Eclipse 2017 Moses chiseling, Water flooding, 4444 since Noach!

Miraculous Three hours of darkness in 27 AD speak of 2017 and 2027 AD

August 21 2017 was 29 AV Rosh Chodesh in Israel

A dark day looking forward to Elul for atonement.

Today August 22, 2017 is our second son’s 36th birthday. He has completed thirty-six years of life. Or, is he thirty-seven as Jews consider a child to be one when they are born? This one year will also play into a pattern for newly-wed Jewish couples. They both have usually completed their two years of military service.  After entering into the covenant of marriage they may choose to spend one year together before going into the work force.

This one year also plays in the year of release….

The Jubilee is a time period of one complete year in which things are set free from whatever has been held in bondage. Being in bondage to the master is not a bad thing, as the master is to treat the servants better than perhaps his own family.  Many servants choose to stay with their master.

Jubilee is the fiftieth year … a one-year period with a picture of freedom and enjoyment.

Free from bondage of the world

Today, August 22 2017 an aunt passed after a long battle with cancer.

Today, August 22 2017 I got notice of my kindred-spirited girlfriend being put in the hospital.  She is overwhelmed with pain from cancer and had 1300 cc of fluid taken from her lungs.

Today, August 22 2016, Lee can no longer talk as he is in hospice with pancreatic cancer. He knows Sue and they both have been praying for each other.

Three close friends of whom have battled cancer for at least eighteen months each have entered into ‘the shadow of death’ on the same day.  Dark earthly days will soon turn into bright spiritual days for each of them.  Our battle is not against flesh and blood but our battles are spiritual.  It is this battle that they each desire to win.

Yesterday, August 21, 2017, a solar eclipse crossed America in a 70-mile wide path. It touched our home as we witnessed it’s totality at 1:10 pm. On the Hebrew calendar it was Av 29 2017.  In Israel the Rosh Chodesh for the month of Elul had begun.

Elul is a month of judgment and repentance for mankind before the rightful king comes to the earth in the first civil month known as Tishrei.  The eclipse and planets are aligned to declare the beginning of change.

The eclipse of 2017 was on AV 29. This is when Mosche chiseled the stone tablets and then headed back up the mountain of Elohim. Would Adonai forgive the children or their sin of molding an idol of a calf and then worshiping it as if it were God? It would take forty days and forty night to find out.

Elul is the same time month that Yeshua Jesus was tempted by Satan for forty days and forty nights before he began his seventy-week ministry.  This is the same month that David was in Nabel’s field for forty days and forty nights tending to his sheep that eventually brought David his wife, Abigail.   Nabel would die from a waxed heart on Yom Kippur.

Elul is the month that Noach is floating in the ark above Mt. Lubar praying for their safety in landing on steep mountains.  It was a dangerous time and yet a wonderful time to see the mercy of The Creator.

This is the same month that John the Immerser was taken before Herod. Herod found no one to atone for John and thus he removed John’s head from his body.

Darkness first, then comes light.

At Creation the world was in chaos and then ‘the light’ showed up. This ‘light’ was Elohim’s spirit that spoke everything into existence. This same ‘Light’ of Elohim came in the flesh into the world.  This light was ministering in the year 17 AD.   For ten years this ‘Man of Light’ confirmed the way to the ‘Light’. He even stated that he was the Truth, the Way and the Light.

In the year 27-28 AD this ‘Light’ died on a stake and the world was plunged into complete darkness for three hours…noon to three.  The 27-28 AD eclipse was not set to a two-minute schedule as was the August 21, 2017 eclipse. The three hours of darkness was scheduled in the heavens before the foundation of the earth… giving memorial to The King of Kings and Lord of Lords dying and then rising to restore righteousness to the earth in full moon light…Nissan 17.

There was no room at the inn when The Suffering Servant was born as The Feast of Tabernacles was in full swing. They stayed in a sukkot.

In 2017 hotels were booked to capacity for miles around from the seventy-mile wide eclipse center. The world drew close to view the eclipse with special glasses that cost a $1.00 and then $2.50 and eventually they were sold for $5.00 a pair. Tourism exploded as mankind came to witness the heavens go dark. The eclipse was on a Monday but they came the week before to secure their camp sites…..all for a two-minute totality…men looks to the heavens.

