Mecca Falls on 9.11.2015

 Hajj begins September 9 -14 2016. (9.11)

I am re-posting information from 2015….be safe my friends.

Photo is by nasa.  Dubai glass houses taken from internet.

Fourteen-year anniversary of America’s September 11, 2001.  Israel is the only nation that has a memorial with all their names on it.

Israels 911 Memorial

What else had an Anniversary on my calendar?

1945   6.6 Papa New Guinea quake. Elul 27, Shemittah year, 7th of 8 6+ 1945 Holocaust quakes.  Last quake was Rosh Hoshanna Day 2, Tishrei 2. 70 year anniversary

1993    Oslo Peace Accord declares principles, Arafat’s PLO, 22 years Anniversary.  Israel concedes more land.

2001    Twin Towers, Pentagon and another plane lost lives.  14 year Anniversary

I think God is off to a good start in memorializing His thoughts.

Added information:

1945 years from the destruction of Holy Temple

67 years from establishment of State of Israel

48 years from the liberation of Jerusalem

I could not decide on a title so here are some… pick!   Three million pilgrims are spending at least $8,500 – $11,000 each (a life time savings for some) to see the bloodied floor of their temple Friday, at dusk September 11.  The Sabbath readings of Nitzavim began.  It speaks of blessing and cursing.  God is speaking loudly.

HAJJ  (Arafat Day)

The Battle of the Stones:  Kabbah vs Cornerstone

The Battle of ADONAI

9.11 Mecca Falls * 9.11 Twin Towers Fall

 Friday Prayer Stained – Elul 28 * Eve of Day of Remission

Grand Mosque Crash Eve Rosh Hoshannah/Feast Trumpets

Largest Mosque crashes 10 days before Day of Atonement

Yom Kippur in 10 days – Face to Face with Adonai

Kabbah stone kissed in Tishrei – God’s Son to be kissed

The Kol (voice) of God is seen in lightnings, thundering, quake

 Shofar Blast Judged 111 Soul

 The Kabbah Meteor Stone vs Yeshua Cornerstone

Mecca Grand Mosque Crash

111 Die, 331 injured, total 442

111 – Aleph, Aleph, Aleph

331 – Gimel Gimel Aleph

442 – Dahlet Dahlet Beit

111 – Elohim, Elohim, Elohim – first, strength, ox (triple Strength God

331 – Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit, Elohim- lifted up, camel (HS twice with Elohim)

442 – Door, Door, Son – All doors belong to the Son. (Door TWICE with House/Son)

In the Hebrew, Aleph represents our living God, Beit.  The number two is his Son in charge of the House, Three is the HS/Ruach HaChodesh which has the Father and Son within it lifted up. Four is the door through which you enter God’s House.

This message is clear to understand. God is in control of the living and the dead. It is the Holy Spirit within us that gives us the capacity to open the door. The door (dahlet) of the house (beit) is only opened by way of the Son .

It is sad to see any life removed but we have a living God who blows a shofar for us to hear. The Muslims were meeting at The Greatest Mosque on earth at Mecca. The Bin Ladin family was the industrial conglomerate that oversaw the 15 cranes around the mosque.  They have been denied any more contracts and forbidden to leave the country at this time.

The Torah reading Nitzavim, ‘those standing’ began at dusk, the exact time of this judgment. Deuteronomy 29:9 (10) – 30:20.

It is the ‘Hand of God – Yud of Elohim’ — the shaking of the greatest mosque on earth occurring on September (9th month) verse 29:9. God rested on the Sabbath and then it was The Day of Remission, 29 Elul. If anything was left to fall, it would fall; which it did.  We have seen the Saudi oil and politics fall in the last several years.  They are divided against the Judaeo Christian God and against themselves…politically and financially.  

I am going to propose something that is very serious to our Creator. It was TEN days (time of retribution) before Hajj.  It was TEN day to Yom Kippur.  That fact took me to research about Hajj. The Arabs have a 23 billion dollar construction under way.  The largest hotel in the world will finish next year having 45 stories of which five will be for the Osama bin Laden family.  It is one mile from the Grand Mosque and will have 10,000 bedrooms.  They already have 10,000 to 30,000 air-conditioned tents.  Sara Travel Agency charges $9700 for a 15-day stay complete with air fare.  Sara Travel has an offer for $10,733 which would include a trip to the Jerusalem Temple Mount.  This is when the Jews want to visit their Mount….now we have million of Muslims ascending it?   Is there no time sacred for the Jew?  The month of Tishrei is God’s special month of convocations and he will not allow this abomination on our earth that causes desolation.  The Torah becomes desolate in these false gods!   

