Gentiles Jealous For – Feasts Fasts Foods

What happens when the Jew is jealous of the Gentile who is chasing after their Torah? Continue reading Gentiles Jealous For – Feasts Fasts Foods

1300-Year ‘Babylon’ Pattern Re-appears today!

Who is Babylon today? Who is the woman who rides The Beast and it’s associates the False Prophet? This prophet blends politics and religion into one. When I think of the ‘golden calf’ pictures from the original Ten Commandments movie … Continue reading 1300-Year ‘Babylon’ Pattern Re-appears today!

Abraham’s Historical and Numerical Evidence

Can we know when the Messiah is coming? What patterns are seen through Abraham’s children? Did Moses marrying in 40th jubilee point to year 4000 of Jesus? Are we willing to accept patterns? Continue reading Abraham’s Historical and Numerical Evidence

Testing God!

Are we to test God? What is the difference between tempting and testing? CA earthquakes begin at Tammuz – Worship of Golden Calf. Continue reading Testing God!

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Why California earthquakes

My rainbow is a sign of future judgment by FIRE…not water! Utube of prophetic pastor who claims Acts 10:02 (4.0 earthquake) and Acts 10:33 (6.4)…time of earthquake. 7.1 occurs as he speaks in next video. Cornelius entire household listened to … Continue reading Why California earthquakes

Transgressions Judge CALIF

The rainbow was given as a sign of fire judgment…not water…but fire is next. Amos describes FIRE 7 times. Continue reading Transgressions Judge CALIF

The Heartland: Love America Or Leave It | Zero Hedge

America is America! People can’t take God out of her…you can’t remove her Judeo Christian values or take her flag from her! Transgressors should leave. Continue reading The Heartland: Love America Or Leave It | Zero Hedge

Why Earthquakes Swarm

A 7.1 earthquake 17km deep in the earth shook Ridgecrest, California, USA on Saturday, the Sabbath. Two days before on Thursday, July 4, a 6.4 earthquake hit in Searles Valley 12 km deep in that same area. The 6.4 exploded … Continue reading Why Earthquakes Swarm