Feasts of Lord

Shemittah Earthquake Mysteries

The Shemittah year carries a mystery

Do things really release and fall in the last year of the cycle as per Scripture when the slaves are free and the land is reset? Does God give His children rest in this year? Is it the year of Jesus Messiah’s return or does it come to a close and then the Jubilee year occurs?  Many rabbis and people have their opinions.  Can we find God’s opinion in these study?  It seems we will find a pattern, but perhaps not to the questions I just ask.  We may need to wait for His return to know the answers to some of my questions.  This blog is to get all of us to think deeper.  I just throw things out to stir things up….

Creation Week is very special as we see God’s hand in it.  God took the earth’s void and separated it and light was found. The light of Yeshua was there to speak it into existence.  Elohim is the name for the most powerful god there is.  And, the ‘Mem’ at the end declares there were many attributes of God present…Yeshua being the voice of God speaking things into existence in the heavenly language, Hebrew.  John who wrote the book of Revelation heard the angels speaking Hebrew.

It is unusual to have 8+ earthquakes.  

They may only occur once in a year and perhaps not at all.  Once I learned about The Lord’s Feasts I wanted to see what day earthquakes occurred and I wondered if God did anything special with them.  It would benefit you to get a Hebrew calendar on your computer or device in order to track God’s activity on his earth.  Then, see if you spot any patterns.  We just experienced God acting in the Middle East as He created a void of dust and then shook the earth with His voice (thunder, lightening, wind, earth tremor) when the Grandest Mosque on earth was blood stained by a crane killing 111 by the Family of Osama bin Laden.  It was all within Creation Week.

God may rest in 8+ earthquake in certain years, but does he then turn to the financial and political realms of our world to release instead?  I believe so. There have never been more refugees fleeing their home lands since the 1938-1945 Holocaust.  It is horrendous to use war as the objective to integrate Muslims into the world who then will want their neighbors to assimilate to what they believe.  The Muslim nations are causing the problem.   Saudi Arabia has taken in ZERO refugees.  Why is that when they have 10,000 tents ready for Hajj that are used for only five days a year?

Back to the Shemittah….quakes….and their timing….

Let’s look at the Hebrew and Gregorian day, year and cycle that Shemittah earthquakes occur.

 7 years in a Shemittah cycle

Year 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 which is known as the Shemittah year.

Perhaps the best way to explain when 8+ earthquakes have NOT occurred is to list when they have occurred.

Shemittah Year Earthquakes since 1900

1903     Tevet 5        January 4

1903     Av 18           August 11


1917     Iyyar 9          May 1

1917     Tammuz 6     June 26

1924     Nissan 10      April 14  Yeshua, lamb is chosen

1931     Av 27            August 10

1938     Shevat 30      February 1  Four Horsemen (Zech) released Shevat 24, Year Holocaust begins

1944     Kislev 21      December 7  Won temple Kislev 15, Dedicated Temple Kislev 25; Chanukah; Signals Holocaust done.  Pearl Harbor 3-Yr Anniversary

1952     Adar 7          March 4  Moses born and died. Joshua takes over.

1958     Cheshvan 23   November 6 – Defiled stones removed from temple.

1959     Nissan 26       May 4 – Death Joshua



1979     Kislev 22         December 12 – (3 days to Chanukah, Kislev 25)


1994     Sivan 30         June 9

2000     Cheshvan 18     November 16 – Noah’s Flood Day 2

2001     Tammuz 2         June 23




What months host them?

Tevet 5, Av 18, Iyyar 9,  Tammuz 6,  Nissan 10,  Av 27,  Shevat 30,  Kislev 21,  Adar 7,  Cheshvan 23,  Nissan 26,  Kislev 22, Sivan 30,  Cheshvan 18, Tammuz 2

If I could write a sentence on these earthquakes in the order that they occur, it would be like this.

Tevet 5 – Tevet is about setting the slaves free as Abraham Lincoln did on The Fast of Tevet 10.  He poured himself into the writing of the Emancipation Proclamation in 1862 and it was announced on January 1, 1863, (Tevet 10).  This earthquake is about setting men free. Issac Newton appears also at this season to set men free.   

Av 18 – Av is another month of repentance as the temple was destroyed twice on the 9th of Av. The Ax is said to be broken as the firewood for the temple is now finished being cut.  The trees of men will cease to being removed from the earth. The King is coming in Elul the month of repentance and returning to the Beloved.  There are NO 8+ earthquakes in Shemittah Elul.

Iyyar 9 is the 24 Day of the Counting of the Omer.  Yeshua is walking the earth teaching Torah.  The story of the 153 fish is here and it shows how they will suffer for Messiah as the world will hate them as well.

