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Thanksgivakah Chanukah Kindred Spirits


Chanukah on Thanksgiving in 2013

Lisbon Earthquake to Afghanistan Earthquake

152 Years 1755 – 1907

Slaves Freed to Chanukah

152 Years 1861 – 2013

Chanukah 2013 – Resurrection 2014

152 Days to

152 Day BP Oil Spill 2010

Began on Israel’s Independence Day – Ended on Yom Kippur, Tishrei 10 2010

Festival of Lights/Chanukah/Conception

Seventh Month of Pregnancy is 40th Day Counting Omer

Abraham * Isaac Newton (played in the fields of Lincolnshire) * Abraham Lincoln

152 days – The BP Fire killed eleven.

152 years from 1861 – 2013 – Chanukah on Thanksgiving. Will not happen for 1,000 years.

I found myself asking the wrong question. I did the study on “Connecting Chanukah and Thanksgiving’ and was standing amazed at why it had been 152 years since the last time Chanukah Day One fell on the fourth Thursday, Thanksgiving.

I went back and looked at 660 years, three different times, to see what connection there could be between Chanukah, Yom Kippur katan (Day of Little Judgment) and Rosh Chodesh (Head of the Month).

The Yom Kippur katan averaged every 7.6 years for being on the American Thanksgiving day. Rosh Chodesh (head of month) averaged happening on that day every 12.2 years.

We were visiting in the home of my friend, Sue. We both prayed for discernment over these numbers as it was far beyond what we could comprehend.   As I awoke in her home in what is called ‘The prayer room’, I found God telling me that I was approaching this wrong. It wasn’t why there weren’t more “Festival of Lights’ on Thanksgiving, it was “Why was it happening in the years I found?”

I also found a connection between Hybrid men and Hybrid solar eclipses.  That will be another article.  It is an amazing thing, too.

I focused on a different question and found myself right back to the characters that God had me meeting in the book I hope to publish called, Yood of Elohim.  Even as I type this I’m seeing the 152-day British Petroleum story fitting in.  It lasted 152 days and this ties into the 152-year wait for bringing something else to a close I found.

I don’t want to give out any prophetical happening here, because I agree with Isaac Newton that it is not man’s place to do that.  He states that we will see the future from the past. He was seeing a world change in the years 2028 and possibly 2034.   If you look at hybrid solars you will see it as well.  ???????????  There is a pattern I’ll explain in another blog.  I wish my book could get to print but this blog may get the info into people’s hands quicker.

I too can only dig into the deeper things of Yah as He reveals it. And, it is said in Judaism that a man cannot study SOD (secrets) until he is at least forty years old. I certainly meet the age requirement but since becoming a Christian around 1977, that puts me at 36 years of studying God’s word.  It is only since our real estate business slowed to almost a stop in Arizona that my life has allowed me total concentration on the Hebraic study of God’s scriptures.  So, 2008 was a pivotal point for me in understanding another ‘side of the street’ in my Christian walk.

I write about the 153 fish caught in the Book of John and that story will stand. I’ve learned that God has many levels of learning and we are suppose to learn from history and others lives, as well.  Nothing is complete until Messiah comes and we hear that final trumpet call.  So, if things don’t tie together as a Greek thinker would think, it is no worry…He thinks in Hebrew.   Yah (God) has it under control and it will be revealed when our Creator desires it to be revealed.

Let’s look at the years that Chanukah (Festival of Lights) did happen on the American Thanksgiving day, the fourth Thursday of the month.

2013 152 years ago (6th Shemittah Cycle)

1861 95 years apart

1766 20 years apart

1749 27 years apart

1719 27 years apart


The Festival of Lights is the story of Antiochus Epiphanes setting up the abomination of desolation (Zeus) in the temple 168 BC.   The Maccabee brothers united with all the other Jewish brethren and won it back. That was a miracle story in itself which you can pull up on the internet to read.  As they cleaned up the temple from the disaster it had become over the last three and one-half years, they found the menorah and wanted to light it.  It was this light that let them know Yahweh’s presence was there with them.  (If God honoured these men by showing His miracles to them, why do people cast off the Book of Maccabees?  It’s like casting off God Himself!)   They found but a fragment of the anointing oil that was specifically for the purpose in the lighting of the menorah lights.   They had hoped to gather more, but it was going to take perhaps weeks to sanctify it correctly.  So, they used what they had which was about a one-day supply.

