Earth’s 121st Jubilee, The 1335th Day of Daniel..Pearl Harbor 75 years ago – Part 4

This is a MUST read…75 years from Pearl Harbor today! The 1335th Day of Daniel is a ‘Blessed Day’; it is 75 days from the 1260th Dan of Daniel. 'Hand of יהוה, Yahweh, YHWH'

Revelations 11:3 Gives power to two witnesses for 1260 days.  (3.5 years is 42 months) Revelations 12:6 hides the bride during the 1260 days of trouble….  Patterns of 42 months with these first witnesses of Adom and his bride are seen as they remain for 42 days in the Garden Eden (safe for only 42-44 more days.)  What lessons do we learn to look into our future?

This Jubilee study has now reached into Part IV.  It  has brought more patterns to study than I thought would appear.  To find Daniel’s 75 extra days after the 1260th day that the abomination of desolation is amazing.  With all this background, we can now start to see patterns that alert us to something really BIG going on in our earth’s historical cycle.  Be sure to read the other parts to this study.

Not only do we have Donald Trump coming on the…

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