hadassah miriam

If you read anything on this blog, please read the last paragraphs of this statement so you know who is speaking with a burning heart!

hadassah miriam

hadassah – meaning with Hebrew letters

H – ה Hey – Raised Arms – look, man, behold, reveal, show, sigh, the

D – ד Dahlet – Door – move, hang, enter, open, path or way

S – ס Shin/sin – Teeth – sharp, press, eat, two, destroy, again

H – ה Hey – Raised Arms – look, man, behold, reveal, show, sigh, the

With raised arms we look to (hey) behold ‘the man’ revealing the (dahlet) pathway of covenant through the door that is able to destroy sin. Yeshua Jesus is the gateway to the path of instruction (Torah) that can be (Shin) winding and surrounding us perhaps making us feel destroyed.  Violation of the Torah is sin.  We press forward in God’s instruction (Torah) that shows us the raised arms of the man to whom we look upon as we behold the sign of the covenant, the tav (ת t). That last letter of the Hebrew Aleph-Tav  is the finishing work of God.  It is the Son of God, Son of Man Messiah Yeshua, that raised His arms on the stake and died for all.    We ‘behold’ him rising on the third day.  He will ‘reveal’ himself as King in the Third Day.


M – מ Mem – Water – chaos, might, blood, out of, what, how

R – ר Resh – Man’s Head – first, beginning, think, person, sum, top

M -מ Mem – Water – chaos, might, blood, out of, what, how

hadassah miriam raises her voice to hear God calling man out of the chaos of the nations. It is with raised arms beholding THE SIGN of the COVENANT that reveals the path that destroys sin before us.  

Resh-Mem – Man is in chaos and can only come out by the first head man. There will always be  chaos unless man remembers who is his head from the beginning of Creation.

hadassah would become Esther, ‘for such a time as this’ that she would save the entire Jewish world from annihilation.  She hid her identity from the King; but when she revealed her Jewishness in Torah, it was counted to her as righteousness.

This hidden author, hadassah miriam, (bml) has taken this name to reveal hidden things that God has shown her at this time.  For this moment, in the time of her life on this earth, God has shown her things to be revealed; at His timing.  This news can be very bitter as miriam means, bitter.  Her heart burns for the Jewish people.

August 6 Av 27 1945, Hiroshima Japan had ‘Big Boy’ dropped trying to end WWII.  It took a second atomic bomb drop on August 9 1945 that was 29 Av…a very dark day.  Av 29 was also Day 1 of Ramadan 1945.  The Emperor would sign to end The People’s War on August 15, 1945.  Hiroshima lost 70 to 120,000 lives and Nagasaki around 70,000 over the next five years.

The People’s War ended five years to the day that this author was born.   And, on that Fifth Anniversary of Japan surrendering, God unleashed two shaking things.  Five years to the day on August 15, 1950 Tibet India had an 8.6 earthquake taking 1,576 lives.   And, this author was born in the Midwest state of Iowa.   The Hebrew date was 2 Elul, as Mosche was ascending for the second time to see if Adonai would forgive the Israelites of the Worship of the Golden Calf in the month of Tammuz.

In 1977, 2 Elul, Elvis Presley would die at age 46.  When this author grew up Elvis Presley was every teens idol.   He died when she was 17 years old on her 2 Elul birthday.  This author did not know about a Hebrew calendar, or that a devastating earthquake happened, and she definitely was not aware of a holocaust that ended just five years to the day before she was born.

But, today, this author doesn’t even say the word ‘luck’ as it comes from Lucifer.  This author now understands The Thirteen Attributes of God’s name that Mosche returned with forty days later on Yom Kipper.   God did give the Israelites atonement for their sins.

This author’s spirit is bent on knowing the mind of God.  This author’s spirit is bent on not letting a ‘holocaust’ happen again on her watch.  This author does not believe in ‘horoscopes’ nor witchcraft of any kind.  But, this author sees The Hand of God clearly before her face as she sees Him in forms of goodness and judgment.

His righteousness is for all mankind….The Jew first and then the Gentile.  It is the Torah that was given to the Jew that the Gentile may also partake.  The Times of the Gentile will be filling up and they will become more complete in Torah.  As the Jew is chased by the Gentile to understand this set-apart people known as, The People of the Book, the Gentile will share what they know about Jesus Yeshua. It is not the ‘cutting off of heads’ that brings the Messiach in, but the Christians understanding Torah as their way of walking ‘as Jesus walked.’

This author has never felt more secure in her salvation in Yeshua Jesus.  No man can take my salvation from me….it is man that plays with temptation and walks away.  She grew up loving Jesus as a Catholic and almost became a nun.  But, a personal God stepped in and saw that she stayed married for 46 years to a man who also loves Jesus.

The Hebrew side of her Savior has only deepened her commitment to spend every waking hour committed to His Kingdom so no Gentile be left behind.

His words are higher than even His name.  He is the Living Torah…of which He can not violate in one point…or He could not be The Messiach.  Please don’t take him out of TORAH…because then you will be anti his anointing of being The Messiach.

Thank you for listening to these heart felt stories to show you…The real Messiach.

update 8.15.16  This author was told that Adam is a foundation stone in Hebrewism to being Jewish.  The name Berg is also Jewish.  This author thought she was only of German descent through her father, but she now has found her mother’s name is Marian Berg Adam.  This author is married to a Lau which is Jewish and her husband’s mother was a Mertz which is Jewish.    Though it does not matter, it seems her Jewish genes are blood and in marriage.   But, perhaps that is why this author seems to be ‘bent’ to support the Jews and Israel.

Scavenged clean fish bone from living waters of The Galilee * Baptized May 2009 in the name of Yeshua by Pastor Biltz, El Shaddai Ministries.

Galilee fish bone
Taken from Sea of Galilee at baptism/mikvah

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  1. My name is Ray Nichols and the on was removed from my familys name many years ago when my grand parents left the black sea area near Nineveh about 800 BC. to hide from persecution. I am a scientist and writer in Biblical Prophesy and in organic Chemistry and am a strong Jesus soldier . I just saw your site and see and know that Donald Trump is in the scriptures and have written about him in many places found in the bible.

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