Mecca has 10,000 to 30,000 tents ready to hold 3 million people at this Hajj,Sept 21-26, 2015.   Yet, Saudi Arabia has not hosted one refugee from Syria.  THIRTY THOUSAND TENTS sit EMPTY—and it is the Arabs war in which they shed no blood.

Dubai towers
Dubai towers..                                  pic.. internet

Oil has given each prince his own tower that reaches into the skies and his own new island on which to live. They build their homes on shaking sands in the water.

Dubai ..           pic from internet

Water in the Bible represents nations.

Two 4+ earthquake hit on the shores of Iran which touched the waters that separate Iran from the Arab Emirate. 9.11.15 4.2 at 2:38 pm, 4.1 at 2:41 pm.  I don’t know about the time difference but these occurred that day and in the afternoon.  Movement is felt further in distance in soils than rock.  

This Iranian and Arab Emirate location has been having 4+ shakings this  2015 summer. Mecca is located far to the east of these shakings.  They are still trying to determine what happened in this ‘freak’ storm.  This ‘unusual’ storm quickly had 50 lightning strikes, strong winds and shakings that shook batings, uprooted trees and shook the mosque. The video showed the ground vibrating before the crane fell. I would say that this was not just winds, but God issued earthquakes directly at the Grand Mosque.  

Deut 32:23 “I will heap disasters on them and use up all my arrows (lightning) against them.

II Sam 22:14 “ADONAI thundered from heaven, Ha’Elyon sounded his voice.  He sent out arrows (lightning) and scattered them; with lightning he routed them.

These verses show how they saw ADONAI as they also stood at the base of Mt. Sinai…with thundering, lightning and earthquake.

If you are NOT a believer in a living God whose name is Adonai…then this may be over your head and heart. This article is going to show the past, present and future for any of His enemies. There can be no other god before our living G-d. Elohim means the greatest G-d with the most power and strength. It is in this attribute, Elohim, that was present at Creation. It will be this powerful definition of our Creator that also can be seen and heard as the Sabbath began for IsraEL September 11, 2015.    God does hear the prayers of His children to come against their enemies.  (If you have IsraEL stamped in your passport, then you will not be allowed to enter Dubai.)  

As I researched the dates for this Hajj, I noticed a pattern of when they hosted this event.  It is a pattern that fell into the hands of the living God in Tishrei.  He will NOT tolerate His Feasts being set apart other than by His children who set it apart according to His ways.  Adonai can NOT allow His Feasts to be thwarted.  

There is an abomination that will happen in the actual physical Temple that will once again be set up.  There is an abomination that desecrates God’ temple which is the earth and there is an abomination that desecrates the human spirit which is the temple where the Holy Spirit desires to indwell.  These temples are being desecrated by false gods and it is the major thing that God warned Israel and all men about.

This year Hajj drew people to this site at the time of The Lord’s Feasts.  Tishrei 1 began the Feast of Trumpets with Ten Days of Awe leading to The Fast known as Yom Kippur.   Yom Kippur is The Appointment of Appointments.  Daniel 12:7 speaks of “time, times and a half” which is mo’ed, mo’edim.  It is the appointment of atonement through Messiah’s blood.  Or, it is the appointment to judgment if you refuse Messiah’s sacrifice for your sins.  Day of Judgment..Day of Atonement:  Appointment of Appointments.  THE Fast…Yom Kippur.  This year, 2015, Hajj begins on that day.  God is not willing to share it, so He struck at Creation Week to tear down what towers men again built as in Babylon.

 Actually, Muslims believe that it is good to suffer and die.   It seems that someone made a ruling that if you die at Hajj, you go to heaven.  I update this article with sadly learning today, Tishrei 11, that 700 people have died in a stampede at the Devil’s stone throwing.  It is Yom Kippur Day 2.  It’s another synchronized appointment of God.  I dare to speak too much as it is now  being said that heads will be dismembered for those on the internet saying negative things about Muslims.  In America we have always had freedom of speech….not Muslims even try to take that from us.  If you have the truth you should not be hurt by what is said.  It would not matter….  My God defends Himself and tells me to live quietly.    

God is the one who will Memorialize The United States Pearl Harbor, 911 and more…..  He will memorialize Jerusalem and IsraEL Day.  He will Memorialize the wrongs against this children.  He will Memorialize His Feast Days and not let them be removed from history.

