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GOD’S 70-Year Collision Course With the  CERN Collider

Article submitted July 2, Tammuz 15, 2015.

1945 – Shemittah Year

2015 – Shemittah Year

Since 2011 there have been moanings coming from our airwaves. I have written about this and now the CERN Collider is back in my life needing it’s timeline examined.  It did NOT go away and now is said to be opening up other realms….that I believe men have no authority over.

I strongly hold that this mass machinery has caused disturbances in our earth and it’s moaning is perhaps coming up through silos and ravens that carry sound. People with dulled hearing can hear background noise better and they hear this grinding noise much more vividly.

My research on the Collider lead me to 1949. I found that CERN started as a nuclear research organization. We know today that nuclear weapons are very dangerous and never to be used.

I now attach to you a comment from an email posted about CERN’s founder going to visit Europe to collect tens of billions more pounds to build the next magnetic monster. They did NOT achieve the results they wanted and they don’t even know what to build until this machine can make it clearer. After looking at God’s opinion….I think we best leave this alone and quit upsetting our Creator. The only real thing that has been confirmed is that they know there is more to the universe that has to be holding it together than what they can prove or figure out. OH REALLY! The Bible tells us who created it, how it was created and how it is held together.

My thoughts repeat themselves as we continue to insult our Creator who then has to keep disciplining the kids for rejecting His Words. This project is costing more than money as it is also putting fear in people from rumblings and sounds, and it causes men to doubt what God has said. He spoke everything into being with the Hebrew language. He is the one that holds it together.

Do men want the judgments of Yahweh to stop? Then let’s STOP trying to find ways to pass from this life without physical death through consciousness. Those types of escape do not save your immortal soul.

I listen to people saying they believe CERN is ready to open the abyss.  Yes, I just said HELL.  Scriptures speaks of demons being released upon the earth that bite and sting that men do NOT die but are in pain for months.  The microwave is hard for my brain to wrap around, but I use it.  This CERN machine is too big for my brain, but I do believe there is another side to our world and demons have access to it.  I pray that this NOT be true that men in their search for God, find the opposite and unleash it on humanity….all in stupidity.

This is the post from the Guardian, November, 2013. Look at the dates on the Hebrew calendar that our leaders have chosen for pursuing these projects. Hmm!

This comment is from superhuman. This is the last part of his comments.

Now, Leon M. Lederman the author of the book with the controversial title, “The God Particles” has recently co-authored another published book, “Beyond the God Particle”; thus confirming his preference to the original title.:- []

A review of this new book [] in the New Scientist reads,  “Mind you, three-quarters of the way through, Lederman and Hill do belatedly admit, with a sheepish apology, that the Higgs explains only a minuscule part of mass. The lion’s share – 99 per cent – comes from the strong nuclear force and has nothing whatsoever to do with the weakly interacting Higgs. But then, this fact has been omitted by almost all particle physicists in their eagerness to big up the Higgs to the media.”.  This 1% of mass in its turn comes from only about 4% of the known mass of the universe”.

It means that 20 years, millions of hours work of thousands of scientists, engineers and support staff and £5bn after; physics now can account for only about 0.0004% of the mass of the universe. You now propose to “step up the hunt for the cosmic building blocks” of the universe with “faster, bigger, stronger” machines. How much more time, manpower and money do you think is necessary to know the 99.9996% of the mass of the universe?”

Quoted from CERN timelines

This begins as the Holocaust is ending –  A Shemittah year 1945.

1945 America drops two nuclear bombs on Japan before they surrender which ends WWII.

1948 Europe wants physicists to help develop nuclear.

1949 9 December, Kislev 18 * French Physicist Louis de Broglie communicates of European labs to European Cultural Conference.

1950 June (Sivan 16 – Tammuz 15), no exact date given * Isidor Rabi tables their resolution of authorizing UNESCO to assist labs for international collaboration. (Rabi says, No, as Hebrews were worshiping golden calf and then disciplined.)

1952 1 October, 12 Tishrei (Yom Kippur Day 3) * Meeting in Geneva. (Days of Judgment)

1954 17 March, 14 Iyyar Pesach Sheni, Day 20 Counting Omer * First shovel of earth Meyrin site in Switzerland. Representatives from CERN and Geneva watched. (Yeshua walked the earth giving instructions to those that would follow Torah. His instructions never said to seek out the universe.)

1954 9 September, 11 Elul * European kings meet and confirm desires: Nuclear research is born.

1984 21-27 March, 17 Adar II – 23 Adar II * (Purim Day 3-9 over Shabbat and closes at the 1850 Compromise for slavery…clear message of being slaves to nuclear and Jews have a right to defend themselves from annihilation.) Meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland discuss first Large Hadron Collider.

1987 30 January, 29 Tevet * Dark Day * President Reagan supports American physicists for SSC designed to smash particles together at 40 TeV centre-of-mass energy. Construction began in 1991 near Waxahachie, Texas. The European’s LHC project was in doubt if America succeeded in this.

1993 21 October, 6 Cheshvan * Noah 4 days before Ark Door Closes on Cheshvan 10 * US cancels Super Collider.

1998 10 July, 16 Tammuz (eve of Golden Calf/false god) * Gallo-Roman 4th century villa ruins discovered at CMS dig site. Work was delayed 6 months. Coins from Ostia (a seaport of Rome), Lyons in France (then Gaul) and London were found by archaeologists.

Note: The colliders will be named after the gods ATHENA and ATLAS. ATRAP is another name.  This is definitely a TAMMUZ idolatry problem.

This stoppage is a signal from God as Rome massacred humans and set up false gods. The Fast of Tammuz is a fast for repenting of false worship to the golden calf at Mt. Sinai. This Collider was suppose to find the answer to how the universe was created. This is in direct defiance to Yahweh.

2000 2 November, 4 Cheshvan * Noah 6 days before Ark Door Closes * LEP’s final shutdown after 11 years of operational life. (SHEMITTAH YEAR BEGINS)

Note: 1993 the US canceled the Super Collider being built in Texas four days before God closes the ark door. In 2000 the LEP is shut down 6 days before the Ark Door Closes; the Shemittah Year, REST!

2004 19 October, 4 Cheshvan * CERN Celebrates 50th Birthday with approval for more.

2006 20 November, 29 Cheshvan * ATLAS Barrel Toroid – Largest Super Conducting Magnet built.

2007 26 April, 8 Iyyar * 23 Day Omer, Taanit BH’B fast * Installed last magnet underground.

2008 29 February, 23 Adar I, Eve Shabbot, Last part of ATLAS put in cavern. (Leap Day…should NOT have happened.  Adar was extra month as well.)

What should we do?

Calling God
Calling God

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