Peace From The Earth Removed

.Isaiah and Jeremiah say, “Send Me!”

Today was suppose to be a day that I got to dig into the rest of the Torah study from Mishpatim. It lays out the guidelines that the people are to live well on God’s earth. But, I still had not done the extra Torah study of the week before on “Jethro” which covered Isaiah 6:1-7b and 9:5-6.

Let’s do that now as what I have to share with you needs to get settled in me. I once again stand in ‘awe’ of God’s hands in the earthquakes. I feel He has put them in this time-period of our history for a reason. It is NOT just looking and standing in ‘awe’ about His hand in them, but what are we to learn?

Isaiah 6:1-7b

1-5 Isaiah was standing in the presence of…..

What would become of the nation now that king Uzziah had died. In our world we just had King Abdul die and his brother Shamal put on a uniform to show his strength against ISIS who has been cutting off heads viewed through U-tube.

Our world has leaders who are failing on the right and on the left. On my calendar in the Hebrew month of Shevat 10 2014, we witness PM Ariel dying after laying in a coma for eight years. It is the same day that Franklin D Roosevelt was born in 1882. Just a few days before on Shevat 8 we see Ronald Reagan born in 1911.

One week earlier on Shevat 3 Daniel Webster is born in 1782 and shares that day with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia dying on Shevat 3 on the Sabbath. Yemen was taken over the same day King Abdullah died with the ISIS radical terrorist organization beheading a Japanese pilot on U-tube the next day.

The violence of the people-gone-wild is beyond the world’s imagination. It is like a realty show but with the players being killed beyond our imaginations. Was Isaiah’s day much different?

We just studied how Mosche brought them out of the world (Egypt) and how they now have the instructions on how to be a Holy Nation guiding it’s children in the paths or Reverence and Righteousness. Now we see what is to happen after King Uzziah dies after a prosperous reign of over half-century (790-740 B.C.E.).   What would happen to Judah now that he was gone?  What has happened to America when it’s righteous leaders are gone?

What happens when righteous men do NOT prevail. Many are removed from earth’s history pages and replaced by those that now have the opportunity to lead. But will they lead righteously?

Isaiah is witnessing the Seraphim singing, ‘Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of hosts, the whole earth is full of his glory.’  Isaiah is showing us the incredible holiness of our God and it is called ‘quintessence’ of the teachings of true Religion. (Hertz)

In Isaiah’s inner eye the Temple walls seemed to expand to a Heavenly setting with a Palace.  Isaiah realized that every mortal ruler will come and go, but God is in His palace enthroned as the Sovereign of every being on earth or in heaven. These Seraphim were crying about his supreme majesty. It is hard to imagine what he felt, but I know I would feel like a worm. Being made from dirt and knowing I have parasites crawling in my body and then to be able to just glimpse on the holiness of our Creator would put me flat on my face.  Oh yes, and not to forget about the filthy rages I wear if it was not for Yeshua covering them.

There is an altar where the fire is holy with no ‘strange’ fire. It is a fire that burns away our impurities from defilement of sin and our lips and thus the whole man. The fire, the posts moving with the house filling with smoke showing Isaiah how unworthy his physical being is. He claims that he is ‘undone’ as the shaking  stops his view.

I would like to dwell here on the, ‘Woe is me! For I am undone.’

It is this realization within us that makes us understand we are NOT gods. We have no right to kill another human being, created in the image of God. We are undone and unworthy and yet filled up when…..When?

What touches our lips. Does it remove sin or add sin to our lives?

In Isaiah’s case, his lips were touched by the purifying power of the fire. We know that Yeshua Messiah went to the Father’s altar before anyone could touch Him after His resurrection. It is His blood on that altar that purifies our lips and reaches into our souls.

What is the question?

Isaiah 6:8 “And I heard the voice of the Lord, saying:

Whom shall I send,

And who will go for us?

What would you say? I know of men and woman who would never think of going into the military to serve their country. The Civil War took more lives than any other war for Americans and it was on their own soil.   Abraham Lincoln desperately pondered as to why the war kept going on and on. He finally stated, “that perhaps it is for every stripe that was laid across a slave’s back.” After that comment in his Second Inaugural address the war soon ended….but so did his life.

Isaiah said those famous words that many missionaries quote, “Here am I; send me.”


Could we really do it. Could we die for God’s ’cause’?

Okay maybe we could. But then Isaiah says, “Lord, how long?”

Do we want to hear the answer? It is NOT one that you will like.

6:11 “’Until cities be wasted without inhabitant,

And houses without man,

And the land become utterly waste.’

Did it happen? Yes. Will it happen again? Yes! God is circular in his patterns and it will play out again if we are disobedient.   He does NOT have keep printing a new bible version to personally tell us again his plan.  Once is enough! The warning should last us a life time.

How long shall this spiritual blindness and unwillingness to repent endure?

