Adonai Discusses Tishrei 8+ quakes

We just left the month of Tishrei and begin the first cycle of the new Shemittah year.  Tishrei has not yet had an 8+ earthquake in a Shemittah year.  This is a conversation about the earthquakes in Tishrei that may go in the book, Tishrei in the Shemittah Year.  Let me know what you think….


Conversation with Elohim

King Messiah Coronation * Atonement * Crowned

1st Civil Month – 7th Religious Month

Do you hear the trumpets, Adom? Do you hear them? I keep sending messengers but the kids don’t listen and they keep killing my messengers. And, if they don’t kill them physically, they kill them by word and deed. They preach at them, but they can’t say a word…they have to sit there like stooges under the control of the ‘Herods’ of their time. My children are like sheep without a shepherd.

Adom wanted to know more of how Adonai felt. There was nothing more important than His feelings. “What do you mean?” Adom spoke humbly.

There are only three months I have NOT shaken the earth with an 8+ earthquake in the Shemittah year; Tishrei, Elul and Adar II. Adar II will not have a Shemittah year until the year 2022.  Tishrei will have to wait until then as well.  Elul 2015 was a Shemittah month.  But, I  deeply surprised those watching that I did NOT issue even a 6+ earthquake in most of Elul 2015.  It was not until 23 Elul, in which I began my Creation storms, that I gave the earth that shaking.  Then on 29 ELUL, The Day of Remission, I issued one to Mexico.  It was 6.6….the number of man….  It was the last day of the seven-year cycle.  I kept it close to America…..6.6 Mexico.

Am I reserving these months for GREATER tribulation in My RETURN? Do you think they even know this, Adom? Do you think they care? Your children are very stubborn and I am weary of their demands on me, Adom.

The previous month to Tishrei is Elul. Elul is recognized for when The King is in the Field. I give them the example of Mosche when his life was ready to end on the last day of Elul. I indicate that he was born an died that day.  He completed his job that I had for him.  Mosche portrayed me as their King in the Field desiring to know them. They could come near if they choose. He walked through each of their camps during his last thirty days and spoke to them giving them specific instructions on how to live their lives.

The next month is Tishrei which is My coronation. It is not the end of Mosche’s life, but the beginning. He never grew old even being 120 years old. My hand was on him for 120 years and now he trusted me in handing the staff to Joshua. He was not afraid of death as He knew me face to face. I have many secrets to unfold,Adom.  

Hadassah will be right in thinking that Mosche was removed on the Day of Remission. It is the last day possible in the 7-year Shemittah cycle. It only makes sense that I honor him in that way because he does represent me. His words would continue through eternity.  I work in patterns and so, Yes, Elul 29, The Day of Remission would have completed Mosche’s task upon the earth. This and many things will be for the children to study.  It is good that they seek my face in these things.  It builds their faith and their walk.

Let’s look at Tishrei, Adom. Let’s look to see if this last generation is seeing what is not that far in their future. The future is that they know what these festivals mean to me and them. I want them to be happy, but I will make these days sad so they can seek me in them and RETURN to me through them.   They are set apart which means holy.   I desire my children to be set apart unto me alone….

Elul, Tishrei and Adar have NOT had a large earthquake in a Shemittah year. Tishrei 2014 began the last (7th) year of the Shemittah cycle. I did NOT issue a 8+ earthquake anywhere on the planet that month. Thus, it will NOT be possible for Tishrei to host an 8+ earthquake in a Shemittah year until seven more years. The kids could look to 2022 as the next possibility. Doesn’t it make sense that I would save something so SEVERE for that month since Tishrei hosts the Feast of Tabernacles known as Sukkot? Now why would I have them in a sukkah if not to protect them?

Hadassah is getting to add to this page of history in September 2015.    She had been writing  on her yhebrew blog as Adar approached in the 2014-2015 Shemittah year. There had not been an 8+ earthquake since May 2013 with I struck Russia ships that were delivering war materials to Syria.  I sure rocked some of those boats!

 April 1 2014 was Nissan 1 which was a Rosh Chodesh, head of month and New Year.  I issued the next 8+ earthquake in Alaska.   It was fun for hadassah to see my hand that day and she still chuckles over me doing that.   It was in Alaska while she was wintering in Arizona at her friends home. The Hebrew and Gregorian calendars were aligned, too.   April 1, their April Fool’s Day, and my Hebrew Nissan 1, New Head of the Month (Rosh Chodesh), and Head of the Jew’s Ecclesiastical New Year would NOT be mocked. Still, did it hit the front page anywhere? No!….they do NOT know the hours and days I speak of.