This writer did not have to travel to witness what caused the earths darkness.  It was a day that would give witness to the future darkness or future brightness.   The darkness on August 21 2017 lasted two minutes and it looked like sunset on all four corners of the horizon.   The temperatures dropped and we saw a few bats flying into the darkened sky.

Did any of viewers realize that on Israel’s time clock the Rosh Chodesh of Elul had begun?  Did they know it was the day that gave memory to Mosche chiseling the words on the tablets.   In forty more days they would know if The Creator Adonai would commit to the covenant.  The first stones written by ‘the finger of Adonai’ had not been broken by Adonai, but by Mosche.  Mosche saw that they had already broken what was written on the stones.  It was a covenant that the people knew they could not keep, but they desired that The Creator still be in covenant with them.  They did not want to proceed in life without His protection on them.

We are told to blow the shofar at the full moon, rosh chodesh and the feasts.

The eclipse occurred on a day that commanded the blowing of the shofar. This writer did blow the shofar on all four corners of their home after the eclipse and the 42 mph winds. It was a shofar blowing to ask for help. It was a shofar blow of protection from evil dark days to come.

On the day of the eclipse conversations were consumed with a friend dying in hospice and not allowing any visitors. This hospice patient was out of patience with pain and was angry. Also, up until nine minutes before the eclipse occurred, the writer was on the phone in conversation with a pastor of how sin was in God’s camp. The eclipse was almost forgotten to be seen.

By the evening of the eclipse the writer’s kindred-spirited girlfriend would go to the emergency room fighting for her life. The writer would finish this article on August 22.  August 23 would find the writer making a five-hour trip to the one of whom trusts the Lord to sustain her.  Sue believes that because she gives testimony to her Savior that she will live.  She serves her King and truly does give Him glory…all the time.

On the morning of the Total solar eclipse of August 21 2017 it would rain 1.76 inches with winds of 42 mph before the eclipse. The marriage Chuppah built by the Torah-believing couple on June 11 would have two sides fall. The winds would loosen the boat dock; the small row boat would drop into the turbulent waters and float away. The waters rushed and the cows jumped their electric fence as they cowered into the woods.

The winds had calmed but the hour that brought 1.76 inches of rain also left it’s mark of destruction as large trees branches were cast down. The eclipse was seen through the dark cloud and enjoyed by the small grandchildren who were prepared with their home-made gadgets to measure the eclipse events.

After the eclipse, the clouds would add 2.22 inches of water for a total of 3.94 inches of rain from the morning of the eclipse to midnight August 21, 2017. The rain would continue after midnight into the son’s birthday adding .73 inches of rain for a total of 4.67 inches. Yes, in the twenty-four hours of the morning of the eclipse, 4.67 inches of rain was produced….overflowing the fields, the pond and creeks. Yet, it was containable and considered a blessing. It came with thundering and lightening just as in the Days of Mosche at the mountain of God.

The rain is a blessing as out of it’s winds and darkness came light that nourishes the fields that feed the cattle that belong to Adonai.

Out of the darkness came light at Creation.

Out of darkness (Cheshvan 27) came Noach into the light of a new world.

Out of the skies that turned to darkness in Egypt, the Hebrews came out of Goshen, the city of light.

Out of darkness from the eclipse came the sun that once again showed itself. Truly the sun (son) was covered by the moon (man’s sin) for two minutes and then light (the Son) overcame the darkness (sin).

27 AD – Out of the darkness of the three-hour miraculous darkening of the earth at the death of the Son of God came the resurrection of God in the flesh in whom gives spiritual life.

Out of the darkness of The Shadow of Death comes The Light of the Messiach.

Darkness has to come first….and then light.

My friend, Sue, at 6:28 pm last night August 21 2017, while suffering and not able to breath, text me a message for our friend, Lee.  He was even more out of breath and had been in hospice eight days.

She wrote, “Father, You are our guide even unto death. Lead Lee tenderly though this valley of the shadow of death.”

