Earthquake Alert at PURIM updated for ‘ELUL Watch’

EARTHQUAKES AND GOD….Who controls them?

April 19, 2015

Why 36? – Three times the amount of 4.5+ earthquakes occurred ON  10 Nissan (Lamb chosen) than the day before, Nissan 9 2015

2015 – A record 36 (THIRTY-SIX) 4.5+ Earthquakes….WHEN?  March 30, 2015, the day The Lamb was chosen for Passover.  NISSAN 10 set off 2 ‘Event Bulletins’ at the US Dept of Commerce Tsunami Warning Center as the Samoa Islands had TWO 6.8 earthquakes Sunday evening.

Why 27? – Almost three times the amount of 4.5+ earthquakes occurred on PURIM, 14 Adar over The Fast of Esther, 13 Adar?

What is the difference between Fasting (Esther) and Casting Lot (Purim)?  Did God hear the fasting and prayers of being rescued from our enemies?  Does He strike the world to get their attention and put people on their knees if they won’t?  I think so!

April 5

2015 Second Occurrence – 27 (TWENTY-SEVEN) 4.5+ Earthquakes….WHEN?  PURIM…. 14 Adar, April 5, 2015.  It was Thursday at Talkeetna Alaska.  

14 Adar was the date chosen for the annihilation of ALL Jews in Queen Esther’s day.

As I review earthquakes I set a standard for outside of the United States as 4.5 being a significant quake to apply to my research, unless it is a location that does not normally have earthquakes.

I was studying the effects of earthquakes during the 2015 Passover, Sabbaths, Blood Moons and the Counting of the Omer.  I already knew April 1, Nissan 1, 2014 hosted our last 8+ earthquake.  It would not be until mid April (Passover Week) 2014 that God exploded His earth with a record-breaking number of earthquakes for April 2014.  Even the site commented on the explosiveness of April compared to the quiet 2014 New Year.

2015 – Sunday night as I was working on this study to look for any 2015 patterns, Taiwan had an 6.6 earthquake that recorded itself for the next day, April 20, 2015.  It would be only a few hours later than Japan would host two earthquakes; 6.2 and 6.1.   There was a tsunami issued, but not according to the ‘Event Bulletin’ that I was looking at.  As of my updating this writing on August 9, 2015 there still has NOT been an 8+ quake since this Nissan 1 (Rosh Chodesh, Hebrew New Year) quake.

I want to note that there has not been an 8+ earthquake in the Shemittah year in these months since 1900.  Elul, Tishrei and Adar I.  It is AV 24 today and so we have one week to go to Elul in it’s Shemittah year.  Tishrei is the next month but it begins a New Year and thus is Shemittah cycle year 1.  I believe God is saving it for THE  GREAT ONE that splits Jerusalem in the last days.  It will certainly be more than an 8+.  Let’s look to 29 Elul – The Day of Remission as a possibility as it brings Tishrei 1 in.

When an extra month is added to the Hebrew calendar it is called Adar I.  The next month after that is called Adar II and is observed as the main Adar of the year.  The next Shemittah year that we see Adar I is in 2022.  That is a year that I will speak about of which I believe Isaac Newton also noted special eclipses.  More on that later.

This activity brought me to focus my study on the now twenty-two ‘Event Bulletins’ that began with February 26, 2015.  The National Tsunami Warning Center is based out of Palmer, AK.

What I noticed about their report and my study was that when the larger number of 4.5+ earthquakes occurred, it was evident that they also had ‘events’ around the world.  It is very logical that the more quakings and shakings would bring concerns about tsunamis.

My study wanted to see if the March solar and April lunar eclipses had a bearing on the earthquakes. My study wants to see if the Rosh Chodesh (zero moon) has an effect on earthquakes.  My study wants to evaluate the ‘Hand of God’ on His Sabbath and feast days.

I now have twenty-two ‘event’ days that caused more havoic on the earth than other days.  So, what just has happened in the last sixty days?  I will type up this study and report it to you very soon.  I will continue to report on it as we work through the Fifty Days of the Counting of the Omer.

FYI – The 40th Day Jesus/Yeshua returns to the Father.

FYI –  The 50th Day of the Counting of the Omer the Holy Spirit (Ruach HaChodesh) comes and indwell over 3000 in Jerusalem.

Will these days show more activity?

Did the earthquakes slow down during Pesach (Passover)?

When is God quiet in His creation and when is He in action?  This is really what my blog is about.  Keep checking back because I believe you’re in for some shocking finds.

For now…I’m going to bed as I just wrote about Nissan 29….that was a very dark day and yet we saw God acting for the ’cause’ of His kids.

Read The Least and Greatest in the Kingdom of God.


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