The rest of the story shows hadassah patiently waiting daily for hand on the earth.  It would be a very very special day, September 16, 2015.   It struck after I struck Mecca’s Grand Mosque at their Friday prayers.  Now, on Wednesday, she was painting her granddaughters bedroom when her 19-year old grandson came running upstairs to the bedroom announcing a 7.9 in Chili.  She told him, “Thank you Andrew, but I am still waiting for God’s 8.0.”  She left that evening and I gave her some incredible pictures of a disturbing sky when the sun was about to set.  The colors were incredible.  She even went to bed and looked into the matter the next morning.  Then she saw that it was an 8.3 and with even s 7.0 and many sixes after that.  Chili kept rocking and the tsunami warnings were as far away as the coast of California, Hawaii, Japan.

I did this rocking on The Fast of Gedalia.  Hadassah was back to painting for Kira the next day and shared with her grandchildren what The Fast of Gedaliah was about.  Leaders are not to be killed, because I allowed them to be kings for that moment of time.

Hadassah has been blogging as fast as she can now that she saw my story on the New Years and The Fast of Gedalia.  She saw the bookends here and in the 2012, 2013 Elul Creation quakes.  She saw that I rested in Elul in the Shemittah year.

I celebrated the Ecclesiastical New Year that I had Mosche set up and I closed that 533 silence Tishrei Day 3 which everyone was celebrating Rosh Hoshanna.  It was the beginning of the New Civil Year of which when I will coronation the King of Kings that is coming to reign from Jerusalem for a thousand years.  I waited until Tishrei 3 because many of the children are very upset with their leaders and I wanted them to know, they must NOT kill them.  They must do their needed business during the legal systems.  Yes, my special New Years were completed and now I have been vicious in revenge now that year one is beginning.  It will be my next seven years that my wrath will be poured out.  New leadership will be installed in America.  They will support my children, Israel….of whom have been strong even coming through that ‘unprecedented Creation Week Stand Storm.’

Let me tell them a little about Adar next Adom.  

When the Hebrew calendar adds thirty days to adjust for the moon and sun cycles, the extra month is Adar I. Adar II becomes the main celebration month of Adar.

Adar I and Adar II give an extra opportunity to celebrate the Fast of Esther, Purim and Pesach. Thus, if a person could not celebrate them in Adar I, they could celebrate them in Adar II.

Remember when Yeshua said, “Do this in Remembrance of Me”? He was saying to remember him through the Seder at Passover.

Adding thirty days to the Hebrew calendar only happens every two to three years. Could the extra Shemittah month be special to me? YES!

The 2014-2015 Shemittah year begins Tishrei 1 5775 (September 25, 2014) and ends Elul 29, 5775 (September 13, 2015).  September 13, 2015 is most interesting time and called, The Day of Remission.  The final fall or release may not be exactly that day, but it will relate to this day.  It is making for an interesting year, Adom. Governments, Oil, Kings of Oil are all falling. Hmm…..Hmm….Hmm….

Here is another summary for Tishrei, Adom.

1918 – 2015 Earthquakes

13   Strong Quakes 

10   Over 8+

3   Kill Over 50,000

12   On Special Days, and 4 to Russia

2    Feast of Trumpets/Rosh Hoshanna

5    Days of Awe

1   Yom Kipper/Day of Atonement 2

3   Feast of Tabernacles

1   Rosh Chodesh-Head of Month/New Civil Year

0  Shemittah Year

2   Shabbat

4   Russia

2   Mexico

2   Earthquake with eclipses close

1995    15 Tishrei Feast Tabernacles:

