Earthquakes 2016 Show Pattern on Calendar…Why? Part 2

January 24 to August 19 2016 7+ Earthquakes!

Please read the yhebrew blog, ‘Earthquakes 2016 link to Hebrew Calendar.’  These are the notes that go with the TEN 7+ earthquakes.  They begin with the Four Horsemen of Zechariah 1 and end with Tu-B’Av…Av 15, the day of the retiring of the Axe.  Ten earthquakes that show us, The Hand of God.

If we just look at the first earthquakes occurring in 2016 we can see a message our Creator of whom controls even the hair on your head. These TEN 7+earthquakes got my attention quickly. As I prepared for my bible class on The Torah, the usgs website notified me of the 7+ earthquake on August 12 (Av 8) and August 20 (Tish B Av, 15th). They happened before my class and I noted their timing being very unusual and beginning a pattern I would watch.

I had already published a study at on The Shishaldin Alaska volcanoes when the Alaska 7+ Zechariah 1 Horsemen earthquake took my notice last winter. Now we are eight months into 2016 with the Louisiana floods beginning on The Ninth of Av. Look for my writings under the month of Av at The floods are said to be worse than ‘Sandy’ was for the east coast.

The rains have brought flooding even to the small town in Missouri known by it’s popularity of being the source of the devastating Madrid earthquakes in 1812, Poplar Bluff.   I was told at Shabbot that it was now under water as of that day, Tu-B’Av, August 20, 2016. What day was it? It was the 15th of Av….known as Tub’Av.  To have two 7+ earthquakes be bookends to two very special Hebrew days is amazing….and storms included.  Tish-B’Av to Tu-B’Av..Av 8 to Av 15.  One Week apart.

There are a few important days in the month of Av that are special to the Jew.   Tu-B’Av is the day when they could stop chopping wood for the Temple sacrifices because they had enough and it has several other special things that finally meant that the bad days had ceased and life could begin again. Perhaps we will be able to begin again as others now drive in drinking water and supplies needed for theseflood victims.

Isn’t it interesting that my small Shabbot group has a correspondence student that lost her rental home to flooding and I personally know of a someone of whom lives in Poplar Bluff.   It’s a small world, but it even gets smaller as we see who is in control of these happenings.  We must also bring it home personally to each of our lives to change it.

Do people have their theology all wrapped up as to who they think God is and how He should act?  They are taught his attributes of mercy and grace and choose to think on those.   They don’t apply any action to grace and consider it free.  In Hebrew the word grace is pictured as a tent.  It covers and protects you.  Noach was given an ark to protect him, but he had to build it.  The Hebrews are given their Sukkots to build, but they must build it.  These covers are symbols of protection but action was necessary to activate the covering.  We must participate in God’s instructions in order to be protected on the earth.  We are saved through the precious blood of the Son of God….and it covers us when we step into it’s belief.

Do we negate God when we call disasters Mother Nature?  Who really brought it about and knew it would happen?  Who set the heavens in it’s place and orchestrates it and calls it to be a witness….It’s The Creator himself…

In fact, if we didn’t have a God of Justice, then it would be a very lope-sided relationship. We’d be one spoiled kid who never got spanked. Maybe that is why spankings are no longer part of many parents discipline today in this 21st century…’s only misunderstood grace that we give our children.

I’ve spent eight years studying The Lord’s Feasts and his ways of working in our world through cycles and patterns. Unless, we have someone claim responsibility on the internet….we keep thinking someone else did it.  Because God’s audibility comes through His actions through his creation…many don’t see him.  And, He also puts his actions on His Hebrew calendar events….but man has chosen to live by a Greek calendar…and doesn’t see Him.

Men want to see God in miracles, but they don’t want to see Him in action of distress.

So, let us learn how to see God through His day timer. And, believe me He is on schedule and He is trying to show us…it is He doing it. He wants man to get out of his comfort zone…and into the world’s discomfort zone which does place you in His spiritual comfort zone.   You can only be happy in this world when you are walking out God’s instructions of how to stay safe on the earth. But, if you’re too comfortable in life then you are not challenging others to pick up the pace of their walking out their life in Him. Their walk will only go as fast as your walk. You’re the pace setter for your family. If they come to you with some questions about this article….could you answer them?  Or, you will call it a spuffy blog….and just keep loving Jesus….never teaching them that He is coming back as a Hebrew.  Will your children recognize Him?  Who are they looking for?

