Patterns of: IDF #Shallit #Arafat #Yiftach #Hitler

PROJECT: Eclipsing Earthquakes

Profound Patterns:

July 1 2011 Partial Solar Eclipse Saros Series 156  8:39:30   Eclipse Magnitude 0.097

Hebrew Date: 29 Sivan –   MONTHS:

Nisan Iyyar Sivan Tammuz Av Elul Tishrei Cheshvan Kislev Tevet Shevat Adar I II

Pattern of:  Twenty, Five year, soldier, land, Messiach, 40, 80, 120, 17

This partial solar eclipse has several things special about it.  The items popping out at me were patterns with the IDF young soldier Shallit.  He was held prisoner for 5 years and 4 months by Hamas.  This eclipse occurred on the day of his Five-year Anniversary.  He was taken hostage on 17 Iyyar 2006.  The terrorists had broken through a tunnel wall coming up on the other side of Gaza.  The terrorists killed two IDF soldiers, injuring one soldier and taking Shallit.  It was horrible thing to happen as Israel cares about every soldier as if they are a son.  There had never been a live body exchange even though Israel always gave their people back alive.

The Torah reading is known as the Parsah.  The study included Judges 11:1-33.  In the Torah reading we also see the same story unfold as Mosche tells the story of how Israel defeated their enemy and won more land when fighting against the ‘Amon.

The fighting men of Israel had to be twenty years old in the days of Moses; and that is the same as today military.  When we see Israel crossing cover into the Yarden with Joshua it will take them twenty years to capture twenty cities and they do it with the youngest soldier being twenty.  So, we have a story that has the number twenty involved and it ties with the theme I’ve been building trying Jacob leaving Laban’s house in his twentieth year with Laban which is the end of the third Shemittah cycle.

I just want to add here that we will see Shallit exchanged for over a hundred other Palestinian bad boys on Tishrei 20.  It is the 5th day of the Feast of Tabernacles, 2011.

Our twenty has popped up again and the five is going to show up with Shallit being held five years and four months.  The eclipse shows up on his fifth year anniversary of being taken hostage.

In Judges we find the man Yiftach being outcast by his brothers as his father had him before he married their mother.  These boys reject Yiftach and it causes him to be a self-sustaining person of whom they all upon to help them when in deep trouble with King ‘Amon.

In these Torah reading for that week we really see every detail of how Israel is justified in the lands that Adonai gave them.  In fact, King ‘Amon is making a claim that Israel has no right to fight against ‘Amon.  Laftah says they do have a right to fight for ‘Amon’s land because it was never ‘Amon’s land in the first place.  They fought Mo’av and won.  Mo’av would not let Israel come through their land and we see that God dealt with them by ‘Amon’s hand in battle.  That shows us that God will bring judgment on those that mistreat Israel.  Israel even had their own rock following them around producing their water and their food came from heaven and so it was true that they would only walk on the land and not abuse it.  I’m sure Mo’ab had never seen their rock of water and their food source and therefore did not believe them.

This is another witness to the world that Israel’s God is living and not dead.  He is a God that is active in their lives.

The young man Yiftach succeeds in removing ‘Amon from the Mo’ab land and takes over the land.

We can use this same principle today.  In fact, that is what is so interesting.

This eclipse in 2011 is also signaling another man’s life of whom of setting up a press conference on May 5, 1999.  On this same day  — Day 32 of the Counting of the Omer – 17 Iyyar.  Yaser Arafat would be encouraged by President Clinton to plan to make that announcement, but Clinton wanted him to wait until December, 1999 to do it.

In America there is something that had never happened before.  THREE EF’s traveled across the Midwest.  It spawned 74 tornadoes and destroyed 7 churches….Yes, the 7 churches similar to those being chastised in the Book of Revelation.  $1.4 Billion in damages.

God gave America a spanking for even saying the word Jerusalem, Palestine.  Jerusalem is the ‘foot stool’ of Adonai on this earth.  Adonai will never allow it to be under a false gods authority such as Allah.  Allah is not greater because Allah is not even a living god….

In act the Scripture readings on 17 Iyyar, was this young man Lafyah was that he suggested ‘Amon keep the land his god K’mosh gave them and Israel would keep the land that their Elohim ADONAI gave them…

This eclipse is about land disputes.. then and NOW..

What is fun is we can see the Hand of God and know what to do because our outcome will be the same.

Young Yiftach  pleaded with ADONAI to give the enemy into their hands and then he would give him the first fruit that came through his door after they won.

Adonai has set Yiftach up in his pattern of life to be a picture of The Messiach who fights for us.  The Messiah Yeshua Jesus did not marry or have earthly children.  His family was his following.  Yiftach’s daughter came dancing with tambourines through his door as he first returned from battle.  It was then that Yiftach knew she would be dedicated to God’s work and not marry.  She would be as a burnt offer…but not be literally burnt up.

His lineage ceased as he did not have a son to carry on his name.

Today, people become priests, monks, gay life-style that does not reproduce humans on the earth…and that person’s influence can only be seen in their deeds.  This story has brought home to me of how i wish I had had more children.  It is a blessing to see children walking in the ways of ADONAI.