13 Tishrei – 10.8.1995 Lunar Penumbra  

20 Tishrei = 10.24.1995 Total Solar Eclipse (1995 5 days earlier)

29 Elul – 9.13.2015 – Partial Solar (2015 8.3 Chili 9.16.15, 2 days later)

15 Tishrei – 9.28.2015 – Total Lunar

1 War   -Tishrei 10 – 1973 Yom Kippur War Shabbat * 2013 Yom Kippur 40th ANNIVERSARY on Shabbat again

2   Fast of Gedaliah, 1985. 2015

1   First 8+ quake (2009, 2nd S cycle) after God rested in Shemittah year 7 and 1

3   Cycles of 11 years between quakes.

1   Cycle of 1 + 10 years between quakes which began on 11 Tishrei 2009, 1st month of Civil Year. (Yom Kippur Day 2)

1   1950 Total Solar Eclipse on Tishrei 1- Yom Terurah/Rosh Hoshannah

1   Russia takes credit for ISON on 9.21.2012.

2   Solar Eclipses of interest

2   Total Lunar eclipses of interest

Adom, I also issued another Tetrad in 2014-2015 to get their attention to look up and show up to my Festivals.  It is no co-incidence that through time I orchestrated my ‘festivals’ to occur simultaneously or close to the eclipses.  Some look at eclipses as entertaining but I said I would be using them for signs (Mo’ed, appointments) between my Creation and myself.    I set up festival to meet with my children but over time they have chosen to not show up….as in the days of Noah.  They no longer called on the name of the Lord.  They no longer came to the appointed times.   I don’t want them to be unaware and I want them to go to the Jew first to find out “What” this is about and ‘How” to be blessed in them.  I chose a race of people to bring my Torah (instruction) through and I will see to it that they communicate it to the nations (gentiles).

I’ve instructed them in Zechariah 14 that all the men should be coming down three times a year to celebrate my three festivals: Pesach, Shavuot, and the Feast of Tabernacles.

They will be celebrating…. my sacrifice for their sins (Passover), my indwelling them as the Ruach HaChodesh (Shav’uot) and my being in their presence as King of Kings (Feast of Tabernacles.) There will be no more studying because it will be in their hearts, and they will tabernacle with Me and I will be their Rabbi (teacher) from Zion.

Tabernacle of Praise

They are to bring their wives and families with them in the SHEMITTAH years. If they do NOT come to celebrate, then I will NOT give the entire world (symbolized as Egypt) nor themselves rain. There will be a famine in their lands again, Adom. A famine of food and a famine of my Words. I AM the Word who spoke everything into existence and I will keep it in existence until that due time. I so desire to bless the children, but I can only bless obedience. When I reign over them as King, disobedience cannot be tolerated. If there is no respect for my Torah now, how can they know how to live in the millennial reign with me? I can not return until this respect is re-established on the earth.

On the fence
on the fence?

My bowls of judgment are being poured out. Some of them just have the mentality of ‘being on the fence’ because of their misconception of ‘free grace’ has confused them. They think a little prayer has saved them. Their sacrifice has never meant anything to me without their heart. Do they sincerely weep for days and tear their clothes like David did when I was taking his child? Your children, Adom, do not think there is any punishment for sinning against me?  And, when they repent, it is so I won’t punish them any longer? They pray for things instead of praying for my will in their lives.  If they knew my will they would not sinning against one another.

Hadassah’s six-year old granddaughter is looking out in deep thought. People say, “A penny for your thoughts.” I see Cadence desires to have an obedient heart. She is a blessing to her grandmother and family. May she desire to seek the deeper things of God as she matures in this world I’ve created for her.

Can you marry a woman and tell her you love her on the day of your wedding and never hold her in your arms again? Can you live with someone and not get to know them? Could a pastor who kills for the love of a woman still expect to enter my kingdom? Has the picture of my grace become so worthless that there is nothing to hold up justice? There was justice for David who cheated with Bathsheba of whom by his hand had Uriah killed. Those that make themselves judges upon the earth and kill others, by beheading or other, have make themselves a god in their world.

No, Adom, vengeance is mine and I will deal even stronger with those that preach in my name and bring it to naught. Man’s deprived mind has warped the justice of God. Where is the heart of true repentance? And, who has man offended in his sins, but ME, the I AM. It is ME to whom homage should be paid. But, it is the fear of going to hell fire that they use in their salvation messages. What about the offense of rejecting ME, their Creator? To these earthlings I can never do enough miracles. They only seek the selfish things of this life.  They should enjoy themselves now because that is all there is for them.

Walk Obey
Walk Obey

I gave King Manasseh fifteen more years of life and that is when He turned to become the evilest of kings. Men desire only things of the flesh in this life and the after. Even, James and Andrew wanted to sit on my right and left hand in the Kingdom of God. Men do not understand the spiritual side of their being.

