Eclipsing Earthquakes 6 of 6, Dec 10 Kislev 14 Blood Moon ‘He sent’

There are two Total Lunar (Blood Moon) eclipses in 2011:  June 15 and December 10; Sivan 29 and Kislev 14.

Kislev 14 2011 is the last Blood Moon (Total) until April 15 2014 of which occurred on Passover, Nisan 14.  The April 15 Blood Moon began the Tetrad series of 2014-15 with four consecutive Blood Moons.  After this Tetrad of 2014-15 the next Blood Moon will be January 31 2018.  On the Hebrew calendar it is Tu B’Shevat, Shevat 15.

Now we see why men of the earth look to the eclipses because the lunars can be seen with the eye and they are rare.  There is FOUR years between these Total (Blood) Moon eclipses.  We are not to worship God’s universe, but look to them for signals…they are called seasons (appointments) or mo’edim.  They are not setting the summer from the winter seasons, but they are setting The Lord’s patterns in place so we don’t miss them.  We do miss the Lord’s appointments because we’ve replaced them with the traditions of men..of which we are directly told not to participate in.  Another reason to stop the foolishness of Estar; it is Passover.

Tu’B is fifteen, thus the 15th of the month of  Shevat.  It is a special day to give thanks for the First Fruits out of the ground.  Trees, plants, fruit…Risen Messiach Yeshua.

A short summary can be made on just the Blood Moons recognizing that they are signals about The Temple.  These signals have literal and spiritual.

‘Winning the Temple’ Kislev 14-15; Nissan 14, Passover – ‘Raising Messiah’s bodily temple; Tishrei 15 2014 – Feast of Tabernacles; Nissan 14 2015 Passover  Yeshua temple raised;  Tishrei 15 2015 – Feast of Tabernacles; June 15 2011 Sivan 13; and December 10, 2011 Kislev 14  Macabees 163 BCE win Temple.

This is the analysis of the second Total Blood Moon eclipse and the sixth of solar and lunar eclipses in 2011.  This project is seeking patterns to see if eclipses cause earthquakes.  I am finding more than earthquakes lining up in the year 2011.  The study on 2012 will begin soon…And we’ll see the pattern of 2011 beginning on Jerusalem Day Iyyar 28 as does 2012….This is about Jerusalem, The City of the King…Mathew 5:35.


TOTAL Lunar Eclipse December 10, 2011, Kislev 14, Saros Series 135, 14:32:56   Beginning and end of partial phases: 03h32m;  Duration of Total phase: 00h51m.

Two earthquakes:  Perhaps 2000 miles apart

Japan, east coast of Honshu  19:00:54 UTC

Philippines, Samar  09:51:20 UTC

This eclipse will see TWO earthquakes (6.5, 6.2) occur eleven and nineteen hours later in areas that the shadow did cover.



The Total Lunar eclipse will sit between these earthquakes at 14:32:56 UTC time.  Thus the pattern:  Q LE Q

Only two  5+ earthquakes that day on the earth..Wow…quiet day.  The day is actually Saturday known as the Sabbath of rest.  It began at dusk the evening before.  Mankind should be reading the Vayishlach Scriptures that means, ‘he sent’.

We just saw this same thing in the last solar eclipse on July 1, 2011.  There were only three 5.0+ in magnitude at the solar eclipse.  On that day the eclipse was at the hour 08:39:30 with one earthquake before it and two after.  The first earthquake on July 1 was located at the Indian Ocean where the Indian Ocean was the only path of shadowing on the earth.  The other two earthquakes were close but not in the Indian Ocean directly…but close so they could have experienced the shadow’s edge.

The July 1 Sivan 29 Partial solar eclipse that held three 5+ magnitude earthquakes could have been starting the Sabbath as it begins at dusk.  In a 24-hour period, 12:00 would be dusk.  It was four hours from dusk, and also we have to consider it’s duration as leading into the Sabbath as well.  The Sabbath was Chakat meaning ‘statutes'(commandments, instructions).   How perfect, as this eclipse was following it’s instruction, it’s torah; as it was set up from the beginning of creation to do so it would occur on this day.  (It is our Elohim himself that moves men to set the Torah into sections as it was Elohim himself that put His feasts on them.  They are The Lord’s Feasts, not the Jews feast.

The last THREE eclipses of 2011 are connected to the Sabbath.  July 1 Blood Moon ‘statute’, November 25 partial solar ‘generations’; December 10, Blood Moon ‘He sent.

Statutes Generations He sent

The message is: “These are the statutes for the generations that He sent.”

