Shevat 25 – 2 Adar – Terumah – Heave Offering

Month of Shevat 25 – Adar 2

February 15 is Sunday, Shevat 25

February 21 is Saturday, 2 Adar

The Torah Parsah “Terumah” known as ‘Heave Offering.’

This is a few days after the Four Horsemen were released on the 24th day of Shevat. These horsemen find artisans who will ‘take peace from the earth.’ This statement alone shows us that God sees men as getting very comfortable in their lives and forgetting His ways.

Let’s look at what my calendar looks like in the last week of Shevat as we now head into the month of Adar. This year does NOT have an additional month of Adar adding an additional 29 days to make adjustments for the rotation of the sun and moon. Thus, we have one month of Adar. 2015 will not have an opportunity to celebrate The Fast of Esther and Purim twice.

We ended last week with a 4.8 earthquake in Nevada and a 4.9 in Ashkaslam Afghanistan on the Sabbath. I mention this, because these are rare occurrences and worthy of mentioning. They occurred on the Sabbath….which is typical for God. He issues quakes to awaken men out of their sleep. If we were observing the Sabbath, we would notice His actions because we should be quiet in our lives before and with our families. It is a time of joy. If studying the Bible or Torah is your work, then you are not resting. Resting is doing something that you enjoy besides your job. Many get together on Friday evening to bring in the Sabbath sharing a meal together perhaps.

I remember the weekend starting with going on out a Friday night date. Did we get this ‘party’ attitude from Hebraism?

Sunday, February 15, 2015, Shevat 26 5775

2015 – Iraq hosts 4.7 earthquake at Ali alGhanbi. Gandhi/Ghanbi a play on names. Last Sunday was the 67th anniversary of Gandhi’s slaying in 1948…the year Israel was also begging for their right to live. Hmm!

1809 – Abraham Lincoln was born this day—-Shevat 26.

1935 – Partial Lunar this eve of Yom Kippur katan, day of little judgment. 80 years ago.

1935 – Three TOTAL lunar eclipse this year.

1996 – 8.2 Indonesia. Blak region on eve as Shabbot begins.

Monday, February 16, Shevat 27

1907 6.0 Virginia quake, (2 years before A Lincoln b.)

2015 6.7 Japan, 6.2 Sandwich Island, 4.9 Turkey

2015 1600 flights shut down. 40 million people affected. Record ice snow Nashville TN, KY, NC VA NY MA NH. Wash DC closed Monday as 4th snow pelts. NY tourists told to go to FL.

Tuesday, February 17, Shevat 28, 2015.

1933 Solar Annular Only 8 in our current century. Shevat 28 is close to 1933 4 Adar earthquake.

2013 7.1 Solomon Islands. Four Earthquakes/Four Horsemen: Last of Solomon Islands quakes: 8.0 7.1 7.0 7.1.

2015 Obama approves ‘drones’ to help keep peace on the earth threatened by ISIS in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, Yemen.

Wednesday, February 18, Shevat 29

1902 First Hebrew Women NYC

Thursday, February 19, Shevat 30, Rosh Chodesh Day 1

1780 6.0 FL largest quake – Rosh Chodesh 1 (head of month) Four Horsemen Day 6.

1938 8.5 Russia Banda Sea – Shemittah Year, Rosh Chodesh – Holocaust time.

2009 Third Harbinger – One month after Obama’s inauguration he refers to Isaiah 9:10 theme which defies God and quotes, “We will build again better theme.” The cedars fall…..

This ends the month of Shevat.

This week still holds two days beginning the month of Adar. Let’s continue with this week known as Terumah, Heave offering to finish it’s theme.

Friday, February 20, 1 Adar, Shabbot begins at dusk. Rosh Chodesh Day 2

1849 John Quincy Adam dies

1902 Turkey town destroyed by earthquake.

1922 Rabin born. Man of War helping establish Israel. Prime Minister assassinated by a fellow Jew for Oslo Peace Accord with Arafat via Clinton…established PLO.

1945 Roosevelt on USS Quincy on Bitter Lake Suez Canal meets King Saud for 3 days after Yalta Conference with Stalin and Churchill. Did not tell them about future meeting or his agreement to give King Saud ‘say so’ of who shall live in Palestine. He exchanged Israel for oil. God will remove Roosevelt within a few months along with Hitler and Mussolini as THREE kings die within 21 days of each other. (A very interesting story that aligns with scripture.) I will attach that writing soom.

1959 Ramadan Day 1 – Shemittah year with two months of Adar has two Fasts of Esther and two Purims to celebrate. This Ramadan will end on Israel’s New Religious Year on Nisan 1.

1994 Ramadan Day 1 – Begins on Sabbath, Rosh Chodesh 2, Adar 1 for 29 days to Nisan 1.

1965 8.7 Alaska earthquake, 2015 is 50-year anniversary. Rats Island, Rosh Chodesh, dark days

2014 Months Align. .041 percent chance of aligning. February and Adar 1 months and days align. Adar 1 is the extra 30 days and aligns with February exactly. (Adar 1 is added in the 3rd, 6th 8th, 11th, 14th 17th and 19th Shemittah year cycles.)

2015 Obama approves arctic drilling for oil and gas…could start by summer. Barrel of oil is below $50.00 and a glut of oil sits on the seas of the world. Midwest fracking at a stand-still. Shemittah year of Four Blood Moons.

Sabbath, February 21, 2 Adar – Terumah

1783 Italy quake, 50,000 die several years.

1965 8.7 Alaska, Adar II – 50th Anniversary, Rats Island, Day 3 Rosh Chodesh,

1975 Fire World Trade Center Floor 11.

2011 7.3 Japan – First of four quakes – 28,050 die.

2014 6.5 New Zealand

2015 Fiery Meteor Jacksonville FL, boom with shaking.




Terumah – Hear oh world God’s ‘Heave Offering’.

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