I want to show you a pattern. Our Creator Elohim, Adonai, works in a circular pattern that continues through the thousands of years.   He does not think Greek…that there is a beginning and end…but each thing builds upon the next.  It is exciting to see Him work as I’m always amazed at how it is the same, but different.  It was not another 9.11 for the U.S., but to those who acted against the U.S.  Fifteen of the nineteen Muslims were from the bin laden family.  Now, we see the laden family with fifteen cranes at the mosque.   I see God discipline Japan with earthquakes to-the-day at Pearl Harbor.  He does remember.    9.11 will be a continued theme.  Nine is surrounding and sifting with the Aleph, Aleph….two hands of God.  God allows discipline and yet he disciplines the children’s enemies as well.

His children are not left to their own ways of celebrating God, but they all know the pattern since Adam. We will look at that pattern in the study of Nitzavim in another writing. For now, we are going to look at the pattern that Allah worshipers follow and why I believe they have had more challenges in the last years.   They really are in a battle with the Living God and I am trying to show you why.  They can retreat at any time and walk the road to Jerusalem in peace as He has instructed them to.

First, let’s look at the dates of their Hajj. They set their worship around the crescent moon, thus their symbol is a crescent moon. As I looked at their dates I could see that I could calculate the Hajj for the next year simply by backing up 10-11 days. I found that the dates would always fall on a 9 or 10 on the Hebrew calendar.

On the Hebrew calendar the Rosh Chodesh, Head of Month, Day 1 is always dark because there is no moon. So if you give it about 9 days, you will see a waxing moon become crescent. In another 8 days we will have a full moon on the 15th of every month.

Elohim sets many of his dates on the full moon and gives notice about them through eclipses. In the case of Noah, we can see what could happen in the ‘last days’ by studying the dates God gives us through his one year and one week boat ride.   As in the Days of Noah is the indication of our days….the last year of feasts and what stage we will be in. That is another study I did post already but will continue to develop it.   From all of this, I believe God is showing men (Christians) how important getting ‘Back to Hebraism’ really is.

This pattern that we are about to see is also shown in an eclipse pattern. Pastor Mark Biltz has that pattern shown in his study on The Lord’s Feasts.  You  might not catch it, but it is there.  The eclipses cycle through the Hebrew months and if you would look at them you would notice that they match what that month is really about.  Some are war months, fasting, Holy Spirit, tramatic, learning, feasting, fasting and much more.  I’ve been noting these themes and write on them when I have time.  For Tishrei it is easy….We have three holy convocations that blend from one to the other celebration the King is Coming, Judgment and Kingdom set up.  They are dress rehearsals….and the Hajj is not part of God’s dress rehearsal.  God is eliminating it from his party list.  They have the wrong outfit on.  

We must realize that God is winding down, up…however you want to say it….for an ultimate purpose of sending His Son back to reign on the earth.

God functioned in the Middle East Sand Storm during Creation Week, September 7-13.  He rested on the Sabbath, 9.12.15.  23 Elul – Tishrei 1 (man’s birthday).  He will tear down just as He builds up.  And guess what?  He just showed that He will do it even during the exact week (Creation week) He did it before.

We are going to see that the month of Tishrei is so special that no one is going to spoil God’s birthday celebration of man and the Son of Man that is coming. Evil needs to be eradicated as all roads must lead to Jerusalem with Yeshua reigning.

Revelations 22:10-11 is quoting Daniel 12:4.  11. Whoever keeps acting wickedly, let him go on acting wickedly; whoever if filfty, let him go on being made filthy.  Also, whoever is righteous, let him go on doing what is righteous; and whoever is holy, let him go on being made holy.”

God’s instruction book, The Torah, is what we are to keep on doing.  It is right to obey God’s instructions.  As we set ourselves apart we keep ourselves set apart to God…..Yeshua (Jesus) said these words.  They already believed on him and now Yeshua was instructing them how to live safely on the earth.  He wants us to share in the Tree of Life…Rev 22:19.

Isaiah 66:17 “Those who consecrate and purify themselves in order to enter the gardens, THEN follow he one who was already there, eating pig meat, reptiles and mice, will all be destroyed together,” says Adonai. “For I know their deeds and their thoughts.”

God is speaking to Gentiles separatists. They heard but they did what they thought was right in their own minds.