He has sent His generations these statutes.  ….to keep them safe on the earth.  These statutes build His house and His Temple.

Our first Erev Sabbath eclipse on July 1 2011 had three earthquakes with it sitting in the fore middle.

Our first Sabbath eclipse (December 10) had only TWO earthquakes and sat in the middle of them.

Both have very low numbers of earthquakes.  Both have Parashah Torah readings attached to them…that need to be considered as part of the signals from our Creator ADONAI, who is LORD of Hosts (the heavenlies).


Europe, e Africa, Asia, Australia, Pacific, North America

These earthquakes were definitely covered by the Total Lunar eclipse.


1755  VIII  Massachusetts Earthquake

1927-28 -4 of 4 Blood Moon (Tetrad)

1936    Japan Germany Pact – WWII

1956 – Total Lunar



The Hebrews lost the Temple for three and half years to Antiochus Epiphanies in 167 BCE.  They finally won it back around Kislev 15.  Kislev 15 was the date set as celebrating it’s return to Israel’s hands.

Kislev 14 is about the winning back of the Temple.  This eclipse in 2011 and other eclipses on this day will memorialize Chanukah…The Festival of Lights….and the wars that it took to keep it.

It is amazing to me that on Kislev 14 1936 Germany and Japan make a pact to join together to fight the world for dominion.

Kislev 14 is about War.  It is about signals declaring the winners who bring light back into the world because they wanted God back in their lives.


TORAH Study for Kislev 14 2011.  Sabbath.  The Blood Moon Lunar eclipse occurred at 14:32:56.  The morning light was showing about 8:32 a.m.

Parashah 8: Vayishlach (He sent)  Genesis 32:4 (3)  36:43

The Torah begins with some of the first words in the prescribed reading.  In this case, “Ya’akov sent messengers ahead of him to ‘Esav his brother toward the land of Se’ir, the country of Edom, with these instructions:…”

These are some favorite stories as I love Jacob’s life.  It so looks to our lives today.  In these verses he is afraid of returning home where his brother hates him.  He sees Esav coming at him and his family with over 400 men (soldiers) all dressed to kill.  He sends messengers ahead to give Esav half of his belongings in order to bring peace between them and not be killed.

“Jacob was greatly afraid and distressed.  He divided the people, flocks, cattle and camels with him into two camps..” hoping to save at least one of the camps.

The reason I love this part of Genesis is that it has many numbers in it that line up from the past and into our present day.  You will have to follow my other blogs to see that.  But, for this study I will just add a little comment so as not to sound like a superstituous person…because I don’t even say the  word, “luck’.  Everything from the mouth of God and in our lives is meant for a purpose.

So with no superstitutous intent meant…let’s look what we see.

One is Aleph represented by an ox, or head, first.  It’s a number representing God.

Two is Beit and it is represented by a house with God in it.  Like Beit ‘el.  (Bethel) House.  These are foundation numbers and have much meaning to them.

Two Earthquakes were sent on Kislev 14 2011

Both are about 2000 miles apart…I’m guessing.

Jacob leaves in his 20th year of being with Laban

He divides his group in half (2 halves)

His gift to his twin brother Esau is:

200 female goats

20 male goats

200 female sheep

20 males

20 female donkeys

Genesis 32:22 “He got up that night, took his two wives, his two-slave girls, and his eleven (11) children, and forded the Yabok.

His family will become 70 children.  When they come out of Egypt and are ready to cross the Yarden (Jordan) after 40 years, they count the males that are twenty years and older.  They number 601,750…quite the increase.  They will then take twenty years to conquer twenty cities.

When I learned that Adam is Strong’s #120 and it means mankind and then in 2017 the earth is moving into it’s 120th Jubilee…I start to go crazy wondering where this pattern is taking us….

And, remember that the world was given 120 more years until it’s BIG Mikvah (Baptism) in the flood.  Then Adonai’s declares that the life span of man would not be 120 years.

These numbers and other keep surfacing.  So, let’s just say that this eclipse is tied to the Scriptures about Jacob leaving Laban which represents the world.  Jacob has to deal with his father-in-law Laban.  Chapter 32 has him wrestling with the angel of the LORD all night and the angel displaces his hip and does bless him….naming the place Beth’el (2).

Chapter 33 has half of his possessions given to evil brother Esau who bites him on the neck…it was not a kiss of friendship.  Chapter 34 tells us of Dinah getting raped and the entire town of Sh’khem is slaughtered by Jacob’s sons and they move on from there taking wives from there.

