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Hebrew Month Elul

Michael King Jr. * Elvis Aaron Presley * Michael Joseph Jackson

President Reagan,1986, set the third Monday in January to be the Memorial of Martin Luther King Jr. As I researched Martin King Jr., I saw the ‘Yud of Elohim’ on several kings.


God tells us that he will remove three kings within a month (Chodesh to Chodesh) of each other as they abhorred Him and He abhorred them. God functions throughout history in principles and patterns so men can see His yud/hand. I was wondering if I would find three kings…. I did; in God’s own special way.

FDR   Hitler  Mussolini

The first set of Three Kings of the earth I have written about can be found under Kings.   Franklin D Roosevelt, Adolph Hitler and Mussolini were three kings removed within thirty days of each other. These three kings lived in my time-line in that I knew about them. They died in March/April (Nissan/Iyyar) 1945 as WWII Last Solution Camps were destroyed.

Men can begin well, but it is what a man does during his life that is important to God. If a man’s life turns from edifying his Creator, then God says He may shorten a man’s life. Six kings lives were shortened just in this story.  God will NOT be mocked.

Michael King Jr. 39

He takes on the name Martin Luther King Jr without changing his birth records.

7 Sivan June 15, 1929 Born Shavuot Day 2, Sabbath

25 Tishrei September 30 1956 ‘Black Tuesday’ – 27th Anniversary – His Sukkot/home is bombed. 

Elul August 28, 1963 I Have A Dream speech Lincoln Memorial (King in Field Month)

6 Nisan April 4, 1968 Assassinated 9 days before Passover

Michael King Jr. was suppose to be a man against physical and spiritual slavery. He was born at two of the Lord’s Festivals.  He was born on the Sabbath and it was Shavuot Day 2.  Shavuot celebrates  the giving of the instructions by Mosche to the assembly in the wilderness and Shavuot also is the ‘going forth’ with the instructions through the Ruach HaChodesh indwelling over 3000 at The Feast of Weeks.  Many celebrate Shavuot as Pentecost.

Michael King did not identify himself with either the Sabbath or Shavuot. He wanted freedom for blacks and unwanted pregnancies was one of them.

Http://rense.com/general48/fraud.htm. ‘Martin Luther’ King, Jr. – Communist Fraud by Alan Stang, EtherZone.com 1.18.4 is where you can learn who Michael King Jr really was.

Another sad thing that I witnessed on the biography.com website was the video ad that ran between the audio biography of Martin Luther King Jr. The ad was promoting the product….Plan B birth control.

Is this the freedom that King meant? The freedom to kill God’s children in the womb? Plan B birth control removes an unwanted child for up to 72-hours after ‘unprotected’ sex.

God says in his Holy Scriptures that He knew David before he was in the womb. Science knows that when a sperm and egg meet that the cells keep multiplying continuously until a child is born. It doesn’t start as a blob. All the DNA circuitry from the parents are present at the uniting of the sperm and egg. This means, my friends, that life of a human or anything created begins at conception. I can not change the original cell structure. I can damage it or I can supply it with nutrients to make sure it forms in a healthy manner to full-term. I can’t change anything about the DNA once the sperm and egg start multiplying.

I wrote a story about Dolly the Sheep that was born through uniting two separate DNA in a lab. They then put that DNA into the donor mother (sheep) and when the lamb was born it had three DNA strands running in it’s body. Dolly was created from a mammary gland from a Ewe. So, did man create life? Not really! They still had to start with cells that came from something our Creator had created. Life begins when cells multiply.

If a birth control pill stops the woman from ovulating and an egg is not produced then a fetus is not present.  It takes a sperm and an egg to create a human life.  But, if a birth control pill is designed to make the uterine wall slough off what is attached to it; then it is aborting something….cells that are trying to attach. This DNA has the makeup of a human being, not a rabbit.

Yes, that is a somber thought to think that through regular birth control pills or IU devices perhaps billions of abortions have occurred. We have been killing human beings with God’s image/spirit.

Next, we can have the discussion of abortion of this DNA that now has God’s image (a spirit) attached to it. It is a real live growing human being that can not speak for itself. It is expecting it’s mother to protect it from all harm; and yet this human being is thrown out into the garbage for perhaps dogs to find.  In July 2015 a two-year investigation with live recordings proved that Planned Parenthood was selling ‘babies organs.’  They haggled over how much each organ would cost.  And, it was proven that the abortionists were trying to remove the baby whole and even breach so the parts desires were not crushed.  I would save there are many live births in this process.  Are they harvested while still having a heartbeat?  Now we have passed to EXTREME sin…..Murder with intent.  Thou shalt not murder….if you break one of these then your heart is willing to break them all….is what God meant.    Sin is sin is sin is sin is sin is SIN!

And, then we wonder why God doesn’t seem to hear our prayers! He sent someone for us to love and we reject his gift of a human being to love. Love the Lord they God and love they neighbor (baby.)

January 22, is the anniversary of Roe vs Wade.  King Obama Careless now has government paying for abortions across America.  And, we have now insulted our Creator of whom describes His Throne as having an incredible ‘rainbow’ above it. We have defied His throne by making this ‘rainbow of promise’ now the ‘rainbow of destruction.’  Our President and leadership has allowed, encouraged and displayed this symbolism of defiance over the White House in June 2015.  They have passed legislation and forced it on the people of America with damages inflicted on ‘whomever’ does not go along with marriage being between ‘a man and a man,’ and ‘a woman and a woman.’

