Creation Week Earthquakes

CREATION’S 7-Day Pattern in 2013 Earthquakes 5.9+

5th Shemittah Cycle ends * 6th Shemittah Cycle begins

GOD Creation 7-Day Pattern Occurs ON the ORIGINAL Days of Creation

26 ELUL 5773 – 2 TISHRI 5774

September 1 2013 – September 6 2013

God created the heavens and the earth in SIX days and then He rested—Genesis 1
The SABBATH is created for MAN not God.

12 Earthquakes (messengers) in first 6 Days

DOUBLE, TRIPLE, QUADRUPLE PORTIONS – Sixth Shemittah Cycle begins

Completed – September 15, 2013 TISHRI 11 – YOM KIPPUR Day Two

Creation Day One begins on 25 Elul 6:00 pm dusk to 26 Elul at dusk.

2013 5773

AUG 31 – SEPT 1 6.6 Kepulauan Barat Daya, Indonesia 25-26 Elul

AUG 31 – SEPT 1 6.1 Papua New Guinea 25-26 Elul

SEPTEMBER 3 6.0 Bella Bella, Canada 27-28 Elul

SEPTEMBER 3 6.5 Izu Island, Japan 27-28 Elul

SEPTEMBER 3 5.9 Bella Bella, Canada 27-28 Elul

SEPTEMBER 3 6.5 Atka, Alaska 27-28 Elul

SEPTEMBER 4 5.9 Atka, Alaska 29 Elul

SEPTEMBER 4 6.2 Atka, Alaska 29 Elul

SEPTEMBER 4 6.0 Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge 29 Elul


SEPTEMBER 5 6.0 Sardinal, Costa Rica 1 Tishrei

SEPTEMBER 6 6.0 Philippines 2 Tishrei

SEPTEMBER 6 6.6 Guatemala 2 Tishrei

SEPTEMBER 7 REST – 3 Tishrei, Fast of Gedaliah deferred 1 day

SEPTEMBER 15   6.1 Alaska 11:21:36 UT   11 Tishri Yom Kippur 2

I believe Day Two represents the Son who brings light out of darkness. These earthquakes are about judgment, not light. I believe the Son will be showing up in brightness and glory where every knee will bow. Did Jehovah honor the Son by keeping peace on the earth during this pattern?

Yeshua Messiah is our ‘Light’ that brings PEACE

The Order of Creation Days as per Beresith Genesis 1

  1. Elohim  created the heavens and earth. Spirit hovered over formless and empty.
  1. Light (The Son) separated the darkness. Expanse separated from waters. This is why the night starts the earth’s 24-hr cycle and it ends in light. The world came out of darkness.
  1. Water under the heavens gathered together so dry land called earth, water called seas.

According to its kinds: grass, plants that have seed in them, fruit with seed in it.

  1. Lights in expanse of heaven for signs (beacons) and appointed time, and for days and years.
  1. Livestock, creeping creatures, beasts after their own kind taken from ground.
  1. Man formed from ground outside of Garden in Eden. Eve taken out of Adam. One flesh.

Birth Pains Increase – 6 days of Creation – 7th Day God gave man rest

TWELVE Tribes/Earthquakes in SIX days at World Created and Rosh Hosanna

TEN Earthquakes if we remove two 5.9 earthquakes

September 1-6 12 quakes with two doubles: Sept 1, Sept 6– 2 Triples: Sept 3, Sept 4

Zero 5.9+ earthquakes on September 2.

The Son is represented by the number two and pictured as a house. The Son at creation was building our house and continues to build our future. He will be the one who tears down and rebuilds the new.

Our earth was restructured in the days of Noache with only eight beings saved. Men did NOT call on God. Men lived hundreds of years and did NOT fear death. Noah was a preacher. They would not rest in Jehovah’s instructions. Noah’s grandfather Lamech could have personally spoken to Adam. Today, Christians possess several bibles and it is on their phones. Man is without excuse.

In the Book of Revelation we see Jehovah bringing judgment on mankind in it’s creation order.  As in the Days of Noah is also represented in what happened to him during his year voyage and what our voyage will look like.  Look for the study I just did on As In the Days of Noah….  God acts with Noah as He acts through scripture.  Noah is a picture of the Lord’s Feasts and time tables for men.  Even the black raven is sent out during The Dire Straits that Israel now Fasts during.  As in the Days of Noah is a bigger ‘end times’ picture than we ever were taught.  Get on the Hebrew feasts to really see Noah.

Heavens, earth, darkness, bitter waters, famine, pestilence where plants are sterile, animals die and finally men are removed that do not turn back to the original light.