Tammuz 6 shows us the people are rebellious with their leader Moses being instructed by God for the first time.

 Nissan 10 is a powerful earthquake as it announces the Lamb that was chosen to be slain from the foundation of the earth.  God reminded the world on Nissan 10 Shemittah year 1924.  Nissan 26 in 1959 shows us the death of Joshua…He is a picture of Messiah all through the bible.  This earthquake will remind us in Nissan not only of his death but His walk.  This is a day of Counting the Omer.  It is the 11th day.  Yeshua is risen and will lead the people once again.  Joshua lives through this earthquake and walks in Messiah as Joshua’s strength is told through history.  Jesus had a brother Joshua and he wrote a book.  They named it The Book of James.  Perhaps God is wanting the truth to be told…so Joshua can rise again and speak how to walk.  He took over from Moses who knew they would falter.  2500 years later we have more than faltered.  This quake has Israel as a nation and will need others to walk close to her until she knows her strength is totally from Adonai…  I love the month of Nissan.  Death and resurrection face us all.  Yeshua will lead us into the promised land just as Joshua walked the Hebrews into the promised land.  It is the voice of God in the rumblings as they heard God voice in the thundering, lightening and ground shaking…just as today!

 Av 27 is a dark night with hardly a moon.  Mosche is preparing to ascend the mountain for his second forty days with God.  the people are prepared this time for his departure and they are seeking God’s mercy for their golden calf idolatry.  

Shevat 30 is another dark night with no moon.  The last chapter of Zechariah  has the Four Horsemen leaving Shevat 24 to take man’s peace from the earth.  This earthquake is just one form that will be used by these artisan.  

Kislev 21 is a time of cleaning our temple as the Maccabees had to cleanse the temple and prepare it for worship Kislev 15 – Kislev 25.   Kislev 22 is another 8+ earthquake.  1944 and 1979 are hard times for Israel.  Corrie ten Booms family is captured and killed.  Kislev is about dedicated our lives back to God.  It is a time to be light to the world.  Israel will be given land because of this holocaust and yet war and more wars will follow them.  

Adar 7 is when Moses was born and he died the same day…completing his life’s course.  

Cheshvan is very key.  Daniel talks about the 1335th day and if you make it to that day you will blessed.  It could be calculated to Cheshvan 25.  Noah made it through that troublesome time and steps off ark Cheshvan 27.  Cheshvan as two quakes: 18 and 23.  This is about Noah and survival.  The flood waters begin Cheshvan 17 and are still flowing Cheshvan 23.  Noah makes it one complete year to both of these dates as he gets off the ark Cheshvan 27.  The Daniel verse shows Noah made it to Cheshvan 25…He made it and will not be blessed.

Sivan is special because this month still has Yeshua walking the earth teaching until Iyyar 25, the 40th Day of the Counting of the Omer.   He ascends to heaven and prepares to return to tabernacle with men as the Holy Spirit on Sivan 6, Shavuot or the 50th Day of the Counting of the Omer.  That was a big sentence…..and much to think about.   Sivan 30 is a dark day with no moon.  The disciples are filled with the Ruach HaChodesh and push forward as they encourage multitudes who understand them in their own language.  

Tammuz 2 – Is the last Shemittah year month to have an 8+ earthquake.  There have been two in this month.  Tammuz 6 and 2.  Tammuz 2 is a very dark day as there is no moon.  Tammuz 6 was in 1917.  It was early in our study of the 1900 Shemittah earthquakes.  Then the last one that has occurred is also in Tammuz.  Tammuz 2 2001.  We all know what 2000 and 2001 are about.  The towers have fallen on 911 in New York.  The pride of America was hit.  Since that time world governments continue to fall.  I can’t keep up with the news and what has happened to our world that doesn’t threaten the peace of this earth.  But, now….on the last days of the Shemittah …  God struck the Middle East enemies of Israel.  He took a Sand Storm and struck them.  He fell a crane and bloodied their Grand Mosque as people were arrive for their yearly Hajj.  It was timely at God’s Days of Creation.  

Now…what do you think?  I see the story line and the writing is on the wall in the Shemittah pattern.

 Months Defined

Tevet 5, Av 18, Iyyar 9,  Tammuz 6,  Nissan 10,  Av 27,  Shevat 30,  Kislev 21,  Adar 7,  Cheshvan 23,  Nissan 26,  Kislev 22, Sivan 30,  Cheshvan 18, Tammuz 2

Tevet  10 is a fast – First breech of Temple walls by Babylon

Av 15 – Breaking of Axe – last trees cut for temple offering (Bible represents people as trees)

Iyyar 9 – Counting Omer Day 24

Tammuz 17 – Fast for false worship, golden calf

Nissan 10 – Lamb chosen, Yeshua rides into Jerusalem on donkey

Av 29 – Moses chisels new stone tablets

Shevat 24 – Four Horsemen go out to take man’s peace from the earth.

