Royal’s Cain Wins. Adam’s Cain Lost – same night!

CAIN Scores – after rain delay * Cain Kingdom gone in flood

Cain Kingdom goes to World Series * Cain’s Kingdom ends in World Flood

PATTERN:  It was the Second month, Tenth day – Two Cains – same path, same day!

Cain scored the winning run to take the Kansas City Royals to the World Series.  That night Cain’s children were locked out of the ark as they would lose their lives earlier than anticipated.

The headlines could say many things about Cheshvan 10.  What was happening around our world caused me to blog a picture of what I saw of God’s Hand on His children last Friday, October 23, 2015. It was in the second month and tenth day that God tells us that He shut the door of the ark in which Noah and his family were safely tucked away for one year and one week.

Is The Royals stadium that size of Noche’s ark?  We know it was the size of four football fields. Noah was 600 years old that day and he would be 601 when he walks on dry ground to begin again.  The Royal’s Cain was playing the sixth game on the sixth day.  The game had gone into overtime when the rain delayed the finish.  One and one-half hours the fans would wait to see the finish….they would stand in the rain in awe over this win!

Adam’s Cains children also stood in awe as they first witnessed rain fall from the skies.  They had never seen such an amazing thing as rain…thundering and lightening.  God had a beginning to their end just as God shut down the ‘pride of man’ to show who was in control of their kingdom of the Royals of Kansas City.  Zeus and Diana are prayed to at the World’s Olympicsand other sports events pull other gods in to worship.   Kansas City has hosted the great Nebus god statute of which they put a KC sports shirt on.  I’ll try to add a picture later to this blog.

In October 2015 we begin the scripture studies once again in Genesis.  I talked about this in the previous story about The Royals, Hurricane Patricia and Greece.  God operates in patterns and themes.  As the Sabbath began, the Torah reading was entitled, Lech Lecha (“Go Forth or Go Out of her”).  It is titled according to the first words of the chapter that begin the study.  There is no doubt in my mind what the message was that God was sending men.

Men flooded into the Kansas City Stadium to see the last (Sixth) game that could qualify the Kansas City Royals to go to the World Series.  This sports event pictured the WORLD.  Noah’s flood occurred because of the Pride of man.  The Flood occurred when Noah was 600 years old.  Greece would have three Rare earthquakes representing Greek gods and Greek thinking.  The Atlantic and Pacific coasts had never seen such a magnitude of a hurricane forming at over 200 mph wind speeds.  Because Mexico did not pay attention before and they lost tens of thousands of human life a few years ago, they all heeded the warnings.  They had time to prepare and prepare they did.  God had man on his knees.  We have a God who desires men not to be proud, but to be obedient to His instructions on how to live safely on the earth.  Worship is the first key to a long life.

In thirty hours a normal tropical storm would turn into the strongest hurricane to-date with winds over 200 mph.  Her path narrowed and the 200 mph were sustained to within her 15 miles on each side of her eye. She moved to the west which avoided areas with populations of Puerto Vallarta of 250,000 and Manganille of 150,000 people. The 1959 hurricane at Manganille lost 6,800 people and half of their homes.

Six lives are reported as being lost so far from Patricia.  It is not the magnitude as much as it is the location of populations of people.  A far less hurricane of about a Cat 1 or 2 (75-96 mph) Katrina in 2005 killed 1,200.  People would not leave their homes in fear of vandalism.    The impact that God desires is to put fear into man and put him on his knees.  He expressly told us this in Genesis with Mosche at the base of Mt. Sinai.  He spoke to them through thundering, lightening, winds and shaking to put fear in them so every knee would bow…not just a few, but ALL!

Patricia still caused SIX to die on the SIXTH day of the week.  Their rest truly came on the Sabbath in their removal from this earth. Millions of dollars of damage occurred that will take years to recover.  Banana fields were lost and 3000 homes destroyed on Cheshvan 10, October 23, 2015 as the Sabbath began for the Torah reading, “Come out/Go forth.”

Let’s look at what else has happened in world history at this time.  Cheshvan is the second month of the Civil year on the Hebrew calendar.

