Unknown Unknowns

As I write the Yood of Elohim book and the yhebrew.com blog, I find this list interesting. This article was written by Dylan Mathews and can be viewed at Vox.com in it’s entirety. I will only post a short summary of each concern.

I recognize each of these are important to the writers.

What do you think should be given the most study?

1. Catastrophic climate change

The earth’s warming to warming 2 degrees would not affect an annililationof people. But a warming of 4 or 6ºC (7.2 or 10.8ºF), a truly horrific scenario which it’s not clear humans could survive.

Things like spraying sulfate particles into the stratosphere to cool the Earth may start to look attractive to policymakers or even private individuals. But the risks are unknown, and Pamlin and Armstrong conclude that “the biggest challenge is that geoengineering may backfire and simply make matters worse.”

2) Nuclear war

The possibility of nuclear winter. That is, if enough nukes are detonated, world temperatures would fall dramatically and quickly, disrupting food production and possibly rendering human life impossible. It’s unclear if that’s even possible, or how big a war you’d need to trigger it, but if it is a possibility, that means a massive nuclear exchange is a possible cause of human extinction.

3) Global pandemic

The risk isn’t that a single contagion kills everyone; it’s that a pandemic kills enough people that the rudiments of civilization — agriculture, principally — can’t be maintained and the survivors die off.
4) Ecological catastrophe

Mass extinctions can happen for a number of reasons, many of which have their own categories on this list: global warming, an asteroid impact, carbon emission, etc.

Given that humans are heavily dependent on ecosystems, both natural and artificial, for food and other resources, mass extinctions that disrupt those ecosystems threaten us as well.


5) Global system collapse

The world’s economic and political systems collapse a severe, prolonged depression with high bankruptcy rates and high unemployment, a breakdown in normal commerce caused by hyperinflation, or even an economically-caused sharp increase in the death rate and perhaps even a decline in population.”

a coronal mass ejection from the Sun that disrupts electrical systems on Earth.

An economic collapse would have to be considerably more massive than that to risk human extinction or to kill enough people that the survivors couldn’t recover.

6) Major asteroid impact

developing ways to deflect asteroids that would have a truly devastating effect, such as by crashing spacecraft into them with enough force to change their path, avoiding Earth.

7) Supervolcano

As with pandemics, the risk isn’t so much that the event itself will kill everyone so much as that it’d make continued survival untenable for those who lived through it since food production is disrupted.

8) Synthetic biology

Synthetic biology is an emerging scientific field that focuses on the creation of biological systems, including artificial life.

Actual extinction would only happen if survivors were unable to adapt to a giant population decline.

9) Nanotechnology

whether nanotechnology allows rapid uranium extraction and isotope separation and the construction of nuclear bombs, which would increase the severity of the consequent conflicts,

The risk is that Artificial Intelligence has little use for humans and either out of malevolence or perceived necessity destroys us all.

11) Future bad governance

A policy failure in dealing with a threat that could cause human extinction would thus have hugely negative consequences.

12) Unknown unknowns

The first 11 items on the list are risks we can identify as potential threats worth tackling. There are almost certainly other dangers out there with grave potential impacts that we can’t predict. It’s hard to even think about how to tackle this problem, but more research into global catastrophic risks could be helpful.


I look at these as the Twelve Disciples. They each carry a message to the world, but the hidden one that kissed Jesus on the cheek was the betrayer. It was of no surprise to Jesus (Yeshua). In fact, that kiss was preordained by God to happen.

The book, Yood of Elohim, discusses God’s hand on our world. I continue to write it because it seems strange to me that even ministers who are suppose to be deeply in love with God and promoting His son, do NOT see Him in action today. They read and believe books that declare God is working ONLY through men today.

I know God is working through men, but we must NOT set aside the fact that our Creator is working in His creation of the heavens and earth. They are crying out because men do NOT cry out.

