Appointment of Appointments

Time Times and Half…What does it mean?

Mo’ed Mo’edim

Appointment Appointments

Yom Kippur – The Fast 

Daniel 12:7

Is it the Appointment of Appointments?

September 16, 2015 – Obama Pope UN met on US Soil.  What day was it?  Yom Kippur….the world should be in a fast….not feasting over them.  It was Obama and Pope Francis’ appointment so when is God’s appointment?

The ‘Appointment of Appointments’ is scheduled in the Fall.  

What does times, and time and a half mean?  Daniel 12:7  Most people think it says three and a half years.  A time and a time and a half time….but is that correct?

When the tribulation is over there will be a great Jubilee.   People expect to have a great banquet.  There are two banquets so you had better be at the right one.  There is one where animals and birds come to eat the dead that have died in battle and there is one where there is an appointed feast…The Wedding…but you must have the right clothes on.  My opinion of the word clothes is ‘spiritual clothing.’  What surrounds you and holds you together and gives light to our life?  It is Jesus Yeshua, the Messiah.  But, even the demons knew him….but did they ‘know’ Him.  Did they follow him and do what He did.  It’s not ‘What would Yeshua do.’  ‘It’s what DID Yeshua do.’  This is the question that needs to be dealt with.  And, in this question is a simple answer….He could only do what the father said…Torah.  That is how you know you are one…because you think and act the same…you’re eating the same, praying the same, and enjoying life the same, and suffering the same.  No one said it would be easy and in fact, Jesus told the disciples how each of them would die…  Yes, how each of them would suffer….even unto death…but it was just that physical death that every person does once.  And, so the prayer was that they could endure…and not fall into the hands of Satan, the great tempter…  Nothing of flesh or blood could steal them away….but Jesus prayed that they themselves could endure…men’s flesh is weak…  It is man himself that plays with temptation and walks away from the ways of the Creator.  

All year long, every day temptation sits before us.  Then we come to the time of forty days before Yom Kippur where we settle all problems with men on earth.  The Israelites were praying that Elohim on the mountain with Mosche would forgive their terrible sin of worshiping gold and the figures in the sky.  In the month of Tammuz it was a calf they knew to worship.  It could have been ‘the sky figure’ of the month that they covered in gold.  They just wanted a tangible God to follow.

God’s tangibility comes in the form of his creation.  He speaks through his creation and yet men use the words Mother Nature, lucky stars, knock on wood and the such.

The Fast, Yom Kippur, Tishrei 10 is known as the Day of Atonement or Judgement.  Two things going on.  You are atoned for as Mosche did return on this EXACT day and announced to  them that they were atoned for and now they could start collecting things to build a wilderness tabernacle.  For five days they collected five different types of wood to build the largest Succot…know as The Tabernacle.

The Hebrew letter in the passage clearly say…mo’ed mo’edim.  It is the ‘Appointment of Appointments.  The ‘mem’ on the last mo’ed makes it plural, thus appointments.

In Daniel 12 the word for ‘time’ is shown as the word Eth.  Ayin and Tav make up the two letters in the word for, time.  Ayin, Tav….  Daniel 12:1 has the word, ‘time’ three times in it.  Verse 4 has ‘time’ once and verse 9 has it once.  They are all spelled with Ayin Tav for, time.    But, when you get to Daniel 12:7 the time, and time and half is not the same letters used for time as in the other Daniel verses.

Daniel 12:7  is not speaking of time personae, but it is speaking of an appointed time or festival.  This can be associated with the mistaken understanding when God is speaking about his appointed seasons.  Men have taken the Greek application and translated it as a season ie. fall, winter, spring, or summer.  It is mo’edim in it’s correct reading.  Both are mo’ed meaning an appointment, season or festival.

Through Pastor Biltz of ElShaddai Ministries and other Hebrew scholars, we now know that God was referring to The Lord’s Feast Days or The Lord’s Festivals.  They are known as, The Lord’s Feasts.  They are not the Jews feasts, but they are The Lord’s Feasts.

We have also just realized in recent years that Adonai has put His feasts on the solar and lunar eclipses as signals for us to celebrate them.  In September 2016 I began a search to see if eclipses cause earthquakes.  In this search I am finding more than I expected.  Please following this under Projects….it’s amazing that these eclipses and earthquakes act together in announcing BIG changes.

The Lord’s Feasts are like dress rehearsals for the coming wedding we are invited to.  If you don’t come to the dress rehearsal, then you don’t know how to act at the wedding.  God’s feasts are pictures of Messiah Yeshua of whom came and they also show His next coming.

In the last centuries of history man has used excuses that Israel should not be in her land, there was never a Holocaust and the Hebrew calendar and language are not important. Men seem to want to trust the English language that has three or four meanings for each word and it does not verify itself with a picture attached or a number.  The Hebrew language is so clean that it does not leave room for error.  In fact, each word is either a mail or female implied and if the sentence structure is blended with a male and female, the sentence does not make sense.  I can tell from a simple letter if the appointment was for a male or female.  

I’ve been told that English is one of the hardest languages to learn.  Arabic uses 50 per cent Hebrew characters and Aramaic uses 35 per cent Hebrew letters. Hebrew is not a lost language.

Any good works, not suitable to stand, will burn up.  Anything other than Torah will burn up.    Sin is ‘missing the mark.’  It is disobeying any of God’s instructions (torah). Returning to Torah is returning to God because God is the living Word who had the words of Torah written down by His inspiration through men.  We follow Torah (God’s instructions) because He first loved us and died for us on that stake at Jerusalem.