It will continue until national disasters and exile have swept away the idolatrous majority and enabled the Remnant, the indestructible germ of spiritual Israel to flourish under God’s care. Hertz

6:12-13 After the exile of the ten tribes Judah would remain for 134 years. When a trunk is cut down there is still vitality that shoots may grow and this will be Israel. They had and we have a Remnant of faithful men that form the stock of Judaism that Christians desire to connect to. This root is now growing around the world while in the midst of a forsaken Egyptian (ISIS) world.

Isaiah 7

The kings of Israel have not been able to get Ahaz, king of Judah, to join an alliance against Assyria. Isaiah names one of his sons, ‘A remnant shall return’. Hosea also names his children with meaningful prophecies.

I want to believe that we will relive this scripture in our day as we return to Torah.

Verse 4:  Two tails of smoking firebrands were Israel’s two enemies whose strength is exhausted and they are dying nations. The Assyrian hordes were descending upon Syria and Israel. They were going to breech the city walls and set up their own puppets in the capitol.

God had different plans and we see the Haftorah breaking and now gives information about Hezekiah, the son of Ahaz, then a young boy. His righteous rule lifted up Judah from where it had sunk. Hezekiah would be the leader of the ‘holy seed’, faithful Remnant Israel.

This is encouraging for us today. It is by God’s hand that He strikes down or lifts up heads of governments. We know what must happen if our day is not to be totally carried off by the enemy. We also know that it will be in our relationship with Israel who is that holy Remnant that we are to be raised. A child was born to us and His name is Yeshua, meaning, ‘Salvation’. There is no other way than by this Messiah.

We must understand history because God is the maker of it.

We are to trust as we look within His Temple and accept the cry…Who will go? It is not in our strength because we are but worms made from dirt. But we go to give the message even though it is a bitter one. But there is hope when we have open ears and eyes that will see.  This was the people’s problem as they would not SHEMA.

Why won't they believe?
Why won’t they believe?

It is the Christian and Jew coming together through Yeshua for salvation and the Torah for long life on this earth.  The Messiach Yeshua will return when they say from Jerusalem, “Blessed is He that comes in the name of Adonai.”  They MUST say it from ZION.

Jeremiah is next…Let’s see what he adds to this story.

We see again that men are at a critical hour in Israel’s history. Jeremiah was born of a priestly family around 650 B.C.E.  He was called during the reign of Josiah.  Josiah is one of my favorite young men, a great grandson of the rebellious Solomon. Yes, you heard me right! Solomon had so many wives that he was involved in their pagan idolatry. God said his kingdom would be taken from him, but at the time of his grandchildren.

Josiah reigned 626-605 B.C.E. He is described by God as a great king who loved God. He tore down the idol places and hosted the largest Pesach (Passover) celebration ever. But, it was his money that paid for it, as it was his heart that loved God; not the people. Judah will be carried off to Babylon and Josiah will die in battle.

Jeremiah witnesses the fall of Nineveh and the Assyrian Empire in 606. Babylon destroyed Assyria and captured Judah. A few Jews stayed in the land while the educated were transported to Babylon and treated well. Many did not leave Babylon at the end of the seventy-year captivity and this is where we soon find the Jews hiding among the Persians. Hadassah will become queen over the entire province of Shushan which encompasses nearly all the Middle East today and it’s little islands. It’s an incredible story of assimilation that nearly lead to every Jew being annihilated in the Province.

The story of Esther is about Messiah coming for His bride.

Jeremiah lived through the two sieges of Jerusalem in 597 and 586 B.C.E. He is last heard of in Egypt being carried there by fugitive Judeans where legend says that he died as a martyr by the hands of his brethren.

He was one man speaking against the whole nation but telling them to: ‘turn to God in perfect trust, call Him your Father, and His love will regenerate you.’

Hertz states. “To Jeremiah, Religion is an inward thing, a personal relationship between the individual and his Maker, a relationship that is untouched by national prosperity and can only be deepened by national ruin.”

I knew there was a deeper lesson and we just saw it. It is in ‘national ruin’ that we will draw near to our Creator and our Savior, Yeshua (Jesus).

This study should prepare us for what our nation and world is feeling right now as it tumbles out of control. The terrorists whose aim it is to kill Jews, Christian, Coptic Christians, and any one that is not perfect in their view of Allah’s righteousness is to be destroyed… and by horrific means.

Let’s start a conversation with Allah. Is he a living god that will respond?

Does Allah act as our Elohim Adonai acts?

Please go to the VIRGINIA Earthquakes….an astounding find for me today, as Goochland, Virginia had a small 2.5 earthquake.   Goochland sure sounds German. I’m German but disassociate myself from any relative who would have promoted the holocaust before of after WWII.

Israeli teens walk Auschwitz
Walking Auschwitz

When you observe the Virginia earthquakes, I dare say Allah or Buddha were NOT involved. We will give Adonai, the living God whom we know created the heavens and earth, credit for moving the United States foundation stones. When did he move them? He moved them on HIS special Jewish feasts….AMAZING!

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