I want to skip quickly to the Twelfth Disciple….The Unknown unknowns. I’ve labeled it, The Unknown God.

It is Abraham’s father, Terah, that made idols for Nimrod. There was even an idol known as, the ‘Unknown god’. They did not want to leave any god out in case they would offend one that they had not thought of. (Now we know why 400 plus years later Mosche will hear directly from Adonai himself that they were to have NO idols (statues) before them.)

As Abraham grew in his relationship with the true Living God, Elohim, he was convicted to destroy all the idols in his father’s workshop. But, he left one idol unbroken. When Terah returned and saw the destruction, Abraham gave credit for the destruction of ALL the idol to the Unknown God.

Abraham went on to tell his father who this Unknown God was. He was the Living God who had created all the heavens and earth and everything was under His authority. The story goes that Nimrod was so upset that his business had been destroyed, that he threw Abraham in the Chaldean fire (ur).

Abraham did NOT burn up in the fiery furnace.  Nimrod required Terah and his entire family to leave the Chaldean area.  Terah’s family moves forward with Abraham’s living God.

The Lord Yeshua becomes that Twelfth disciple when Judas betrayed him. Yeshua becomes totally obedient to the will of the Father.  Yeshua is ‘unknown’ to the world until after his resurrection.  Even today many know OF him, but do NOT accept Him as God in the flesh.

Are today’s concerns about the end of civilization similar to the past? Look at the plagues that God issued just in Egypt.  We see other great stories of Adonai bringing His people ‘out of the world’, but the plagues give us an end-time picture. It was the year of ‘release’.  2015 is the Year of Release

God’s plagues were localized to a certain area and did not occur in the land of Goshen where the Hebrews were given to live in Egypt. They were set-apart in Egypt (world).

Do these end-time analysts see God’s plagues or God’s end-time list in play today?

God used water turned into blood. Nope, that is NOT on today’s list.

God used locusts, flies and frogs. Nope, they are NOT on the list as a world catastrophe that would eliminate the human race.

God used darkness. “Yes and No.”  Nuclear and volcanoes could darken the sun causing a disruption in production of food. But, with electricity and fuels we will light ourselves up and NOT die for lack of food. That darkness experienced in Egypt was like a darkness felt in hell. It was a fearfully scary not seeing your hand-before-your-face type of darkness. No one moved.

Biological Warfare?  Some see this….but an entire world?  Hmm!

The plague of the first-born was unstoppable. Pharaoh said he would never see Mosche again and he was correct. Death would consume the house of Egypt. Today, death is consuming the house of Egypt (world).

People do  NOT want God in their lives.  It will be true that they do NOT see Him.  It will be true that they place their own curse on themselves.  Men can choose God’s blessings but many choose other gods.

Egypt has many beautiful people living there. You are born a Coptic Christian or you are born Muslim. It’s like you are born into a Catholic family and then raised Catholic, or you are not.  Many people are born into a religion.  It is when we grow and study for ourselves that we then choose the path we take in life.  We alone are responsible for standing before our Creator.  You want to make sure you have the ‘correct’ path.

I just heard someone say, “Yes, there are many roads to God.”  But, there is only one road to eternal life.”

When we read about Egypt in the bible it is referencing a location and a people. It is also describing God’s view of the nations or peoples other than Israelites, Hebrews and Jews.

Today, I like the name Israelite over Jew because not all Jews come from the tribe of Judah.
How does God say the world will be destroyed? He gives the rainbow in the sky to remind us that He is a covenant keeper.  He tells us that He will never again destroy His earth by water.  I believe in a World wide Flood.

He tells us that the next destruction would be by FIRE. This could be a purification and not a total destruction.  Volcanoes and fire bring ashes that replenish the earth’s soil.

