruction of not committing murder to revere a parent.

Did you know that this instruction from God of revering parents is the first instruction that comes with a blessing?

Now you see the results………The Royals honored their parents and they were blessed. God promised it and then declared it to the world. He said that you will be blessed and live long in the land which God is giving them. It is not only about land, but it is about our lives being blessed when we act according to how God desires us to be.

AV 24 – Connie Moustabas

A person with cancer can feel like they are an inconvenience to others as they may need more care and don’t want to be a burden to others. I do not know anything about Mike Moustabas mother other than what I read.  It will be Mike Moustabas that will dedicate hours in travel to visit his sick mother for over two years. He will give back to her what she gave to him…encouragement. She wanted the best for her son and she believed in him. It would be a tribute to her when he would write her initials, CM, in the ground and point upward when things went well. He was telling her that this was for her. He honored his mother. He would show the world that honoring a parent was of the utmost importance.

We can say, that he was one of those ‘lucky’ guys who had a good mom. Or, you can blame God for your bad mother. No, God did not classify what being a parent meant. God said to ‘give honor/reverence’ to them.  Now, we know the ‘secret of success’ to Mike Moustabas. His pain of her loss  would now bring honor to her.  This action gave witness to God’s Torah (instruction) whether Mike knew it or not.

It was August 9, 2015 that she passed. On the Hebrew calendar it was AV 24. It is when the Jews will finally start their lives again after coming through fastings of the ‘Dire Straits’. She fasted in her earthly cancer and now was relieved from her ‘dire straits.’

Tishrei 13 – Father Chris Young – Ha’azinu, listen

Chris Young will experience the pain of losing his father on September 26, 2015. His father had been sick and he knew from his visits that things weren’t right. It would be after Tishrei 10, The Day of judgment and the Day of Atonement, that he would pass. It would be on the Sabbath with the reading called, Ha’azinu, “Listen.”

God was speaking to Chris Young’s heart. He had gotten a text message to ‘listen’. “Dad has been taken to the hospital.” Chris was ready to start with the Royals after two months off. He knew his Dad wanted him to play ball. He thought he could fly out to see his Dad after he pitched. He got the next text that said, “Dad passed on.” He was heart-broken but knew he had to pitch…for his Dad. He honored his Dad as much as his heart was breaking. He tells others that there was a great peace in his heart as he pitched the first five innings with no runs. He felt the presence of his father standing right next to him. It was Game Four of the American League play offs with the Toronto Blue Jays. At the end of the 5th inning, he told the coach that he just couldn’t do it any longer, and he went to the locker room and with his hands in his head and he wept. It would be Royal’s batting coach Dale Sveum, who at 28 years old lost his father, that would embrace him in his sorrow.

Honoring parents…..continues to be the theme of the The Royals as they make their way through The World Series Championship.

So far, three parents honored and a fourth on Chesvhan 13.

Dale Sveum

Christopher Young

Michael Moustabas

Cheshvan 13 – Noah in Ark

Edinson Volquez – in Stadium (ark)

Volquez would be told after he pitched that his father had passed.   Should they have told him that his father passed right before the game? We have read the pros and cons. Edinson Volquez of the Dominican Republic was the October 27, 2015 Tuesday pitcher. What day was it on God’s Hebrew calendar? It was Cheshvan 13, the day his father would pass.

Since I don’t follow sports very much, the first I heard of the decision not to tell Edinson of his father’s passing was from a Jewish website. This rabbi was giving the Hebrew perspective on it. I’m going to side with the Hebrew opinion of not telling someone. Parents love their children so much and many have given their lives for them. At the appointed time to die, a parent still may not desire to be the focus of their child’s life as they will still elevate the success of their child over their own death.

I’ve been pondering this statement for a few months now and it keeps showing up in others lives such as these men. It is said that children don’t love their parents as much as parents love their children. Why is this? It is because in the act of giving you love. Parents have given longer than the child has been able to return that giving. A parent may give to their last breath as we saw in several of the parents in this 2015 World Series players!

This leads me to drop in the message about our Jewish Jesus known in Hebrew as Yeshua, which means ‘salvation.’ He honored the Father by not being equal to Him when He once was Him. He came as a servant to be that sinless offering that could atone for men’s deserved death penalty.

Jesus didn’t say, “Come, feel sorry for me.” He silenced himself so as to be led as a lamb to the slaughter. It was a planned execution at a special time in history to complete the next step in man’s redemptive process. We are blessed spiritually by believing in this life-giving blood that He shed for those accepting.

Yeshua endorses the instruction of honoring parents when asking us to obey the Father’s instruction. Yeshua, at the end coached his brother John and said, “Mother, here is your son. Brother, here is your mother, take care of her.” We should take care of our parents and not send them to nursing homes if at all possible.

