Russia Syria Open Feast of Tabernacles

 Feast of Tabernacles

Major Shakings 

Tishrei 21 22 23 24 25

Alabama * Delaware * Oklahoma * Chicago Fire * Nevada

ALABAMA 1916 Largest Earthquake

99-Year Anniversary – Tishrei 21

(7.0, 7th month, 7th day Feast Tabernacles)

OKLAHOMA 6.0 Earthquake

47-Year Anniversary – Tishrei 22

Shemini Atzaret – Eighth day (represents millennial reign)

CHICAGO 1871 Great Fire

144-Year Anniversary – Tishrei 23

Simchat Torah – 9th day (represents new heaven and earth) Rejoice in Torah

October 8, 1871

DELAWARE 1871 Largest Earthquake

144 -Year Anniversary – Tishrei 24

Simchat Torah – Rejoicing in Torah

NEVADA 1915 Largest Earthquake

100-Year Anniversary – Tishrei 25

Nevada…Tishrei 25 – One day after The Lord’s Feasts in the month of Tishrei…Rosh Hoshanna, Yom Kippur and Feast of Tabernacles, Simchat Torah, ON Isru Chag…. the earth released it’s power….100 years ago, 1915 – 2015.

Information taken from

Historic Earthquake

Pleasant Valley, Nevada
1915 10 03 06:52
Magnitude 7.1

Pleasant View, Nevada

This earthquake occurred along a fault on the eastern side of Pleasant Valley, which lies about 64 kilometers southeast of Winnemucca, in the north-central part of Nevada. The epicentral region was almost uninhabited, and, therefore, property damage was less than might have been expected. Damage was confined mainly to an area within 80 kilometers of the fault in Humboldt, Lander, and Pershing Counties, including the towns of Battle Mountain, Kennedy, Lovelock, Winnemucca, and several ranches in Pleasant Valley. Four main scarps – the China Mountain, Tobin, Pearce, and Sou Hills – developed in a right-stepping en echelon pattern. The combined length of the scarps was 59 kilometers, the average vertical displacement 2 meters, and the maximum displacement (which occurred on the Pearce scarp) 5.8 meters. Several northwest-striking segments of the scarps had a right-lateral component of displacement, generally less than 1 meter.

At Kennedy, two adobe houses were destroyed, mine tunnels collapsed, and concrete mine foundations were cracked. At Winnemucca, adobe buildings generally were damaged, and several multistory brick buildings lost their coping and parts of upper walls; many chimneys were demolished above the rooflines. In addition, water tanks were thrown down at Battle Mountain, Kodiak, Lovelock, and Parran. Damage occurred on several ranches at the southern end of Pleasant Valley: and adobe house was shaken down; a masonry chicken house and a hog pen were destroyed; and houses were displaced from their foundations.

One of the most striking effects of this earthquake was the large increase (and decrease) in the flow of springs and streams throughout northern Nevada. Cracks formed in unconsolidated materials for considerable distances. Felt from the State of Oregon to southern California and from the Pacific coast to beyond Salt Lake City, Utah. Two foreshocks and many aftershocks occurred.

Abridged from Seismicity of the United States, 1568-1989 (Revised), by Carl W. Stover and Jerry L. Coffman, U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1527, United States Government Printing Office, Washington: 1993.”

As I noticed this 100-year earthquake I realized that in these few days, at the close of the 2015 Feast of Tabernacles, God’s hand moved sharply to be seen by US today.  ONE HUNDRED YEARS…and what have we learned?  Did anyone, other than a Jew, know what The Feast of Tabernacles was?  Did any celebrate it?
I find it very interesting that God has his children outside of their normal habitats.  Many sleep in tents under the skies in their.modern-day sukkot.  I believe that one day ,in that great and terrible Day of the Lord…the earth will shake greatly as Jerusalem splits.  In that Great Day, it could very well be in the month of Tishrei and in the Shemittah year, people should be remembering to reside in sukkots for safety.
It is in this state of mind of trusting God to do as He commands…that we also come out from under the heavy pressures of the world.  God is showing us the time to vacation and we are to make it a time of Thanksgiving.  It’s a time of renewal spiritually and physically realizing who Adonai really is.  His instructions make sense to Him and, when we ponder them long enough, they will make sense to us.
October 3, 2015, Tishrei 20, Shabbot, 6th day Feast of Tabernacles…
I just took this picture of the sky during the Marriage Covenant between a couple that are both evangelists.  There was not a drop of rain during the entire Sukkot week.  In the Bahamas a ship has been lost to Joaquin (God will judge).  The East Coast has record rains occurring and several deaths.  But….at Lake Paradise God answered the prayers of His children who desired to worship Him under His stars as He commanded us to remember the Israelites.   Everyone at this ceremony was aware of the quietness in the air.  It had become very still as we sat and listened to others pray over this couple under the Chupah.  We all witnessed the SON wrapped in the Rainbow Covenant of Marriage between God and Man.  This magnificent display was over the lake and it glistened before us with a tree that looked like that Tree of Life.  It truly was a time for me to witness The Hand of God….
Rainbow Marriage Covenant during Sukkot 2015 wedding.
Rainbow Marriage Covenant during Sukkot 2015 wedding.

For now…let’s just stand amazed of The Yod of Elohim….Hand of God!

Marriage at Sukkot on the Sabbath
Marriage at Sukkot on the Sabbath
Tree of Life - Marriage Covenant at Sukkot 2015
Tree of Life by water – Marriage Covenant at  Sukkot 2015

Okay…okay…I’ll do a history on Tishrei soon…………..  I was trying to leave with a good note….and perhaps this is another ‘Jaw Dropper.’  Just on the few last day of Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) God called on Creation to make His children tremble so they would remember Him as His special time of calling them to celebrate when He tabernacles with them with Mosche.  These are the stories we are to remember.  Today, He performs miracles and part of that is making man tremble.  His mercy is applied when we follow His instructions of being out in the open spaces at this time.

A first for  RUSSIA as

The Feast of Tabernacles opens ON 

Tishrei 15 1918    

RUSSIA   8.1   8.2  

98-Year Anniversary

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