Cheshvan 10 – Door Closed, Genesis. 6:9-11:32

1948     Iran President Rhouni born.  He missed getting in the boat.  He was born ‘for such a time as this’.  In 2007 sanctions had been placed on Iran for their threats of nuclear against other nations, especially Israel.  The Associated Press stated that on October 25 Iran was to begin taking steps to lower their 20,000 centrifuges down to 9,000. ” It is the beginning of the end,” they said.  Israel is born May 1948.  Rhouni and Israel grow up as Shemite brothers and yet as Isaac and Ishmael enemies.

1875     5.0  Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas felt 8000 sq miles

2013     7.1  Philippines, SE Saghayan

2015     Cat 5 Hurricane Patricia slams Mexico missing populations, 6th day, PM

2015     Greece – 3 earthquakes, 6th day, PM (Greek thinking world/sports/religion)

2015     Kansas City Royals 6th game, 6th day, rain delay for World Series, PM

CHESHVAN 11 – Day of release – Come out of the earth

Death of Methusalah – Noah’s grandfather…oldest man, 969 years.

Death Isaac’s Rachel giving birth to Benjamin b.

312 AD  Constantine conquers Rome with monogram of Christ..makes his symbol thereafter in all crusades.

1852     Daniel Webster died

1919     Sonja Tolstoy died – married to Count Leo Tolstoy who wrote War and Peace.

1945     Lev Tolstoy died – son of Count Leo and Sonja Tolstoy. (died same day as mother)

1995     Yitzhak Rabin, Israel Prime Minister, assassinated by Hugo Amir (Rabin signing Peace Accord disturbed Hugo greatly)

1989     Berlin Wall comes DOWN (Reagan years)

2012     7.8 Canada, Haida Gwaii, Sabbath

2015     October 24, Sabbath Lech Lecha, Go forth, Noah in ark Day 2

CHESHVAN 12 – False Peace

1995     Prime Ministers Rabin Memorial (20-year Anniv.)

2015     Iran sanctions lifted if they reduce centrifuges, October 25, 2015.

CHESHVAN 13  – Signals of Release

1895     MO Charleston, 1 million mile quake felt In 23 states, 120 year Anniv.  20-yr 3-day anniversary of Topeka KS quake.

1905     IDAHO Sabbath Lech Lecha (Go forth), Felt to southern half ID to Oregon

1938     Total Lunar

1957     Total Lunar 3/3

1985     Total Lunar 2/4

1995     Prime Minister Rabin funeral – 40 leading statesmen

2000     Austria train fire kills 155, 12 escape. Alpine center, Kaprun disaster

2004     Total Lunar 3/4

2014     6.6 Papa New Guinea

2015     7.5 Afghanistan, 7 quakes in 7 hrs 38 min; 7.5, 4.8, 4.4, 4.7, 4.1, 41, 4.5

Class Notes: October 24, 2015.

Drash – means to have a comparison – dig deeper than the surface teaching.

What Would Jesus Do?

What Would Yeshua Do?

There is a distinct difference between the Greek Jesus and the Hebrew Yeshua.

The Greek Jesus is represented through Christmas and Easter.

The Hebrew Yeshua is represented through the Feast of Tabernacles for his birth and the Seder service at Passover showing his real death, resurrection and giving of the Holy Spirit at Shavuot.

Kirk Cameron made the film, “Saving Christmas.”  It makes Yeshua believers look like Scourge.  Did he and Bill Cosby have a relationship?  ‘Sexual vampirism’ draws life down from their own.

In the 1800’s it was illegal to have Christmas.  Quakers and Baptists had NO trees decorated or brought into their homes.  Pagans served nee-ged.  Charles Dickens developed the theme that if you didn’t like Christmas, you were an old scourge.

Persecution:  Forced to do what you came away from doing. Christmas has a demonic foundation and the original Christians did not want to bring it to America.  The persecutions came when they forced the old world traditions such as Christmas and Easter instilled into America culture.

; is now a marking of the dead.  It’s tattooed on your body to remember those that died.  God said not to mark your body…

Jesus – Freed us from The Law

Yeshua – Filled up the Law as He is The Word (Torah) instructions.