America has fallen to the depravity of defying God’s instructions to go out and multiply.  This is not about people’s rights of marriage my friends, it is about opening defying the instructions of God.  Satan’s ploy has stopped the production of children…..by two measures.  The Marriage Act and legalized Abortions.

As I write this article I fear persecution for standing for God’s Torah (Instructions).  I have relatives of whom are gay.  I say to them, “I love you” but, I feel the lifestyle you have chosen is against God’s principles.  If you continue abhoring God, He will abhor you.  Men pronounce their own judgments as God never changes His instructions.  We have two choices….Be blessed by these instructions, or we surely bring  judgment on ourselves.

ELUL’S King Number Two –


Fans go crazy
Fans go crazy

Michael King Jr. died in April, 1968.  It was the year I graduated from high school. I grew up in a very small town in Iowa and was not exposed to racism.  

But, I was exposed to our second king, Elvis Presley.  This king even had the middle name of Aaron.  Mosche’s brother, Aharon, of whom the Aaronic priest line was established.

My older sister would take her babysitting money and buy every 45-record that Elvis Presley made.  King Elvis made a BIG impact world wide singing songs like, You’re Nothing But A Hound Dog to Ave Maria.  As I proof this article it is August 14, 2015 and M tv in KC is featuring movies with Elvis in them..  He was a young kid in a western movie who still shook his legs with vibrating effects that didn’t make sense as his brothers came home from the Civil War.  I don’t think Abe Lincoln would have brought to the White House in 1865. 

Elvis: His pants were so tight that the Ed Sullivan show would only view him from the top up on our black and white televisions as the public was shocked.  Howdy Doody would have been embarrassed.

I was checking into this King of Rock and Roll as I was noticing the Elul Earthquakes happening August 15.  Elvis died at age 42 on 2 Elul, August 16, 1977.   I was born on 2 Elul, August 15, 1950 . The 8.6 Tibet 1950 earthquake happened the day I was born.  People remember Elvis at my birthday every year. Do they remember the Tibet earthquake when 1526 people died?

Elvis Aaron Presley 


Dies in Elul the month our Heavenly King is in the Field desiring to draw near to His children.

Born 4 Shevat January 8, 1935

Dies 2 Elul August 16, 1977

Was Elvis ready to meet The King of the Universe? According to Wikipedia, Larry, who was Elvis’ stylist and spiritual guide, Elvis was clutching a book Elvis loved that Larry had just bought for him. It was not the Bible that Elvis clutched on the bathroom floor, but a book on ‘spiritualism.’   Elvis had come to believe we all have a ‘christ’ within us.   Christ comes from cristos like the baking lard, Crisco.   It was the Latin word chosen to mean ‘anointed’. I do NOT believe I am an anointed one and I don’t believe Elvis was either. But men idolize other humans and turn them into gods.

The Hebrew name for ‘anointed’ is Messiach. These other names lead to His identify theft.

The Messiah is to be the ‘Anointed One.’ This is the one the Jews are looking to come.

Elvis did not proclaim Yeshua (Jesus) as the only way to heaven as the bible teaches. At age 42 Elvis goals were to create some charities, find his ‘soul mate’ to marry and make more movies. He summoned Larry to write about his spiritual beliefs so the world would know ‘the real Elvis.’

Next, let’s look at King #3.

Michael Joseph Jackson 51


Jackson 1959 - 2009
Jackson 1959 – 2009

Born 13 Elul August 29, 1958

Died 3 Tammuz June 25, 2009

The ‘King of Pop’ is born in Elul when ‘The King is in the Field.’

The ‘King of Pop’ dies in Tammuz the month of the ‘Worship of the Golden Calf.’

Michael J Jackson was another king given an opportunity to honor, ‘The King of Kings’ Rev 17:14. 19:16.

We loved him as a little boy with the Jackson Five. His pants grew tighter and he reminded the world of Elvis. The world loved Michael and named him, ‘King of Pop.’ The ‘golden calf’ changed him. He is likened to Elvis dying at an early age….. in the month of idolatry, Tammuz.  Michael tried to leave the life of idolatry as we witness in some of his songs when he cries, the devil took my soul.  His relationship with Sony was built on his dressing as evil.  In the end, even his family had to fight over his record rights.  Michael openly claimed that Moore was the devil.  It is said that Sony no longer needed Michael and soon we saw MIichael pass into history.

Michael Jackson Poster for your wall
Michael Jackson Poster for your wall

MIchael Jackson photos


Rest in Peace?
Rest in Peace

Another Set of Three Kings

The original Three Kings+ of the Orient (Middle East) sought out the Messiah whose star shown brightly.  They brought him gifts of frankincense (healing), myrrh (burial) and gold (sustenance for daily life).  We know these kings traveled for some time to find him.  When Yeshua was dedicated on the 8th day for circumcision and for Mary’s purification after the 30th day of a womb being opened, they brought turtle doves; which was an acceptable offering for those of not much means.  They did NOT have the gold yet.  But, she had the real Lamb of the world that would be sacrificed in due time exactly to the day and hour prophesied by the prophets.

The LORD of LORDS and KING of KINGS is Coming!

Will you be able to identify Him?

Will you identify With Him?

Do You Know His Hebrew Name?

If you don’t even know His name, why should He know you?


We preach in His name only to destroy it.

We sing in His name only to defame it.

We take His name in vain and expect Him to answer the request?

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