When do believer in Yeshua pray? When do Jews pray?

Why do earthquakes happen more on the Sabbath and the day that leads into the Sabbath?  Why do they happen at the times in the bible that should mean something to us? If no one sent you a birthday card or text you on your birthday, you may then remind them of something special you did that day. Birthdays seem to be associated with events. We try to remember what we did that was different that day…to set it apart. That is making something holy (different). It’s not spiritually holy, but it is a day set apart to be remembered.  We even try to buy gifts that someone will remember.

Adonai has done the same thing. He is on a circular calendar with enough events that we should remember that day the next year. That is what these earthquakes do….they remind us of God’s events…which then speak to us which should cause us to say, “Why, does God want this day to be remembered?”

This is written as a blog and not for my book, but I still hope to make sense to you about these earthquakes that are now occurring. My head is full of information as to what this next Jubilee year will hold. I wrote a little about that and will develop it more….But for now….let’s learn about these earthquakes in several ways.

We learn about them from their dates…Gregorian and Hebrew.

We can learn from them in looking for patterns in their numbering and occurrence.

We can learn from them because they each have occurred during a time that had scripture attached to them. If they are close to the Sabbath we can claim those scriptures as a measure to guide our understanding.   Each week has a short sub title, but to understand the full picture you will want to get a Hebrew calendar and look up the scriptures that go along with the readings.  Yes, it’s going to take you some effort…but many people have already done that for years and years of their lives…just for the day now…as these happen that we can understand our Creator and looking for what He is saying.

This is not mystical….but messages from God….because He is the one who inspired men to study His word in the order that it is studied all across the world on the same day.   I, personally, just hate to miss our study as many people have input to what God shows them through their reading of the portions. It gives all of Adonai’s children a cohesiveness with Him.  My teaching leader just expressed that each of us should learn the names and order of the Parshal readings.

So, let’s see what I previously wrote when I tried to analyze the Scriptures that surround these earthquakes.

I also showed the Gregorian and Hebrew 2016 months and how they align so you can wrap your mind around them.

Starting with the first earthquake at Alaska in January we see another Tu-B.  Tu-B means 15th.  This celebration of creation and trees was at this time.  Adonai had sent out the horsemen of  Zechariah 1:7.  The exact day is given, Shevat 24.  Thus, I call it the time of the Four-Horsemen of Shevat 24.  The study is called, Beshalach, ‘he sent’ and another reading was read called Shiva which adds  ‘singing’ to the day.   Upon the horsemen’s return of reporting seeing only ‘man’s peace upon the earth,  creative artisans are now engaged to take peace from the earth.

Next we see the Parasah read entitled,Yitro.  Yitro means priest and we are priests on this earth when in Yeshua. The next earthquakes could be seen as The priests, for a 7-day period, assemble the tabernacle.  This brings us to who will occupy that Temple or will it be destroyed?  Lazarus and Yeshua’s temples (personal bodies) were destroyed and both resurrected.  The earthquake on Nisan 7 was the day Lazarus was raised.  Yeshua raised him up and was healing lepers.  The Parashal readings were Metzora (lepers).  Yeshua’s resurrection was witnessed as he set men free, even bringing back over 500 souls with him. The Parshal reading on Nisan 22 was Acharei Mot (after the death).  This studies Leviticus 16-18, Mal 3:4-24 and Luke 14-15.   This speaks of after the death of Mosche, and it now patterns Yeshua’s death at Passover.

There are  THREE earthquakes at Passover as He rose on the THIRD day.

And, the earth was shaking at his death as well.  Lazarus was raised Nisan 7 thus he died on Nisan 3.   Again, the number 3 being part of the pattern.  The Messiach (Yeshua/Jesus) died on Nisan 14 and was raised up on Nisan 17 known as Unleavened Bread.  He was in the grave three days.