I’m sorry to sound so stern and angry about this month, Adom. My Bride has been stolen and I want her back. One day these days will be turned to joy. I went to them once and they didn’t recognize me because I went as a ‘Suffering Servant’, and now I will be returning to them as ‘The King’ and ‘The Judge’.

Rainbow is Witness
Rainbow is Witness – Double Witness

Watch for that seventh bowl to be poured out. In that seventh bowl is the seventh trumpet. It will be at that LAST TRUMP that I will come in the clouds for those that remain and made it through those horrific final days. It was those that were left that were called out to be with me. My children should take great hope in the verses in I Thessalonians 4, 5. They are not appointed to the wrath of hell because they knew to watch and to be sober in my words. They should be rendering no evil to one another but pursuing what is good for all. 5:16 “Rejoice always.” 17 “pray without ceasing.” 18 “in all circumstances give thanks in Messiah Yeshua.” 19 “Do not quench the Spirit.” There is so much I want them to ponder and to take serious. My Spirit can NOT be yoked with evil. I will bring many back with me who have believed in Yeshua 4:14.


The others were taken where the vultures are. Mathew 24 should give your children enough information about my next coming. But, because man’s mindset is on the physical, they do NOT read my words as having spiritual meaning. Who will be found given great responsibility in my Kingdom? Those that have taken my Torah as spiritual food in season (my appointed times). 24:45-47. My instruction manual has been the same as in the Days of Noah. Noah preached for one-hundred years and only eight got in the biggest sukkah ever made. How many do you think will join us in Jerusalem at this second coming, Adom?

I told them all about the times and seasons. The ‘Grapes of Wrath are in Av.’ Elul shows them my love through instructions and fellowship while Tishrei is represented by the Harvest. These final feasts are about my returning to set up My Kingdom on earth. I’ll transform my creation to purify the land and they will come to ZION to celebrate. I will use a great earthquake to split Mt Zion in half. One side will go the east and one side to the west. I have already prepared roads for them to walk on as I’ve dried up the waters from the Hoover Dam in America to Iran and Egypt is suffering in 2015. Hadassah is thinking the Greatest Quake will happen in Tishrei. These are things the Father knows. “Why not AV, Hadassah, In the Dire Straits?”

There will be those that are least and there will be those that are the greatest in My Kingdom. If your children have a pure heart but still did not teach my ways, then they will be the least..if that. But, those that taught and DID my Torah (instructions) on how to live before their Creator, Oh what a glorious day that will be! They won’t need instructions because they have been at my dress rehearsals. They will be the teachers!

Enough of my venting, Adom. What do you see about Tishrei?

Adom replies,

Tishrei 1, The Feast of Trumpets also known as Rosh Hoshanna (Head of the Year) you blew and rocked Russia on the Sabbath. And, oh my, Adonai, it was on the great day of the blowing of the trumpet—Rosh Hoshanna. This should stand out….FEAST OF TRUMPETS 8+ EARTHQUAKE….just NOT in the 7th Shemittah cycle.

1918 was certainly a call to the world to repent and to announce you would be the reigning king over your Creation. It looks like you herald in the twentieth century with a great shaking.

Tishrei 8 is a ‘Day of Awe.’ Two years later in 1920 between The Feast of Trumpets and Yom Kippur (The Day of Atonement/Judgment) you sent an 8.0 earthquake to Loyalty Island. You are seeking those that will be loyal to your Torah.

Foundation Cracked
Foundation Cracked

Mosche has been gone for the second time for forty days and nights on Mt. Sinai and he should be back on Tishrei 10, which is The Day of Atonement. I think you were waking people to repent as Mosche’s Israelites were repenting for their sin with the golden calf in Tammuz, Adonai. They did not know if they would be forgiven or destroyed for their idol worship. This is two days from Mosche’s returning on the 40th day, Tishrei 10.

Russia seems to be on your mind in this century as you issue four serious quakes to them in 1918, 1963, and 1994. 1737 shows Russia and Iran losing 300,000 people.

Let’s talk about Mexico, Adonai. In 1985 on Tishrei 4, The Days of Awe on the Fast of Gedaliah, you struck Michoacan, Mexico. It killed 9500 souls. Who is Gedaliah? He was the leader you had King Nebuchadnezzar rule over Israel while they were to be in captivity for seventy years in Babylon. Many of the leaders were okay with it, but a few revolted and killed him. Their sorrow goes deep over disrespecting YOUR choice for a leader for them, that they declared a fast to show their repentance.