Eclipses cast shadows. Eclipses are also shadows of things to come.

Three hours of darkness is likened to three years of darkness for the earth in preparation for cleansing the earth of sin (violating Torah). Mosche chiseled the stone tablets on this eclipse and thus we are to turn our stony hearts into flesh. Our hearts will have The Torah (God’s instructions) written on our hearts of flesh. We will automatically obey His instructions because we trust in Him. Mosche’s Israelites trusted in Adonai to take care of all their needs and thus they obeyed to honor Him.

Joseph requested that his bones come out of Egypt when they departed that land. They carried him out in an Egyptian coffin. He had died at the age of 110. His life was a picture of The Suffering Servant and also The King of Kings.

This eclipse was in it’s fullness at 1:10 pm at our location.

As the rain numbers came to meaning and the writer was reminded of Joseph it was another ‘Hand of G-d’ moment confirming itself before their very eyes.

110 YEARS – 1917 – 2027

The Balfour Accord signed by Britain with the nations to give the Jews their own land was signed Month Two Day Seventeen 1917. It was November 2, 1917 also known on the Hebrew calendar as, Cheshvan 17. Cheshvan 17 (Month Two Day Seventeen) is the day that the flood began with Noach and the exact day that the woman was deceived and Adom openly sinned against The Creator as described in The Book of Jubilees.

In summary, it will be 110 years in the year 2027 that specific land was promised to the Jewish people. Pogroms removed Jews, The Holocaust removed 6 millions Jews, and assimilation has reduced the numbers that return to the land even today. By the time they were allowed to occupy the land in 1947, the land and people had shrunk to very small portions. Abraham’s footprint was huge.

Joseph died at age 110. He was carried out of Egypt after growing over two million Hebrews in Goshen….as land to be known for it’s ‘light.’ They would leave their idols behind just as Jacob had left Rachel behind who loved Laban’s idols. She was a picture of the idolatrous bride of whom gave birth to Jacob’s ‘son of my right hand’, Benjamin.

Luke 10:1 “After this, The Lord appointed seventy other talmidim and sent them on ahead in pairs to every town and place where he himself was about to go.”  That means that there were 35 pairs of students that went out….a number that would produce blessing….spiritual blessing for when The Messiach would arrive.

A marker of 430 years was given to Abraham before his children would enter their promised land. The 500-year marker is seen with Terah being 70 years of age when Abraham is born. Abraham comes away from his idolatrous father Terah and even takes this man of whom made idols with him to Haran. Terah will live in this town seventy years. The slavery of 430 years and the slavery of Terah to Nimrod for 70 years shows us a history change of coming out of slavery at 500 years.

The patterns of the earth are also set to jubilees. Terah and Abraham are ‘marker’s for the next 10 jubilees. This marker shows us a new land and a new clan to be developed over the next 500 years. (10 x 50 = 500).

Abraham saw the future to the promised Messiach. He gave witness to this when he was obedient to the sacrifice of his only spiritual son, Isaac. Isaac was a man over thirty years of age when this sacrifice occurs. Their would be another 500 years of progress to the building of the nations.

Solomon’s day even witnessed the eclipses and some governors had their soothsayers killed because they could not explain the phenomenon. It would take until Issac Newton (1642-1702?) before the eclipse and comets would be understood.  He would give the information to his friend Haley of whom would take credit for the comet that he told him would be back in 18 years.  They were years of ‘enlightened’ men and yet desperate times for the Jews…which he was one.

The nations (clans) would again threatened by evil forces on the earth even as The Messiach as a baby is threatened as a baby. Mosche was threatened to be killed as a baby. Baby killing is not knew to the earth as a way of genocide and to change world order.

The Messiach shows up on the earth in it’s 80th Jubilee picturing forward to the 8000th year of the earth which is prophesied by Adonai to bring in the New Heaven and Earth.