The next judge over Israel would have thirty sons and thirty daughters.  So, we see that God was not against having children, but this young man who had been cast out was a picture of Yeshua Jesus himself of whom also was cast out…as Jacob was cast out…as Joseph was cast out…  Yes, many pictures for us to look back and see their stories of how they looked forward and now we look back to the one who wanted spiritual children only, but counted on us to  first begin with physical children…of whom could become spiritual.

The young single Shallit was presumed dead for many years as no had heard from him.  If hostages ever were exchanged, Israel would give back healthy prisoners and the PA gave back battered dead bodies.

Shallit was the only soldier to be exchanged alive at that time.  In four months from the eclipse he would be released….on 20 Tishrei 2011.  Twentieth Day, Twenty in the year.  Eleven are the hands of God reaching up to support him.  They are the hands like Moses who were lifted up in battle.  The one is the letter aleph representing the ox and first of strength…Elyohim.

17 Iyyar



Yaser Araafat

Yaser Arafat now returns to our life in the form of a pattern attached to this day,  17 Iyyar.  It is on this day that he schedules a Press Conference to announce the Palestinian State and Jerusalem being it’s capitol.    President Clinton asks him to hold off until December 1999 but endorses it.

The punishment was immediate.  Our Creator brought 3 EF5 tornadoes to the Midwest via Oklahoma.  Gusts of 316 mph winds were recorded with 74 tornadoes spawned.   SEVEN churches were destroyed.  Bridge Creek to Moore Oklahoma had EF5 three times during 85 minutes over 36 miles.  36 died plus 5 for a total of 41.  583 injured and $1.4 billion in damages.

HAITI 7.0 Earthquake 2010

This reminds me of when Hilary Clinton was taking an envoy to Israel to persuade Israel to divide her land.  On January 12 2010 Haiti was struck with a 7.0  and a 5.9  earthquakes that killed at least 160,000 people with 3 million people being affected..  On January 20 2010, Tevet 26, Haiti had another 5.9 with 52 aftershocks measuring 4.5 or greater according to the site.

The Haitian President was part of Hilary’s group to go to Israel….  All canceled their trips for at least a year.  It was a year later and bodies still had not been buried…nor repairs made….people still walked by bones.  I visited Haiti 2003 for  ten days and slept at Port a Prince as we missed our flight out.  They are a people controlled by the drug lords.  If you don’t obey, they turn off the water or electricity to your little business.  People do not really have running water or electricity in their huts.  There are few buildings on the island as we walked the paths, climbing their hills and walking across their rivers. I came back not ever wanting to buy one more thing for myself and I did send some goods to the dear missionaries there.

The Haiti information is being added to this story as it occurs right after the 1999 devastation on the United States.  The Clinton non-support of Israel has cost the world lives with damages in 1999 and in 2010….Eleven years apart.

Yasar Arafat had aides when he died at the age of 75.  He got got sick and threw up on Cheshvan 10, entered a coma on Cheshvan 19 and died on Cheshvan 27.  They flew him to special doctors and mourned him for thirty days when he died.  Riots were held as Israel was accused of poisoning him.

These are absolutely my favorite dates.  Why do I like these dates?  They come directly from God’s Word the Bible.  If these dates were not important, then Adonai would not have put them there.

Watch this:  Cheshvan 10 is when the door closes to the ark.  God shut the door.

God shut the door on Yasar Arafat…he is throwing up and won’t get in the right boat.

He is sick on Cheshvan 19 and they were probably sick as well as the boat was starting to lift up and rock their stomachs.

On Cheshvan 27 the water are beating the boat and no one on the ark is eating anything for forty days and nights…it is spinning and there is no light in which to see…it is dark everywhere on the earth with waters pouring down and coming up. Yasar Arafat dies when the people outside the ark die….He is sick with them…it was his blood that was dirty and poisoning him.  He had aides and his defenses could not defend.

In one year and ten days from the waters releasing on Cheshvan 17…Noach will get to step off into the new cleansed world.  Yasar Arafat also stepped into a new world….on Cheshvan 27..

These are the things that I see fascinating and keeps me looking for clues that show all of us The Hand of God…  He is there…if we were just on the right calendar…and knew our history

In 2004 Cheshvan 10 was October 25.  Cheshvan 19 was November 3 and Cheshvan 27 was November 11 2004.

Yasar Arafat  comes into our view of the 2011 eclipse because it was on that day, 17 Iyyar that he declared his intent to announce a Palestinian State and Jerusalem as it’s capitol.  God sent EF5’s to America and no recognition to the PA was given from this side of the world.

17 Iyyar is like a ‘marker’ of time that we find Mr. Arafat, Shallit and others coming together with a similar theme….They hate Israel being a nation and want her destroyed.