The next earthquake on 20 Iyyar  the Shabbot Bechukotai, my statues, shows Yeshua has risen and is found teaching the Father’s words (commandments) to men to bring correct Torah to men.  He tore down the high fences the Sadducee and some pharisees had added to the Torah.  He reigned for forty days before leaving on Iyyar 25, the 40th day of counting of Omer. The Holy Spirit arrives on the 50th day of the counting of the Omer, which could occur on Sivan 6.

The 7+ earthquakes are quiet for two months.  From Yeshua being on the mountains teaching the statutes to all men and commanding them to spread them to the world we now approach The Dire Straits. The Dire Straits is a 3 week period (21 days) from Tammuz 17 to Av 9. The earthquake on Tammuz 23 is at Mariana Islands (bitter waters) as the Sabbath begins. Fires have been burning homes in California and around the world.  AV 8 and 9 bring the waters.  It begins on the 9th of Av with 15” of rain in three hours in Louisiana. The flooding will stretch into Missouri with the reports being worse than ‘Hurricane Sandy.’  At this writing on August 21, a man in Wichita KS is dead after water swept him away from his car.  The rains are widespread now from Louisiana to Kansas.

The Fast of Av (Av 9) is a terrible days for the Jews as they lost their Temple twice on this day, kicked of Spain this day and World Wars against them started this day and many more things.  In Louisiana 1,000 home are gone with presidential candidate Trump saying on Aug 20 2016 they will rebuild. President Obama visits on Tuesday, August 23 2016…when New Hope Baptist takes a bus of supplies to the southern states to aide them.

The next 7+ earthquake happens August 19, 2016 on Tub’Av. The 15th of Av is when the Jews can finally start dating and possibly marry after coming through the 21-days of sorrow and repentance known as the Dire Straits. Did any one mourn and fast with them?   The world did not mourn with those that mourn the past….and thus correction to them also now comes.

The Fast of Av August 13, 2016 was deferred to August 14 since the Sabbath is only a day for rejoicing in the Torah/Adonai.   Maybe next year we can fast and pray so our world will have less troubles.  

Tub’Av is to be celebrated – being happy – it is said to be the day when the dead ceased to die in the desert as that disrespectful generation died off and the new generation would now be trained to cross over to the fruitful land.

Joshua (proto name of Yahuah) would bring them across. It would take 20 years to remove idolatry and come into their land. They worked together.  Moses was not allowed to cross because of his sin of pride in the desert. It was the 5th week of the 40th year that Moses spoke his final words to them. They mourned him for thirty days and then crossed over. The Adar 22 and Nissan 8, 9 and 20th earthquakes were at this exact time of them mourning Moses and their beginning to cross over. It is said that Moses was born and died on Adar 7. Thirty days of mourning would make it Nissan 7…the day Lazarus is risen and this earthquake occurs…..POWERFUL people!  Our Creator gave remembrance to several powerful stories here.

People are associated with being as trees.  They are by living water and bring bear fruit or are burnt up as a fruitless fig tree.  The fourth year the fruit of the trees is given to the priests. These priests (set apart people) are what we all are when we live for Yeshua. This next generation that Moses has had in training are ready. They never saw the miracles that brought their parents out of Egypt and they never experienced that food. But they did see the soles of their feet never wear out, and they saw ADONAI by a cloud during the day and a pillar of fire at night. This generation going across would see The LORD go before them as they chose to live in The Lord’s Torah.  They would see Him by their success in winning cities…over the next 20 years.  (Please note how many of these earthquakes are on the 20th: Shevat 20, Nisan 20, Iyyar 20 and I Adar 22 and Tammuz 23.)  Av 19…

In the fifth week man may eat the fruit of the trees, vine. God’s fruit (man) is now ripened and they are ready…it is the 5th week of the 40th year. Moses was 120 years old and wrote the book of Deuteronomy in his last weeks of life. It was his last good-bye. Mankind has been on the earth now 120 Jubilees in 2017. (50 x 120 = 6000 years).  When we look at these earthquakes, let’s look at the numbers 1, 2 and 7. The Aleph is God, the Beit (2) represents the Messiach (son) and the Hei (7) is Behold…comfort, rest as with Noah. Mankind is Strong’s #120. Adom #119 – rudy, man.

