Eclipsing Earthquakes: 1 of 6 Jan 4 2011 Day little judgment, Tevet 28

First Eclipse:  January 4, 2011 – Partial Solar, Saros series 151.

This project begins because a friend in my Hebrew study class ask me if there was a connection between the upcoming eclipse and earthquakes.  It was Saturday, September 3, 2016 and it was Av 30 5776 on the Hebrew calendar.  The Pawnee Oklahoma woke all of us up that morning at 7:04 a.m. CST.

Everyone has their story of how they felt it.  It was Okalahoma’s largest earthquake produced so far in their recorded history.  When things get close to home people get concerned.    I do all I can to NOT ‘make up’ information to prove my points.  This project has you walking with me as we observe things that have value of keeping you safe on the earth.

I do NOT know what’s going to be unveiled but I will share my limited insight.

This project will only evaluate earthquakes 5.0+ in strength.  I know if we live in the United States that many are concerned about the Madrid Fault line again releasing it’s pressure and the California coast is also a concern.  But, this project has to place a limit or the study would be too overwhelming.  I have already done studies on the United States earthquakes…state by state.  Check it out at

Let’s begins with 2011:

2011   Four solar eclipses * Two lunar eclipses 

Solar Eclipse – First of four in 2011:

JANUARY 4, 2011 –

Hebrew Date:  Month of Tevet, Day 28.

This day on the Hebrew calendar is known as Yom Kippur katan (day of little judgment).



The Partial Solar Eclipse, Saros series 151 occurred at 8:51:42.

The four earthquakes occurred as noted on the attached sheet.

There were two earthquakes before the eclipse: 5.4, 5.3.  The second earthquake of 5.3 was at 6:06:04 UTC.s

There were two earthquakes after the eclipse with a span of ten hour.  I’m not going to calculate the length of the eclipses and adjust for that.  They measured 5.1 and 5.3.

Thus, we have a Quake, Quake, Solar Eclipse, Quake, Quake.

The solar eclipse occurred in the middle of the four earthquakes.


Eclipse:  Europe, Africa, e Asia.

Earthquakes: Are all in eclipse path: Tonga, Macquarie Island, Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Argentina

Earthquakes on January 4, 2011 over 5.0 in magnitude.

Eclipse EQ Jan 2011
Day of Little Judgment, Partial Solar Eclipse path covers earthquake locations, Tevet 28.


Let’s review my Hebrew calendar as to what else happened on this date in history.  Perhaps we can tie a few other things in.

Tevet 28

1964   Israel declares water rights that was authorized through U.S. President Johnson.  This leads to Six-Day War in 1967.  (God used water to return Jerusalem.)

1934   8.0 Napal earthquake.  10,800 die. continues series of 6+ Nepal to Behal;  7.4  x-zang, China. Euroasia-Indo plates shift. Himalaya Mts.

1494 – First Catholic Mass said on Haiti with Christopher Columbus and crew attending.

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