Shevat 12 – 18, Jethro World Events

The Month of the Four Horsemen – Picture from downtown Kansas City….the city of fountains.

Shevat 12 – 18, ‘Yitro’
Prelude to the Pesach study, Yitro.

Today, I begin typing before I open the Torah Study of Yitro. I expect to learn quite a bit as this is Mosche father-in-law. When he married the Midianite we might think that he was doing something wrong as Mosche was a Hebrew. We know his brother is Aharon of whom serve as priests in the tabernacle. They are the line of Levy but not every Levy will be a priest. God only gives that distinction to the line of Aharon. Yes, it will cause conflict and for some a disaster. But, it declares the will of God and it MUST not be violated.

I just used the word, violate. What does it mean in Hebrew? We read in the New Testament that there are ‘violations’ against the Torah. We will see that adding or taking away from God’s word is a ‘violation.’ God declares who would be the priests and then He said who would be the ‘high priest’ that could enter the Temple once a year. It is our Messiah Yeshua that soon returns that will be that final ‘High Priest.’ He has already resurrected and will be able to walk across the dead bodies that have been buried just outside the walls of the Temple in Jerusalem. The Beautiful Gate was sealed shut and graves tightly pressed against that wall so anyone touching them would be ‘UNCLEAN’.

Walls are built so high around God that men destroy what God meant to be simple.

Do they NOT know or do they NOT accept that the Living High Priest, Messiah Yeshua, can not be defiled? He has RISEN and put on immortality.

Mosche was raised as a Hebrew by his mother, Miriam, for many years. Did Pharaoh’s daughter leave him in the care of his own mother a Shemittah cycle or did she leave him two Shemittah cycles? Children are weaned from a mother perhaps by age three from their breast milk. They are weaned from the milk of the Torah at age thirteen when they have their Mitzvah. They are fully educated in the Torah and ready for manhood. God’s yood (strong hand) even had the princess providing for Mosche’s welfare with food and clothing. Our Elohim is a power Elohim and nothing is beyond what He can imagine.

I won’t go into detail here, but at the time that Joseph went down to Egypt, the Pharaoh’s were actually distant relatives of the Hebrews. As years passed, the Hyskos were removed and slavery troubles set in for the Hebrews. The Hyskos certainly knew Joseph’s family, but the new Pharaohs did not and were fearful of the multitude that had grown. They could not annihilate them so they were forced into slavery.

I want to look at what has happened in the past and current history of this week’s Parsah study of Yitro.

Week leading up to Shabbat, ‘Yitro.’

Shevat 12 was February 1 in 2015. It was the one-year anniversary of Ariel Sharron’s burial. He passed on Shevat 10. He had been in a coma around eight years. I was always wondering if he would rise from his head wound; aneurysm. He was a great warrior and king who brought Israel through the gates of Hebron. But, it would be Judea and Samara and Gaza that would be his downfall. Prime Minister Sharron would die on the day that FDR (President Franklin D Roosevelt ) was born in 1882. Both of these men would compromise Israel.

Shevat 13 was Monday, February 2, 2015. This was an impressive day as Argentina was host to the largest earthquake that day of a 6.3. I wrote an article on this so I’ll be brief in this study. What was special about the earthquake? Shevat 13 was the day Auschwitz was freed in 1945. What a glorious day for the Hebrews to be set free once again. 1945 was also a time of ‘death marches’ for the Hebrews. It was a time of sorrow as many were shot so as not to be witnesses. It was a time of suicide for the enemy as commanded by their leaders and Hitler, of whom also took his own life.

This week on Shevat 13, God gave notice once gain to Argentina that hosted these Nazis after the war. They fled for their lives under disguise to other countries that helped hide them. It was a time-period that America should not have participated; but they did. They thought the SS could help dig out the communists….but to minimal success. We still have both Nazis and communists today. Poor job America…good job to those that are still “Nazi” hunting.

What else happens Shevat 13. Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! I’m saying it three times for emphasis…

In the sixth Shemittah year of 1938, the year the Hebrews were pushed out of their businesses and herded into ghettos, the Philippines hosted an 8.2 earthquake and on the same day, Shevat 13, exactly TEN years later in 1948 it again hosted an 8.2 earthquake…to the day….. Co-incidence? I don’t think So!

WWII was at a roar and it took TWO atomic bombs to stop Japan who was yoked to Germany. Remember, it is TEN (yood) that is represented by the picture of the STRONG HAND of our Creator God. P.S. As I’m reviewing this article I see that just at TEN days later in 2015 God issues a 6.7 to Argentina on Shevat 22. It was probably Shevat 23 because of the time change. No matter….God’s hands are on Argentina at this time in history that they were hiding and now God is overturning the rocks to expose their evil deeds in memory of what they did to the world….not just the Jews!