In our generation we have brought forth fossils and other elements from the earth, processed them and called it oil. This oil has proven so profitable that it has now funded wars that have killed thousands of human beings. The price of oil is very low today because the men that own this oil are fighting a war. The enemy has taken control of enough oil fields to pay for their war expenses. The original owners are driving the prices down so the enemy’s profits are low to stop their ‘Death Machine’.

Oil barges now sit in the waters around the world waiting for buyers. The oil nations are fat and can afford to become a little lean to bring the world back into their control.

Deepwater Rig
Deepwater Rig – Gulf Mexico 2010

I watch the Hand of God on our world. I have recorded oil being spilled on our earth and then burned off to contain it. In the book, Yood of Elohim, I will reveal our Creator’s hand in these burns. I stood in awe when I saw this. One fire broke out on Israel’s Independence Day and it was contained 152-days later on Yom Kippur Day 2, Tishrei 11. There are more stories…but later….

This week I stood in ‘awe’ again as yet another oil problem happened. It occurred on America’s soil in CA by Exxon. The four men were taken to the Long Island Beach Hospital where they all survived. This explosion shut down a facility that refined 155,000 barrels of oil daily. When did it occur? Feb 18, 2015.  What Hebrew day was it?  29 Shevat, no moon.   Yes, it is at the same time as Esther… and the annihilation of the Jew continues today.

Four men hospitalized as The Four Horsemen were released Shevat 24 to take peace from the earth.

Fast of Esther - 13 Adar Purim - 14 Adar Shushan Purim - 15 Adar
Fast of Esther – 13 Adar
Purim – 14 Adar
Shushan Purim – 15 Adar (March 5, 2015)

Shevat closes with no moon. I write this article on Adar 1. It is the month that the Jews will fast with Esther as Purim (lot) is chosen to annihilate all the Jews in the Province of Shushan. Our congregation is putting on the play, Purim, March 6 and 7. It is, ‘at such a time as this’ that God directs our attention to the waters that will be saturated with oil. Shushan was the entire area of the Middle East…even to the little island of Tyre.

75,800 Die in Shushan
75,800 Die in Shushan

God chose that the Jews not be annihilated and determined that 75,800 would die in the Province of Shushan. It would be the governors of those lands that came to the aide of the Jews and helped fight for their very existence. Esther is that young bride that had her people fast before the King of the Universe so the King of Shushan would declare a decree that the Jew could defend themselves.

Today, a decree must go out to the nations. Instead of the annihilation of the Jew and the Christian, the governors must help defend God’s children if they, too, are to be preserved. The Hebrew slaves in Egypt built Egypt. The Jews of today’s Israel build our world. They are the Pulitzer Prize winners…the Albert Einsteins, Isaac Newtons…. all their knowledge allows us to enjoy the i-pads, i-phones, irrigation systems and more.

God is calling the Jew to make Aliyah back home to Israel. It does not have to be by shaking of the nation in which they live in order to get them to leave. They want to go back, but they do NOT see why they should when they are so happy in America and Israel is so war-torn. Americans MUST be a leader of peace for Israel and the world. America is falling in this 2015 Shemittah year. America has invested in oil. Will these barges be set on fire as the enemy continues to ravage against the nations of the world.

Super Moon Pakistan
Super Moon Pakistan

The enemy believes their righteousness is that of Allah. He is known to us as, a god of death.

The Christian and Messianic Jews believe in the righteousness of Jesus/Yeshua. He is known as, The Living God.
I believe God has great plans for his earth and He will renew it. He has a 1,000 years from which to reign during the period that is known as The Davidic reign. Then another battle is described that hail stones of fire will drop to this earth. This is another picture of fire. Fire consumes 1/3 of the lands. The oil burning will consume 1/3 of the waters. God’s stories repeat themselves in history but in perhaps a different fashion.

The Day of the Lord will be a hard day for any man to stand.

There will not be enough missiles or rockets to push asteroids or any foreign object off course, when our Creator God reveals Himself.

This Twelfth Disciple – Unknown amongst unknowns – will become known as every knee bows.

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