Isaiah 66:22 “For just as the new heavens and the new earth that I am making will continue in my presence,” says ADONAI, “so will your descendants and your name continue.”

Isaiah 66:23

Every month on Rosh-Hodesh

and every week on Shabbat,

everyone living will come

to worship in my presence,” says ADONAI,

As they leave, they will look on the corpses

of the people who rebelled against me.

For their worm will never die,

and their fire will never be quenched;

but they will be abhorrent

to all humanity.”

Hajj Schedule -29 Days long

If the moon is your worship, I don’t think you want it to eclipse while you worship it.  note 2014, 2015, 2016.  The moon can only eclipse when it is full.  Solar eclipses occur when there is no moon.  Go by the Hebrew date to see timing of eclipses.  They are few and special.

God has set up Tishrei with 23 days of Convocations…I believe Adonai is NOT willing to share it with other gods.  Thus, crashing financial, politics and cranes.

2010 Tuesday     Nov 16     Kislev 9

2011 Sunday       Nov 06     Cheshvan 9

                             Dec 10 Lunar eclipse

                             Nov 25 Solar eclipse 123

2012 Thurs         Oct 25 Cheshvan 9 (Week Noah in ark, no rain yet)

                             Nov 28 Lunar

                             Nov 13 Total Solar 133

2013 Monday    Oct 14 Cheshvan 10 (Day God closes door Noah’s ark)

                             Oct 18 Lunar (during Hajj)

                             Nov 03 Hybrid Solar 143

2014 Friday     Oct 03 Tishrei 9 – Erev Yom Kippur

                          Oct 08 Lunar (during Hajj)

                          Oct 23 Solar 153 (begins Tetrad)

2015 Tues         Sept 22 Tishrei 9 –  Eve Yom Kippur

                          Sept 28 BLOOD Moon, 4 of 4 (at Hajj)

                          Sept 13 Solar 125 (forerunner to Hajj)

(Hajj 9.21-2 6.15; Tishrei 8 – 13, (Days of Awe with Yom Kippur)

2016 Sun           Sept 11   Elul 8  (9/11 – 111 Mecca Crane Falls 1st Annv. )

                           Sept 16 Lunar (during Hajj)

                          Sept 01 Annular Solar 135 (pre Hajj)

2017 Thurs        Aug 31   Elul 9

                           Aug 07    Lunar

                           Aug 21    Total solar 145 (pre Hajj)

2018 Mon         Aug 20 Elul 9

                         July 27 Lunar

                         Aug 11 Solar 155 (pre Hajj)

2019 Friday     Aug 09 Av 8 (At Fast of Tu’bAv – 9th Av)

                        July 16 Lunar

                        July 02  Total Solar 127

2020 Thurs   July 30 Av 9 (The Fast of Tu’bAv-9th of Av)

                       Jun 05 Lunar 111 – (111 died Mecca 2015)

                          July 05 Lunar Penumbral 149

                       June 21 Solar Annular 142

2021 Mon    July 19 Av 10 (At Fast of Tu’bAv 9th Av)

                     July 26 Lunar 121 – Sivan 15

                     June 10 Annular 147

2022 Friday  July 08 Tammuz 9

                      May 16 Lunar Total 131 15 Iyyar

                      April 30 Solar

Hajj is 29 days long.

Solar eclipses occur with no moon (28 begins no moon-dark days).  Lunar eclipse at full moons (15th is fullest day).  They are special and few in number.

I think it would behoove man to pay attention to God’s calendar.  The Hajj has some days of which will be appropriate for them such as The 9th of Av.

Remember, God remembers those that remember His Son Yeshua will be the Messiah.  God says that these fast days will be turned into good days.  Middle East rivers are to dry up and becomes road that lead to Jerusalem where they will walk to hear Yeshua speak the words of the Father of how to live safely on His earth.  We all need to be brothers in Yeshua who will reign from Jerusalem.

I love my Muslims friends and only desire the best of them.  I am sad when so many die at the Hajj such as September 24 2015, Tishrei 11.  700 people lost their precious lives and 800 were injured in a stampede.  They say that part of the Hajj deaths every year is because of the confusion in language.  People come from at least 38 countries.  God broke up the one language and created new languages at Babel.  They were forced to go out into the world to establish it.  This gathering of over 2-3 million people consistently every year is like Babel….people can not understand each other.  The orientations do not go well and people are confused.  This is the problem for our world….we don’t understand each other…  We have gone back to Babel.