Also, Shevat 13 is to remember Pakistan with a 7.2 earthquake in 2011 with people dying. This day is a strong remembrance to those that choose evil rulers who are against God’s will for all His children.

Hang in with me because it has been an incredible week for me as I told you about meeting Rivka and her husband last week at Mesa, Arizona, Shabbot service. I learned many thing from them that I already wrote. But, since then more has happened. On the Shabbot of Yitro, I will be attending a book review from the author of, Two Among the Righteous Few: A Story of Courage in the Holocaust by author, Marty Brounstein.

I’m just a girl from the “Midwest” who gets to travel around and have some great “God events” in her life. And, amazingly, as I was pursuing the cute items at the Valley D’Or retirement community I ran into a couple from Wichita Kansas who love our Jewish Jesus. God is explaining his Kingdom and the Jew and Gentile will be joined together.

Shevat 14, was Tuesday the 44th Anniversary of the 6.5 issued to Greater Los Angeles in 1971. I had been married one year, but I remember it. Does any one remember the 1693 7.5 Sicily Italy earthquake? Isaac Newton was around but not his father. There were horrific Hebrew persecutions during that time and he was born fatherless. I love talking about him. He was born just a few weeks earlier from Shevat 14. The Italy quake of 1693 was in a Shemittah year with 60,000 dying on the eve of Tu-B Shevat (15 Shevat). This day is dedicated to celebrating trees which now flourish in Israel, 2015. We just spoke about the water that was released in the Johnson Water Project for Israel. Isn’t it just like God to open the water so the trees now flourish in Israel? INCREDIBLE! Also, 1906 14 Shevat had a Total Lunar Eclipse.

Shevat 15 is Tu-B Shevat. Sixty-one years ago this day 1954 had a Total Lunar Eclipse as does 1971. 1971 will host THREE Total Lunar Eclipses. This day has something very special going to happen. It is the fore-runner to the 152-Day 2010 Macondo Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

I will give you that information as that time approaches on the calendar. It is relevant to the month it occurs. But, this day, 15 Shevat, where trees and nature are appreciated by the Hebrew….man drilled for the BP Macondo well that will devastate the world. This drill head will break open on Israel’s Independence Day and will not be properly sealed off until Yom Kippur Day 2, Tishrei 11. There are additional 152-stories that will join this one. This topic alone could find it’s way into becoming a book.

In the writing of the book, Yood of Elohim by hadassah, many stories will be told in their entirety, but for now let’s move on to what hadassah was given by God. There are many things that occurred in history but this one goes down in history. It is known as the ‘1850 Compromise’. It has been 165 years at this writing that Clay introduces this compromise. This Compromise only saves the Union, but it does not remove slavery. It will take Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation that allows slaves NOT to participate in the war that is to ‘set them free’. It does not make sense that you would have to kill someone that believed in the cause of setting you free.

Shevat 16 was the Day of that Compromise and yet many a slave still died. The Civil War to date is still the highest death toll of Americans from any war on American soil or elsewhere. Abraham Lincoln is likened to Mosche’s father-in-law, Yitro, in that they both structure the way of governing the people so they could be free.

Shevat 17 was host to an 8.5 earthquake to Kamchatka in 1923. It was the 6th year of the Shemittah cycle (double/triple cursing or blessings….depending upon a nations obedience to God’s instructions, known as Torah.

Shevat 18 – 1986 – 74 seconds into the air The Challenger broke apart killing all on board including teacher, McAuliffe.
On 2015 we have the teamsters wanting to strike on the entire west coast. It will stop goods from arriving to America. It has been the freighter ZIMRA that is targeted because it carries Israeli items for America. Now the organizers want to affect all of America. This is exactly the actions that happened that pushed Europe into it’s wars. The people always want change and forget what got them to the point of accepting change that will make things worse.

Today as I write it is the Sabbath, Shevat 18. I had the pleasure of shaking the hand this afternoon of Holocaust survivor Leah, “Ineke”, Baars and her husband Marty Brounstein who authored ‘Two Among the Righteous Few’. Their story is incredible. They hope to make a movie of this story. I will be talking about them again, so for now I find The Yood (hand)
of Elohim all over me again. Within a Shabbot to Shabbot I have witnessed the testimony of Jews who are directly connected to Israel and bear the same heart I do. I feel the kindred spirits between them and myself and know God is going to develop our relationships to His glory. In fact, the Brounstein’s were reunited in the Netherlands with the children of the parents that saved Leah,”Ineke.” It was May 22, 2009, 28 Iyyar, Friday. The Shabbot would begin at dusk. The Torah reading that Shabbot was Barmidbar. Yes, it began the study on the Book of Numbers. Ineke is counted in the numbers as a holocaust survivor and the Wijnakker’s parents are counted in the numbers of The Righteous Few.