II Adar I (original Adar)

Deuteronomy (D’varim, words) 1: 3 “On the first day of the eleventh month of the fortieth year, Moshe spoke to the people of Isra’el reviewing everything ADONAI had ordered him to tell them.”  (This month is 1 Adar II.

Deuteronomy 31:2 “I am 120 years old. I can’t get around any longer; moreover, ADONAI has said to me, “You will not cross this Yarden. ADONAI your God – he will cross over ahead of you. He will destroy these nations ahead of you and you will dispossess them.”

Deuteronomy 31:10 “Moshe gave them these orders: “At the end of seven years, during the festival of Sukkot in the year of the Sh’mittah, when all Isra’el have come to appear in the presence of ADONAI at the place he will choose, you are to read this Torah before all Isra’el, so that they can hear it. Assemble the people – the men, the women, the little ones and the foreigners you have in your towns – so that they can hear, learn, fear ADONAI your God and take care to obey all the words of this Torah; and so that their children, who have not known, can hear and learn to fear ADONAI your God, for as long as you live in the land you are crossing the Yarden to possess.”

2016, October 16 brings the 120th Jubilee of the earth in it’s 21st century.   Moses was 120 years old when he sent them to cross over.  He counted 601,750 men that were 20 years and older that could go in now to claim the land. (Noah was 601 years old when he went off the ark and into the new land.)

Adom is Strong’s #120. God issued 120 more years before the flood that took them all away in destruction with only 8 left, Noach and his family were baptized (mikvah) and crossed over. God said that men’s lives would now be 120 years upon the earth. Today, men do not reach that age as their life span has dropped to about 70. The minerals from our soil are gone and we are processed people that don’t need much embalming when we die…we stay preserved for some time.

Seven of the ten 7+ earthquakes occur as the Sabbath begins or ends… Friday evening through Saturday evening. We will not put God in a box because of time zones and it is He that knows for sure what 24 hours it is. His actions on these days confirm to us that we are close to his reckoning…or He just may be observing our miscalculated calendars as well. His point is not to argue, but to function and get your attention….He is that creative artisan that sends destruction on the earth to get his children’s attention.

Four 7+ earthquakes occur on Friday of which the Sabbath begins at dusk.

Three occur on the Sabbath with the Pesach readings entitled: Yitro, leper, on the mountains, my statutes.

One occurs on Sunday at TuB’Shevat…Shevat 15 known as a special celebration of creation/trees/life.

One occurs on Wednesday on the extra month of Adar in 2016; I Adar 23.

2016 has two Adars every few years to adjust the alignment of the sun and moon with the Hebrew calendar. This quake leads us into the main Adar know as II Adar. If you know you can’t celebrate an event in the original Adar, the second Adar gives you another opportunity. The month of Adar shows us the setting up of the Tabernacle with Adar 23 specifically being called out for the seven-day assembly of the tabernacle in the desert. This earthquake is on Adar 22… our time zone…probably really Adar 23, Israel time zone.

Zechariah 1 shows us the four horsemen of whom have returned with a report of man’s peace on the earth. Adonai is not happy with this report and sends out artisans to remove man’s peace. Then the scriptures continue with the setting up of the Temple.

The Adar earthquake is giving recognition of an important event… the tabernacle begins being set up over the next seven days. This coordinates with the 3-day Fast of Esther (II Adar 13, March 23 2016) and Purim (Adar 14 and 15; March 24, 25 2016.) 2016 had two opportunities for fasting and celebrating Esther and Purim. If Esther and Mordecai did not act to save the Jews, then there might not have been a Messiach born….or at least another venue would have happened as Adonai’s plans are never thwarted by man’s lacking.

One earthquake occurs on Thursday, Nissan 20…three days after Unleavened Bread (Nissan 17) when Yeshua rose from the grave. Three quakes occur during Passover; Nissan 8, 9, and 20. Earthquakes then and NOW! This is powerful reader…………Three earthquakes…at Passover………

These are amazing dates…..