One last thing on Arafat and Shallit.  Arafat will die 5 years and 5 months from his announcement on 17 Iyyar 2006.  Arafat dies on Cheshvan 27 a dark dark day.  Shallit will be released after 5 years and 4 months.  He is released one month sooner which is in Tishrei…the month before the flood month of Cheshvan.  Tishrei is all about The Messiach coming and is a blessed month.  And, Shallit is released on the 20th day…TWENTY..and it is the 5th day of The Feast of Tabernacles.  This is powerful…..God’s hand is all of this young soldiers…  I like this verse and likened it to Shallit. This was the Torah reading the day of the eclipse of  17 Iyyar 2011.  I believe it was announcing Shallit release…five years later from the day he was take.  And he is released four months on 20 Tishrei.

Judges 11:1a  “Now Yiftach, a brave soldier from Gil’ad,…”  read the rest of the story…it’s marvelous.

Other ‘markers’ on 17 Iyyar.

In 1937 a man that would also kill massacre his own people was born…Saddam Hussein.  He would be found in a hole in the ground and hung for his heinous crimes.

Hitler died on this day in 1945…along with his other Nazi officers…or did they sneak away to Brazil or Venezula?

To back up a little we see that in 1911 Standard Oil singly owned by Rockefeller was dissolved as the Sherman Act of 1890 was enforced.  Was Ford and Rockefeller joined at the hips with automobiles needing oil?   Ford was a communist as was much of America with Carnegie Steel building the trains that carried the newspapers that promoted their agendas.   Now, we see our foundation stones…and then we see our Founder responding so His foundation stone stays set right where it is…in Jerusalem!

Six-Day War won Israel Jerusalem in 1967.  6.7.67.  Was Japan sad over that?

1968 Japan  8.2 earthquake  17 Iyyar.

2015- 51 Tornadoes spawned across Midwest to east coast.  Oklahoma had third record rain with State of Emergency.  This is where they have allowed a statue called, The Seat of Satan to sit on their capitol lawn.

Empire Day Britain –

ALL ON 17 IYYAR – The 32nd Day of the Counting of the Omer.

Whose counting?  Our Creator YHVH is.  He wants us to praise His ways and not set up our own kingdoms.

I could say more…but this gives my mind some things to wrap around it….and continue to think.

I will close with the number 17.  We are approaching the year 2017.  But, on the Hebrew calendar it does not being in January…that is a Greek calendar..(Gregorian).

2017 on the Hebrew calendar begins on Tishrei 1, known as Rosh Hoshanna or The Feast of Trumpets.  The day in 2016 will be October 2 at sunset.  It is Sunday, so everyone can pray for being safe in the next year.  Pray that as the 120th Jubilee of the earth begins that Adonai will keep you safe and under His wings.

17 AD Yeshua Jesus, the Messiah, walked the earth and died for ALL men’s sins.  It was the 80th Jubilee of the earth.  Eight represents new beginnings and He certainly has changed our world’s thinking.

It has been 40 Jubilees…a completed time….likened to Moses having his life divided into three sets of 40.  In Egypt for 40 years, in Midian for 40 years, and in the wilderness for 40 years teaching the Israelites how to walk with their Creator.  He did not cross over because of disobedience, but he is seen on the other side at the transfiguration of Yeshua Jesus.

We are likened to Yeshua and Mosche.  Forty years and ready to enter into the 120th year.  Will man cross over into the kingdom?  Or will they look to the wrong rock…perhaps a false Peter…or Kaba stone.

These patterns show us the number 17 which is the ten (yod) strong hand of God.  It takes severing of the utmost to come to that rest and comfort in the Sabbath rest. (7).

Seventeen is how long Jacob got to have Joseph and then he lost him for 60 years.  And, when he found him he only had him for another 17 years.  Together that is 34 years he had with Joseph…the same age that men believe Yeshua was with men on the earth.

If Yeshua Jesus was here in 17 AD and then went away for a while, don’t you think he’ll be found again?  I think he’ll be found in this new Jubilee (50 years).  I think he’ll come and set things ready in this 120th Jubilee of the earth.  He put Adom in his garden after he set him  outside of it for 40 days (being cleansed).  Chanoh (Eve) is set in the garden on the 80th day.

These are patterns of cleanliness that is required to enjoy the clean be set apart we must be clean.

Forty Jubilees may be enough time and the new beginning is ready,

Adom waited 40 days for his bride and then she came on the 80th day.

I think this is a process and there is an exact day that it does take place.  But, we know that when Aharon’s sons were killed by God from fire from heaven, that God could not be present again until MOses and Aharon worked through the why’s of it.  When the discussion stopped, the sons were carried outside the camp, and Aharon could trust God that it would be Yahweh’s way if the glory of God was to be seen.

We can’t make up our own calendars…they are set by the approval of the Sanhedrin in Israel.  Men can not replace Israel and men can not give Jerusalem to another nation.  She is NOT for sale.

The young man in Judges 11:1-33 taught us that it is God who places men in their particular places on earth.  Other men can come and move in, but that does not mean the possession is sure.  You can not fight for land that was not yours from the beginning.  God will give to whom He desired it.

I thank The Creator for giving me so much…this week..I am filled up…and yet there is more…there always is.

My HaShem bless you as you chase after a Jewish boy who wears a tallit…they are the wings of protection…God’s Word come men today.




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