Is God showing us His original Tribes of Israel? They turn into seventy nations. On Nissan 1, April 1, (April Fools Day) 2014, Chile started off with a bang on Nissan 1 with an 8.3 earthquake with 70 4.5+ in exactly 40 hours. Forty is a number of completion and seventy is His Sabbath, Oath, Jubilee and God’s Completeness. Chile’s swarming of earthquakes finally calmed down at the end of Passover, Nissan 15. But, the entire month of April which held the first lunar eclipse of the 2014-2015 Tetrad was not a disappointment as far as stress in our world. There were many locations with earthquake swarms along with Russia of whom still occupied Ukraine’s borders and they have lost Flight MJ370.  

At the September 16, 2015 it was Tishrei 3.  God now commemorates the Hebrew Civil Year when the King of King arrives.  Russia still has it’s grips on the Ukraine and is also now participating to help Assad in Syria.  the US seems to have trained ISIS but wants them irradiated.  Mr. Putin has joined Assad….  The US and Russia will not fight each other….WWIII ????

The Chile quakes represent the Hebrew’s two New Years…Religious and Civil.  The world has moved closer to WWIII.  These earthquakes each announce Russia claiming to be against the U.S.  Obama has lead America to the side of strange allies….ISIS and IRAN.  Egypt is now suing President Obama and Hilary Clinton for removing their leaders replacing them with Muslim Brotherhood.  Many lives were lost in that Arab Spring to remove the Muslim Brotherhood.  America/Obama has made some very poor decisions all in the name of Islam..but then they let him swear in on the Koran.

The Two represents the SON who builds the house. He is waiting to be welcomed.  Tishrei is the Coronation of the King Messiah and the first ten days are known as, The Days of Awe.  We  certainly are awed by witnessing the changes that have occurred in the world.

The temple veil was torn when Yeshua (The Son of the House) died. They did not know that God had departed. The Temple candles would not stay lite and the doors would not close. The red sash from the atoning goat that hung on the Temple door no longer turned white. When you saw the Son you saw the Father; they were both gone!

The Creator of the Heavens and the Earth had the rocks cry out. He calls them to be witnesses against humanity, the sea of nations. They have strayed far far far from the Torah (God’s instructions).

September 7, 2013 was the Sabbath.  Seven is severing and rest.  It was also the Fast of Gedaliah which was thus deferred forward a day because you can only ‘be happy on the Sabbath’. Nebuchadnezzar in 586 BCE instructed Gedaliah (Gedalyahu ben-Achikam) to be his governor over Judah. Gedaliah, along with the prophet Jeremiah, advised the Jews to accept the yoke of Babylonian rule and work towards restoring the country. Certain zealots opposed Gedaliah’s subservience to Nebuchadnezzar…thus, they murdered him.

God’s people are to remain observant to the Torah, and although their intentions are good, they must defer fasting days that are set by rabbinical authority that land on The Lord’s Sabbath (rest) for man.

We see the very next Sabbath in 2013 occurred on Yom Kippur known as, “The Fast’. It is the highest of holy days.Appointment of Appointments… Some will say that since God commanded this Fast that it over-rides the Sabbath. Most Jews were observant to “The Fast’ and some may have deferred it since both are holy to God.

If Gentiles are grafted into Israel they are to join the ways of Torah. There were a few exception with one being circumcision because ‘even that was too hard for Abraham’s children. 

There is nothing wrong with going to church on Sunday, but it is commanded to be happy on the Sabbath. It’s amazing people have to be commanded to rest in the Lord. Yeshua says His yoke is light.  His yoke is Torah.  You will want to take it upon yourself once you love your Master/Teacher.  If you don’t love God, then you won’t want to be like Him.

The Parsha reading September 7th Sabbath was Ha-azinu “Give Ear.” Our Creator is speaking to us. These twelve messengers (earthquakes) who just went out into all the world where located throughout the world. The King came into the field wanting to know his subjects and thunders His disapproval to those who didn’t know it was a rehearsal party for His Coronation as Our King.

Rosh Hashana/Yom Teruah (Day of Calling) is said to be Yeshua’s Birthday and Adam’s Birthday. 1 and 2 Tishri are known as ONE LONG DAY. We await Jehovah’s LAST TRUMP as we don’t know which day it will be.  The shofar is like the voice of God.  God is very noisy and the Israelites were scared.  His voice was deep like the shofar.  His voice is also considered thunder and lightening and earthquakes.  He is a God to be feared (respected).  

Were you part of a shofar blowing on the Eve of Rosh Hoshanah Day 1 and 2?

Were you resting on September 7 2013? Were you serving the Lord in some way?

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