Kislev 15 – Macabee won Temple and now clean it up and on

Kislelv 25 – Chanukah – Dedication of lights/returning to temple worship/Torah

Adar 7 – Mosche birth and death

Cheshvan 23 – Flood – Noah in ark Cheshvan 23 600 and Cheshvan 23 601.  

Nissan 26 – Death Joshua

I learned so many things just by going through these patterns.  I thought I would discuss other things, and now I see why God wanted me to look at this closer.

Let’s next look at the years of two 8+





These years must have significance.  You can send me back your comments as some of you may have special knowledge about these years.

I can simply look at 2001 and know there were multiple towers that went down and thus multiple quakes.  

Next, what Shemittah years do not have 8+ quakes?







I’m going to do another report on the 2007 to compliment this study.  But for now, what do these empty years say to us?

Next, what years have two Shemittah cycles (14 years) between them?

1910 – 1965

1972 – 1987

1987 -2007

So between 1965 there are 14 years.

Between 1987 to 2007 are 14 years

If God plays true to this pattern, we can expect to have an 8+ in 2022.  That places it 14 years from 2007.  

I want to remind us of the pattern of 14, especially with Jacob who worked 7 years for each bride.  Rachael acted like the Gentile with holding on to her father’s idols and died in childbirth…not reaching the land.  Leah represents the true Hebrew.  It is in the beginning of the twentieth year that Jacob sneaks away.  One year later he completes his travels and settles…completing that third Shemittah cycle of 21 years. 

I love this picture as there will be more signals we can talk about for the year 2021-2022 which is our next Shemittah year.  But, what if it is 2028-2019 that pictures Jacob finishing his travels.  And, he actually does not make it back to his father’s land, but close to it; Hebron.  That is where the City of David was first established.  He and Leah are buried there with Rachel just laying outside it’s gate.  These are things that I think about as I love to study and watch for our Messiah’s return.


Now, what month would you guess?  Look at the months.  Some months have already had two.  

AV 18, 27 – Fasting month where relief is in sight

Tammuz 6, 2  –  Pre-golden calf worship, 17 Tammuz

Nissan 10, 26 – death burial resurrection of Yeshua

Kislev 21, 22 – Chanukah – Festival of Lights – (Kislev 15-25) Exact day of Pearl Harbor – Kislev 21

Cheshvan 23, 18 – Both days are experienced twice:  first, water gushing forth and then the earth is almost dry. 

What months have not had an 8+ earthquake?

ELUL – The King is in the Field

TISHREI – The King is Coronated, The King has wedding banquet, The King tabernacles with man

and one more….it is like a secret month….and it is hard to accomplish…but it can be accomplished in 2021-22.  It is called Adar 1.

Adar 1 and Adar II only occur every few years when the calendar adjusts by adding an extra 29 days.  When this happens we have Adar I and Adar II.  Adar II is the normal Adar.  

I like to consider Adar I the extra month of graces.  If you could not make it to the Fast of Esther, Purim or Pesach then you could attend it the next month…..

We will have this extra month in the Shemittah’s 7th year in 2021-22.  Adar 1 will be February 2, 2022.  Yes 2.2.22!  Beit.Beit,Beit. Beit.  the Son,Son, Son Son is in the House House House House.

I am just realizing as I type how powerful this is. The month that is hidden that appears on a few times in a Shemittah year is totally emphatically about Yeshua.  He is the one in the HOUSE.  He is the son in the House.  The second letter of the Hebrew aleph-Beit is the the two with a picture language of house.  It is well known that the Aleph, first letter, is with the son in the house.

Wow….now how old am I?  Will I make it to this great day?

February 2, 2022 through March 3, 2022 is 30 days.  We now have 3.3.22.  The three is the letter Gimel represented by a camel which means, high and lifted up.  It is represented by the Ruach HaChodesh, Holy Spirit.  These three work together and are complete when together.

Okay, my vote is in….not a date setter, but I’ll love this month and look forward to the Shemittah year 2022 and the month of February 2 – March 3.  And, do note that the Gregorian and Hebrew are just a day away in alignment.  Actually, if God begins the day in the evening at dusk then we are on God’s day…  February 2 evening begins 1 Adar I 2022.  

Yes, another vote for Adar on my part….for an 8+ earthquake???  and perhaps His return since we know there is His final shofar CALL and Jerusalem will be split from north to south being lifted up and all roads will lead to her.

Come, Lord Yeshua.

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