TEN (yood) years later in 1995 you struck them again on your special Day, Tishrei 15. The Feast of Tabernacles.

In 1995 they found your hand near the coast of Jalisco Mexico with another 8.0; killing 49. Two days earlier you had warned them with a Lunar penumbra eclipse on Tishrei 14 (eve Feast of Tabernacles), and You concluded it with a Total Solar eclipse five days after the earthquake on Tishrei 30. They certainly should have been looking up, Adonai.

If I look at earthquakes that killed lots of souls in the month of Tishrei, Adonai, I see Tishrei 5, 2005, killed 86,000 Pakistan on Shabbat Shuva, and 110,000 died on Tishrei 2 in 1948 in Iran/Turkestan even reaching Russia. It was only a 7.5 but it became a very complex and devastating earthquake. This earthquake was the benchmark that began the 1949-1950 Tetrad. Wow…….that was something to be remembered!

I find it interesting that in 1948 Israel became a nation and the enemy immediately was bombing her from all sides. It looks like you gave the countries that were supporting her enemies trouble in their own home courts. Thank you!

I hope my kids learn from the Israelites that honor the previous month of Elul in seeking repentance from any enemy. You have asked them to be kind to others and to ask forgiveness for any fault.

They must remember the story of King David and his three-hundred men who helped Nabel in his field for over thirty days (in Elul) without knowing if they would even be fed. They did it for the sheep and shepherds sake who needed help from their enemies. I love this story as it occurs in Elul when, The King is in the Field. David was that ‘king to be’ in the field. He found his bride, Abigail, after you removed Nabel on Yom Kippur. That story is a picture of your return. Again, the kids need to go back to the beginning stories to see the end that is yet to come. You give shadows from the past so they can see the future.

Also, Mosche is gone in the entire month of Elul and he does not return until The Day of Atonement, Tishrei 10. The Hebrews learned their lesson back in the month of Tammuz for getting impatience for the return of Mosche. Thus, we see the Jews today seeking forgiveness of any that they may have offended. Even unintentional sins are asked to be forgiven; praying to God to keep them in His Book of Life for the next year. Yes, you knew us before we were born and we are in your Book of Life. It is we who remove our name.  We bring judgment on ourselves.  hadassah’s niece, Teryn, gave her this picture of an ancient god’s (yood) hand while in Rome 2014.  It declare how man’s false gods reach up and shake their fists at me.

Striking Out at God
False god striking out at God

Mosche returns on Tishrei 10, The Day of Judgment and announces that Yahweh has forgiven them and now they are to follow all the instructions carefully. They now take five days to gather the materials to build the Tent of Meeting. This is where they would meet Mosche at the head of the Tent and he in turn would inquire of Yahweh about their matters. You had Mosche set that Tent of Meeting away from the people so God in His judgments would not destroy them. It is an example of us needing Yeshua Messiah to be our intermediary to you, Adonai. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a just God such as yourself, Adonai. You are the Living God who desires mercy on His children, but justice is necessary for grace to be witnessed.

Tishrei 10, Yom Kippur, is where the books are closed and judgment is issued to those not wanting to follow in your ways, Adonai. Mosche arrives back this second time not only with your instructions, but with the many attributes of your name. You have to hold back your judgment to issue your mercy. But judgment must fall to those that rebel…and thank You for righteous justice for Your children.

I don’t want to leave these first ten days too soon; so let me look at more details on your yod of strength in the first eleven days.

Eleven days is what you had planned for them to travel to get to the promised land. I do see an earthquake on Tishrei 11. It was Samoa in 2009 which killed 192 souls.

This quake was the first quake after your Sabbatical rest. Perhaps you didn’t think I would notice, but this is what excited me from the very beginning, Adonai. I see my Creator continually trying to teach His children patterns. It’s principles and patterns that teach us your ways.

You issued SIX earthquakes over 8+ in a one-year time period in the years 2006-2007. This Samoa quake in 2009 was ELEVEN days into your New Civil Calendar. It was Yom Kippur Day 2. It was Tishrei 11….this a WOW date and we’ll be talking about it again.