God tells Jacob to go and live at Beit-El and make an altar and get rid of all foreign gods in his household.  They gave him all their foreign gods along with their golden earrings and they buried hem under the pistachio tree near Sh’khem.

D’vorah the nurse dies and is buried below Beit-El under the oak, named Alon-Bakkut (oak of weeping).  D’vorah is taken from the word Devarim, meaning words.  When D’vorah dies it’s like the words died.

God appears to Jacob again and blesses him and changes his name from Ya’akov to Isra’el.  Her death of words…brings a new word…’prince of God’ or ‘rules with God.’

They are traveling from Beit-El when Rachel goes into labor and dies before reaching Efrat (Beth-Lecham).  She names the boy ‘Son of my sorrows’.

Genesis 35:18 “But she died in childbirth.  As she was dying she named her son (Ben-Oni (son of my grief), but his father called him Binyamin (son of the right hand, son of the south).  So Rachel died and was buried on the way to Efrat (that is, Bethlaham).”

Binyamin is the 12th child.  And, he is the second child by Rachel.  She loved her idols and was not fit to raise Binyamin.  She is removed and Jacob will now raise the twelve tribes along with Leah.  It will be Binyamin that will have TEN sons that go down into Egypt during the famine.  It will also be Binyamin’s tribe that is ostercized later and their number dwindling into almost nothing….until they are given brides that are willing to wed them.

Binyamin is a picture of The Messiach and what he puts up with to finally be recognized…which is still the process our world is going through right now.  If we study Binyamin’s life we could see history repeat itself.  But for this study…he is the second son and remains in Jacob’s house (Beit).  Jacob loses another favored son, Joseph after having him only 17 years.  He will lose him 60 years and find him again for another 17 years….  Jacob enjoys Joseph for only 34 years….the age The Messiach Yeshua is believed to also have lived.

I don’t want to labor this, but it thrills me to see the Messiach Yeshua walking our earth in the 80th Jubilee of the earth and that began in the year 17 AD of which he also would have been here that year.  Thus, 17 is very key…

2017 is the 120th Jubilee of the earth.  It begins October 2 2016 on the Hebrew calendar.  That date will be Tishrei 1 at dusk.  That day is known as The Feast of Trumpets and Rosh Hoshanna (the first of the religious year).  The Days of Awe are the next ten days which culminate at Yom Kippur, Tishrei 10.

Tishrei 10 is a big day of of atonement or judgment and five days later is The Feast of Tabernacles…October 16 – 24 2011.  (Tishrei 15 – 22).  Tishrei 23 is ‘Rejoicing in the Torah…so the party continues…likening to the Eight Day…The 8000th year when the Beit (House) comes down from heaven to dwell on the earth.  It’s measurement will look like the earth is wearing a tefillan black box on it’s forehead.  I think God has great humor and description.

Chapter 36 goes through geneology of Esau.  Esau is Edom….they are huge on the earth.  These brothers still do NOT get along.  Perhaps these earthquakes are like that.  We are close but far apart because they have so many riches for the earth to sustain them.  Hosea and Ovadyah are next.  Let’s see what they might show us…Usually we have one other book to look at and wouldn’t you know it…..there are TWO…joking…not really!

Hosea 11:7 – 12:12 describes Jacob’s children and how he slaved to win a wife.  Read for yourself so you see more definition on Jacob’s life and family…it’s described beautifully.

Ovadyah (Obadiah) – Wow….this is EDOM and how God feels about them.  The kiss on the neck was  bite and we see Esau’s true self here.  God says that Jacob will repossess what was taken from him………YES!

We know the end of the story of these TWO rivals……….A false love…….  I chose the pictures from the 2016 Olympics of gods coming from the Abyss.  They look beautiful, but they are idols…brothers…Jacob and Esav…a multitude in chaos.

Obadiah 1:18 “The house of Ya’akov will repossess their rightful inheritance.  the house of Ya’akov will be a fire and the house of Yosef a flame, setting aflame and consuming the stubble which is the house of ‘Esav.  None of the house of ‘Esav will remain, for ADONAI has spoken.

Two earthquakes  Japan and Philippines.  Are they rivals?  Japan has ancestors as their god….and they are being removed….but all…even Esav…are told to repent.

All that and I know there is more…  Seek God’s Word and get excited…….  He’s in charge to those that want to be in His House (2).  Jew and Gentile (2 people groups) coming together in Torah…ONE instruction.

PTL for The Messiach whose name is Yeshua Jesus.   Hmm….TWO names.

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