This great Day of Judgment is represented in Yom Kippur.  Yom (Day) Kippur (Judgment).  

There is a period of five days that wood is collected to build the temple of God in the desert.  It is Yeshua that builds the Temple and we will dwell there with Him.  For where He is, there we will be as well.   Think…where is Yeshua?  If He is on this earth then you are on this earth with Him.  If He is in Jerusalem, then you are there with Him.  He has appointed that city as His footstool on the earth.  People think they are fling around heaven when actually they will be coming back to earth.  People will make through the wars that bring The Messiach back and they will be having children.  These children will grow and need to follow Torah.  If these people do NOT follow Torah, Scripture shows us that they will not receive rain and their crops will fail.  They will be issued the curses because they refuse to celebrate The Lord’s Feasts…three of them specifically; Passover, Shavuot, and Feast of Tabernacles.   

The Davidic reign has not yet happened and God does not break any covenants that He made with mankind.  Thus, a 1000 year reign is yet to be experienced on the earth.  The sun, moon and stars are not done being of use to the earth.  

In the very ‘end of days’, after the millennial reign of The Messiah, the new heaven and earth come down.  There will be no need for the sun and moon as Yeshua provides the light for the kingdom. 

It is so incredible that we have the truth so there is  peace in our hearts.  But, men run to and fro because their hearts fail them physically, and spiritually.  They preach a quick ‘get out of hell’ prayer call to the altar.  It is good to be humble and submitted but the real evidence of a changed life will show up in the fruit.  Our daily sanctification is our walking out our lives in God’s instructions.  

We are not protected by a constitution until we become legal citizens.  It is the same with God.  We are not legally his until we accept The Messiach Yeshua Jesus as our salvation.  It is in His blood that the documents are signed that make us citizens.  Now, as citizens we follow the laws or instructions that are set before us to keep us safe under His rule.

We turn back to God through what God did for us at the cross and we believe on that resurrection of Yeshua.  As He was resurrected, so will we.  This is what we are thankful for.  Then, we will want to be like Jesus.  The ‘What would Jesus Do’ theme should be taken more serious…because He was a Hebrew and is returning as one.  If we want to live as Jesus does, then chase after a Jew and ask him about The Book that carries.  Ask him what it says about The Lord’s Festivals.  As he explains to you what it means, you may be able to explain how they point to The Messiach.  To the Jew first and then to the the Torah.  It is first to the Jew…and now the Jew is to be willing to give it to the Gentile.  The Gentile has to not be haughty in receiving it or that Gentile is loped off.  That Gentile will never understand Creator Yahweh and how to live safely on the earth.  He will never have the right oil for his lamp.  He will not be able to see the truth because of Pride.

It is when the last Gentile is brought into Torah (God’s instructions) that their time is fulfilled…completed and things are accomplished…not to end things…but to bring God’s Torah fully to the earth…through men’s lives….then it is being accomplished…living in God’s instructions…and not just as we see fit in our own eyes.


Christians misinterpret the word, ‘fulfill.’  They think Christ fulfilled the Torah as in ‘finished’ it.  He didn’t finish it, but filled it up to it’s fullest so we could walk as He walked and live fully in it…keeping safe on the earth.  It is not works that keeps us safe but the good guidance about food, rest, cleanliness of our bodies so they don’t get disease; building a deck on your house if it is needed so someone does not come along a sue you if they fall off.  Many instructions are only for the priests, or men, or woman.

UPHOLD the instructions (torah) and we shall live.  We live because He is the walking Torah.  We can walk down these tracks of life and wander into the next city.  Or, we can listen to know how to live safely and get out of the way of the train that is coming.  Yes, these children were going to ride a train into Kansas City…a first.  It was late…could they hear it coming and move back in time?  Are you listening too long and not getting into action of moving to show yourself approved a workman of the L-rd?

These are my grandchildren….listening to hear if a train is coming.  Will they hear it whistle (trumpet call), next?  

Today, we are to listen to the call of the shofar…the trumpet of God.  Do you know the sound of a shofar?  The Angel of the Lord will be the one blowing…that Last Trumpet sound…calling us…  Call to him and he will call to you!  

Appointment of Appointments –  What day do you think it is?  This is only my opinion….but I feel pretty good about it!

What is Yom Kippur?  Mosche just went up the mountain to get the second set of instructions from ADONAI.  On August 21, 2017 the United States had a total eclipse where people poured along it’s route.  It was AV 29…the day Mosche had carved the instructions into the second set of stones.  He had broken the first set as the ‘children’ had already broken the first set of instructions.  Mosche will be back in 40 days…Yom Kippur…Day of Atonement…  always beginning at dusk.  And, it is already going on in Israel.  Fast my friends…and pray….resolve any disagreements…and be listening….  In 2017 hurricanes Harvey and then Marie hit with more and more devastation and CA fires.  Yes, it all was at this time period….Elul…when Mosche is asking The Creator to recant from his threat of destruction because of disobedience.  Fire, massacres in Las Vegas and another 26 in Sutherland, TX at Cheshvan 17….the day the flood began.  Judgment is always meted out…it should be no surprise…that the train is coming…get out of God’s way….He is like a thundering that you do NOT desire to be around…in this thundering He can and does show mercy.  he will spare your life…if you listen and move away from sin…

Waiting for God
Waiting for God

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