You rested from your work in the Shemittah (seventh) year and, as the kids are supose to plant in the eighth year and start harvesting in the ninth, you did the same. Wow, and as I speak, it was in the two thousandth and nineth year (2009). Thanks again for showing us your patterns. This was amazing and I hope Hadassah talks more about this later.

I can’t leave the Feast of Trumpets (Tishrei 1) before commenting about how you celebrated it in 1950 with a Total Solar Eclipse. It should remind them that on that day the Sun will no longer give it’s light, nor the moon gives it’s light. Stars will fall from the heavens in that day. Matt 24:29. Thank you for trying to turn their wanderings and wonderings back to you that day. Your name is WONDER. There is nothing that contains you. There is a BIG difference between being wonderful and be a WONDER. I want the families of the earth to be in wonder over you, their WONDER.

Russia is given credit for the finding of the ISON comet on September 21, 2012, Tishrei 5, Day of Awe.

RUSSIA, USSR, Soviet Union – Many names throughout their history.

1 Tishrei 1918 Rosh Hoshanna/Feast of Trumpet

2 Tishrei 1948 Rosh Hoshanna/Feast Trumpets Day 2- Days of Awe (shared with IRAN – 30th Anniversary)

5 Tishrei 2012 Russia Discovers ISON Comet! Day of Awe

25 Tishrei 1963 Three days after Feast of Tabernacles (Cast out of the celebration)

29 Tishrei 1994 Rosh Chodesh (dark day)

So, what do you still see, Adom?

I see Eclipses, Adonai. At the Feast of Tabernacles that is eight days long, you had a Total Solar and a Lunar Penumbral eclipse. On the next Feast of Tabernacles of 2014 and 2015 you are having TOTAL LUNAR eclipses AGAIN.

Solar Eclipses for 2014-2015

April 29, 2014 Nissan 29 Holocaust Day 2 (Wow), 14 Day Omer, Rosh Chodesh eve, Annular Solar seen in S Indian, Australia, Antarctica

October 23, 2014 Tishrei 29 Rosh Chodesh, Partial in N Pacific, N America

March 20, 2015 Adar 29 Shabbat, Rosh Chodesh, Yom Kippur katan


Sept 13, 2015 Elul 29 ROSH HOSHANNA Eve, Partial Solar

What Day Is This? DAY OF REMISSION……Last day of the Shemittah 7-year cycle….PARTIAL SOLAR – (6.6 Mexico this day…First 6+ since AV 30…skipped Elul in 2015 Shemittah year)

TOTAL LUNAR Eclipses for 2014-2015

April 15, 2014 Nissan 15 PASSOVER/Pesach

October 8, 2014 Tishrei 14 SUCCOT/Feast Tabernacles

April 4, 2015 Nissan 15 PASSOVER/Pesach SHABBAT

Sept 28, 2015 Tishrei 15 SUCCOT/Feast Tabernacles

It’s been 97 years since the 1918 Russia Rosh Hoshanna EQ that also was on Shabbot.

Earthquakes Feast of Trumpets – Yom Kippur (Tishrei 1 – 9) called, ‘Days of Awe’

1 1918 RUSSIA

2 1948 IRAN/Russia

3 2015 Chili

4 1985 Mexico

5 2005 Pakistan

8 1920 Loyalty Island/South America

Yom Kippur/Day of Atonement – Tishrei 10-14

11 2009 Samoa

10 Yom Kippur War 1973 on Shabbat – In 2013 Yom Kippur was on Shabbat – FORTY YEARS APART

Earthquakes on Feast of Tabernacles – Tishrei 15-22

15 1995 Mexico

17 1974 Central Peru

19 1922 Chile/Argentina Border

21 1290 China

I hate to stop talking about Tishrei, Adonai. So, I again feel I must close with the number eleven. The one is YOU. You are the ALEPH, the strength and OX. You are Taurus in the sky. You have the sun in your forehead many times as you are thinking about us. And then Jupiter that stands for Righteousness comes along and covers it up. It’s like you want us to be bathed in your righteousness.

In the number eleven you are represented twice. It was your two yods (hands) that brought them out of Egypt. It is your powerful strength that brought them into the land you desired for them. It is your strength that is bringing them back again. They have been in the world and now they will open their hearts to your land as it speaks to them. Thank you for teaching us though we may not like the trials.

Your First Man, ADOM


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