These candles miraculously stayed lite for eight days. They witnessed the “Yood of Elohim’ and knew Yahweh was with them. They then created a new menorah that now has a total of nine arms called a Hanakeah which is used at this festival time. The center arm represents Yah (Yeshua) and is called the ‘service’ candle.  The service candle is lite first as it lights the first candle on the right and then one more candle each night until all eight are burning right to left.  The order of the burning represents the first shall be last.  The least (humble hearted) in the kingdom of Yah will be the greatest.   The candles burn out on their own.

This Festival of Lights is when it is believed that Messiah Yeshua was conceived through the Holy Spirit in the young Alma (virgin) Miriam.M

My thinking was to see when this baby would be born. I have to remember that it might not be a human birth I was trying to find the date for, but King Messiah’s return.

He said that we would see Him return, just as we saw Him leave.  When I was in Israel in 2009 I remember Pastor Biltz looking out to the Mount of Olives and quoting that scripture. Even though we can project, the Father will determine the day.  But, as we see the ‘signs’ and we are to be ‘watchman’, it is exciting to think that it could be time for the government to be on His shoulders. I believe mankind is fed up and all nations want a righteous leader.  Even Muslims look for Yeshua to return again.  In Egypt they know Jesus as Isa.  He Hebrew Jesus is Yeshua.

I, like Isaac Newton, see changes in our heavens, the patterns on our calendars, the earthquakes and much more.  Notice that Chanukah and the future Thanksgiving that is established in America by Abraham Lincoln in 1861 surrounds the years of Isaac Newton. I will tell you lots more about Isaac in the future. He truly is a picture of Joseph in Egypt and a picture of Messiah (Christ).

In 2013 as I was researching this material, I was counting weeks from Kislev 25, 2013, November 28, 2013 and got to WEEK TWENTY. I stood amazed at finding myself ON ‘The 40th Day of the Counting of the Omer’. It was:


An ‘Awesome God’ moment for me once again as I dug deeper.

I say this because it was on this day that we could see him come just as He left.

What month of pregnancy is it. The SEVENTH! Rest – Oath. It is a God-Gestation.

Is it possible that it would be the time of his RETURN – It would make sense that Messiah returns to begin His oath of having the ‘government’ on His shoulders. It would be likened to the “70 Weeks of Daniel” and the ’70 Years of Israel’s Captivity’ in Babylon.  Israel became a nation in 1948.  They will be 70 years old in 2018.  Or, could it be when they recaptured Jerusalem in 1967.  No matter…we are close to the 70 years.  2037?

It is in the seventh month that a baby can hear. Could it be that He has heard the cries of His people and will return on the 40th day of the Counting of the Omer. Or perhaps that week will reveal him back in human flesh on the 50th day of the Counting of the Omer as that is when Yeshua came back in the form of the Ruach HaChodesh (Holy Spirit). It certainly would make sense.

I think we need to stop thinking Greek and stop putting God in our little box that says He must act just like we think.

It is a year later from writing this article and we are now in the Shemittah year, Seventh Year, Sabbath Year of 2014-2015. Are things falling? Definitely. Gas is the lowest in years, King Abdulah worth $255 billion just died Shevat 3 and the worst of worst snow storms in history is ready to dump on the East Coast.  President Obama shortened his tour to India to arrive in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday to honor the next King of Oil, Abdulah’s brother (79).

All of the East Coast airports will be shut down with 20 of 30 feet of snow. Will those bowing to the next oil king be able to return to America? I think God has a plan to delay them so perhaps they can have some PEACE amongst themselves or will they continue to plan Israel’s removal from the map?

Updated 1.27.2014 – Shemittah Year

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