Seven Easter Tornadoes



It’s time to write about Tornadoes! Adonai has shown me new things in the last few days. It all began with the town of Pilger, Nebraska. “Have I been there?” “No.”

My nieces who lost their mother, Jill, attend a private school now in the Omaha area. So, I knew I would be visiting them during their coming school year. Now, I feel like I’ve visited Nebraska after seeing the incredible TWIN EF5’s that hit Pilger Monday evening. TWIN EF5’s are the ultimate in tornadic Super cells. It was incredible to watch these storm chasers drive right between them. A year ago five storm chasers were killed.

Our granddaughter, Cadence, was celebrating her sixth birthday that evening. They were sliding down a slippery wet slide on the ground. It was muggy out, but no high winds. I then gave them a ride in the golf cart to bring them by our home which is just down the gravel lane. We spotted the American Flag lying on the ground. I will show you a picture  with God’s rainbow, a dark cloud and a bright cloud in one picture. It is awesome!

Rainbow is Witness
Rainbow is Witness

The lesson for the grandchildren at this point was that the American flag is to never touch the ground and it is highly respected. When we lived in Arizona the Home Owner’s Associations did not allow flag poles present in the front yards, but only in the backyards…which were walled off. I really felt my rights infringed upon. Perhaps that is why I like our open space and I can fly our flag proudly.

The problem with America is that they are no longer respected. President Obama is sending 275 troops back into Iraq this week as dissidents are taking over the oil fields. Our largest Embassy is in Iraq and it is the size of seventy football fields.

We’ve also learned President Obama will be announcing at the end of June about the world’s 204 countries who are resetting their monetary systems. These nations have pledged that their currency won’t fluctuate more than five percent beyond their assets. This is a LIFE-CHANGING situationl that most American’s have no idea of what is about to happen. Our American dollar will no longer be held as the standard for the world’s currency. It became the world currency when the Arabs agreed to accept our dollar for their petroleum. It is called, The Petro Dollar.

America has over 17 Trillion in debt in 2014. How does America come into compliance? American’s pension funds, social security funds and more are truly in, ‘Dire Straits.’ Anarchy is coming against a government that has been out-of-control. That topic is not for this note, but it is so very important as we see America turn into military states.

The Iraq War left America with surplus machinery. Missouri has just received, free, a ten-foot tall armored vehicle, repair parts included. This machinery is coming via Texas to states that are willing to take them. The states will only pay for the gas to run them. Terrorists and riot control are the reasons behind their acceptance of this machinery. That, my readers, is again another subject not for this book. But, I watched all of these news reports when our flag was DOWN! What are YOU going to do about America’s flag going DOWN?

Two days before our flag fell the wind caught it and it had wrapped itself into an unusual manner. I took a picture of it that I hope to share with you. It could not fly freely. I’m writing this on June 18, 2014, 20 Sivan. Day, our flag has recovered and is flying once again.

Flag Blowing

Let’s look at what happened when our Flag dropped to the ground! It was at the exact time of the TWIN EF5 at Pilger Nebraska. The twin EF5’s were sweeping through that town with mass destruction. It is our Creator who signals us when things are DOWN. Pilger was in distress and going down!

I was awed as I watched the devastation happen before my eyes. This is TOO incredible to comprehend. It looked like the two hands of Jehovah reaching down on the earth from the skies. These two walls or winds were straddling the highway in Pilger. I believe two lives were lost and 75 percent of the town is GONE!

The news reporter commented about other Nebraska tornadoes and I thought I would check their dates and look for any patterns.

What do you think? I got more than I was thinking….and that is just how it is with my Creator. He reveals things constantly to me because I see Him in His creation. There is nothing special about me besides being His child who is trying to be obedient. My goal is that you will see Him in these things so you can see Him in your life, as well.

HERE WE GO…………..

I’m going to start us BACK TO THE BEGINNING…. You will NOT be disappointed!

This information comes from: National Weather Service Forecast Office Omaha/Valley, NE.

The Tornadoes of Easter 1913 – “The top ten killer tornadoes in Nebraska may surprise you. Most people from Nebraska have vivid memories of the Omaha tornado on May 6, 1975, or the Grand Island tornadoes of June 3, 1980. While these tornadoes did significant amounts of damage they are not the part of the top ten killer tornadoes. In fact, there has been only one tornado in Nebraska history that has killed 100 or more people. Since 1953, there has not been a tornado that has killed over 10 people.”

The 1913 Easter Sunday quake that spawned SEVEN tornadoes killed 168. They remind me of the seven churches mentioned in Revelations. They were spewed out.

I’m going to give you this HEBREW date right now. WHAT DAY WAS IT? PURIM * 14 ADAR 11

Fast of Esther - 13 Adar Purim - 14 Adar Shushan Purim - 15 Adar
Fast of Esther – 13 Adar
Purim – 14 Adar
Shushan Purim – 15 Adar

It was PURIM – Purim means, ‘cast lot.’ A lot had been cast by Haman as to what day ALL the Jews in the Province of Shushan should be annihilated. It was an extra month added to the normal calendar.

It was before World War I and WW II. It was before the Holocaust. What was going on before 1913? You check history and see what was disturbing our Creator. I already know.

There were SEVEN cities with FOUR hosting deaths.

OMAHA 103 Dead

YUTAN 20 Dead

BERLIN 18 Dead

SARPY 25 Dead

$400,000 in damages

I’m glad Berlin changed their name. It is now Otoe.

So, what is wrong with Easter? What is wrong with ‘church?’ Why did God allow this?”

What is PURIM?

Do you ask these questions? If you don’t know what PURIM is, then this is why you are asking the other questions! This is why Jehovah is sending strong messages to the SEVEN churches.

Who is loving the Jew at this time in history?

Who is preparing their future land?

Who is persecuting the Jew?

Who is coming to the Jews aide?

Who is chasing after Torah?

Who has the Torah? The Jew

Why does scripture say, To the Jew first and then to the Gentile?

Why does scripture say the Gentile is grafted into the Jew? Who reversed this?

God always uses His creation to speak out. Creation spoke out saying, “Do NOT annihilate the Jew.” I am King Ahasuerus and I declare the Jew may defend themselves against those that have declared them illegitimate. I will make them illegitimate children. They think they know me and they do NOT know me.

Our King of Kings desires to return and the children are NOT preparing the way. The children are NOT preparing the land for the King. The children are have not set ‘my people’ free. The Gentiles are NOT making the Jew jealous. The Gentile is forcing their ways upon my people.

The King of Kings cast the lot (purim) that declared the day that I, Jehovah, would cast my Yod (hand) against them. It will be on the day that Haman declared the Jews annihilation. 14 ADAR will now be their annihilation.

Our Creator even picked the town of BERLIN. Communism would come to rise in the United States and sides were being taken. A depression would come to America and these seven cities were a signal. They represent the seven churches in the Book of Revelations that are spewed out for their pride. They would not return to Torah. They would not return to their first love of the Hebrew ways.

Still today they won’t return and on June 16, 2014 more children died at Pilger, Nebraska with twin EF5’s. They were the yods of Elohim.

Oklahoma, on the day of this writing, had another swarm of earthquakes. Eleven (the two hands of Adonai) again sending a message to those that sit Satan’s seat of worship in their capitol building. Jehovah will strike those that strike Him. Satan worshipers will be cast down. These are small warnings for a larger destruction that is to come. Remove the ‘seat of Satan’ and cast your lot with Jehovah.

Written by hadassah June 18, 2014.


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