Old Testament Noah was a child of The Most High who obeyed his heavenly father and built an ark the size of four football fields. He was blessed…physically and spiritually. He was fore-ordained for this task which is even seen in his name, Noah, meaning Rest.

The earth would now rest from it’s toils of men violating it….The cry had gone out from the depths of the earth. The inner parts would now be stirred and prepared for the next 120 innings/years. The inning has stretched into our century were man even wears a bracelet, WWJD, ‘What would Jesus do?” But what it should really say is, WWYD, “What would Yeshua do?” There is a Greek Jesus and there has always been a Hebrew Yeshua (Salvation).

Noah did what Yeshua did…he built the altar the Father instructed him to build. This altar would not see death, but life…just as the cross, ‘stake’ was designed for life. That special stake did NOT curse the man who hung on it. That man bore the curse of the Chupoh Numen..the law of sin is death. The ark was not a curse for those seeking it’s shelter. The cross is not a curse to those seeking shelter with the one who hung there for the payment of the law of Chupoh Numen. The curse Yeshua bore came from the ‘law’ of sin and death, Chupoh Nomen. When man sinned the penalty was death.

Adam’s children did sin and therefore premature physical death occurred at Noah’s flood. It was not the ‘law’ that destroyed them, but the curse that came with the penalty of death for not obeying God’s instruction. Men have always been smart and so in order to avoid the penalty of sin, they decide to remove what caused the ‘penalty’…SIN. They now could do what was right in their own eyes…..just as this was told about in ‘as in the days’ of Noah, Lot etc. and today.

When God saw that Adam’s children had done away with His instructions and they were no longer willing to call on God for instruction….they were prematurely removed from the earth. Their thoughts were exponential and of no hope of returning to God. Free will ruled and free will made new rules. We can now call evil good and good evil…. Does that sound familiar? Today, America seems to be on the wrong side of the fence quite often lately. There have been no home runs for America but there has been much confusion from the crowd on who to cheer for.

Cheshvan 13 – What day was it? Noah was safely tucked away in the ark with his family and they were waiting on God for seven days. Yes, it would take a Shemittah week of rest for God to give the man whose name meant rest, Noah, rest before the turmoil that brought total destruction. During this inning, his team could evaluate what team they had gotten themselves on and perhaps bail out. Would they walk with God, make a hit in their new world or run for cover as Adam had once done?

And, who did the Kansas City Royals have pitching during the game that had a ‘rain delay’ on Friday night as the Sabbath, Lecha Lecha (go forth) began? It was Cheshvan 10. We had just been learning about Noah’s flood? Yes, his name was Noah. Coincidence? I don’t think so…it’s all part of the pattern that God places before men to see.

And, who made the running score after the game resumed? Cain! Yes, Cain was present to be witness to the Genesis history story. This twenty-first centur Cain would live up to his name and build The Royal’s the kingdom they desired. He was a marked man that no one could touch now. He was sealed in the history books just as Adam’s Cain was sealed in the history book called, The Scriptures.

God desires to change bad to good. Adam’s Cain was the first murderer. It was premeditated. He knew what he wanted and he knew what he had to do to gain the world’s authority. If he could not keep his brother Abel under wraps, he would destroy him. He was that firstborn and it would be He that would win the ‘crown’ to rule this earthly realm. Cain resented God’s judgment of his gift. It was good enough in Cain’s eyes, but Cain knew he did not give his best. If Cain could not give his own life in thanks for God’s graces, why couldn’t God accept the seconds and thirds and fourth…after all, God has so much already and doesn’t need my stuff, he thought. Cain’s heart had struck out as he forgot that everything he had was because God gave it. Cain was serving God so Cain could help himself to what God had. It was a take to take more relationship.

As Cain thought about his option after killing his weak teammate, he decided that God did treat him justly…” As he left his home base, he was satisfied that he had been given a mark so no man on the earth would kill him in the future. He had treated God as being second class and yet God had let him make it to second base and he had not been thrown out of life, he reconciled to himself.

CHESHVAN 10 – God closes door on Ark. God closes field at Royal’s Stadium.

Whose calendar are you on? God’s children who knew God’s calendar stood in ‘awe’ as Hurricane Patricia announced herself as the largest hurricane ever in the history of the Pacific and Atlantic coasts. She formed three days earlier and was not deterred. She did push a little to the west and took a narrower path than expected…through answered prayer? She made her entrance into the stadium of Mexico on Cheshvan 10…the very day that God closed the door on the ark for Noah, Cheshvan 10. As the Sabbath Lecha Lecha ‘Go Forth’ began, she closed the ark door of the Royal’s Stadium with Noah pitching. Oh how my heart was racing as I saw The Yood of Elohim, The Hand of God right before our eyes in these patterns.