In the 81st jubilee of the earth The Messiach would suffer and die and resurrect to new life. This could picture the 8001st year of the earth. Adom’s wife was set apart for 80 days before being allowed to enter the Gan of Eden according to the Book of Jubilees. She was created on Day 13, set apart on Day 14 and put in the Gan of Eden on her 82nd day. This is the same age that Noach’s wife will hold him as a baby…Emzara is age 82. This is a picture of the Bride being given to the her groom after the ‘eighth’ day…80th day. She has to complete eighty days of cleansing and then is allowed to join her groom.

Adom completed forty days of cleansing and was thus set back in on the 42nd day. He got her when he was 13 days of age and then on the Sabbath (day 14) they were set apart together. He completed his holiness and then on Day 42 was set inside the Gan of Eden. He was without her for forty days. This also pictures Mosche’s life of being in forty year segments as most kings were to rule for forty years. This is a pattern of forty jubilees….from when The Messiach leaves in 27-28 AD to 2027-28 AD. (40 jubilees x 50 years is 2000 years.)

2017 is forty jubilee from 17 AD.

As in the days of Noach there are 120 years until The land change.

As in the days from Adom there are 120 jubilees to another land change. When the earth is 6000 years of age it will have experienced three sets of forty jubilees….2000, 2000, 2000 = 6000.

The world chases after an eclipse that means judgment and darkness but also attaches itself to Moses.

It is the year 2017 and in TEN years it will be 2027. Ten is the time of ‘probation/decision’.

17-27 AD was a time of teaching from the Master Yeshua. He stayed in his own town or area until it was time to reveal who He really was. It was a time of miracles in his last seventy weeks. Let us not forget Joseph had dreams and visions at age 17. Jacob had him for 17 years and then lost him. He would find him to only enjoy him another 17 years. This is a strong pattern for The Messiach who was revealed in the fullness of 17 and then darkness in 27.

Let us remember that the full moon occurs at mid month…the 15th…and appears to stand still for three days. Yeshua raised from the dead on Nissan 17….in full view of the world. Noah left in full view of the world, Cheshvan 17. Adom’s sin was revealed in full view on Cheshvan 17.

Adom is not removed until the Rosh Chodesh of Month Four (Tevet 1). There is no moon at the head of the month (rosh chodesh). It is a dark time. Thus, Adom is cast out into darkness….42 days after sinning. The woman was deceived but Adom sinned intentionally.

Noach get off the ark on Month Two Day twenty-seven (Cheshvan 27)….a dark night.

Blow the shofar at the rosh chodesh…some fast…it’s a dark time. The Eclipse of August 21 2017 was on Av 29…no moon…a dark night… But, the earth was seen in it’s fullness as it’s shadow covered the sun during the day. This is an interesting picture of a dark shadow overcoming the sun and yet the sun quickly overcame it….lasting three hours but yet in minutes in different states. Everything was aligned for that calculated moment in time….of the earth coming between the moon and the sun.

Terah had his son Abraham at age 70.

Yeshua worked 70 weeks with ten years at home.

He began his ministry in 17 AD…ending his ministry in 27-28 AD, a Shemittah year.

He arrived in the 80th Jubilee of the earth and left in the 81st Jubilee. Emzara is 82 years older than Noach. Methuselach was 482 when Noach was born. Adom’s Chanoh was given back to him when she was 82 days old. (It was a forty day separation for them as he was put back in after only being set apart for 40 days.) In order for both of them to complete one Shemittah cycle (7 years exactly) they were both held for 42 more days and then put back on the old soil from which Adom was created.

Another Total eclipse will cross the United States in 2024. When placed on a map it takes on the form of a cross as this time it travels north to south whereas this eclipse traveled west to east. The 2017 and 2024 eclipse intersect at a known by an Egyptian name. Egypt: a narrow strait (Mitzvarim in Hebrew).

August 22 this writer was asked about the planets lining up on September 23 2017. It is interesting that Virgo is pregnant laying next to Leo. I look at Leo as The Lion of Judah. There are signs and patterns all around us that declare The Lion of Judah is to return. Virgo is pregnant with child. This child has already been born and is coming as King of Kings….Taurus. Thus, could the pregnant woman be Israel with child. Many people are returning to The Torah. It is only when The Torah is established back on the earth that the birth pains can cease. It has been a hard process and the slaughter of the Jews and her grafted in children continues.