Jesus – Born Under the Law, purchased us from these rules.

Yeshua – Kept the Law perfectly or He could not be the Messiah.  He redeemed and saved us from the transgression of the Law.  No one can keep it perfectly, so His blood atoned for the penalty of the law that states that the violation of the Torah results in spiritual death. Thus, we are free to live out Torah to the best we can; and that penalty of spiritual death is gone through the saving blood of Yeshua as Messiah.

It is not The Law/Torah that is the penalty!  It is the law of sinning…that brings death.  Sinning results in death.  Do people think that if they do away with God’s Law then there is no more spiritual death to deal with?  May we not be like Cain.

Living by God’s instructions keeps us safe on this earth.  Physical or spiritual death does not result from doing Torah.  It comes as a result from NOT doing Torah.  Yeshua calls it a ‘light yoke’….not heavy.

Torah means instructions.  In Greek it can take on a meaning of legislation. You must look at the context of the word when reading your bible.  It is saying instruction or legislation; there is a difference.

Cain did not live by God’s Torah, but by Cain’s will to set up his own torah (instruction.)

Yeshua came to crush the penalty of sinning against God’s instructions… which now makes living in His Torah a safe thing to do.  Cain just needed to submit his will to live within God’s instructions.  He instead decided to build his own kingdom of prideful men who want to do it their way….as the song goes.  Men at their funeral are eulogized by saying, ‘They did it their way.’

Jesus is Anti-Torah

Jesus is Law-less, Torah-less

Yeshua is the Torah.  He is full of God’s instructions.  He filled it up just as the prophets said He would.  God calls him the Living Word.

The Jews know that the Messiah coming will do Torah completely without violating it.  God says that He will put it on man’s heart to do it as well.  It will be an automatic download.

I have already met a Jew who was raised an Orthodox Jew; without any knowledge of Yeshua as Messiah.  He had not studied the bible much prior to his being saved by the blood of Yeshua but then God gave him an automatic download.  He can quote scripture and remember where the verses are.  He knows that The Lord’s Feasts are for him today and he knows that there is nothing more powerful than Yeshua’s saving blood.  I will be a gentile who chases after his Jewish tails to learn what he can teach me.  This is prophecy unfolding before our eyes.

This seems like a nice ending to the beginning of seeing God unfold “As in the days of Noach, again for us this week.

Men’s Greek thinking in sports and religion was reinforced by God to us through the THREE earthquakes in Greece of which Greece rarely has an earthquake.  They occurred during the Kansas City Royals ‘rain delayed’ game to get to the World Series…which they will go after Cain scored the winning point.

Hurricane Patricia had every Mexican knee bowed and God heard their plea and only suffered a few to die, only several million in damages, and only 250,000 without electricity from the worst hurricane to form in world history on Cheshvan 10; the day God ‘Shut the Door’ of the ark.

Noache – 600 years old

World Series Qualified – 6th Game – won on 6th day of the week.

Greece – Three earthquakes

Hurricane Patricia – Largest ever in history for Pacific and Atlantic coasts, 200 mph

Iran’s President Rhouni’s 67th birthday….Cheshvan 10.  He was born in 1948; just like Israel.  They have much in common and yet fearsome enemies.

Earthquakes felt 8,000 miles and then over 1 million miles.

War and Peace Tolstoy wife,Sonja, and son, Lev, die on the same day, Cheshvan 11.  She detested the Jew as her husband Leo (Lev) loved them.  (Lev could be for Leviticus.}

The Berlin Wall comes down.

Turkey is now involved with the United States in talks with Russia.  The United States is now connected with Gog.  Gog is taking center stage in the world.  This is where the seven churches are located including, Pegamus, known as ‘The Seat of Satan.’

An Iranian battleship is in the Caspian Sea headed to join Russian battleships fighting for Syria.

Prime Minister Rabin of whom signed a Two-State solution Peace Accord was assassinated for his actions, by a man who believed that the God of Israel did NOT want the land to be divided.

The history for this week is pretty incredible of how it ties together to ‘Go Forth/Come Out’ of her.  Come out of the world and back into the safety of Yeshua who is the living Word/Torah, instruction from God.

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