Why is her name, Ineka? Because, the Wijnakker decided to claim her as their own when she was born so she nor her parents would be revealed and put on the trains to Auschwitz. After the war, Ineka and her parents would routinely come and visit the Wijnakker family.

It was May 22, 2009 on a Friday that Ineka was reunited with the children of the family that saved she and her parents for the tortures of the Nazi’s. They were invited back all all the other siblings could attend this fabulous reunion. It was Wednesday, May 27, Sivan 4, 2009. It was the 48th Day of the Counting of the Omer. The eve of Shav’uot would be the next day. The 50th Day is known as Pentecost where the giving of the Ruach HaChodesh (Holy Spirit).

What else happened that day? Wednesday, Sivan 4 is Anne Frank’s birthday. Oh, I know, it’s just another co-incidence….but come on ‘people of God’…isn’t our Creator a God of miracles? Ineka was meeting with this entire family on the day of another holocaust victim, Anne Frank. Anne almost made it out but died in March 1945. Anne wrote a diary and it was published for the world to witness this atrocity. I pray Marty and Ineka will press forward to have, ‘Two Among the Righteous Few’ made into a movie.

Every year on 15 Tu’b Shevat trees are planted in Israel and along the Avenue of the Righteous at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. Yad Vashem is the Holocaust Memorial in Jerusalem where material evidence reveals that it was real.

What day is it? I just attended a Shabbot service and gave my first money for the trees of Tu’B Shevat. Oh how I am blessed to even realize the connecting links of God and the perfecting of my walk in Him. I gave the last $20.00 in my purse for the tree celebration and the next day I meet the baby daughter of those saved through those being honored on that Righteous Avenue. Maybe my donation will help with planting near their plague.

When did I walk that Avenue in Jerusalem? Yes, it was when ‘Ineka’ was being reunited with the family that saved her, May 2009 at Shav’uot. I was in Israel for the first time in my life. It continues to grab my heart that I met Ineke and Marty Brounstein. And, now once expressing what this week in God’s world is about, I am realizing the path that God is leading me and thanking him. They also believe in God’s divine hand in their lives. I pray our relationship will grow.

Shevat 18 2015 Pesach is “Yitro”. I’ve studied this before, but I am excited to now dig deeper with the Pentateuch & Haftorahs edited by Dr. JH Hertz. It is when we take real-life events that happen to us and look at historical events and then bring the ancient past forward that God shows us his ‘kauf,’ ? open hand of peace. It is His Kauf that is offered to us but it comes at the price of the ‘yood’, his hand of strength.

In summary for the week that ends with studying, “Yitro’, we saw Ariel Sharon removed, the Auschwitz gates opened but not before more died on the ‘Nazi death marches’ to remove witnesses. We see the beginning of a Shemittah Cycle hosting earthquakes to the Philippines exactly TEN years to the day on Shevat 13. We see Argentina still shaking Nazi’s from her soils in 2015 with a 6.3 earthquake and not to forget the 2011 Pakistan quake this day. All of this coincides with 14 Shevat’s 1693 Italy quake which has a long-term death count because of plagues from diseases. By 1971 God has moved his hand to America in the Greater Los Angeles 6.5 quake causing great damage. 13 Shevat 1971 was close to the 8.1 Indonesia 13 Tevet 1971 earthquake. Eight magnitude earthquakes only occur once or twice a year, if that.

Eclipses are signals and signs and we see them this week in 1906, 1954 and 1971. 1971 had three total lunar eclipses in a sequence. To close, this week’s legislation was enacted calling to FREE slaves so they would not have to fight against their masters. The Compromise of 1850 never stopped slavery. The CHALLENGER was not to reach it’s destination of probing God’s skies. A teacher died on board.

Let’s now look back to the beginning to learn about the teacher Mosche was given. Hmm….He was now in a covenant relationship with his wife’s father. He now had another earthly father. We see he respected Yitro and Mosche shared his God with him. Yitro turned to Mosche’s God and made a covenant to confirm his belief. Have you ever think that you were in a covenant relationship with your son’s wife or daughter’s husband? You now are to be called, mother or father from that new addition to your family. These are relationships to be taken seriously early in their beginning.

Yitro was a prince and ruler. Mosche married into a family of priests and leaders in their community setting. His wife was probably a relative of one of the Pharaohs. So, as we study Yitro, we should enter this study of what leadership should look like and the calamities that fall when not applied to our lives.

This study takes us into the relationship with our Father, Elohim. He has many names that are defined in His attributes. This is what we see in this study of God establishing His legislation (Torah) with His children.

If you do NOT accept the first instruction, then the rest of God’s Words are meaningless to you.

Let’s continue….. See previous post:  Yitro Brings the Bride

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