Even as I type this on Cheshvan 23, November 5, 2015, when the flood waters are still being released upon the earth for forty days and nights…we see Noah and his wife believing God will save them. We, too, have to trust our original parent Abba Father and give our Creator the honor that is due Him. It is the Father who has laid out the patterns at the foundations of the creation of the world.

He has laid before us, the pattern of blessing by following Torah (His instructions) or cursing which destroys us. This pattern follows the first instruction given with a blessing or cursing attached to it. God meant it for good and not evil.

Chupoh Numen – ‘law of sin and death’

The “law’ of sin and death is that eternal death will come to us.

The ‘law’ (Torah) obeyed does not bring death but safety to us.

The World Series was won by a principle and pattern set out by God from Adam to Noah…  Moses to Yeshua…and also to us. It is the principle of ‘honor.’ It is He that deserves all the honor and glory that every knee shall bow. A forced knee is not what Adam’s Cain had.

Christian Colon (pronounced Cholon) in Hebrew means window. The World Series had a man that represented the window that Noah viewed the world. The cholon opening was closed during the storm and then the window was re-opened for Noah and for The Royals. The black raven went out of the cholon and never came back. The dove was sent and did come back and was pulled through the cholon for protection until it was time to send it back out again. Darkness always comes before light.

Noah, Cain, Chalon would tie the scripture readings together as they championed sports to align with God’s message to the world. The World Series is that cholon/window to the ‘Pride of man.’ This cholon now became the pride of a town, an area, and a state. Schools were canceled as 800,000 came to cheer Noah and his family at Union Station to Liberty Memorial in downtown Kansas City. People walked five miles to see their team be recognized. They wanted to attach themselves to something great. Simple men elevated to positions by self determination and God allowed it. God had His plan of using man’s plan to show God’s pattern of plans.

Noah built an ark honoring his heavenly father’s determination. Noah pitched a game to his teams determination.

Cain scores after the flood gates reopened on Cheshvan 10, Friday, October 23, 2015 by 11:30 p.m. Adam’s Cain would find his family all drown in God’s determination to start again. But this time, did 800,000 claw at the large ark desiring its salvation?  The God of the universe was crying out for man not to be as Cain and desiring crowns. Today’s Cain was born for such a day as this World Series. He joined a team whose symbol was a golden crown known as, The Royals. Will this 2015 sportsman Cain change the world to God’s determination?

Can we learn from the Scriptures that declare how God thinks?

Can we learn from the largest hurricane in history, Patricia?  People were dying and man kept playing ball games.  God stopped the game and gave a moment of silence.

Can we learn by the example we saw in honoring the deceased parents of three team members?

Can we learn from the Hebrew calendar and see the patterns it holds that connect to this World Series?

Or, will we just seek to be Adam’s Cain in the future and finally God will burn up our sun and it’s elements because it is the sun that we worship instead of His Son, the Messiah.

Are we asking for a mark to be placed on us so the nations won’t kill us?   All Adam’s Cain had was his life on the earth. There was no redemption unless he returned to God’s ways.

If we do NOT learn that the patterns of man MUST follow the patterns of God, then we will never win Adonai’s World Series in order to get into Adonai’s… The Kingdom Series.


Adonai is the owner of The Universe Series. Elohim is the most powerful force to keep us ‘SAFE.’

The children who kill themselves in ‘honor’ of their parents request, are not the Elohim of Adam or Noah. They are the parents of the liar Satan, (Gen 3:1) also found in the garden of whom confused Eve along with Adam.  Adam had repented of his sin, but he had to live by Chupo Numan…the law of sin and death. If you sin against Torah (God’s instructions) then there is death…..

Thou shalt honor your parents – Exodus 20:12

Thou shalt NOT murder – Exodus 20:13

One law did not eliminate the other…they stand together. The whole Torah stands together with the first two being the essence of them all. Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and your neighbor as yourself….. and all the rest hang on these….they are still to be done…they didn’t drop to the ground as poison apples from the tree.

Mathew 15:4 For God said, “Honor your father and mother,’ and ‘Anyone who curses his father or mother must be put to death.’ ouch….

continue to read Mathew Chapter 15

In the beginning is found the end. Genesis 3:15  and John 3:16 should be quoted together….God so loved the world that He sent His only Son ……was predestined in Genesis 3:15.

To Satan: I will put animosity between you and the woman, and between your descendant and her descendant; he will bruise your head, and you will bruise his heel.” Jesus/Yeshua is that animosity.

Satan strikes our heels but it is Yeshua that crushes his head of deception.

We give honor to God as our first parent by not murdering those created in His image. We give honor and respect to Him who deserves ALL the glory for everything that is accomplished in our lives.

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