They attach to the study I did on the Shishaldin volcanoes. These volcanoes pattern to the Four Horsemen of Zechariah 1. They begin their activity at the time of the Zechariah Horsemen, Shevat 24. NASA says that volcanoes have a 60-year cycle. They will continue for a few more years as they began in 1964. 1964-2024 is Shishaldin’s 60-year cycle. Will Adonai agree with their theory?

Sixty is man’s number and it patterns with the patriarch’s Jacob and Joseph’s life-cycles. Six is the letter vav and has a picture language of hook, staff. It means and, connect. Man is connected to Adonai.

It’s time to get on God’s calendar…..don’t let man deceive you. Do NOT follow the Greek gods of the Olympics….nations sit there in peace and yet are planning wars on nations. The world honors the god Zeus and the goddess Diana. This is incredible that we still have these ancient gods before us.

Hebrew is trustworthy with ONE God….not Greek worshiping many gods.

TEN 7+ earthquakes will lead to a BIG one. We are still waiting for an 8+ earthquake in the month of Tishrei in a Shemittah year. Will it be in the Jubilee year of 2017 that starts this fall.

Ten is the letter ‘yud’ and is represented in the picture language as a closed hand….a strong hand. It is the strong hand of Adonai that has given our earth TEN 7+ earthquakes on His special days.

Seven is severing….it is such a severing occurrence that finally brings things to REST (Noache) Comfort. We are being severed from this world in order for every knee to repent and return to righteousness which only comes from the Word of God….His Torah given from the days of Adom (#120).

What more can I say. Return to Torah…know the ways of the LORD! Learn what each of His months bring forth…they are patterns to the future….and it is The Messiach (Yeshua) that holds our futures in His pierced hands.


These ten earthquakes could read:

The horsemen had reported “man’s peace’ and thus God sends the earthquakes that ignited Alaska’s volcanoes.  Russia is connected as they consider themselves priests of the earth when it is Yeshua’s children that are to reign.  Adonai’s tabernacle is within men and a great Temple is to be set up for all to come and worship.  Nisan 7 is when Moshe had his beginning and end.  It was also when Lazarus was risen.  A great shaking to remember who has the power to give resurrection…The Son of God himself, Yeshua The Messiach of whom was also chosen as king who rode on a donkey, the highest form of praise.  Nisan 20 finds Yeshua teaching the statutes on the mountains to people so they too can take the Torah to the world.  The Tammuz 23 earthquake comes to show us the false worship of the Golden Calf and the family of Korach of whom wanted to be the priests instead of Aaron’s family.  They were already serving as priests, but they wanted the Levites position inside the Tabernacle.   A three-week period known as the ‘Dire Straits’ is outlined here as the next earthquake is on the 9th of Av.  It begins destruction in Louisiana with waters affecting the southern half of the United States.  Tish’B Av to Tu’B Av….a terrible week of Olympics with the pride of nations still declaring Zeus and Diana as their gods.  The 9th of Av declared, Devarim, the words.  The words were given to the people and they refused to obey them and could not cross over.  The ‘ten words’ were not ‘ten commandments’ as most people have been taught.  But, the ‘ten words’ were to remind them that it was Adonai who brought them out the slavery of Egypt.  It is this lesson that we must learn and agree that it is God’s instructions that keep us free men…God’s law or ‘torah’ is not bondage, but freedom.

The Son is involved in building the house of Adonai.  The Torah reading on August 20 2016, Av 16 was Va’etchann, ‘I pleaded’.  The August 19 Erev Shabbot earthquake was a pleading one.

Yes….our Creator Adonai is pleading with mankind to return to Him through His son.  Believe in the resurrection of the dead and life after death.  All of these are pictures and pleadings to have PEACE with God…through His son, Yeshua.  There is ONE God…not many.  ONE way….not many paths.  There are cycles also known as paths for us to follow so we are not afraid of the future.  We are safe when walking in His cycles….His Torah….and have His Lamp filled with oil….The Ruach HaChodesh.

Thank you Adonai for your earthquakes and floods and winds….so we can SEE you in them!