The Temple ( Beit Beit Beit, 2 2 2) house house house must be built. There is a temple within each believer. There is a physical Temple to be placed on the earth from where The Messiach will reign. And their is a spiritual temple consumed of every believer as a whole on the earth.

The Temple has to be built so the entire assembly of people on the earth can recognize it as the center of administration for the earth. Thus, we have a physical temple, a spiritual temple that covers the whole earth in one Torah and we have a personal spiritual temple inside of our fleshy hearts that directs us to righteousness.

The Creator added 2.22 inches of rain to our property after the eclipse….a sign that our house is under His protection.

The message is that The Torah given by Mosche chiseled on stones are to become the instructions on our fleshy hearts. We are to tell others that His Temple is to be established on the earth ponce again to remind the world of that final sacrifice…done once and for all of those that would believe.

The Messiach will rule from the entire land that was walked by Abraham.

In seven years more judgments will fall in 2014. Then in three years…on Yom Kippur…2027…who will make it out of that darkness and into the Light?

If you can make it to the 1335th day you will be blessed says Daniel.

1335 – A pattern to multiply in safety

Noach did make it to the 1335th year as he got off the ark… The Book of Jubilees declares 1333 as the year of The Flood. They lived on the ark 370 days. One year and ten days. It was the year 1334 that they stepped on dry ground. Children after flood born no sooner than the year 1335. Pattern of Safety and Blessing…if The Creator was listening.  There are times that he does not.  Then we will see a Pattern of Silence and Judgment…as it look 2017 is.

Oh Yes…children are a blessing…Noach’s family made it to the year 1335 when babies began to arrive. The blessing is children…. MULTIPLY ON THE EARTH…..and be blessed.!

things to ponder:  This uses a 30 day month.  Many months only have 29 days on the Hebrew calendar.  The book of Jubilees instructs a 364-day year.  Thus, don’t think Greek and exact…think time line and pattern.

1260 days is 42 months

1290 days is 43 months

1320 days is 44 months

1335 days is 44.5 months

1260 is 3.5 years

1290 is 3.58 years

1320 is 3.66 years

1335 is 3.70 years


September 20, 2017 – 29 Elul

Sept 21 2017 – Rosh Hoshanna…Feast of Trumpets..Rosh Chodesh…

Sept 22 2017 – Shabbot Ha’azinu “listen”.

Deut 32:1-52; II Sam 22:1-51; Acts 24-26. Planets align. September 23 2017 Tishrei 3. Fast Gedalia deferred to Sunday.

September 30 2017 Tishrei 10. Sabbath – Yom Kippur – The Fast observed.

In the skies:

THE ECLIPSE OF AUGUST 21 2017 patterns Mosche chiseling the new tablets and the planet alignment on the Sabbath September 23, 2017 says to, ‘Listen.’

Listen to Mosche and bring Torah to the earth.  Hearts of flesh and not stone will bring The Messiach and The Temple back to the earth.

Virgo (virgin) is laying on her back with jupiter (little king) sitting in her tummy for nine months.  Jupiter has been missed named…it means ‘Little King.’  Nine stars with three more to arrive by September 23 2017 completes the number for the tribes of Israel….(not twelve disciples).

The Lion of Judah stands above her head looking to the west.  This lion is coming from the East….

This planet arrangment has not been seen for 4000 years if then.

As in the days of Noach could also be seen in the years 4444.  Four is the letter Dahlet shown by the figure of a door.  Door Door Door Door….opens the future to a new beginning.

The Book of Jubilees places Noach flood at 1333 with Noach gettin getting off the ark at 1334.  He will have children in 1335 and after.

From the year 1334 to 5778 is 4444 years since Noach stepped on new soil.

It’s an amazing thing to see all of these patterns come together to herald in The Messiach of whom is The Living Torah….  That is what will multiply on the earth…Children who desire to follow this Messiach…the one of whom is NOT lawless..not Torahless…but full of instruction (torah) to keep his children safe on the earth….another thousands years….Say YES to YESHUA!


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